Strawberry Fields Forever.

This summer I purchased a kind of mac/parka hybrid from The Kooples. I bought it because I wanted to work festival chic and because I loved it and because it was half price.

My new outerwear has been much coveted, not least by photographer Ann Kathrin-Koch who ordered her very own a few weeks ago. And not just because well, it looks cool. Nope. What with all of the ruddy rain we’ve had this summer it is quite possibly the most useful item of fashion I have invested in this year.

Turns out there are quite a few fans of the green hooded number, including one of Ann’s brides Sarah, Ann actually sent me over a few images just to show me the popularity of THE coat.

To be honest I was really quite taken with Sarah. And her fiance Damian. And their beautiful engagement shoot that took place in a field full of strawberries.

So I thought I’d share.

Make sure you have you lovely selves a read – their childhood sweetheart story is uber cute.

Sarah: Damian and I met at school. He was a few years older but asked me if I would like to go to the cinema with him one weekend. I said ‘alright then’.

A few weeks later, he asked if I would be his girlfriend…… I said yes.

We would meet at lunch break, tea break and shared the same bus home each day, he would always make sure I had the seat next to him at the back of the bus that was only reserved for his year.

A couple of years later, still together, he left for University. He was there for 3 years but we managed to stick it out. For the first year, while I was in my last year at school, he would drive back every Friday evening to collect me from school and make the 2 hour trip back to his University to spend the weekend together with his new uni mates.

Almost 15 years later, we re-visited our school. It’s a beautiful old building and we live fairly close.

It was a sunny August morning; we were wandering the pretty grounds surrounding the building, he subtly led me to the spot that we very first spoke, he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him….

I said yes!

Looking up at the huge building with what must be at least 20 windows, there were all the summer school children and staff cheering! He had previously told the school secretary what was in store.

We are a month away from our wedding in the Cotswolds. We are really looking forward to the day and making a weekend of it with friends and family. We chose this location as its somewhere we have spent many fun weekends with friends.

Photographer: Ann Kathrin-Koch

My, what a rock.

So tell me you savvy shoppers, what has been your favourite/most worn item this year so far?

Second to my parka would be my feather headdress. obviously.

Big Fruity Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

13 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields Forever.

  1. Hi dolls! How cute, love the last one in the rain. Charlotte- I must thank you for I purchased the navy/mink/tan striped maxi from Mango (also in the sale) just before I went on Honeymoon (yes I am one of those who still loves the polka dots after getting wed!) It was the best investment ever! Travel chique for the plane, sweepy on the beach of a Californian evening. We drove around there for 3 weeks in a Mustang taking in San Fran, LA and Vegas to name a few and I was complimented many a time so merci for the tip! xx

  2. They are such a handsome couple, my god. Great shoot.

    Items – thanks to you, I bought that navy Zara blazer and I also bought a gorgeous maxi dress which I intend to break out again this week, as the forecast is saying mid-twenties in London?!

  3. Whilst the green hooded number is indeed a beauty, it pales into significance to this gorgeously romantic love story! For me my summer 2012 staple has been my trusty ecru converse, they go with anything and are soooo comfy. Thanks for brightening up my Monday morning RMW! x

  4. Er I need this coat in my life right now!!

    Is it still on sale or have I missed it???

    Looking at the long blonde locks makes me pine for my old long hair.
    I had the chop on fri….shoulder length choppy bob!! EEEEkkkk!!!

    Love the rock and the photos!!


  5. I agree with Ruth! I was just thinking, I wonder if they knew when they were teens and first met that they’d turn out so good looking?! Wellies have to be the essential item for me. Living in Scotland and owning a dog they are a necessity. I have bright pink Barbour ones to brighten up the miserable days when I have to wear them.

  6. @Charlotte – have you seen the new khaki parkas in Zara? Erm, yes, I want to look military-esque but if you could cover me in baby pink and emerald green jewels at the same time, well, that would be more than preferable.

  7. Morning lovely ones…

    It makes me so happy when you gorgeous lot actually buy stuff I recommend!

    @Louise – Cool! I can’t wait to wear that dress for “real” it is about 10 inches too long and I trip over it currently 😉

    @Kirsten – Mid twenties?! I need to bloody move! I have a long sleeved striped dress on today!!

    Charlotte xxx

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