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Valentine's Wedding Inspiration Post

Whether you consider it the perfect excuse to crack open the bubbly and dine on chocolates for dinner or view it as a commercial con for the gullible, the fact remains; it’s Valentine’s Day next week.

I for one LOVE it.


Yes we all know that the price of flowers sky rockets and that it’s impossible to get a table in any of your favourite restaurants. And then there’s the argument that you can be romantic any day of the year so why choose to lavish all this attention on your beloved on February 14th.

But I’m a hopeless romantic and I love the concept that there’s this special date for lovers, for amour, for passion. Valentine’s actually gives my boy the perfect excuse to go all out on the romance front and he comes up trumps every time.

Regardless on which fence you sit, I couldn’t resist the temptation to bring you a healthy dose of Valentine’s inspired pretty for your delectation.

Maybe you’re choosing to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day itself or perhaps you’re inspired by the concept and pinky red colour scheme.

Either way I’ve got four boards of pretty that might just help you on your way to a romance extravaganza.

Call Me Cupcake

Before I begin can we just take a moment to admire the genius that is these ombre ‘X O’ biscuits. I mean seriously…how are you supposed to eat something that pretty…

If you’ve got your heart set on a perfectly pink or hot red colour scheme but don’t quite know where to start then perhaps one of the easiest ways to integrate it is in your big day sweet treats.

Be it a scarlet floral garnish on your cake, cherry coloured macarons or heart-shaped pomegranate ice-cubes there’s so many ways to utilise these colours of romance.

Call Me Cupcake

Be kind on your pocket by making your own heart shaped lollipop favours and placing them at each guest’s table setting. Think about choosing different shades of pink and scarlet dyes for your lollipop mix; that way you can add a touch of ombre (and impact!) to your wider wedding decor. Finish off with a small tag inscribed with a heartfelt message.

Lastly, if you’re planning a rustic wedding I particularly like the idea of spearing wild strawberries on stalks of long grass.

You’ve got organic prettiness whilst being kind on the environment too!

Perfect Pinks

Those of you who read the blog regularly will probably remember the ‘Think Pink’ inspiration in this bouquet post. Given the Valentine’s theme, I just couldn’t refuse the opportunity to show you more wonderful bouquets…I know, we spoil you!

Layering different blush, crimson, scarlett and cherry tones is decadent, girly and romantic all at the same time. I particularly love the bride at the bottom who has accessorised her bouquet with a matching floral crown to boot.

Perfect Pinks

For a truly modern feel place pink blooms in white vessels or against white backgrounds as this will make the flowers pop. Alternatively if you’re looking for something a little more timeless, cut glass screams classic luxe.

Lastly if traditional roses really appeal but you’re looking for an edgier twist, try mixing foliage and fruit such as raspberries and blackberries in with the heavier roseheads.

Cupid’s Vixens

Towards the end of last year, we saw coloured gowns flaunt their wares on the wedding catwalks. Soft lemons, whispers of mint and blush creations look just as good on brides as they do on maids too.

Would you consider wearing a colourful gown on your big day? Perhaps you’re thinking of mixing it up for your evening reception…well check out some of these beauties.

Cupid's Vixens

I personally will fight anyone for the pink lace frock and the glamorous sequined number – they’re nothing short of delicious. Hell why even wait for your wedding day – some of these outfits would be perfect for an engagement party, your e-shoot or even for dinner next week. You’d be right on theme.

If you love the idea of introducing colour into your ensemble but don’t want to go full throttle, consider adding it in the form of your accessories instead. Statement necklaces, ribboned bouquets, hair accessories or even a bold lip are all simple and effective ways of doing this. These blush pink shoes are elegant, sophisticated and hopelessly romantic – perfect for a Valentine’s wedding.

If in doubt, add heart shaped red balloons with tassels. Utterly lush.

Love Daubs

Inspiration lies in the unlikeliest of places.

Your favourite piece of art, a treasured vase, vintage linens or even pieces of paper pretty can all be a starting point for theming your big day.

This concoction of images demonstrates just that – all the way from coloured letters to beachside love camps. Why not set your theme with coloured bud vases clustered together to create sweet table centrepieces, tie swathes of coloured fabric around tired chairs to pep them up or opt for coloured candles in your chosen palette.

Love Daubs

I’m particularly keen on dyed napkins at the moment and there are some great DIY tutorials on how to recreate the look out there. Why not customise some of your own in the theme of your choosing.

And just look at that ‘Love’ card complete with rosy stamp – if that doesn’t get you in the mood for you then I don’t know what will.

So Valentine’s then…love it or hate it?

Any of you hoping to get engaged – yes we know you single ladies read the blog too 😉

What’s been your most memorable Valentine’s experience?

Surprisingly one of my sweetest memories was sitting eating chips with the boy in a van because he’d forgotten to book a table. Who knew that two bags of chips and a mini bottle of champagne could still put a massive smile on this girl’s face all these years later.

All my love Lolly xxx

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Boudoir Love.

Those of you who regularly read my inspiration posts will know that I cultivate a somewhat unhealthy obsession with lingerie.

Yes folks, I’ll admit it…my name is Lauren and I’m addicted to frilly knickers and lacy bras.

I can’t really pinpoint when this appreciation of beautiful smalls began but I do know that I often accompanied my mum on a regular basis to the most glorious boutique in Royal Leamington Spa.

It was here that I was introduced to Aubade and Cotton Club, Agent Provocateur and La Perla, that it was of vital importance to have a bra that actually fitted. My vocabulary expanded…balconettes and Brazilian briefs, thongs and French knickers, garters and bustiers and so by a process of osmosis I guess an appreciation of lingerie was instilled in me.

