Summer Of Love…..part 2

We promised you a week full of pretty did we not….and you can’t get much prettier than part two of this gorgeous affair captured by the uber talented Polly Alexandre.

For starters I had a real “Oh My Goodness this might just be the prettiest dress I ever saw” moment when I saw Laura the bride looking so completely delicious in her lace and embroidered gown and when I clapped eyes on everything else well…….as I said before, it was the reason behind this whole weeks theme.

Not to mention the fact that so many of the fashion and details are completely achievable High Street Chic.


A Summer Of Flowers

I had lots of tear sheets of the kind of flowers I liked, as I did’t know the names of all the flowers available and that were in season. I decorated my mums dining room table with all the vases, tear sheets and visual ideas I had. From that my florist gathered enough of an idea of what I wanted and I was very pleased with the results. Victoria Clarke (Tel: 01233 662043) Via the Priory the table flowers and arrangements in the reception room were included in the price of the venue.

In my bouquet I had Porcelina, majolica and columbian spray roses, sweet avalanche roses, columbian sophie roses, white dill, sweet avalanche roses, pink and white snowberries and sweet peas.

Our mums both had corsages, Tim had a special button hole, The father of the bride, best men and users all had button holes. My aunt made 100 white rose button holes for guests the morning of the wedding. At the church we had beautiful arrangements placed around as focal points.

These arrangements were organised through the church. Victoria our florist also placed flowers around the door to the church. At the priory we had an arrangement at the door and 2 bay trees with white ribbon.

At the table when you entered the Priory where we had our card box we had a heart made out of flowers with 3 candles in it. We had arrangements up the stairs to the reception room. In the reception room we had cut glass vases and jugs filled with flowers. In the marquee where we had the sit down meal we had flowers on the tables on the female guests place names and on the cake.

Soft Pink Polka Dots

We decided to based the colour scheme around the colour of the bridesmaids dresses soft pink. This colour worked well with the locations and theme as I wanted a English country garden feel. The bridesmaid dresses were from New Look Limited Edition Collection. I bought extra dresses and my mum added straps to the adult dresses and made Flowergirls dresses for the children by cutting up dresses amd remaking them.

The Bridesmaids shoes and bags were from Debenhams, Earrings, Pearl & Diamante Bracelets from H&M we then decorated them with flowers. The bridesmaids headbands were childrens and were from The Works and then my mum added an extra silk flower. The Bridesmaids had fans rather than bouquets which were decorated with silk flowers. The flowergirls shoes and socks were BHS and their cardigans and headbands were Matalan which again were decorated with silk flowers.

Little Extra’s

We decided not to have favours at the table instead we had mints and put them in heart tins, which guests could help themselves to after the meal. The basket was decorated them with ribbon, pearls, lace and silk flowers and we had a small gold frame with ‘Mint Please Take One’.

I did beauty bags for the bridesmaids, which I gave to them in the morning when they were getting ready. At the speeches we gave them – live love laugh gold dipped heart make a wish necklaces by Dogeared, plus glass perfume bottles with a puffer. We gave the Flowergirls Sliver heart lockets.

For our parents we gave them A Rose To Remember. The rose plant comes beautifully hand packed in a rustic wooden crate. Our parents can plant the rose in their garden to remember the day from The Gluttonous Gardener. The best men were given engraved cufflinks and pens.

Capturing The Essence Of The Day

Our photographer was Polly Alexandre. I saw Polly’s pictures in a wedding magazine and I loved the weddings she had photographed. I went onto her website to double check that it was her photography I liked and not just the weddings she had worked on.

As soon as I saw her website I knew she really cared and was passionate about the work she does and I hadn’t even contacted her at this point! We arranged a meeting and she had a great energetic personality and I was excited about her attending our wedding. We are ecstatically happy with our pictures and am glad we put the time and effort in to meet up with Polly before the wedding to discuss everything. I truly believe she captured the essence of the day.

Evening Entertainment

Our evening reception went on till 12pm and great fun was had by all. One of the big highlights at the evening reception was a Photobooth that we hired through Rent A Booth. The booth comes with a fancy dress box and guests get to take a print away with them as well as sticking one in our guest book which was present to us at the end of the night. We also let off wishing lanterns which float off into the sky and were very beautiful and romantic, I bought these from Ebay.

For our champagne reception we played a Spanish guitar album ‘Acoustic Guitar (2007)’ by John H. Clarke. For our evening entertainment, Tim had heard a singer at a local bar, and recommended that we hired him for our wedding. Stephen Anthony sang a mixture of pop, rock, reggae and dance, and ensured the dancefloor was full, all evening.

To give Stephen some rest, we also hired Russell King, a local DJ who played some club classics inbetween our singers slots.

Tim and I chose ‘You do something to me’ for our first dance by Paul Wellor. We chose this song as we did not want anything to soppy! We felt the song was a more modern choice, and has a beautiful soulful feel.

