Suitably Coiffed.

I couldn’t quite tear myself away from reading all your comments in response to Naomi’s post yesterday. In fact, I found myself emphatically nodding my head in agreement with many of you about each of the issues that Naomi addressed.

I’m sure that Adam and Charlotte must have thought that I was nuts as they watched me from their desks.

But it was the age-old ‘wedding day hair’ quagmire that particularly struck a chord with me and the anxiety/qualms that nearly all of you are/were experiencing in the run up to your nuptials.

I too have succumbed to the ‘must grow my hair for the big day’ phenomenon except with me it’s not so much about the overall length of my barnet but about the ‘Fringe’. Yes folks I decided to grow out my fringe the day after the boy proposed so that I would have more ‘options’ on the day itself.

I’m still not convinced it’s the right idea. Will it actually give me more choice? Or will it mean that I don’t look so much like me? What will I think in five years time when I look back at the photos?

Despite this frantic pondering there was never a question about whether I’d have my hair done by a professional or not. I am not exactly blessed in the hair department.

Do you remember that ping-pong playing episode of Friends where Monica’s hair frizzes up? Yes? That is me without straighteners. It’s so not a good look. So you see folks, I NEED a professional to sort out my mane on my big day.

Ultimately this post is all about providing inspiration for you and your maids about how to wear your luscious locks, short or long, in the hope of soothing away some of your hirsute worries.

Let’s take a look shall we…

The Only Way Is Up

Sophisticated glamour at its very best, I adore any bride that sweeps her hair off her face in a modern chignon.

I’d like to really emphasise the word ‘modern’ here because I want to show you girls that you don’t have to fall into the ‘princess bride’ trap if you’re considering wearing your hair up.

Today’s up-dos are flawlessly stylish bestowing a subtle elegance upon the wearer. In fact, there is almost architectural treatment of the hair in the detailed pleating and threading in some of these images.

Perfect for disciplining unruly messes (like mine!), these are statement coiffures that don’t need any extra embellishments. They are truly beautiful in their own right and that’s the way it should be.

This trend is great for those of you with shorter hairstyles too. A couple of strategically placed kirby grips and a curl in the right place and bob’s your uncle you’ve got yourself a sleek up-do without the hassle of growing it for months.

Waves and Braids

I know that not all of you are fans of shimmering loose curls but I wanted to show you how rad they can look with a stylish braid woven through them.

This is a trend that can be interpreted in a myriad of ways and it’s just so darn easy to achieve too.

Want a fishtail plait on one side, or is a horizontal weave across the back of your head more to your liking? What about a braid, milkmaid style or even a double knit?

Ladies, it’s all going on here.

For those brides and bridesmaids who are in the midst of growing their hair out, choosing a intricate braid can draw attention away from ratty ends. In fact, it looks so much more effective if the hair isn’t in tip-top condition. Ultimately this type of do is so very forgiving – it’s about taming your tresses with finesse.

Perfect for the more relaxed bride and/or bridesmaids, this tousled look is sexy and just screams 70s siren to me and that can only be a good thing. If in doubt, team this look with an epic pair of sunglasses and you’re onto a winner.

Tied In Knots

This clutch of gorgeous beauties is aptly named given your responses yesterday. However, despite its moniker this is probably the least complex of all of the styles within this post.

We’re talking chic and messy topknots, side chignons and entangled coiffures.

I’m a little bit in love.

This look is the perfect solution for those of you who are taking the DIY approach on your big day and are fretting your cotton socks about it. This style is fuss-free and won’t consume precious time as you tease it into shape. Plus it suits everybody.

Beautifully relaxed and modern, I love how the loops and folds of hair in all of these images catch and play with the light. It doesn’t matter if a wisp of hair is out of place – this is the charm of such a relaxed style.

Whilst tousled topknots are the most popular, other knotted varieties are becoming more prevalent too. I’m currently infatuated with the idea of bridesmaids sporting nautical knots in their hair at a seaside wedding. Please can someone fulfill my fantasy, oh pretty please…anyone?

