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So here I am writing my first post as a married woman.


I had to say it twice just so I actually believe it.

You see I can’t tell you how wonderfully surreal this feels, this sense of glorious elation that I seem to experience every time I look at my boy. Every time I catch a glimpse of his gold encircled finger or that knowing look in his eye.

I’m actually somebody’s wife.

I half expected the post-wedding blues to have kicked in by now with the wedding day having scampered into the past and the honeymoon following quickly after its heels. To my surprise they haven’t though.

Perhaps this is because it all feels like an amazing dream that I’ve woken up from but which never actually happened.

Honestly I’d be half inclined to believe that if it wasn’t for the stacks of wedding cards decorating every shelf-like surface of my house, the slightly grubby hemline on my beautiful dress and the post-party discussions that I’ve had with so many of my guests who attended the big day.

In fact it was one of these conversations with RMW Blog Queen aka Charlotte that sparked the inspiration for this post. She noticed that rather than taking my veil off after the ceremony I actually wore it for the vast part of the day.

And she was right.

I always knew I was going to wear a veil. A cathedral length whisper of the softest net complete with sparkles cascading past my shoulders. In fact putting the veil on my head was one of the defining moments of the planning process for me.

And so I didn’t want the whole veil wearing experience to finish once the ceremony was over. So hang and blast it I was going to wear it for the whole day.

I’m aware as I write this that veils aren’t for every bride; some of you much prefer the idea of a jewel-encrusted headpiece or a wreath of blooms encircling your crown instead. Perhaps you don’t want your head to be adorned at all. And that’s ok – you’ll all look equally as lovely.

But allow me to indulge my romantic side and show you gorgeous lot a plethora of pretty veils for your delection. After all I can’t go back and experience it all again, can I?

The Statement Veil

Before we move onto the more traditional styles I want to show you that opting for a veil isn’t necessarily a conventional choice.

In fact, shrouds of net and tulle have been making an appearance of late on the catwalks of Armani Couture and Alexander McQueen amongst others, so if you’re a fashion-conscious gal then you can rest assured that you’re bang on trend.

You don’t necessarily have to opt for a veil in an off-white palette; coloured veils can look chic and modern if paired with the right dress. Alternatively think about volume, embellishments and multi-layering if you want to go all out.

I particularly love the idea of pairing a feminine veil with a traditionally masculine hat for a real style statement like the top hat pictured here or even wearing matching cropped leather gloves.


The Birdcage

The birdcage style is a fantastic compromise for the bride that wants to wear a veil but doesn’t want to be subjected to the treacherous consequences of wearing a longer length.

Trust me for all my veil adoration tendencies, the number of times my head was yanked back as yet another male stood on it nearly drove me to distraction. So choosing a shorter length is a highly-recommended sensible solution.

The wider traditional net tends to predominate but we’re beginning to see polka dotted tulle, jewel encrusted chiffon and feathery adornments too in this style which is great for those brides looking for something a little bit different. I particularly love the BHLDN bow veil at the top of this board it’s so playful and sweet.

The key to making this a successful key look is to keep the rest of your outfit pared down and simple – let the veil do the talking rather than the dress to prevent looking like your nan down the shops in her Sunday best. Add a slick of red lippy and away you go.

Spanish Princess

I first fell in love with this exotic style when I was lucky enough to attend Suzanne Neville’s preview of her Diamond collection earlier this year. The show concluded with a catalan inspired show-stopper of a veil that flounced down the runway.

From that moment I was hooked.

Whilst I didn’t choose this style for my own big day I very easily could have veered down this path. Spanish princess is all about making a hopelessly romantic statement which just screams luxe at the same time.

If you’re as obsessed as I am with this look then I’d recommend keeping your hair and jewellery choices simple. The beauty of this look is allowing the decadent lace to have its moment. You can always up the ante later on in the day when you remove the veil by adding a statement necklace or intricate headpiece.

Blast From The Past

I’m reluctant to call this concoction of images ‘vintage’; instead this selection of images depicts a subtle blend of taking the best of the past topped off with a modern day interpretation.

We have knots and braids, polka dots and large bows, tassles, and circlets of real and fabric blooms atop wonderful veils. Seriously I don’t know where to put myself.

If you’re a bride who wants to pay homage to times past without appearing ‘old-fashioned’ then applying a modern twist to an older veil style is the way to go.

My particular favourite is the knotted veil – it just looks so chic and you can guarantee that it will actually stay on your head.

Long And Luscious

I had to save this moodboard until last because this style is my favourite.

By a long stretch.

Yes folks, I opted for a long and luscious gossamer light creation topped off with twinkly bits and I couldn’t have asked for better.

