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Hand on heart, if I had to do it all again, I’d be having a wedding video. It is my biggest regret that we don’t have a professional one.

And if I had had one, I wish it had been Super 8mm film. Without a doubt. I love Super 8. Its so incredibly evocative and atmostpheric and mesmerising, so when Mark Brown sent me an email telling me about his videography, combining Super 8mm with HD, I was right on it and of course, deperate to share it with you all…. from MW BROWN on Vimeo.

I started in Super-8mm wedding films just over a year ago with the help of Joel Serrato (known as the best in this industry), I worked in HD videos before that but was disheartened by the reputation wedding videographers received – my videos were never tacky of synthesized or sprinkled with bad effects, but it was hard to get my name out there as a filmmaker that offered something “simple”. I decided to take the leap to Super-8mm simply because it is the most simple and beautiful way to shoot a wedding and at the end of the day that is what I believe couples really want.

I also take this profession very seriously, I do consider myself an artist and I believe this comes through in my work. The difference between the two formats is HD shoots on tape or card and Super-8mm shoots on film strip. This film is then sent to the uSA to be processed and transferred to a reel and then sent to a specialist in London who puts it onto a disc, which I then edit. What Super-8mm does well is create an image of real depth and timelessness that HD cannot replicate, it is unique and beautiful yet simple and true to the style of your Wedding.

Weddings… I LOVE them because I am a filmmaker that is inspired by storytelling. What’s more inspiring than two people in love, sharing the big day with their family and friends. Being a part of this is truly special, especially when you have a camera in your hands and you have the ability to create something wonderful that will be treasured by families for generations to come.

The love of Super-8mm came from travel, being in different places, seeing the sunrise in Tuscany to the sunset in South Carolina. No matter your setting, Super-8 makes it more than beautiful, it makes it enchanting, timeless, authentic. Film creates a depth. The idea of bringing this into my Wedding work didn’t take much pondering. I still offer HD Weddings Videos, I think using both is a good way of truly capturing your big day. I still find it amazing how much joy I feel when I get the processed reels of Film back from the lab and I watch the Wedding for the first time.

My Films are not your average Wedding Video, I don’t use any tacky effects or bad music, for me they are an art form, a collaboration of Vintage and HD cameras, keeping it true to the day and above all… about LOVE.

Mark W. Brown | Wedding Filmmaker | Super-8mm and HD | | London | UK | Overseas from MW BROWN on Vimeo.

If you happen to be at work right now and can’t watch the videos, please please pretty please come back and have a look at them later. They are stunning and I really hope more than a few of you hop over to Mark Browns site and get as hooked as I am. I would love to see a RMW Bride in Super 8mm.

That would make my year. 🙂

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

17 thoughts on “Superb Super 8

  1. Oh lordy – would seriously have LOVED one of these for our wedding

    sadly mr was not so much feeling the love for any kind of wedding video – even a SUPER COOL one like this!!!


    mrs xxx

  2. Oh please don’t.

    I really really want a videographer.

    The Boy feels so super super strong about them though. He says that it takes it from a wedding into something resembling a photo shoot and he doesn’t want six people out of 100 being photographers, assistants, videographers etc etc etc.

    I’ve tried the usual “we’ll regret it if we don’t” thing but still. He’s totally not buying it.


    We have an unspoken rule that whoever feels the strongest about a subject wins i.e. no church for him, amazing photographer for me so I guess we aren’t having a videographer.

    I’m compromising by having a friend film the speeches and ceremony and then editing it afterwards.

  3. These look so lovely. We’re not having a videographer, partly due to budget, partly due to not feeling too bothered about it…feeling like a change of heart might be coming!!

  4. Rebecca – weirdly it was me who didn’t want a professional videographer as I just don’t like seeing a bride tailed around like some kind of reality tv show.

    But I cannot emphasize enough the following points.
    1. You (and the boy) will NOT notice anyone other than each other and the people you love on the day.

    2.I have an amateur film. It’s crap by comparison. Mainly in terms of the film quality but also because when editing it, I’m looking for all the moments I know happened but also that I expect from a wedding video and they’re just not there.

    3. You can never get that day back, that record.

    Don’t miss out. You’ll regret it.


  5. PS Linsey – My other motivating factor was budget. Although I would never encourage people to spend on their wedding in areas they can’t afford or end up in debt they can’t repay, In the scheme of things, I should have shelled out on this.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t lose sleep over my lack of video, but I’m just aware you guys are all at the stage of being able to do something about it.

