I'm really happy to share these gorgeous images of lovely Sundari and her (now husband) Andy with you today. The pair actually got married a few weeks ago (we've seen sneak peaks and IT WAS AMAZING) and we promise we'll bring you the wedding very soon. But we have to share their pre wedding shoot with you first, from the very talented Dominique Bader, because their love just pours through the images and Sundari is wearing a very pretty dress, so it would rude not to share it quite frankly ;) I'll let Sundari tell you all about it and about why she cherished the time with Andy so much.
Sundari the Bride: I’m so excited to be sharing our pre-wedding photos with you RMW readers today. Every time I look at these gorgeous images taken by our photographer Dominique Bader, it sends me back to the smell of bluebells and gorgeous April sunshine. I keep counting down the days in my mind until the big wedding events which all kick off in about a week but looking back at having this time with our photographer helped both Andy & I through the deep strain wedmin had put on us. Back in March I was stressed, overwhelmed and not my best self. I was waiting for events like my hen-do and this pre wedding shoot to give myself that much needed kick of excitement, and relief that things were starting to come together. One thing became apparent though, I was lacking in quality time with my very own fiancé. Wedding planning became something I was either always thinking about, emailing, talking, worrying, DREAMING...even when Andy came home from work, we barely had any time to just breathe together without plodding through another task to organise or an email to send. The pre wedding shoot was totally about us and took me to a place I had missed, just to be with my beloved. We spent the night before in a boutique hotel relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, SANS wedmin, then the next day tottering along to near St Albans for the shoot. Honestly, I really miss the time we shared together that day. Never do you get the time, during your engagement, to just be still and non-stop hug and kiss each other! (surrounded by gorgeous bluebells). Bonus, it also helped both of us feel less self conscious in front of the camera and have some images to look forward to before the wedding day! I won’t go on too much about this shoot, but the pictures speak for themselves. This is just us. Dominique captured us relaxed and just loving on one another. It was a dream and I encourage you, if you have the time and opportunity to have this occasion with your photographer, take it up. Not just for the outcome, but for yourselves and filling up on some quality time with your partner. There aren’t many chances like that during wedding planning!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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