And so, as you can imagine, it was important to have some beautiful underwear for my wedding day. In fact, there’s something to be said about the combination of wedding dresses with wonderful lingerie…I for one discovered a chest I’d never seen before.

But I digress. You want to see the pictures don’t you… so let’s take a look.

A Full Set

I know from experience that a lot of brides worry not only about the dress itself but also what to wear underneath it.

You want your lingerie to be sturdy enough to provide you with curves in all the right places but not so robust that your guests are privy to every piece of wiring and boning underneath.

At RMW we’ve noticed a movement towards high-waisted knickers, balconette bras and strapless bodysuits in glorious coloured silks ranging from baby pinks to the softest nudes. These styles offer the perfect compromise between receiving enough ‘support’ without sacrificing anything on the style front either.

More brides are opting for the ‘complete set’ with suspender belts and stockings too. Now RMW-ettes, I’m curious. How many of you are intending to wear stockings with your wedding dress?

And lastly a word of advice…just be conscious about any straps that might work their way free from underneath your frock. It’s not something you want your photographs to capture on the big day…I speak from experience.


Everybody loves playtime.

It’s the BEST time to be creative…to play make believe…to get your hands dirty.

Oh… I’ve gone all hot under the collar.

These midnight beauties are perhaps to be saved for night-time frolics rather than for your wedding breakfast with Great-Aunt Mabel. That said, I applaud any bride that takes the ‘Playtime’ approach with her wedding day lingerie.

I’m currently having a bit of a moment with bondage style lingerie and bodies. If selected in the right size they are utterly flattering and provide your body with sexy contours even when you have none…hell I know I don’t!

And what newly-wed groom can say no to a bride in fringed panties, or a velvet bodice I ask you? If you’re looking to spice things up further, then purchasing additional props such as this golden mask is the way to go.

Sweet Seductions

I won’t lie to you girls.

I saw this corseted, lacy number from Agent Provocateur in the middle of all these images here and swooned. Then I decided that I had to have it but I haven’t quite managed to scoop it into my clutches yet though.


Aside from the coveting, the corset has inspired me to pull together this elixir of ‘sweet seductions’ for your perusal. Intended for the more romantic bride who perhaps doesn’t want to bare too much flesh, there are plenty of gorgeous details to keep you enthralled.

Dreamy and whimsical, you can just imagine wrapping these delicate two pieces into blue tissue paper and storing them away. We have dainty ribbons, whispers of lace, spaghetti straps and chiffon frills from arctic white to the softest of chamomile.

The beauty of this look is that you can wear these pieces under your wedding dress without worrying about a colour clash nor a VPL either.

Well that’s one less thing to worry about isn’t it.

The Final Flourish

Despite my love for lingerie, I can’t say that I’ve ever owned a silken robe or a decadent kimono.

This makes me sad – in fact I spent the majority of my wedding morning sporting… wait for it…double denim.

Hmmm, classy.


Looking back I wished that I’d bought something more alluring to lounge around in because if there’s ever a time to splash out on seductive ‘loungewear’ then your wedding day surely has to be it.

‘The Final Flourish’ is one trend that you’ll really get some long-term wear out of as well as providing a solid basis for several really gorgeous photographs too. I’m always slightly envious of those brides who choose to be shot in their gossamer light briefs with nothing else but their veil draped lovingly around them…they just look so beautiful.

Try thinking outside the box. If a voluminous robe isn’t really your thing, silky body suits, chiffon-light maxi-dresses and satin slips are equally as beautiful and transfer easily from wedding morning to night and all the way into your honeymoon too.

My particular favourite is this goddess maxi-dress from Ell & Cee. Isn’t it just delightful and so versatile too. You could even wear it over your bikini by the pool.

In fact, I’m wondering if the boy is reading this as I’d really like this for Christmas….

So folks, just how important is your wedding day underwear to you?

Are your smalls geered towards the structural support camp or influenced totally by frippery fancy?

Have any of you purchased something special for your wedding night?

As always girls (and boys) we want to hear what you have to say.

All my love Lolly xxxx

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Best Foot Forward.

I’m curious.

Tell me folks, just how important were your shoes to you on your big day?

I wanted to go all out on some metallic courts for my big day but I know that this isn’t exactly the majority view.

Going all out that is.

In fact, there seems to be a general split into two camps. For some of you, splurging on a special pair of shoes for your wedding doesn’t necessarily come top of your priorities. I know from my own experience that some brides think this is excessive – wanton waste if you will. Indeed for many, it’s an unaffordable luxury.

For others though, it’s a case of ‘if you can’t buy that (bank balance) killer pair of shoes for your wedding day, then when can you?’ Some brides even opt for two sets of shoes, the obligatory heels for the day and a beautiful pair of flats for when their feet simply cannot take any more.

I see the merit in both arguments so I guess I’m fence sitting really. I’m just interested to see what you lot think.

In the meantime, whilst you’re deliberating over the finer points of your argument (whichever it may be) I have a wonderful concoction of shoe-inspired images for your viewing pleasure.

Shall we begin?

Fifty Shades Of White

There’s something very chic about a bride who selects an all-white colour palette for her wedding outfit.

Whilst chalky white and ivory toned heels have been overlooked of late due in part to the popularity of colour pop and metallic trends, we’re beginning to see a real resurgence in the number of brides reverting back to this more traditional hue.

And why not? There really is a wealth of talent and styles to choose from.

My go-to favourite really has to be the peeptoe but these big-bowed beauties from BHLDN could help to change my mind. They really are so romantic and would look great with some skinny jeans and a cropped Chanel inspired jacket for your going away outfit.

Lastly, if you want to wear your shoes after your big day is over but can’t quite envisage yourself sporting the daz-white hue with your jeans, there are plenty of companies out there who can custom dye them for you.

