Sunday Sneak Peek

Mmmm… We lurve the cake.

The Weekly Roundup

Have a great bank holiday everyone,


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

One thought on “Sunday Sneak Peek

  1. My goodness, what a revelation this blog is! I’m 4 months in to planning my wedding in April next year, attended one wedding fair which to be honest made me seriously consider calling the whole thing off!

    Finding others, no a whole community! of like minded brides and grooms to be has really made me excited about ‘bucking the marital trend’ and challenging those traditions that don’t have personal significance and not giving two hoots about what our more traditional guests might have to say.

    So, thank you RMW for making me realise I’m not a weirdo for wanting the same wedding as everyone else!

    MrsTtobe xxx

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