If you adore the ‘topknot’ but you’re still after something a little bit different why not try braiding sections of hair first or accessorising your barnet with fresh flowers.

Gild My Head With Gold

…..and flowers and feathers and brooches and ribbons.

When I was younger I used to drape my grandma’s dainty necklaces over my head like Moroccan crowns and pretend to be an exotic princess in a foreign land. Unfortunately my gran has passed away but part of me wants to resurrect my five year old self and thread gold chains through my locks in memory of her on my wedding day.

And this is only the start of the plethora of goodies that you girls can lace through your hair. Luxurious twine, antique haircombs, real blooms and silk flowers – the list is endless. I’ve deliberately steered away from veils in this bundle of inspiration and instead focused on some of the other options out there because lovelies there are SO many.

What’s so fantastic about this trend is that you can easily apply this to your maids’ bouffants too and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration in unusual places either. Have you got a favourite brooch that you want to incorporate into your wedding ensemble but it doesn’t quite work? Why not clasp it to your chignon for a unique twist. And secondly, it’s worth experimenting with where and how you wear your headpieces. They don’t just have to perch atop your crown but can encircle your forehead or sit jauntily to one side too.

Chic and Sleek

Of all the clutches of inspiration here, this is my favourite.

Who says that lustrous styling needs to be restricted to your wedding day – none of these barnets would look out of place on a night out or hell even down the supermarket aisles. What? Who said you couldn’t look this good doing your weekly shop?

This is big day hair without the fluff and nonsense. Clean, fashion-focused and modern, this concept is often accompanied by a strong beauty aesthetic – think powerful eyes and lips.

Oh I love a red lip.

You’ll notice that all of these ‘do’s’ are completely different to one another – short or long, curly or straight, pinned up or left loose. What unites them is an understated simplicity which works with the hair’s natural state rather than against it. And ultimately girls this is what we’re trying to achieve on our wedding day – something that still looks like us, right?

The key to ‘sleek and chic’ is glossy hair in good condition styled in harmony with your face. Don’t force the look, cultivate what you’ve already got and work it.

There’s so many different looks I adore here that I wish I had unlimited funds so that I could sport a different do for the evening as well as the day.

Umm.. I hear you say…aren’t you being a little bit greedy? Yes I am folks and I’m the first to admit it.

How many of you are seduced by more than one of the trends here?

Which of these styles takes your fancy?

Happiness is….totally rocking your barnet your way.

Love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

31 thoughts on “Suitably Coiffed.

  1. Pleeease do the ‘my hair is an actual bow’ look. I love it and you could totally pull it off! Also – maybe then you could just let it lose on the night and as if by magic is will all be tousled and looking gorge!

  2. LAUREN!!!! What have you done?? I thought I had my hair figured out but now I’m back to the mood board with these little beauties!
    I LOVE my fringe but I’m growing it a bit to ‘soften’ the look because I didn’t think it went with the dress. (never thought I’d say that!)
    I love the top knots but Adam says I look like a pineapple head and prefers it down, but I’d like to show off the low back of the dress so I’m thinking a half up half down thing.
    But after seeing these fabulous pictures I’m now considering a plait or two.
    I wonder if we could start a new trend of changing bridal hair dos every two hours throughout the day? That would be ideal.
    Great post, love it x

  3. Love them ALL! I think I mentioned the fringe debate yesterday and I’m still adamant that it’s here to stay – it’s very much me and I will look totally weird without it. In fact without it, i’m like Samson!

    Part of me loves all the loose and effortless looking swept up creations, but isnt there more danger of it all falling out then?

    I think my fave here is the very very first one, classic but not too structured and also great for hiding sticky out ears! Also loving the third from bottom on the ‘gild my head’ section. Girlfriend is rocking a little fringe there i see, peeping out at the front!!