Talk about really getting the wear out of your shoes.


Perhaps my favourite of all the shoe styles displayed here, the embellished shoe is a trend that has been gaining strength for over a year and there seems to be no sign of its popularity abating.

From dazzling brooch adornments to intricate beading through to feather-like chiffon I love how this style allows brides to inject a bit of their own personality into their day. The beauty of an adorned shoe is that it often takes inspiration from high fashion and not just from the bridal world, giving you plenty of scope to find the perfect shoe to suit you.

I particularly love those brides who choose to reflect the fabrics and textures of their dresses in their shoes. If you’re wearing a frothy number why not consider equally ephemeral shoes to match. Perhaps you’re a vintage bride who has opted for a fringed 1920’s frock with matching t-bars…if so we want to hear all about it.

If, like me, you have a special place in your heart for embellished heels but the budget isn’t quite so amenable, why not contemplate taking the DIY approach. Purchasing a plain pair of shoes and adding your own brooch applique is one way of making this trend work for you without the bank balance taking a battering.

Scarlet Harlots

I can’t say that I was that enamoured with Dorothy’s ruby slippers as a child. I know what you’re thinking…I must have been the only young lassie that didn’t want to click her scarlet encrusted heels together and skip around with a dog called Toto.

But when I saw Christine’s vampy red vixen stilettos pictured at the top here from her Brighton wedding earlier this year it was LOVE at first sight. And now I just can’t seem to satisfy this desire for elegant heels in vermillion hues.

And I’m not the only one.

In fact, at RMW HQ we’ve noticed that quite a few of you gorgeous lot are choosing wedding shoes in a delicious array of berry shades. We’re talking carmine bows, cherry-hued hearts, cerise glitter and pillar-box red flowers on top too.

Opting for wedding heels in this colour spectrum is a bold style statement and one I heartily approve of. It adds panache and a heap load of sass to your wedding frock, be it short or long, whilst being utterly romantic too.

What’s not to love?

Hot Metal

The sister trend to embellished, ‘hot metal’ is all about gilded golds, tarnished silvers and burnished bronzes. Nothing quite screams party princess in the way a pair of shimmering peeptoes does.

I’ll let you in on a secret – I was a hot metal bride.

And I loved it.

But I have to confess that my choice of footwear was partly determined by my decision to purchase something I knew I’d wear time and time again. You know… whilst consuming a luxurious meal with my beau… on a night out with the girls…. during the local supermarket shop.

Essentially though it was important to me to choose accessories that I could and would use beyond the day itself. That way I could be sure that when I was spending our precious pennies it would be worth it.

It’s all about pound per wear folks.

Is this something you agree with? Would you wear any of your accessories after the day itself or do you want to wrap them up and store them safely until your children and grandchildren can wear them themselves?

So what type of bride are you? Are you a scarlet harlot or a hot metal lover?

Perhaps you’ve opted to clad your feet in a more neutral palette instead.

Are you matching your shoes to your dress or looking for a colour pop contrast?

As always RMW-ettes we want to hear your thoughts.

All my love Lolly xxx

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Something Old, Something New…

….something borrowed, something blue.

Any bride worth her salt knows this mantra off by heart. As I romped my way towards my big day (and I don’t mean that in the naughty sense) this quatrain played on my mind endlessly.

What would my something blue be?

What should I borrow?

And from who?

Whilst I’m not superstitious, there’s something about getting married that compelled me to adhere to this age-old tradition. It wasn’t so much the ‘bad luck’ issue if I didn’t fulfil the stipulations of the rhyme but more a sense that I’d be missing out if I didn’t. And since I’m not intending to get married again I really wanted to make sure that I had all bases covered.

And so I did….

I’m not going to tell you lovely lot what each of these four tokens were as I want to save that for the great unveiling of the whole wedding later this year on these polka dotted pages. Instead I’ll be talking you through some other alternatives which will hopefully inspire you on your journey.

Something Old

Traditionally the preserve of Great Aunt Edna’s diamond broach or Granny’s emerald ring, modern day brides are taking a new direction when it comes to their ‘something old’.

Some are opting for classic scents whilst others are appropriating vintage lingerie. I particularly love the idea of wrapping the ends of your bouquet with an old handkerchief belonging to a favoured relative.That way you’ve also got something to mop up your tears too should you become a little emotional.

Something that’s becoming more popular is to use parents’ or even grandparents’ cake toppers on your modern day sweet treats. I love how kitsch they look as well as the fact they come laden with memories.

Lastly if you’re after something a little more discreet, why not take a small square of your mother’s wedding gown and have it sewn inside your own frock – it’s almost like wearing two frocks at the same time.

Well I did say almost

Something New

Frankly ladies this portion of the ditty relates to pretty much anything new that you purchase for your big day. For a start I’m guessing that the majority of you have bought a new dress, right?

Be it vintage or otherwise, it’s still ‘new’ to you and so that box is effectively ticked. So I have… ahem…taken the liberty therefore of putting together a wishlist of sorts for you gorgeous lot to enjoy.

The great thing is that every single one of these beauties is actually available to buy right now.
Yes you heard me…now girls form an orderly queue will you…

I’m currently having a bit of a rose gold/ copper moment.

Hell, when am I not?!

So I just couldn’t resist introducing an element of this hue into the board. The point being that there’s no reason why you lovelies can’t purchase that pair of earrings/ glistening bangle/ statement necklace that you’ve had your eye on for what seems like forever and introduce it into your bridal outfit.

At least you know that you’ll wear it after the day is over and it will bring back some amazing memories too.

Something Borrowed

Whilst traditionally the wedding rhyme relates solely to the bride’s outfit, I see no reason why in this day and age you can’t mix it up a little bit and apply this rationale to other parts of the wedding day.