    And you know what, I have NEVER heard a bride say, ‘I wish we hadn’t bothered with a video.’

  6. I had a super 8 wedding film (a different company to the one you featured) – I absolutely didn’t want a videographer anywhere near my wedding but my husband absolutely insisted!

    When it arrived I watched it time after time (it’s only 20mins long!), cried a bit and if I’m honest I prefer it to the photos! It still gives me goosebumps and brings back all the feelings I experienced during the day, it’s something about the way it was shot it’s like watching a slightly hazy memory… I can’t explain it but if there’s room in the budget go for it – you won’t regret it!


  7. Rebecca. That’s excatly what I said. I have been repeating those mantra’s. The problem is that when we’ve been to weddings I’VE noticed them and its not just about us on our wedding day but about the guests being comfortable too.

    Does that make sense?

    I have heard people say “I’m happy with the amateur film” which is why I guess I’m not fussed enough to stamp my feet and have a hissy. When I tell people how much we’re spending on photography their eyes water and say that they’ve put their wedding photographs in a cupboard and not looked at them.

    Yes because you had a RUBBISH photographer and mine is AMAZING.

    But then I think that I’m the type of person that watches DVD’s over and over and over and over and over again so will probably watch my wedding film again.

    I am having a dilemma of faith.

    I saw the one I love on Niemero’s blog. God I love that man. But not enough to be able to spell his name right no doubt.

  8. Although not married yet… 3 months people…could I be more excited??!! (yes I know that’s still a fairly long time too!)

    I would say that if your budget allows, then you need a videographer in your life. The Boy was dead set against it but I pursuaded him. Hurrah!!

    Even using the above arguements that are oh-so popular, he still didn’t buy it… until I got him to watch a couple of GENIUS wedding videos. He was converted… and I was a sniffling, sobbing mess. And I didn’t know these people.

    Yes there are bad videographers out there, and in the past wedding videos have had a bad reputation, but these videos are testiment to the fact, that when it’s done right – it’s incredible.


  9. My younger sister who got married first had a videographer (not an expensive one) and she stressed to me and my older sister how much she thinks they are worth it. They hardly look at their photos but their wedding video (the edited 5 min version) comes out time and time again!

    This led to my older sister booking Gorgeous Films who were amazing on the day – you would hardly notice they were there and although expensive I’m sure they will be worth it ( they actually used a less expensive photographer because the video was so important to them)

    So we are definitely going to have one as i love the fact that our children down the line (fingers crossed) can see what mummy and daddy looked like on their wedding day! I would have loved to have seen my parents wedding!

    Anyone have any recommendations for a mid-priced one? London/SE based?

    Rachie xo

  10. Ahhhh this is lovely. I really really want a videographer and one of this quality is to die for. I am also however a huge fan of Reel vision’s work too…hours spent on that site…hours I tell you.
    Both my sisters’ weddings were filmed by members of the family and you can barely hear the speeches and its very wobbly and nauseating because of the movement (that said we do still watch them every now and then ha).

    However rather devastatingly rubbishy, we now have had the bad news that the buyers of the old house have pulled out…a month before it was due to be completed. This, whilst not damaging our wedding budget, has certainly made us tighten up the purse strings a little (two houses to run equals not much mula left).

    I would absolutely love a really good quality video that we could watch over and over again..and I know we would do.
    The heartbreak is that it simply is going to push our budget out too far, so unless a miracle happens its going to be amateurish wobbliness for us…just hoping my awesome recorder is better at picking up voices etc to capture the speeches. I soooo want those speeches to re-listen to forever…and the bits that wont be picked up on photos.

    Big heartache.

  11. These films are BEAUTIFUL. If I can get a videographer for my wedding and the film is even half as good as these, I’m afraid I probably will be very self indulgent and watch it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    The sun has just come out after horrendous rain and these videos have inspired me! I’m off out with the camera!


  12. Beautiful videos, but didn’t whoever edited the top video bother to notice “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver is about a hard END to a relationship? It’s not a love song in the least.

  13. I appreciate that most couples don’t want their visual atmosphere of their wedding looking like a film set with heavy bulky equipment, camera cranes, sliders and tripods everywhere. But with Super 8, at least it is accepted as a hand-held format. A bag over the shoulder and a camera is all that’s needed. No assistants and no cables.

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