    Some fab inspiration here, thanks for fuelling my new found hair panic/obsession Lauren!


  4. The blonde on the right in the second row down. OH MY ACTUAL GOD that is the best hair style ever! Going to go home and get to it with some kirby grips.. and maybe some bleach (or do we think it could be ok on a brunette too). I wish I’d had these images to show to my hairdresser before my wedding. Fantabulous! x

  5. An awesome selection of styles Lauren!

    I absolutely love alllll of the ones with beads / feathers / flowers / various pretty things in their hair!! Unfortunately for me though, whilst I dream of being a boho babe, any attempts to replicate the look always look pretty ridiculous on me and I default back to the usual down and straightened look.

    A friend did a ‘waves and braid’ style look on me when I was a bridesmaid earlier this year, though, and I loved it! After seeing this I think I am going to attempt the one with the Jenny Packham dress in it for my brother’s wedding later this year….except with a little bit more hair down, because I am not that brave (and my ears are the sort that weren’t made to be exposed)! xx

  6. Ugh, I am having the hair dilemma. I have SHORT hair – not a bob, but short like 60s Twiggy/a Chinese boy (depending on how I am feeling about myself on the day…) I am not growing my hair, it makes me look dreadful and chubby and the Mr has never even seen me with long hair so I don’t see why I would start now. There is NOTHING out there about things to do with a crop for your wedding. One of the magazines this month came with a whole extra hair mag and not one of the styles featured hair above even shoulder length. The huge majority of the oh-so-pretty accessories and birdcage veils are attached to combs or clips which won’t stay in. I know there’s not an awful lot that can be done to a crop bar a quick blow dry, and then a headband of some sort, but I do feel left out…

    Anyway, rant over. I might just buy a big fake hair-bow and stick it on my head I love that pic so much 🙂 Any crop-spiration ideas welcome from you lot!

  7. PS (sorry I am queen of the PS).. @Lauren I have a whole gallery saved of up dos with fringe that I stockpiled before my wedding which I can email you if you like! I loved my fringe on the day, it was big and thick and proud!xx

  8. Great post Lauren, and I’m the exact same as you on the fringe!

    Mine is practically gone, and I’m attending the salon on Saturday to get it chopped in to a suitably sweeping side fringe instead of my signature full fringe – for the exact same reason you said…so I have more options!

    When I made said decision, I hadn’t seen any nice bridal up styles that incorporated a fringe but now I’m seeing loads and it’s made me think twice – gah!

    Add to the quandary the fact that Al says he really likes my newly grown out “side fringe” (I used quote marks as it’s not quite there yet!” and you end up with me without a clue!

    I think I will have to wait till I have a trial and ask a professional…

  9. @Becky. I confess I LOVE the bow and part of me can see me turning up on the day with this beauty. The only thing that’s stopping me is the issue of the veil and how it will sit with the bow. Decisions, decisions eh?!

    @Rebecca Uh oh. You’ve called me by my full name which means that you must be cross!! I can’t help it love – I see all these gorgeous styles and feel compelled to share them. I am however all for changing said hair every two hours – that would be epic!

  10. Thanks for your post, with my hair trial on Saturday and a fringe you literally read my mind in your intro! Are there any chic updos which leave the fringe as is?

  11. Oh Emily I think I know which magazine you mean, I bought it going “Ooh a hair mag, I need ideas” and then I was quite disappointed…

    I don’t know why I keep buying them, it’s a waste of my money as I can clearly get everything I need on here, haha!

  12. @Kitty – I know what you mean – the Mr keeps telling me that every one I buy is an extra drink for someone at the wedding, or one of the children’s meals – he is very right, I should stick to the internet!