Quintessential English Style

Tim and I always wanted a traditional wedding in a truly quintessential English style. I am from Kent, so it made sense to get married in the garden of England at my parents local church. I love vintage pretty clothing and furniture, which was reflected by the style I chose for my dress and decorations.

I created moodboards of all the pictures of weddings that I loved, to inspire my look. I stole all the best bits of other brides weddings! The day had a ereathral feel, I really was on cloud 9!

My parents made a donation to Cancer Research as we had Grandparents that had died of Cancer. We had a gold photoframe with a message in on our guest table.

Everything had looked as beautiful as I had hoped…… The sunshine made everything sparkle and guests were able to enjoy drinks on the lawn. We truly were blessed with good weather! It really made the day.

Adding Your Own Unique Chic

As our church was a distance from our reception, we wanted to make sure there was transport for everyone. Tim’s dad had a friend who owned a routemaster bus, and being that most of our friends work and live in London, we thought this was a suitable theme.

The bus travelled collected guests from the hotel in Ashford, and transported them to the church.

The bus was also used to transport, me, Tim and guests between the church and the Reception. At the end of the evening the bus then returned everyone from the reception back to the hotel in Ashford. We were told, the final leg of the journey became a party bus!

I spent little on our decorations but I thought they were very effective. We found many brides selling their decorations after their weddings at bootfairs and on ebay so you can pick up practically anything.

Tear sheets and websites are a great way to communicate with creative people like your photographer, make-up artist, hairdresser, florist etc as you can tear out or print off pictures that you like. It’s much easier for them to understand the look you want through pictures rather than words.

I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, throw as much of you and your future husbands personalities into your Big Day as possible.

It’s All About The Pretty but most importantly it’s also All About YOU.

With Big Thanks to Laura and Tim for sharing their gorgeous Wedding with us and to Polly Alexandre for submitting the images.

Big All About You Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

19 thoughts on “Summer Of Love…..part 2

  1. I think that might be the prettiest dress I have ever seen, and the prettiest bridesmaids and the prettiest flowers! I love all about the pretty week!!

  2. I am in love with this wedding i have total wedding envy. All the details are so pretty i love the vintage elegant feel but with the modern relaxed edge. The bride is simply stunning her dress is the best i have seen and the picture of her running across the lawn in bare feet is breathtaking. The black and white pictures of the bride and groom dancing is so romantic. Wow! xxx

  3. Loving the fact that the groom looks like he can’t beleive his luck!

    Also loving the “running across the grass” shot…should be a Bridal staple along with the “perfume” shot and the “dress in window” shot, methinks!

  4. This wedding totally makes me want to book the photographer but the other pictures on her blog seem more formal. Does anyone have any experience of her?

  5. Like Stacey, I too have serious wedding envy. Those bridesamid dresses are gorgeous and the bride looks divine.
    Loving the big flower in brides hair…might be pinching that!!

    Thanks RMW, this has made me smile this morning x

  6. Why can’t it be Pretty Week every week?! Have stolen so many beautiful ideas from this week, including this wedding – so pretty! Makes me wish we were having a summer wedding, running barefoot through the muddy grass in heavy drizzle is not going to be as much fun, nor look as good, I fear! xx

  7. Ps… could you PLEASE stop posting pictures of ladies looking stunning in lace dresses – gives me huge dress wobbles everytime…

  8. Oh Wow so very pretty. Perfect eye candy for today’s sprng sunshine. I would love to featre some of these images on my blog for a summer vintage lace & roses post to run alongside our new bird cages & lace stationey collections in a sort of design/mood board (all images credited to yourselves obviously). Please let me know if you have objections to this (or whether the couple would).

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Clare xx

  9. this is the most stunning summer wedding feature I have found, it is exactly as i have seen it in my dream. the bare feet running in the grass photo is soooooo beautiful!! love it, keep up the great work!

  10. Wow! This wedding is absolutly stunning, the bride and grrom so look happy, eveything looks so beautiful and summery. Love love love it xxx

  11. I love, love, love the bridesmaid dresses!
    The photographes are amazing and the bride look georgous!
    Pretty week has been very….well….pretty! xx

  12. This is one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. The thought that went into it is. exquisite. Your personalities completely shone through. This is so what a wedding is all about and everything and everyone looked absolutely beautiful!!

  13. Ok so here’s what I love about this: the pale peach, the bride’s exquisite dress, the fans, the bus, the photography. Yep basically everything.

  14. Hi everyone! I’m Polly the Photographer. I loved capturing Laura’s wedding and she was such a delight to work with. It’s great to see the wedding featured here! Thanks to all at RMW and to everyone for their lovely comments!
    Rebecca – I wouldn’t say I am a formal photographer… I tend to feature more portraits and details on my blog than reportage photos, but I’d love to share some complete weddings with you so you can see the range of what I do…85-90% of what I do is totally natural and captured in a documentary style.

  15. I was looking through this again (like nine months later, I am such a RMW geek!) and its absolutely my favourite wedding ever featured.
    Its so PRETTY it makes me want to CRY

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