Does a relative own an amazing vintage car that you’d love to drape tin cans from the back of and drive off in for your first journey as husband and wife? What about attaching a borrowed beautiful pocket watch to your bouquet to ensure that you arrive to the church on time?

Perhaps it’s a handed down antique veil that’s been in your family for years or a delicately embroidered garter; either way I love the memories that accompany such ‘borrowed’ items. There’s a sense of belonging to a wider collective, a story bigger than our own tale, a sense of family I suppose. And that’s what it’s all about.

Perhaps my favourite ‘borrowed’ item is an old pen to sign the register with. Imagine how many other marriage adventures have started with the same flick of the nib…

Something Blue

Those of you who read my bridesmaids inspiration post will already know that I love the colour blue. It’s immensely flattering and looks good year round regardless of the season and location.

I won’t bore you with historical references and the significance of the colour blue. Instead I’m providing a plethora of pretty to help you make up your mind about how to introduce it into your outfit without being overwhelmed by it.

Most of the brides I’ve known have either had a blue ribbon sewn inside their dress or a blue embroidered inscription stating something significant but your options are seemingly endless. Why not opt for blue shoes or a piece of jewellery with aquamarine stones? Perhaps you could kill two birds with one stone and provide your guests with favours in this hue…

There’s no reason why you can’t ask your maids to carry the blue mantel for you and literally wear the colour themselves. Personally if one of my girls asked me to wear this exquisite blue Elie Saab gown I would have NO objections.

If it all seems a bit much then asking your florist to introduce blooms with a slightly blue based tinge is a subtle way of injecting the colour into your day.

So how important is it to you to follow this ‘recipe’ for marriage success? Is it just superstitious nonsense or is it something that’s close to your heart?

What will you be borrowing for your big day? And I want to hear all about your something blue…

Also did you know that there’s actually a last line to this bridal ditty – ‘and a silver sixpence in her shoe’? My mum actually bought me one complete with Queen Viccy on it.

Now aren’t I a lucky girl…

All my love Lolly xxx

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Chartreuse Crush.

There’s something bittersweet for me about the colour chartreuse – especially at this time of the year.

Whilst I love Autumn and trust me folks when I say I LOVE Autumn, I can’t help but feel slightly melancholic. The summer is over, along with light nights and long days, taking with it a sense of carefree abandon.

Chartreuse hues are replaced by fiery reds, burnt oranges and buttery yellows tempered by nutty browns. Now is the time for hibernation, hot chocolate and warm cozy knits.

I’m not sure if I speak purely for myself here or whether some of you gorgeous lot feel the same but for me it signifies a shelving of plans, an element of putting things on hold for next year.

You see chartreuse hues remind me of the first yellowy green buds of May, bursting with promise. Promise of things to come, of resolutions made, of the long glorious days of summer stretched out in front of you, of huge lists of projects and adventures that you’re determined to tick off.

And then somehow you never quite get to complete them all…

So, where exactly am I going with this? I suppose there’s a part of me that equates this ‘changing of the seasons’ with my impending big day this weekend.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am beyond excited about marrying my boy. I’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like forever and I’ve got ants in my pants just thinking about taking the next step in our adventure together.

In fact I’ve spent the last few nights before drifting to sleep trying to imagine what his gorgeous face looks like at the end of the aisle and I can’t help smiling as I do.

But in ‘moving on’, there is a sense of closing the door on one part of our life as boyfriend and girlfriend and this conjures up bittersweet feelings.

Have any of you lovelies felt the same way or am I a complete loon?

So this post is part inspiration and part tribute if you will. Inspiration for those brides who share a passion for this vibrant colourway like me and a tribute to the end of one story and the beginning of another.

If you’re trying to integrate chartreuse into your colour scheme then opting for blooms in greeny yellowy shades is one of the easiest ways to do this. Plus you have oodles of choice too!

The first buds of lilac or viburnum paired with catkins and luscious foliage such as Irish bells is perfect for a Spring wedding. Green hues are utterly chic and look crisp and clean when placed on bright white linen with sparkling cutlery.

I love brides who opt for a chartreuse inspired bouquet topped off with the briefest of white blooms. The key to this look – particularly if you’re having a city soiree – is to keep the bouquet loose by including tendrils of foliage amongst larger flower heads. This ensures that it feels organic rather than appearing too ‘done’.

I’ve yet to see a bride dressed in chartreuse hues. Admittedly, this may be pushing the boat out too far but there’s no reason why you can’t introduce splashes of this colour into your overall outfit if you’re a real fan.

Why not opt for a statement necklace, hairpiece or striking pair of shoes as shown here? Or better yet, choose a going-away outfit in this hue – I want, no I need, that swirly party dress pictured at the bottom of this board. I’m not sure the boy would agree however…

For a really contemporary look, it’s worth considering putting your maids in variations of this hue. I love the idea of a greeny yellow simple silk shift paired with some blocky wedges. Fashion forward and feminine all at the same time. Everyone’s a winner.

So what do you think?

Are you a chartreuse bride? Or this colour palette a touch on the bright side?

Tell me what your favourite season is and why?

As always we want to hear your thoughts…

All my love Lolly xxx

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Sophisticated Simplicity vs Decadent Drama.

I have been a very naughty girl.

Not intentionally mind. But naughty nonetheless.

You see I may have accidentally purchased TWO wedding dresses. Yes, the boy knows – he just looked at me when I told him and shook his head despairingly.

It’s not my fault; I’m usually so very decisive but a combination of planning a wedding in 5 months, a mound of stress about looking perfect on the day itself and the fact that I have two contrasting sartorial styles meant that I ended up with double the standard number of gowns that a bride tends to wear on her wedding day.


