Charlotte is pretty good at organising trips to London. She organises it, I turn up – that’s how it works. πŸ˜‰

We had a great day out yesterday at The Luxury Wedding Show London, those of you lucky enough to be going are in for a treat.

Turns out that Charlotte isn’t always quite so hot on getting us home though…

Full of smiles after a great post-show-meal out with some of our fellow bloggers, planners and industry peeps we stand in front of the boards at Euston looking for the next train back to the midlands.

About five minutes pass, and on the third scan of the the orange LCD, smiles have very much faded.

You know that no-train-feeling?

It’s a good job we both have people we can stay with in London or we were facing one hell of a cab fare!

So – this Sunday we thought we’d give you an little insight into how grown-up and organised we are at Rock My Wedding”. Seriously, I was one step away from phoning my Mum in tears.

I’ll leave you with a little instagram sneak peek of The Luxury Wedding Show London catwalk… enjoy!

Have a great Sunday,

Adam (still in London)

Charlotte (somewhere on a train, last time I heard)

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

10 thoughts on “Stranded…

  1. It turns out that this week I have a case of the double ditz. Not only did I write an important email telling the recipient that our company s called “Rock My Wednesday ” (just to point out this was in fact on a THURSDAY) but I also read the timetable of Sunday trains instead of Saturday….

    @Kat – I could bring Fathead? he only likes boy cats anyway. I’m not sure what that says about him mind.

    @Jenny – Was so lovely to skype! so sorry I was wearing last nights clothes and that I-have-slept-in-my-make-up look.

    @Jo – ha ha ha – I walk in with the same shoes again and James is like “I thought you said they were Jo’s shoes not a new pair?!!” – now he thinks I am a big fibber.

    @Adam – Don’t know what you are talking about, much like TOWIE…. the only way is… blonde.


    Charlotte xxx

  2. of course. we can have a big (cos we both have huge cats) kitty party! Rachel will probably run away and hide under our bed though, she’s a bit of a scared-a-puss. Henry on the other hand is a floozy. he loves everyone!

  3. Well, at least that gave you an excuse for a full-on London night out! Sounds like the Luxury Wedding Show was immense!

    I would put a blonde joke at this point, but I did once use to have a full head of blonde highlights, so I feel I should be somewhat sympathetic to them… πŸ™‚

  4. I also missed my train. Jumped in a cab after our drinks and headed to Parsons Green then Wimbledon where I missed it by 2 mins! How annoying? I ended up getting a train to Leatherhad and cabbing it from there to Dorking.

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