  13. I love the first 3 selections…might be taking them as colour print-outs to my hairdresser and asking for a combo of them all in one amazeballs hair-do!
    On the fringe front – I grew up with a pretty full on chunky fringe (I don’t have a forehead, its a fivehead!), grew it out in uni for a side swept effort but have went back to the dark side and LOVE IT! Long live the fringe 🙂

  14. This post and all the comments are too spooky! I am getting married in 2 weeks and 4 days and can sympathise with the hair quandry! I too grew my amazing thick fringe out as my Mum said I should. Erm, I am 32 and haven’t taken style advice from my Mum in quite some years! Anywho, it’s sweeping at present.

    I then went for my usual trim 2 months back and my usually fabulous Italian Stallion of a hairdresser decided to whack a load of additional layers in without even telling me. I was fuming, sweating and crying as my big hollywood waves were now out of the question.

    So back to my wedding stylist I went and we have since settled on a big, beautiful yet loose up-do and I actually think the Italian Stallion has done me a favour. I never would have considered the up-do, yet now I feel more like the ‘bride’… and will take half of it down for the evening so I’m left with a hopefully foxy and less dishevelled half up/half down beehive.

    Consider it ladies!

  15. @Annie – actually Laughing Out Loud at the fivehead remark! I have one too, I blame ballet lessons when I was tiny and we all had to have our entire hair pulled into very tights buns by very impatient mothers!

    I am, therefore, a staunch supporter of the fringe but decided to grow it out earlier this year (‘more options’ – do we all have some kind of ‘bride chip’ that activates when we get engaged and makes us do the same stuff?). Anyway, it was annoying me so badly that I had my usual blunt full fringe cut back in at the weekend. It wasn’t my usual stylist but she did a lovely job – then let herself down by making ‘helpful’ wedding barnet suggestions like growing it out again for the wedding, toning down the redness or having waves put in (my hair is ruler-straight and doesn’t hold curls, and I actually like the straightness – I can pretend in my head that I’m one of those fabulous Mod girls from the 60s). The problem is, my frock is quite vintagey romantic-looking (Lombardie by Philippe Swann if anyone wishes to Google) so I’m debating if Moddy hair goes with it. Mind you, it is my wedding…if I wish to have a flamingo pink undercut nobody could really stop me could they? Actually…x

  16. I totally went for a side braid which led round to the opposite side where I had a big, messy side bun, for my big day 2 months ago…I also found a flexible, slightly sparkly hair vine which went over the braid- this highlighted it, and it looked like it was woven into the braid! Everyone was amazed at it! It looked relaxed and modern but also really special at the same time. It was definitely worth all the research and experimenting I did to perfect it along with the hairdressers! It was totally unique and totally my own, which I loved. Only thing I’d change is I’d get the hairdressers to add MORE spray and MORE bobbypins because the bun had a tendency to come loose (the other side was perfect though).
    I had grown out a fringe since getting engaged as well! I’m glad I did because it did give me more ‘options’ and I don’t think it would have gone, and my fringe used to let me down by looking rubbish and lank by the end of a day so it was a good decision.

  17. God, I wish I’d seen this post 3 months ago – I had so much of a quandry with my hair. I decided for a sleek updo with a bow at the back and the middle section of the bow was a plait. I loved it, but part of me wishes I’d went for something looser and more informal!

  18. Some of these are exactly what I’ve been looking for – unfortunately I’m still struggling with someone to actually do it for me! So many of the hair stylists I’ve looked at only do the real classic bridal ringlet type stuff and it’s just not me. I need to find someone on my wave length who’s done it before AND who doesn’t cost a smal fortune – I’ve been truely shocked by the cost of some stylists!!

  19. It’s so interesting to hear that so many of you ladies hate your ears – in fact one of my maids hates hers and has begged me to let her hair down which of course I said yes to.

    @Karen I think the key to preventing it all falling out is oodles of hairspray and grips

    @Fiona I don’t think that you need to go blond – I think brunettes, redheads and raven haired beauties can all rock this look. And I am also well happy to receive your fringe lookbook. Thanks doll!

    @Emma I would so love to see images of your Jenny Packham attempts. I adore this look.