There is a point to this confession folks; bear with me.

Because the dresses that are currently hanging in my wardrobe are utterly different to each other. We’re talking chalk and cheese. We’re looking at exquisite handcrafted simplicity in direct contrast to va-va voom sexy drama which perhaps gives you a clue about the title of this particular post.

Which got me to thinking about you lovely lot and what you’re wearing on your big day.

The parameters of what constitutes a ‘wedding gown’ have been and continue to widen with each new catwalk season. From thrift treasures to boho dreaminess, voluminous layers to contemporary sheathes, embellishments, lace, jewels and belts, we have a seemingly endless list to choose from.

Do you think this makes the process of choosing a frock that little bit too complicated? Did you, like me, experience temporary wedding dress blindness? Perhaps the plethora of gowny goodness excites you and you simply cannot satiate yourself on the variety laid before your eyes.

This post’s focus is on two distinct styles which I’m supposing that you’ve already guessed from reading the title (or from skipping this text to reach the pretty pictures).

Essentially then we’re talking about classic, simple and elegant styles in contrast to dramatic, show-stopping extravaganzas.

Which is your favourite?

Sophisticated Simplicity

Did you start off with one style in your head and end up with something completely different?

I did. I never saw myself choosing a simple gown but somehow this is one of the styles that I’ve ended up with.

I say simple but actually it is exquisitely cut and I feel utterly comfortable when I’m wearing it. It’s almost as if it’s a second skin.

One of the most beautiful aspects of a classically cut gown or rather a simple one is the opportunity it affords you to accessorise it with the most fantastic pieces. Pairing statement shoes or jewellery with a modest dress transforms it into something sophisticated and elegant which will stand the test of time when you look back at your wedding photos.

Minimalist frocks are versatile too in that they are equally suitable for beach-based nuptials and for modern city affairs. Simpler frocks often use less material and embellishments than their more extravagant counterparts which means than opting for this style is kinder on the pocket too.

Decadent Drama

But is less really more?

Do you see your wedding day as the perfect opportunity to go hell for leather and wear something that perhaps you would never ever get the chance to wear again?

This is exactly the mindset that I approached wedding frock shopping with.

If you want to wear flower encrusted heels and metallics and volume all at the same time, then I think we can safely say that your style errs on the side of drama.

And why shouldn’t you because this is the one day where you are the belle of the ball. A day when literally anything goes because you really want to feel special, right?

I love brides who decide to go all-out on their wedding day attire. I’m fascinated by the creativity and the attention that they invest not only in their gowns but in their accessories and the way they style their hair too.

It’s all so utterly romantic.

So for those of you still to celebrate your big day, without giving too much away which style best reflects what you’ll be appropriating?

And of those of you who have already enjoyed your revels – what style of gown did you opt for and why? Do you have any regrets?

Perhaps you have some sage advice for other brides to be… perhaps you’d like to share it.

As always lovelies we want to hear your thoughts, worries, top tips and other ponderings.

All my love Lolly xxxx

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All Decked Out.

When I landed upon the image of these neon beaded beauties below, I was instantly transported back to my earliest days at school sitting with my playmates stringing simple wooden beads onto coarse woollen strands to make what can be best described as a ‘dog’s dinner’ (read tragic mess).

Obviously the epic bangles and necklaces below are of a far higher quality than my juvenile attempts – I would so rock one of these neon bracelets.

Anyone else care to join me?

The point is however, and I think I speak for most of us when I say that, it’s clear, even from an early age, that we like to adorn ourselves with decorative paraphernalia. Heck, we’ve been tattooing, crowning, encircling, festooning and garlanding our bodies since time began and it’s not likely to stop any time soon either.

It’s not surprising then that there’s a plethora of beautiful bridal jewellery out there. If there’s a day when a woman feels most inclined to bedeck herself with charming adornments then it’s her wedding day.

And whilst there is an abundance of style in traditional pieces, I love how the parameters of what constitutes bridal ‘jewellery’ are now far more relaxed meaning that there really is something for everyone.

My own bridal jewellery journey began when my future mother-in-law handed me her late mother’s prized diamond earrings when the boy and I were first engaged.

They are beautiful. Utterly exquisite. I even got quite emotional when she handed them to me.

You see, it meant the world to me that she decided to share something that clearly means so much to her. And whilst my boy’s grandma can’t be with us on the day, she’ll certainly be there in (twinkling) spirit.

Despite my renowned magpie-like behaviour towards anything shiny, I don’t really go all out on the jewellery front. Granted there’s my engagement ring, a couple of gold bangles and my dainty golden feather necklace but that’s about it. I reckon therefore I can push the boat out on my wedding day, what do you think?

So what are you lovely lot wearing on your big day?

Will you be appropriating some family heirlooms or sporting something more contemporary?

Or are you blinded by the dazzling array available to you? Can I help?

Walk this way…

All That Glistens Is…Gold

I’ve been a fan of yellow gold jewellery ever since I was young but I’ve always been aware that it isn’t everyones’ top choice.

Some of my friends for instance find it a little gaudy.

So, I’m thrilled to see that yellow gold is making a comeback both in the bridal universe and on the fashion runways along with golden semi-precious stones such as Beryl.

The glitzy stuff is back with a vengeance, folks.

I love the versatility that gold gives to the wearer, be it delicate and pretty or gritty and proud. It’s also incredibly flattering on all skintones, offering up a warmth that only improves with age. There’s nothing better than popping to an antique jewellers and holding patinated pieces rich with memories.

Stacking golden rings and bracelets is one way of bringing this metal up to date if you’re worried it’s a little old-fashioned for you. The contrasts in the different pieces will make the metals both interesting and edgy.

