Surfers Paradise.

It’s Saturday and it’s surfing time lovelies, some bits and pieces of pretty from around the web to keep you entertained over the weekend.

Don’t forget to drop us an email of anything you think the RMW community might want to take a peak at 😉

Just in case you lovelies had tried and failed, Denote’s customer contact form is now working so please head on over if you fancy some paper pretty

Are you a photography geek like The RMW Team? Well then, you need to go take a look at what is in Laura Lawson’s bag. There’s a lot of lens lovely in there that’s for sure.

If you like to sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit to enjoy surfers paradise maybe next time you could indulge in a whole mug full of “Big Love” … Emma Bridgewater actually made this for us didn’t she?!

Working to a small budget but want to make a BIG impact? Fill bowls with delicious cherries or vibrant oranges to add colour, cool and kitsch. And if you don’t believe me you’ve really gotta check out this beautiful wedding. See!

I know it’s still technically summer, and I know that at heart I’m generally a high street kinda girl…. but that doesn’t stop me from desiring this Marc Jacobs jumper. It looks so cosy yet so very VERY chic

Now I may be thinking of how much I’d love the jumper but Madam Rebecca has gone out and actually bought this Whistles leather jacket. Lush.

And while we are on the subject of gorgeous garments you have GOT to go take a look at this Australian Art Deco inspired affair. The brides gown AND the bridesmaids dresses are unbelievably beautiful

There is no denying that the RMW team are total Apple geeks. Imagine our delight then when we discovered that net-a-porter magazine have an app for the super cool iPad. Yup that’s right, the leaders of on-line fashion are now at your iPad fingertips people. Hoo-bloomin-rah.

Not usually one to go completely nuts over W-day cake or indeed suggest you tie everything in with a “colour scheme” but this pink number may have just turned my thinking 180 degrees. Can you imagine it in Rock My Wedding blue?! A.mazing.

If You read my post “The Prettiest Maids” then you will understand why this Big Day made my week. I don’t think you need any further confirmation that maids + different coloured dresses = total and utter perfection. Oh and the ice-cream dream of a frock is pretty spectacular too.

Loved our head-piece post this week? still not found exactly the right thing? well then you may want to check out by Evangeline Rose Bridal. Featuring beautiful embellished hairbands, combs and hairpins made from genuine vintage costume jewellery and reworked into one-off accessories, Cherished’s designs appeal to brides seeking elegant individuality for their special day. Using brooches, buckles, buttons and jewellery dating from the 1900s to 1970s and sourced from around the world, each piece is unique and comes with its very own pedigree detailing its history. Fancy Schmancy.

Did you love the film “The NoteBook”? Well I did. And I was knocked sideways with this engagement shoot that was inspired by the movie. Divine.

Last but not least I’ll leave you with this, a piece of french fancy from the Cherry Blossom Girl. The perfect pink Miu Miu bag and the sweetest dress and shoes courtesy of Urban Outfitters. J’adore.

Have a fabulous weekend you gorgeous lot 😉

Hope you all surround yourself with fine wines, fabulous friends and lots of laughter…..

Big Marc Jacobs Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

12 thoughts on “Surfers Paradise.

  1. I love that mug!! Fabulous 🙂 Always good to start a Saturday morning with a little bit of surfing – off to town soon though to get guidebooks for honeymoon, excellent! xx

  2. OMG. Lets play a Saturday game: This post has left me… (You can fill in your own blanks!)

    …floored by that wedding. The multi coloured bridesmaids? The ruffled dress, the shoes, the flowers. OMG I want it all.

    …And the Notebook inspired e-shoot? – Steamy.

    …Wanting me some pink Miu Miu, stripey Marc, and still loving my jacket. 🙂

    I very rarely get round to reading the blogs these days, so surfers is great for me – I can trust Charlotte’s taste implicitly, saves me time, just totally love it.

    Well Done Mrs O’Shea 🙂


    Oh, and it made me want cake. Bad Charlotte.

  3. Love love love the bridesmaids dresses….I might just big fat do it! Aussie vintage wedding is just stunning, their cake looks just completely beautiful. Oh, and the Big Love mug for some reason 😉

    Happy weekend x

  4. South Africa! Safari, Cape Town, then the winelands – so excited! We get married 3 weeks today, then off on honeymoon the next day 🙂 xx

  5. Charlotte, what are you trying to do to me?!? Firstly “Their color story was jubilant and dramatic— shades of hot pink, feather, jadite, lilac, coal and sunflower” – er take my favourite colours in the world and make a DREAM of a day, why don’t you, with the most arresting couples shots I’ve ever seen.

    Oh no, that’s not enough…then we take the movie with The kiss of ALL movie kisses (I’m not kidding. It actually is. Why can’t all snogs be like that, eh?) and make a stunner of an engagement shoot. Steamy to whimsical. I’ve come over all a fluster!

  6. Hi Lovelies! I know the Notebook shoot was amazing right?!

    Jules – click on the link above the image and it will take you to the whole wedding, surfers is about taking you to other areas of the web and just showing you an image or two so you can tell if it is something you would like to see more of….. as it were 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

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