Sunshine On A Rainy Day part 2………

More sunshine for you all on this cold January day, we are LOVING this wedding here at RMW HQ and really hope you all do to. An excellent example of how no matter what the weather you will ALWAYS have the best day of your life.

Over to the lovely bride Katy and some of her fantastic planning details, as before all of the beautiful images are courtesy of the very lovely and very talented Jo and Simon at Shoot Lifestyle Photography

The Tea Party

We went for an English tea party and country chic feel. The main theme was pearls and braces .Vintage teacups (bought from charity shops by James’s nan) were filled with chocolates and my mums tea pots were filled with flowers. We had a local farmer drop off 40 hay bales and had drift wood signs to point everyone in the right direction.


Fabulous Photography

Photography was imperative to us. We had already booked a photographer but saw the wedding pics of a friend of a friend and loved them. 6 weeks before the big day we emailed Jo & Simon at Shoot just to see if they had our date free and to our amazement they did. We met at their house for a brew and loved them. They were so genuinely excited about our plans and made us remember how exciting getting marred is and how quirky and unusual our big day was going to be. Jo cried when we showed her our ideas and again when she read the script for the ceremony.

We had a pre wedding shoot at the venue at the same time as the rehearsal -Jo cried again!! . Simon was amazing with his advise, even down to the position we should stand in so my hair wouldn’t blow in the wind and stick to my lipgloss. They worked with the humanist to position everything perfectly so we would get the best images possible. We would never have thought of any of that.

We decided to go the whole hog and have pics as well as video ( we still cant believe Jo and Simon did them both so well), we even had a video diary for our guests which was hilarious and brilliant to look back on.

On the day Jo and Simon were amazing . Jo was so calming and felt like one of the family swapping bracelets with my mum and crying happy tears with us all (again!) They were so considerate and not in your face, all of our guest’s commented on how genuine and hard working they both were – not to mention enthusiastic.

Jo and Simon – forever part of our lives.


Dad Baked The Cake (!)

My forever doting parents don’t really bake but they wanted to help and suggested they make our cake.I bought dad a cake book and all he needed to make it for fathers day and they created a master piece! They made the most wonderful fruitcake with two layers and pearl beading, a gorgeous little teacup and saucer filled with flowers sat on the top.


I’m So In Love With You

Our first dance was Al Green, “I’m so in love with you”. A beautiful song that we have sang to each other over the years while watching Pulp Fiction. It just felt right and the words just fit our lives together.
We danced in the field with a glorious ‘on fire’ sunset, the rain stopped for us. The pictures and video say it all.



Lanterns at Sunset

We ate sweet and savory scones and served them with pink champagne followed later in the evening by a BBQ – all done by a chef who happens to be a friend of ours. We had Sky Lanterns which were so amazing and just added to the romantic feeling of the day.


Our Big Day Our Way

Our wedding was as much about the people in our lives as it was about us. We wanted a party, and that we had, but our advise would be to keep reminding yourselves what it’s all about, it’s the marriage not just the wedding. Enjoy each moment, let everyone and everything fly over your head it’s about you two, as long as your happy together forget it all.


This is one of my most favourite weddings EVER.

Love it Love it LOVE it.

A million thank you’s to Jo from Shoot for submitting it to us and Katy and James for sharing all the details of their special day.

Big Outdoorsy Sun-set dancing Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

16 thoughts on “Sunshine On A Rainy Day part 2………

  1. Hilarious!

    I loved this wedding the moment I saw it, but the story is beautiful as well.

    Such a perfect sentiment behind the day.

    Congratulations Katy and James, and thank you for sharing such a wonderful day with us. Must say too, the Photography is stunning Jo!


  2. Ah this is exactly how I wish my wedding will be, it looks so much fun, and everyone looks soooo happy!

    It’s fantastic, I’ve loved looking at the pictures, thanks for posting it! x

  3. This really looks like such a fun day. The photo’s are amazing and really seem to capture the couple and the very personal feel to their wedding. xxx

  4. Oh my gosh! How much fun does this wedding look? Congrats to the tres happy couple – I hope their married life is this much fun for them both. Fab photos also.

  5. Lovely photography beautifully processed. The wedding looks very relaxed and alot of fun. I do however, have to pull the bride up on her wedding song – it’s ‘Let’s Stick Together’ by Al Green not ‘I’m so in love with you’ (that’s the first line). Sorry to be a pedant. I am a muso!

  6. Fantastic, natural, different wedding photos! I wish mine could have been at least decent quality 23 years ago. These are talented photographers. WOW.

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