Alternatively if this is a little intense then choosing a filigree piece is not only romantic but subtle enough so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Plus your nan would be proud.

Exotic Beauties

This concoction of images is a mixture of pieces that have their origins in or are influenced by tribal jewellery, nature and Eastern designs.

Like the moodboard above, many of these beautiful items possess a golden hue but it’s the shapes, patterns and the positioning of them on the body that really do the talking.

Looking at this bevvy of beauties, I can almost imagine myself on African Plains or in a Moroccan Souk which make these pieces perfect for those brides choosing to get married abroad.

More angular pieces look amazing with column bridal gowns and chainmail and leather accents are reminiscent of tribal dress. This look is all about impact!

We’ve also noticed jewellery taking inspiration from natural themes such as florals and botanics. No longer the preserve of bouquets and gorgeous centrepieces, sprawling flower-esque jewellery is popping up time and time again and is set to gain more momentum next year.

Innate Elegance

This look is all about taking the ‘best bits’ from bygone eras and combining it into a glorious mishmash of ultimate luxury.

Whilst vintage wedding styles have been leading the way sartorially, we’ve noticed this look is now also translating across to jewellery choices too.

Think of the geometric patterns of costume jewellery and the long strings of lustrous pearls of the Art Deco era together with the subtle 1950‘s elegance of Grace Kelly’s classic style and the glamour of old Hollywood movie stars.

For some reason I always envisage brides who opt for this kind of jewellery in swishing gowns of lace….but it doesn’t mean that you have to go down this route. Pearls and diamonds do tend predominate here though.

This look is feminine and subtle. Less is more and wearing more than two pieces is often too much. A beautifully crafted necklace, or a single brooch of sparkling round cut diamonds is what this look is all about.

Granted, choosing this ‘look’ can be less budget-friendly than some of the other styles pictured here but investing in key pieces of valuable jewellery means that you have something to treasure forever and pass on to your children and perhaps theirs too.

Colour Pop

I think I first fell in love with colourful bridal jewellery when I saw Emily’s beautiful sapphire-coloured blue earrings earlier this year.

In fact, I was more than a little bit smitten with them.

They framed her gorgeous face perfectly whilst bringing her whole bridal look smack bang up to date to the 21st century. It was at this point that I was determined to give coloured jewels a chance and I haven’t looked back.

And I’m not the only one.

From opals to tourmalines and from amethysts to moukite, semi-precious stones are gracing the necks, ears and fingers of huge numbers of brides this year. THE hot colour of the moment, the current hue to be seen in though, is…wait for it…coral.

Here at RMW HQ we’ve seen everything from coral-coloured necklaces to coral bracelets and rings on both brides and bridesmaids alike. This hue looks fantastic on all skin types, is utterly romantic and often slips seamlessly into most colour schemes.

If you can afford to stretch the budget that little bit further, then can I suggest coloured diamonds. My favourite hue are champagne coloured diamonds – rather apt for a bride on her wedding day, no?

Alternatively, you could leave this blog post open at this point and cough suggestively at your fiancé whilst tilting your head at said computer screen before you leave the room on an ‘errand’.

What? You’re helping him with his wedding present to you aren’t you?

Make A Statement

Bold and chunky jewellery continues to feature strongly in bridal jewellery thus continuing the trend of the last two years.

Hurray! The RMW Team (yes, even Mr Gossip Girl) loves a bit of statement action on modern brides. We are however seeing more of a pared down approach compared to previous years.

Ladies, we’re talking bib necklaces and shoulder-sweeping gemstone earrings, wide cuffs and hefty cocktail rings all crafted from bold materials and striking colours. I love brides who have chosen to travel this adventurous route, it absolutely reeks of confidence and luxury.

A note of caution however. This look tends to work best on those brides that have chosen a simpler dress. Gowns already covered in pearls, sequins or other twinkly bits are statement pieces in their own right. Adding too much jewellery on top can make one look like an overdressed turkey and we wouldn’t want that would we…

Of the pieces shown here, the bib necklace and the cocktail rings are my favourite – particularly big and bold pearls around swanlike necks.

I wouldn’t have imagined that a chunky necklace would ‘work’ with a strapless dress before I actually saw it.

But it so does.

Sparkling gems also top my list too – the bigger and more colourful, the better.

Which of these looks are your favourite, if any?

I’m still toying with the idea of wearing a gold locket with a really long chain. Do you think I should go for it?

Who else is going to rock a statement bib necklace or chandelier earrings on their big day?

All my love Lolly xxx

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Hello RMW-ettes.

As you’re all probably aware it is Fashion Week here on Rock My Wedding. That’s right! And in keeping with this week’s theme, I thought I’d share with you my bridal fashion covet list.

Yes you heard correctly… I have a covet list, specifically relating to all things weddings and I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one. In fact, I’m certain that each and everyone of you has a list just like mine, split into specific categories with prices removed. You know, just so you can’t torture yourself with the extortionate price tag of that brooch that you need so that your nuptial outfit is COMPLETE.

In the interests of research…I mean I had to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything off said inventory… I have spent a fair few hours shopping which has done nothing for my oniomania. The things we do for you lot – honestly…

Aisle Style

Those of you who are currently shopping for or who have already found THE ONE will be fully aware that wedding dress shopping is not quite as simple as it seems.

The gown that you’ve swooned over in the magazines, that you’ve pictured yourself gliding down the aisle to is often nothing like the sheathed beauty that you end up with. Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps some of you fabulous lot knew exactly what you wanted and it suited you down to your pretty little toes.

If this is the case, then I am mightily jealous. You see what I thought I wanted and what actually looked good on me were two very different things…and so I shall live vicariously through my mood boards instead.

