Stripped Back To The Core.

Regardless of my personal faith, I never lose sight of the fact that Christmas is at it’s core, a religious celebration.

Strip away all of the tinsel, the gilded baubles and the inevitable extended consumerism and what you’re left with is a universal desire for joy, celebration and a prosperous New Year….and to give thanks to those we believe in.

Chloe Curry, the proprietor of The White Room in Sheffield sent me a styled fashion shoot recently, and in my three years of W-day blogging, I have never witnessed anything quite like it.

This is not because there is an abundance of unique DIY projects involved, a variety of the most exotic blooms or a particularly unusual location, no, it was because there was none of the above at all.

This event actually took place in a church, a magnificent architectural place of worship. There were just beautifully designed dresses and a minimal selection of statement accessories photographed in black and white, nothing more, nothing less.

Because as much as RMW is here to inspire you with the fancy and the frippery, we do appreciate that when you strip a wedding right back to it’s core it’s just about you, your boy and faith in your vows – whatever religion or location that might be.

Chloe Curry: Creation is the birth of something, and something cannot come from nothing. When someone creates something: a painting, a poem, a photograph, the creativity comes from an idea, from a feeling, from emotion, or from a combination of ideas, feelings and emotions that are somehow ‘reborn’ from all our experiences and perspectives.

Introducing The White Room, bridal boutique Sheffield’s latest photo shoot with wedding and fashion photographer, India Hobson.

I had the most amazing photo book bought for me years ago, ‘Femme Fatale; famous beauties’ which showcased chic, sexy, and sophisticated women mainly in black and which, paid tribute to a century of feminine glamour, their feelings and emotions radiating through the camera to the viewer.

There is something very mesmerizing and something raw about black and white photography and something very beautiful too.

It was this, plus the work of world class fashion photographer, Peter Lindbergh that inspired me to shoot bridal in a different way.

Bridal photography is almost always shot in colour, as they are shot to sell a product, not a feeling or an emotion. I really wanted to strip all that back and use minimalistic black and white photography to capture the feeling of the woman in the gown, showing off fragility, delicate beading, powerful silks and romantic tulles.

The results? Powerful images which scream “less is more”.

We shot in the newly refurbished St Marie’s cathedral, Sheffield, literally opposite the boutique and added a little fantasy to the beautiful building by incorporating angel’s wings to the shoot, bringing a very ethereal and pure feeling to the shoot.

Styling & Gowns – The White Room (Chloe Curry)
Photographer – India Hobson
MUA and Hair – Ashley Tyrell
Models – Carmen Ekpo & Rachel Mccarthy
Gowns: Muscari, Eden, Esme, Ruby & Nerine by Jenny Packham at The White Rooms
Shrugs – Sasso at The White Room
Headwear – Jenny Packham at The White Room
Veils – HM Veils at The White Room

Those wings really are something else.

And the gowns? well you know how much we are huge fans of the unmistakable Jenny Packham….you can have a butchers at the entire 2013 collection right here.

Big Stripped Back Love

Charlotte xxx

16 thoughts on “Stripped Back To The Core.

  1. Love the black and white shots, love the fact this shoot is in my home town…….and NEED a pair of those wings!

    Beautiful 🙂


  2. This is breathtakingly beautiful. Stripped back indeed and yes, I’m feeling a little tired and emotional today, but dammit I had a lump in my throat reading this post!!

    I’m not sure which one is Carmen / Rachel, but THOSE LIPS!!!! That is a pout and a half. gorgeous! xx

  3. This is an absolutely wonderful shoot. The most beautiful portrayal of bridal images I have seen.

    I am now though hugely questioning my dress choice as those Jenny’s are just divine….x

  4. Please can I have some wings?

    So stunningly beautiful. And a lovely way for brides to take 5 minutes to reflect on the meaning of their marriage.



  5. I had the priviledge of finding and then working with Chloe in perfecting my Wday look. It was a delight (and relief) to find someone who shared my passion for fashion and as the images suggest, challenging bridal/aesthetic boundaries. I appreciate this may frighten those finding their bridal feet, but really fear not, Chloe is the antithesis of the archetypal snooty/oppressive/hard sell supposedly customer lead bridal boutiques.

  6. P.s. Promise I’m not related to Chloe! I’m just a very happy, White Room 2012 bride-I have the (very amaze) piccies and everything! 😉

  7. People may judge me for still being a RMW fan 2 years post wedding, but I don’t care….. I got married in this very church in December 2010. This beautiful shoot has made me all nostalgic. ( the White room was yet to open their doors back then)

  8. Slightly overwhelmed by the comments, thank you all so much for loving what we do and really appreciating that we are a little different and that is a good thing!!

    We loved this shoot and India Hobson (photographer) is amazing, such an artist and as you can see from these pics, no need for fuss, just bride, gown and emotions.


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