Straight Talking Love…part 2

It’s more DIY florals from Alena and Nick’s Big Day for you this morning folks….and a whole lot of other lovely images courtesy of Dominic Whiten to feast your bridey eyes upon. Make sure you check out some of the evening dancing and black and white shots, they are more than a wee bit swoon-worthy.

Oh and it’s three post Tuesday…..


Capturing The Day

Choosing my photographer and videographer was perhaps the most difficult decision for me. I spent forever researching on both fronts. Photos are extremely important to me and I wanted make sure we found someone who could not only capture the day, but also turn the collected material into art. I was so lucky to have found Dominic; he is friendly, dedicated, and very talented. We had a prewedding shoot with him which made a huge difference to the day.

We also now have some very good photos of us as a couple, which are relaxed and informal. Dominic created something everyone wants to have in their picture frames!

Cultural Connections

As I have a special connection with India, we hired Purple Cherry Events, Punjabi dj and drummers (dhol players). These guys were amazing! So passionate about their work and again, extremely professional and reliable. They cover every kind of music and we spent a lot of planning the music together, before the wedding, in front of my computer and via emails. You can see some of their videos on . Highly recommended for any party!

We also had stunning fireworks. We never expected something so huge and impressive for the value we paid. Everyone thought we must have paid at least double, if not triple the amount of money for such a spectacular show! We even had the police arriving, – luckily our neighbour, the vicar, was with us and told them everything was under control! Andy from Fireworks International came to see me before the wedding and we planned the show in detail, he explained the different effects and I could chose and customize how the show would look. I gave him my budget and he told me what can be included and how long the show could last.

We will definitely hire these guys again, when the baby is born!

Bridal Decor

I planned, prepared and arranged all the decoration myself, and I was very happy with the results-except for my nails, which after fiddling with earth and flowers for several hours before the wedding did not look at their best (!)

The Princess Castle

Again, I thought cakes were ridiculously expensive and they only appear for a couple of minutes; I had a home made cake, a little princess castle, which looked very nice but was also very tasty. A friend of my colleague made it for us, for a fraction of the price.

The Ideal Tango

We only started to dance Argentinian tango few months before the wedding and thought we should show everyone our hidden skills. We chose the Por Una Cabeza song and choreographed and practiced our dance routine a few days before the wedding. Then on the day something went wrong with the music so we lost the steps and just improvised the whole dance, and this was much better; this is what tango is about after all, just like an ideal marriage; feeling each other, being in total symbiosis and able to predict the next step….

Making It Special

I felt my wedding was very unique. Because we didn’t involve other people and planned and prepared it together, I felt it was all us and our creation. Everything about the day was very personal and we felt safe. And I didn’t need to worry something will not look good or will go wrong, because I didn’t need to rely on others so much. We also saved a huge amount of money doing simple things ourselves or trying to find alternative resources and not going with the flow and letting the wedding business get possession of us. We for example printed and decorated our Order of Service, and the evening when we were doing this was quite special, bonding the two of us and our family in a very intimate way.

D.I.Y Advice

My advice is to experiment, try to do things yourself, do a lot of research before you hire and try to meet and talk to people beforehand. Some things are really easy to do and cost almost nothing (centre pieces, table decoration, buttonholes…) so have a go and try if you can do it! But certainly don’t try to save money on things you believe are really important to you.

A special mention goes to our videographers. We hired Reel Vision after a friend recommended them. As soon as I saw the wedding trailers on their website I knew this is it. Their work is worth every penny; Just have a look at some of the video trailers they produce and you will see why, this doesn’t really need any comment. They are not only extremely talented, but also incredibly diligent and professional. At the wedding we hardly noticed they were around. Despite being invisible, they managed to produce this:

We have since recommended them to few couples and will continue to do so, as I simply believe they are the best.

Photography – Dominic Whiten

Fireworks – Fireworks International

Entertainment – Purple Cherry Events

Videographer – Reel Vision

Yep, you get some lovely W-day bits, a gorgeous video and still another two AMAZING posts to go. It’s all about treating our lovelies for being the best readers in the world.

With thanks to Alena, Nick and Dominic Whiten for sharing the straight talking romance.

Big Just You Wait For Our Fabulous Competition Coming Up Soon Love

Charlotte xxx

Dominic Whiten is a Rock My Wedding sponsor, however all Real Weddings are chosen on individual merit and no part of this wedding has been sponsored.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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26 thoughts on “Straight Talking Love…part 2

  1. wow – what a wedding video. I’m not usually a big fan of the video but that’s one special wedding video. Glorious start to a February Tuesday.

