Sunny Side Up……part 2

Hoorah! time for the second half of this beautiful and bright soiree. Am really loving the little details and unique touches that went into making it such a personal day to Sam and Katy.

Oh and even better – Sam actually wrote a few pieces too, so sweet I actually went all misty eyed and everything. In fact I do believe this may be the first time in a Real Wedding post we have featured what went into wedding planning from the grooms perspective?

Well then, we’ll just have to make sure it’s not the last.

Enjoy folks.

The Loveliest Photographers

KATY:As soon as I met Charis when I was bridesmaid at another wedding, I knew that I wanted her to take the photos at ours. She was totally involved with the scene, doing up dresses and making brilliant suggestions. And she was so excited! Lovliest photographer I’d ever met. And then she jokingly enquired about O & C Photography photographing our wedding and by the end of the day we had decided we wanted them!

Sam got on really well with Owen too, and we loved the double act thing, they capture everything. Their style is natural and artistic, and our photos are spectacular. Never seen so many photos of people laughing!

99p Entertainment

SAM: Spotify were our band for the evening! Only 99p! Amazing. All the original artists, all the sound quality, our choices, and nearly free! Initially we asked a band to play and they were very late in turning us down. At first Katy suggested spotfiy as a joke, but then I took her quite seriously! So we had all the greats and a few of the not-so-greats-but-very-fun-to-dance-to performing at our wedding!

Who Needs Favours?

SAM:We didn’t have any favours as such because Katy had already decided to make so many things!

KATY: Our cake was chocolate and sponge, most of the ideas were mine but the cake man (a friends friend) put it on to the cake. The scrabble tiles matched our invites. We just like scrabble tiles, we never actually play scrabble! And the birds are because I like birds and the bunting because I like bunting. We just did the same as with everything – lots of ideas all thrown and mixed together.

D.I.Y Decor

SAM: We had bunting, of course! Katy has bunting everywhere! We hung that in the church.

The most spectacular bit was the white curtains (which we with some friends from church made – all 50!) hanging in the reception venue, and then we hung up three hundred paper stars to the ceiling. It was just like that scene in the film “The Holiday” where they make the tent? Made me very happy!

A Few Of Our Favourite Things

KATY: Um…I really enjoyed our place names on the top table. I bought some of those little canvases for 99p and painted individual names on them. A nice keeper.

We had plastercine on the tables for guests to make models of us when they were waiting…had some thoroughly amusing results. Really enjoyed that. Still got some of the best models!

The First Dance

KATY: Our first dance was to Joshua Radin, ‘Today’. Sam played it to me once after we’d been going through a hard time together. He said it made him think of me. It was one of those really moving, romantic moments you’d put in a film script.

Words Of Wisdom

KATY: My Advice? Everything you do differently or creatively will be much more special. They’re the things you remember and other people enjoy. Involve as many of your friends and family as you can because it makes it lovely and everyone feels part of it and loved.

How cool is the plastercine and the little canvas’s?! would work so well as a favour as well as such unique design.

Nothing like a bit of bright happy gorgeousness to brighten up your Tuesday eh?

With HUGE thanks to Katy, Sam and Charis and Owen from O & C photography.

Big bringing a little piece of sunshine to your life every day Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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31 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up……part 2

  1. Oooohhhh……I want to be a guest at this wedding!

    I feel all cheerful inside despite this being the first ‘opaque tights day’ of the autumn season.

  2. This has brought a smile to my face on a dull autumn morning – everything about this wedding says “happy and joyous”. Beautiful couple and the little details are just fabulous. Loving the canvases. x

  3. You both look so happy – congratulations :o)

    I love your menu stationary (bunting and owl is SO cute)

    And your guest name places are so individual – very cool!

    Jess x

  4. What a lovely, lovely wedding. It looks like one of the best weddings ever featured to be a guest at! Wishing Katy and Sam lots of love for their marriage – as long as they smile and laugh as much as they do in the photos I’m sure they’ll be just fine.

    S x

  5. Of all the wedding featured this is the first one i have been really inclined to comment on – everything about it is beautiful and very individual! The canvases & plastacine are both wonderful ideas and the cake is gorgous! I am also LOVING the shoes and matching brolly! It looks like it was a tryly happy day for all involved.

  6. Crikey!!

    I want: The stars, the bunting on the cake, the Scrabble letters, the red polka dot brolly, the menu and the little canvas delights. Oh, and to look half as happy as Katy on my wedding day.



  7. Lovely, lovely, loveliness. How incredible are the painted place name canvases? And the stars? If I could draw anything other than stick men (which I have to tell people are stick men otherwise they wouldn’t know what they were looking at) then I would be totally inspired to do something similar.

  8. I love the thought and effort that has gone in to making their day so special.

    The canvases and the stars look gorgeous – very oh so sweet.

    Although I promise I’m not stealing the canvas idea (although I am now thinking I’d quite like to), I’d love to know when you got the mini easels from?

    What a fun and special couple. I wish you a very happy life together!

  9. Ooohhh.. never have I been quite so tempted to steal so many ideas from a wedding as this one.
    Its the perfect cocktail of quirky creativity and loved-up-individuality.
    My favourites being the stars and the canvases… oh and the plastercine. What an amazing idea!
    So lovely to hear from the Mr as well. More of that I say! xo

  10. I love this wedding the stars look fantastic and all the details it really makes the wedding stand out, it has so much personality – one of my favourites 🙂

  11. Sigh…this looks like it was an utterly beautiful wedding: every little detail was obviously very personal, and there were so MAny details too! I love that 🙂 And, aren’t the bride and groom so cute?!

  12. The plastercine ROCKS! Also, am in serious lust with the red shoe loveliness. Whats most hilarious is the guy on the moustache pic with his bottom lip stuck out! Love it! xx

  13. OMG! How totally brilliant are those mini-canvasses and uhh, did I read that correctly, the GROOM did these? Big respect to the Groom who obviously rocked this wedding vube as much as the lovely Bride.

    Love the Scrabble tiles everywhere (am big fan)..may have to steal a little bit of that! And what a.mazing stars. Lovely!

  14. Love all the ideas to keep guests entertained – def. gonna use the moustache on sticks idea (thank you!). The birds on the menu were really cute. Lovely.

  15. Aaaah thank you everybody! Wow it is is lovely to have everyones amazing comments about our wedding. I want to note that the main reason it looks as beautiful as it does is because of our photographers, and everyone should hire them. 🙂 I think they could make anyone’s wedding look beautiful and romantic.

    Oh and the canvases were from a craft shop called the Range, but I’m sure most craft type shops should sell them. Maybe the internet could help you there?

    Hee hee its so bizarre seeing our wedding on the internet! Charlotte I didn’t realise you were going to copy and paste my answers straight on here…I might have read them back. Ha ha.

    Katy x

  16. Hi Lovelies!

    So glad you loved the wedding as much as me 🙂

    Katy you write so well! to be honest we try not to edit brides text too much as then it doesn’t sound like “you” and that’s the point really – it was your special day 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous day with us!

    Charlotte xxx

  17. Hi

    LOVE your wedding!!! So inspiring!! Just a quickie, please can you tell me where you bought all your scrabble pieces from?? Trying to find them at a relatively cheap price, and so far failing!!!

    Thanks, so much
    Charlotte x

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