One of the enduring trends that has featured so heavily in the beautiful weddings we've showcased on the blog this year has been that of animals. Piles upon piles of exquisitely styled animals - from woodland rabbits and stags through to more exotic creatures such as flamingos and lions. And it's a trend that looks set to continue into 2017 too. In fact I integrated animals into the wedding decor of my own big day four years ago now. It wasn't a conscious decision to do so, at least not initially, but by and by I ended up with antlers on my wedding invitations and silver pheasants strutting their stuff on my wedding reception tables. There were feathers in the ushers' buttonholes and in the wedding wreath hung on the front door and tiny birds fluttering across the menus. I think there's a tendency for brides and grooms to be slightly anxious about incorporating animals into their wedding decor for fear of it looking too garish, too much...too comedy however much they might adore them... but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact using animal motifs can be incredibly stylish and add a sense of depth to your wedding decor. Today's post is all about showing you how you can stylishly integrate an animal theme into your wedding day decor without breaking the bank. How to stylishly integrate an animal theme into your wedding day decor Perhaps one of the easiest ways to embrace any animal theme is through your paper pretty. Whether it's your invitation suite, your wedding breakfast menu or even your thank you cards after the event is over, you can very easily set the theme for your guests without going overboard. We've seen lots of brides and grooms on these pages utilising stags and feathery illustrations as well as sweet depictions of dogs and rabbits on their stationery. I particularly love it when happy couples go hell for leather on their table plans using 'love birds' symbology or even spraying up model animals in colours that match their wider aesthetic. Why not name your tables after different animal breeds and have a picture depicting each one pride of place for a quirky twist on the theme. How to stylishly integrate an animal theme into your wedding day decor If you're feeling brave or want to go that one step further then it's worth looking to physically introduce actual animals into your nuptial decor. I'm not saying that you need a petting zoo popping up in the corner of your venue per se. Instead start small...say with your cake toppers for example. Is there an animal close to your heart that you could pop on your wedding cake? We've seen lots of flamingos entwined on top tiers this year but a pairing of deer is just as cute. Alternatively I love the idea of model animals sprayed gold propping up place names for all your guests. It's worth keeping an eye on eBay for job lots of children's unwanted toys which will always be cheaper than buying them new. These can double up as a sweet favour for your nearest and dearest to take home in memory of the event in months to come. The animal vases in the mood boards below are so fun plus they can double up as vases for your home once the day is over so you could argue that they are a worthwhile investment. For instant impact I adore the colour pop plastic flamingos which add humorous drama and a talking point for guests without busting the budget. How to stylishly integrate an animal theme into your wedding day decor Shelving: Photography by Marianne Chua Photography | Festoon Barn: Photography by John Barwood Photography | Birdcages: Photography by Street Focus Photography | Honeycomb Cards: Photography by September Pictures | Golden Animal Table Plan: Photography by Lucy Davenport | Golden Stags Head: Photography by Mckinley Rodgers Photography | Stag Stationery: Photography by John Barwood Photography | Duck & Dog Stationery: Photography by Cinzia Bruschini. There are other ways of creating a sense of the animal theme without resorting to figural representations of animals. Birdhouses, birdcages, antlers, feathers are all wonderful ways of tipping your cap to the idea. Lastly some of the images of the folded paper cranes in the templates below are dramatic and utterly gorgeous - particularly the ombre that's definitely one way to stylishly bring the natural world into your soiree. How to stylishly integrate an animal theme into your wedding day decor All of the imagery in this post has been sourced from beautiful weddings that have appeared on Rock My Wedding. If you're feeling exhilarated by the photos you've seen why not take a look through our archives for more ideas on how to create your big day theme. And if you're loving the animal inspiration on Rock My Wedding today then you might be thrilled to hear that we're continuing the fun over on our sister blogs - Rock My Style and Rock My Family too. Lauren has rounded up the best of the best animal fashion and interiors for adults on RMS and Lottie has scouted the best of the best of all things two and four legged for kids on RMF. Why not pop on over and have a look...
Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Written by Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw

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