This fabulous array of silk, lace and taffeta reflects my aforementioned Jekyll and Hyde personality – we have Grecian style column dresses AND full-skirted frothy drama.

Shall we go and take a look…

I always held the opinion that a bride should look demure and romantic, shrouded in layers of lace and tulle. I am a sucker for the more traditional trumpet style gowns and frou-frou affairs. If it has volume then I’m already loving it. Add oodles of embellishment, signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours.

It’s just unfortunate that I look like a toilet dolly in them.

In another life I would like to wear both of the fabulous designs by Jesus Piero and Monique Lhuillier. Look at the glorious train in Piero’s design; the dress is beautifully simple but you can’t take your eyes off it can you? And Monique Lhuiller’s ‘Candy’ looks good enough to eat with its intricate beading and peachy hue.

But what I didn’t know is that brides can be a little bit…sexy…too.


Spilt thigh wedding dresses, marabou capes, come to bed eyes with a dusting of rouge lips is what it’s all about for me. Capes – how I love capes! Figure hugging gowns and the barest whisper of tulle to cover the upper torso is my look of the moment. What do you think lovelies – too much?

Also top of my current lust list is backless dresses. They exude style and impact and a naked back can turn many a man to jelly – girls I am TELLING you. For many guests, the first real glimpse of a bride is of her back as she parades down the aisle, train swishing behind her so why not give them something to look at. Temperley’s Goddess dress and Claire Pettibone’s Kristene both demonstrate how back drama can be achieved in completely different ways but with equal amounts of class.

Crowning Glory

To veil or not to veil seems to be an ongoing question/ debate for many of you and I’ve found that modern day brides are split pretty evenly between the two camps.

That said most of you still want something to adorn your pretty little heads whether it be a floral crown, a gossamer light veil or something with glitz appeal.

Here at RMW HQ we’re particularly fond of headdresses of the feather variety – in fact Charlotte and I try to wear them whenever it is physically possible although sleeping in them does crush the feathers somewhat. Take it from us, don’t try it at home…

Below is a selection of my favourite head candy…

The north star blusher veil from BHLDN, made from Swarovski crystals and wisps of tulle, is not only beautiful and romantic but versatile too. The veil can be detached and worn simply as a halo – perfect for any bride wanting to make a transition from day to evening with minimal fuss.

For those girls looking for something a little edgier, then the Kirsten crystal headband is for you. Made from a sparkling navette and baguette faceted stone trim, this piece is Luxe with a capital L. The thing I really love about the Kirsten is that you can purchase it attached to either satin ribbon ties or elastic. Does anyone else have a head which elasticated headpieces gradually slide off? Just me then…well it won’t happen with this baby.

It’s the Lilium Halo that I’ve got my eye on though. Wearing this I’d feel like Titania, Queen of the Fairies, debecked in enamelled lily leaves and flowers with a sprinkling of crystal-studded pearls. It is SO pretty.

Please will someone buy it for me, I’ll love you forever…..

A Brief Dalliance

I have been spoilt.

Utterly ruined I tell you…allow me to elaborate…

You see, a couple of years ago I happened to purchase a pure silk underwear set from Marks & Spencer’s Autograph range. Yes it’s utterly impractical as it can’t go in the washing machine with the rest of the normal undies and granted you’re quite right in thinking that silk is nowhere near as durable as cotton hence the subsequent purchasing of further silky ensembles.

But ever since, I’ve developed a taste for the stuff – it’s like a siren’s call which gnaws at my soul and I can’t escape. Do you know what I mean? For some girls it’s shoes, for others handbags but for me it’s the promise of a brand new set of underwear.

And there’s something about a girl’s wedding day that really makes me want to make the effort in the lingerie department. I want to wear something that I’d be happy to prance about in on a carousel horse or leap out of a giant martini glass whilst batting my eyelashes bambi-like over huge feather fans.

I promise I’m not an exhibitionist… honestly I’m really not.

Seriously though, we are seeing a revival in the number of UK companies producing beautiful luxury underwear. The choice is endless, from cute body suits and high waisted 50s style knickers to decadent garters and elaborate lace.

I’m also crushing over the teal, lacy number at the bottom of this set of images which could be just the ticket for your something blue or could just sit nicely in your drawers with the rest of your smalls.

My favourite is the bondage style get-up from Agent Provocateur. You can tell it’s been exquisitely designed with a nod to the suspender days of old but with a healthy dollop of modern tailoring. It would also be perfect for whenever you might be having a 50 shades moment…ahem…moving on.

It’s Never Too Cold For Peep Toes

It really isn’t.

Actually with the exception of the beribboned blue flats, all of these shoes are peep-toes. It wasn’t my intention to focus purely on this sartorial style, it just happened that way.

But my gosh, this little collection packs a punch. They are statement shoes…and a half.

I won’t be alone in thinking that if you’re going to spend a small fortune on your wedding day footwear then you want to be able to strut your stuff in them again afterwards, right? So you don’t want them to look too well, wedding-ly. Well doll-faces, I still fell hook line and sinker for two beauties that are right smack bang in this category.

It wasn’t my fault – look at them. How can you resist feathers and tulle?

I’m toying with the idea of wearing a brightly coloured heel to my own wedding in October. If the grooms and ushers can sport the statement sock, then ladies we can sport some fabulous creations of our own and I am all over those red Zara numbers.

So who will be forming an orderly queue behind me and wearing some eye-watering pops of colour on their wedding day feet?

True to form, I am also a little bit in love with Jimmy’s Pair of Clues. They are super sparkly…and sky-high after all and GOLD…which brings me nicely onto the next part of this post.

Lustre Loves

If you’ve been reading my other posts then you’ll know that I’m a bit of a magpie.