  2. Yup I agree, I’m not usually a fan of video but that’s amazing. Not cheesy at all and I love how the speeches are over the video.

  3. You know what I love? The laughter and happiness. I love a cheerful n’ cheeky bride with a lovely personality and that’s what these photos show, stunningly beautiful too!

  4. I have just watched the video with a massive grin on my face. Plus I LOVE the tango music and have just downloaded the very same one onto my iPod just last week.
    Georgous bride and groom – loved the shot of the dog sleeping on her train.

    Right, off to book me some drummers…! xoxo

  5. Aw wow, I had to watch the video with the sound off (at work) and still felt all choked up when the bride ran across to the groom…cant wait to watch it with sound tonight when I get in!
    Loved the dog on the train….sooo cute!
    And everyone looked like they had such an amazing day! Congratulations!

    And cannot wait for the further 2 posts….happy days!!x

  6. Thanks to RMW for posting Alena and Nick’s wedding. It was a real honour to have been a part of the day. I’d like to echo everyone’s comments about the video – from a photographers point of view Reel Vision are a dream to work with and I’d happily recommend them to any couple.

    Now, brides… having attended a fair few weddings I can safely say that Nick gave one of the best grooms speeches I’ve ever heard. Most grooms get a bit nervous and tongue tied and could do with a bit of gentle guidance. So, sit your man down, make him watch the video and tell him that’s what he’s aiming for!

  7. Now, I’m not usually a fan of the OMG but


    I LOVE this wedding, the bride is totally fierce, the groom is funny AND romantic, the video is totally making me want a wedding video that’s even half as awesome, the fireworks? the dog? the dress?

    just all amazing

    (and PS @ Anna K – you’ll be pleased to hear I made it safely out of ikea and am now £113 worse off but the proud owner of 15m of gorgeous fabric, 40 lampshades and two GINORMOUS picture fames, and with only the tiniest of sniffles when aforementioned picture frame fell on my foot)

  8. The picture of the dog sitting on the trian of the dress? Swwoooon. Oh, and I NEED a silver punch bowl immediately!

    Hearty heart heart


  9. This is one of those weddings where every image looks like it’s been carefully styled for a magazine, because it’s all so perfect, but with the added naturalness and happiness and love that comes from two people not giving a jiggings about anything else but each other. Perfection.

    And I am a total sucker for the dog pictures. I may have had an owl on my day, but a dog is way cooler.

    Hurrah to! I am delighted you made it out in one piece, with only a damanged wallet and a nearly-broken foot to show for it (who needs two feet, anyway?)

  10. Oh my goodness is that your house? Gorgeous!

    Lovely video and amazing speech by the groom. Also particularly love the shot of someone’s grandma sitting at the edge of the marquee with her fingers in her ears in the evening!

    The photography is stunning, really amazing! I love the whole theme of the day too. Bride looks gorgeous and the groom is so dapper! And what bride wouldn’t love a cinderella castle cake!!!


  11. I love Alena’s gown, hairpiece, and earrings – especially her earrings! Does anyone know who made the earrings? I’m dying to find something like that for my wedding. Thanks!!

  12. How lovely! I also am not usually one for wedding videos, but this one was so wonderful and heartfelt that it made me cry! Thanks for sharing it.

  13. WOW!

    Love the video, but most of all I loved the old(er) lady who was sitting at the table with her fingers in her ears during the music. That will so be my grandmother!!! What a lovely moment to capture. It’s those little things that make me smile about weddings and this one was particularly gorgeous!


  14. I love that you did not feel the need to go with supplies for your wedding and did it your way, love the bowls used for the flowers were did they come from?

  15. Watched it again with the sound this time, much better!
    Loved it all, especially the dog and the lady with the fingers in the ears!
    Loved it so much just spent all afternoon on their website and have emailed to ask for some more info as I dont think I can imagine not having one of those amazing films afterwards to watch over and over again! Amazing.
    Amazing wedding and the speech…..perfect!
    Congrats again!x

  16. Alena,

    Such a gorgeous wedding – I loved the table centre pieces, can I ask where you got the bowls/vases from?

    Congratulations on the bump. X

  17. Ebay!!! It took almost a year to collect them but it was worth the wait. I love the fact they are not all the same, each of them is unique and has a different history.
    (btw 25-50 pounds each, i think…)

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