    @Lou Personally I think a flamingo coloured undercut would be epic. My boy will be sporting an undercut at our wedding – it’s a new experiment – and I think he looks mighty fine so I am a fan!

  20. @ Annie, I’m exactly the same as you. When I was younger and my mum still decided on what I got I had a fringe and even though I had a ‘fivehead’ I hated it so when I got older I got a side fringe and then a few years ago got my fringe cut back in, now I look at pics of me with the side fringe and think what was I doing? I had my hair trial last Fri and the hairdresser was trying to get me to have a side fringe as it went better with the style but there is no way I am losing my fringe, I love it and it is here to stay!!! Struggled so hard to find any pics online of hair do’s with fringes though :o/ Found a gorge half up/down do with plaits and full fringe though and that is what I’m having! LOVE IT!! xxx

  21. @LauraBabb – yes more is MORE! love the sound of your giant bun.

    As well as the “chop” dilemma I am also thinking about a fringe….does it make a moon head look even more moon like though?! that is my concern!

    I also want the do that is the second template 6th right….dreamy.

    Charlotte xxx

  22. Oooh Charlotte you would OWN a fringe! If you’re worried about it though, go for a longer sweepy side fringe first maybe, so it doesn’t take so long to grow out if you don’t like it, and also it won’t be so much of a shock…

    I always had a fringe as a kid as that’s just what I had when mum took us for hair cuts, then I rebelled as a teenager and grew it out. Then when i went to uni I decided I hated everything about my hair (it was long and fringeless) and had it cut short with choppy layers and a fringe! It was a real shock to my system and I hated it at first as it was so different…

  23. Does anyone have any advice for approaching a hairdresser and not getting ripped off? My regular stylist won’t be able to come to the house and the salon she works at is too far away on the day so I’m planning to go to one of the local salons.

    All I want is a nice simple Kate:, but I’m worried once the W word or ‘bride’ gets mentioned, I’m going to start haemorrhaging cash.

    Any Rockmybrides got any good tips or anecdotes?

  24. I love love loved the first selection of up styles, then I got to the plaits and remember why I dream of long flowing wedding hair (can’t quite get the look with a bob!), is there a rescue route of scruffy hippy plait meets short hair? If the hair angels can hear me – please create it!
    @Sus101 – your hairstyle sounds amazing, I would love to see a snap of the plait meets flowers, sounds dreamy… I just want to be a princess on my big day!

  25. I went for one hair trial and it was a disaster! I don’t do hairdressers, my fiancée trims my hair for me at home. They never seem to listen and this was no exception.

    I have really really fine hair and all the styles I like really do require a lot more hair than I’ve got. The gorgeous, soft, curly side bun I’d envisaged ended up pinned too high on my head, tiny and far too crisp with hairspray.

    So I will be going for something totally me and wearing my hair wrapped in one of the circlets that I custom make.

  26. Still no short hair suggestions! (well two but very specific, and not with bridal styles as such) I agree with Emily – there is nothing out there to suggest what to do!
    Such a pity, as I loved my short hair (now bob length, but potentialy being lopped off again!)
    I just need inspiration on what on earth to do with it!
    Sigh… xx

  27. Mine is Anne Hathaway in Batman short (and the same colour) and as I’m getting married in October this year there is no chance of growing it, neither would I want to!! I’m getting a headband made by the wonderful Helen Woodward from Moseley Market in Birmingham, but have no idea what to do with my hair around it. Any suggestions or photos most appreciated.

  28. After deciding to grow my short hair long for my wedding 18 months ago I have now decided along with my partner that neither of us like me with long hair! @Emily – my partner has never seen me with long hair either and still isnt sure what to make of it! But with limited ideas for short hair Im not sure what to do. Ive got a hair appointment in 2 weeks for a trim but now plan to say ‘cut it all off’ but would like some ideas on what to do with my hair if I do before I take the big step! @Clare I will take a look at Helen Woodward’s website but agree would like to know what to do with the hair around it!

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