Scrap that…I’m an absolute gannet for any object radiating a golden hue so my apologies now if you’re more of a silver kinda gal. I will say though, there are some absolute bargains to be had out on the high street at the moment if you’re looking to accessorise your delicious dress without receiving a nasty call from the bank manager.

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous lot…

There are A LOT of bangles in this selection probably because I really really want someone to rock a bit of cuff action on their wedding day. I am in love with the amazing contrast between a pretty gown paired with jewellery that has a masculine edge.

Are you loving the idea but worried that it might be a bit too much? Well I’ve found you the perfect answer in the form of a seed pearl cuff that has plenty of charm without compromising your style statement.

Take a look at those rectangular faceted earrings from Monsoon. Utterly divine and wouldn’t they be absolutely perfect with swish chignon for a chic do in the city? A steal at only ten sterling pounds – proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look glamorous on your wedding day.

And I had to include the ‘Loved’ ring because it made me go a little bit teary when I saw it. That and the fact that it has two 0.5ct diamonds that sit on the other side of this band. No, I jest with you. It was the inscription that made me weep and I’m thinking that I might pinch it for my own ring.

Are any of you lovelies having something engraved on your rings? We’re incredibly nosy here at RMW HQ and want to know all about it.

So what do you think? Have I persuaded you to embrace the Amazonian goddess in you and wear a fierce cuff on your big day?

Will your toes be caressed by feathers or tulle?

Grecian princess all the way or does your heart belong to a full-skirted beauty?

And will anyone be jumping out of a Martini glass as part of their wedding nuptials?

Please say yes…

Answers on a postcard…(I’ve always wanted to say that)…or in the comments box, folks.

Lauren xxx

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What the Wife likes… All about the Pretty.

It’s been some time since I shared what this Wife liked, so today is a bit of a random collection of things I’m seeing, loving and being inspired by, being poured out of my head and onto the Rock My Wedding pages. I hope you like what you see and as always readers, do drop us a comment in the box to tell us what you’re liking right now. (Any excuse for a Sunday splurge or perv!) 😉

Anthropologie Bridal

Be still my beating heart.

Called BHLDN (pronounced ‘Beholden’) and launched on Valentines Day in the US, Anthropologie finally made their first foray into Bridal and man was it good. But before I even go into just how beautiful everything was, I want to share with you the most beautiful website I think I may have ever seen (warning: music involved!). The BHLDN site is possibly the prettiest, lightest, most whimsical wedding website I have EVER laid eyes upon. And I lay my eyes on a lot of wedding things these days. Seriously. Go right over there now and let your mouth fall open with wonderment at the pretty.

*All Images courtesy of Glamour.com

Pink lips

I’ve always loved a pretty pout and while Charlotte is the lover of lipstick I was always more of a gloss girl, until now that is!

You will have seen that a bright lip had something of a moment recently when Naomi rocked it for a modern bridal pop of colour and I added a slick for our contact sheets, but you know a trend has gone stellar when Bobbi Brown, Queen of natural make-up brings out a collection of Rich Colour lipsticks.

I’ll be trying Cosmic Raspberry as shown above to get my fuschia fix and purchased Rose Blossom for day wear. (I might even have been really naughty and had a complete loss of control at the counter, also purchasing a new blusher in a desperate attempt to brighten up the dreary weather.) Whoops.

Other shades you might like to try include Full Fuschia by MAC, as used on Naomi and Girl about Town also by MAC. (Both recommended by Catherine Hughes at Ivy Clara).

I also found (and loved) this cute little video on applying lip colour, courtesy of Bobbi Brown.

Winter Wonders

I don’t know about the rest of you but my bikini body has certainly been a bit neglacted of late what with the dark nights, multiple layers and central heating, plus a hefty dose of inertia about the gym. I realised the situation was getting out of hand when I noticed my skin was looking dry, rough and seriously lacking in ‘glow’ of any kind!

So despite not having any holiday booked to show it all off, I turned to my winter skin life savers – exfoliating gloves. I used these every day in the run up to my wedding on those annoying bumpy bits on the backs of your arms and to be quite frank, literally everywhere else. They’re great to prevent ingrown hairs throughout any waxing preparations you may be making and just the action of massaging your skin with them is enough to bring a rosy glow on and make your whole body smooth as a baby’s bottom. They’re a complete bargain too and you can just use them with your regular shower gel or soap.

For a bit of facial glow and in a desperate bit to ‘illuminate’ my winter complexion I’m heading straight to Selfridges to switch my regular Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser for her Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser. Either mixed in with your regular foundation or moisturiser, or used alone, it adds a dewy sheen to your skin and some real bona fide G-L-O-W.

I’m also trailing a new crystal nail file from my Nail care queen Leighton Denny at Boots…. Hailed as being kinder to your nails than regular files and with lifetime guarantee, the RMW jury is out – my nails are pretty tragic (winter’s tricks again) so I’m waiting to see if it makes a difference over the coming months. Any fans reading?

Bargain alert

For anyone looking for a dose of spring colours and styles to invite into your wardrobes, how about 20% off Whistles with Glamour Mag this month?

I’ll be choosing the gloriously spring-like Carrie pleated skirt and a silk seventies style shirt blouse to wear with my new ASOS Black Suede wedges (I finally succumbed to the trend) and navy wide legged, high waisted pants. Both TOTAL bargains and completely hassle free – I’ve never ordered trousers online before as (and I think this applies to most women) getting the fit right is a nightmare. These were like a dream.

So, before I break all of you (and your wallets) in the run up to pay day, I’d better stop there.

Rock My Wedding Brides, Wives and Fiancé’s, be it wedding related or not, tells us what you are liking today and have a Happy Sunday readers 🙂

Yours Truly,