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Summer & Robin: The New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year you lovely lot!

Since the start of 2015 I’ve increased my levels of excitement ten fold. I’ve also had my first restless night worrying about seating plans and table settings, I’ve got a lot more of that to come no doubt.

I wanted to send our save the dates out early in the new year so people could add the date to new calendars and begin the countdown. Just before christmas we had them printed (which also meant I had to finally write a guest list — how did I leave this so long?!), our best man and his lovely girlfriend designed them for us. They probably aren’t your bog standard save the dates (I’ve never seen anyone’s toe clutching a paintbrush on any Pinterest save the dates) but they are totally us. I had them printed as postcards so there wouldn’t be any faffing about or extra costs with envelopes. We used, their customer service is the sweetest and the postcards came out so vibrant. Hopefully most of our guests have received them by now (apart from overseas guests, sorry guys, its wet and windy in the West Country and I haven’t gotten to the post office yet).

Obviously most of my New Year’s resolutions are wedding related this year…

The most important one is to stick to our monthly budget. I know the wedding is eight months away but we need to save those pennies now. All the little things we didn’t budget for, like crayons for the kids table and napkins, will suddenly become a last minute stress purchase. What was the biggest last minute expense you didn’t budget for?

I also resolve to drink more water. Since January started I have given up caffeine and sugary drinks, and I can already see the difference in my skin! Some wonder products I have incorporated into my routine since December are the JorgObé product range of face masks and face cream. Their original black peel off mask is pure intense luxury. Not only is it fun to smear black gunk all over your face in the name of beauty, but if any of you are face peel aficionados you’ll understand how fantastic it is to find one that actually hurts a little bit when you peel it off! Be gone blackheads, mwahaha! I use the refreshing scrub mask twice a week and it’s my favourite, you massage it in like an exfoliating face scrub then just leave on to dry and go crispy like a normal face mask. I have even caught Robin sneakily using it a couple of times. Oh, and did I mention I’ve given up sugar too (except for special occasions). Yep, my skin is happy!

Third resolution is simply to enjoy it all. I can’t quite believe we’ve been engaged for over a year now, soon we’ll be married and it’ll all be over.

We had a long overdue meeting with our very lovely caterer on Robin’s birthday at the beginning of January, I will update more on this front once we have been in for our tasting (!!!!) in March, but this is the final element that finished off our list of essentials! Officially now we have everything in place to have a wedding – I cant quite believe it! There are still things left to do, but we have all the big stuff.

I need to get my craft on, I started some wedding crafts last year and then put it all away to gather dust for months on end. I plan on making all the decorations myself, which is ambitious, I know. I think I’m going to buy one of those magical pom pom makers and hang big bright pom-poms from all the trees around the camping area, as well as all the paper crafts I’ve had planned for months. I have also begun the long and arduous task of sourcing lots and lots of mismatched glassware. Which means not being able to pass a charity shop without going in for a mooch. Not to mention car boot season, is anything more important to a DIY bride than car boot season?! I think not.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. If you’re getting married this year (and even if you’re not) 2015 is going to be the best ever!

Summer xxx

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

6 thoughts on “Summer & Robin: The New Year Resolutions

  1. Haha! LOVE reading this Summer! I’ve just started using Coconut Oil (organic and fairtrade kind) and I CAN”T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. It’s really good for everytihng, and you can add it to your tea and coffee for a healthier sweetness as well as using it as a moisturiser, hair masque, and olive oil replacement and literally loads more, I just read a blog of 101 uses! There is nothing in can’t do!

    I love you’re Save the dates – so fun! Can’t wait to read all about the big day! Presume you’ve already started on the pinyatas? (spelling :/) Paper Mache at the ready!

    Harriet xx

    1. I have switched to coconut oil in most cooking and I even tried that oil pulling thingy… but 20 minutes was too long and I thought it was weird. I’ve not tried it in my hair yet. Do you put it on dry hair? Hoe hard is it to wash out afterwards?
      I’ve not started the pinatas yet only because they will take up so much space in the house! They are probably going to be one of the last things we do.

  2. What is oil pulling? I’m so intrigued. It’s the second time in 2 days I’ve heard about it. I’ve not tried the mask yet for the hair (only had the stuff 3 days), but have heard sleeping in it and washing it out the next day is best. I presume putting it on the ends (ish) of the hair would be best, the thought of ‘oil in hair’ is daunting.
    H x

    1. It’s when you swish oil around your mouth for 20 minutes. It’s supposed to get rid of toxins etc etc… I didn’t like it just because it took toooo long (no talking/eating) 🙂

  3. Love this!! I have also given up caffeine, did it back at the beginning of November and, although it felt awful the first week, i definitely feel the benefits now (still miss my coffee quite a lot though!). my fave is now peppermint tea and i also don’t mind Yorkshire tea decaf…you nearly can’t tell the difference!!

    The face masks look immense. I’ve made a New Years resolution to do a face mask at least once a week…so far, so good.

    Also get what you mean about budget, we haven’t had any ‘huge’ costs yet but you know when you know it’s coming?! Makes me very nervous! Hopefully all worth it though! X

  4. Summer! You are so far ahead!
    And I’m with you on the caffeine reduction, but not quite there with the skin prep. I will get on it.
    I have some pompom makers, I could send some over 🙂

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