There’s something utterly whimsical about a bride enveloped in a cascade of tulle or seeing it stretched out behind her. I can only speak for myself here but I felt wholeheartedly romantic and feminine when my mum placed my veil into my hair just before I glided down the aisle.

I’m not going to witter on for much longer as I want the pictures to do the talking here. What I will say is that I so want that veil with the hood.

That, my friends, is immense.

So what do you think? Have you become a veil convert?

Or are you safely ensconced in the ‘no veil for me’ camp?

If you’re already married what was your experience of your veil on the day?

Would you do anything differently?

And did anyone wear their veil for the whole day like me?

As always girlies we want to hear your thoughts.

All my love Lolly xxx

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And The Bride Wore Peach….part 1

Way back when in 2010 The RMW Team were on a real mission to bring back peach to the masses. There were peachy maids dresses, peachy florals, peachy decor details, peachy stationery….

But not once did we spy an actual bride in peach.

Well that’s all about to change lovelies, as the uber talented Julia Boggio submitted the wedding of Jo and Luke to feature on these very pages and now we have the absolute pleasure of sharing it with you.

There are many many things I love about this W-day, the fashion, the fun factor, the cake ( to die for I tell you), the flawless bride, the wedding rings served up in giant strawberries….

I could go on.

But I won’t, I’ll just let you gorgeous lot enjoy the pretty for yourselves.

Shoe Love

My shoes were from Rachel Simpson, who designs vintage style wedding shoes. A comfortable height in a soft cream colour!

The Perfect Accessories

My dressmaker Jenny made me a headpiece on a comb which matched the diamond embellishment on my dress. I attached a piece of merry widow veiling as a birdcage netting to the comb. I had a simple clutch bag from Coast.

I didn’t need much jewellery as my dress was heavily embellished around the waistband – but I had a lovely bracelet and matching earrings from the Bridal Rogue Gallery in London

Bespoke Hollywood Glamour

I had my beautiful wedding dress made by the amazing Jenny Lessin – she was so great to work with and without doubt achieved the perfect dress for me. I didn’t have a clear idea of what dress I wanted, which is why I went for a handmade dress.

The material was a mixture of satin and chiffon in a beautiful soft peach colour – with lots of embellishments! The inspiration was old school Hollywood glamour (and Sienna Miller!)

Vintage Bohemian

Our theme which we created with our wedding planner, the wonderful Zoe Lingard was “Vintage Bohemian”

At the beginning of the planning process we sat down together to discuss our likes and loves and our history together. After putting a range of initial ideas together, we opted for a vintage bohemian look that combined our love of vintage style, current trends and also our laid back outlook on life!

The bridesmaid dresses were custom made by Genevieve Leicester-Thackara

From Zoë: Inspired by a wedding featured on Style me Pretty we asked Genevieve to make the dresses in a range of different but complimentary colours. Genevieve came up with the fantastic suggestion of using the wrong side of the Satin. This meant the dresses were really glamorous without being too shiny and nightie-esque! The overall look worked beautifully with the fun, bohemian feel of the day.

The Sweetest Blooms

Claire at Scarlet & Violet were responsible for our flowers and they did and incredible job. My bouquet was a soft, shower style bouquet of garden and spray roses with tumbling sweet peas. For the ceremony there were two large milk churns of blossom, lilacs, peonies and seasonal greenery

For the table centers we had anemones, garden and spray roses, sweet peas, lilacs, snap dragons.

The roses were perfect for the theme and everything else was seasonal and fitted well with the theme of the day.

A Peachy Dream

Luke wore a really lovely Italian suit in a cappuccino colour – it was 100% wool but so lightweight. He had a white shirt from Massimo Dutti and instead of a tie he had a peach coloured pashmina scarf to match my dress. He looked gorgeous!

The Perfect Beauty Duo

My makeup artist was Kit Hall at Slap artists and my hair was by Ian Davies, both were absolutely fantastic!

Brides Gown – Jenny Lessin

Maids Dresses – Genevieve Designs

Wedding Planner – Zoe Lingard

Florist – Scarlet and Violet

Make-up – Kit Hall

Hair – Ian Davies

Photographer – Julia Boggio

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Adore those shoes, and the colour scheme and the beads….

I am LOVING the beads folks.

More peachy pretty coming up tomorrow, promise.

Big I want to look that flawless if only for a day Love

Charlotte xxx

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Ladies in Red… Part 2

You know what? I have LOVED putting this wedding together. Not only is is totally my-kind-of-wedding, but the images are just beautiful. So fresh and modern yet there is a touch of vintage timelessness in them that I can’t imagine ever dating.

Jodie is a legend. Officially.

The Picture Editors Photographer

We chose the lovely and talented Jodie Chapman.

Being a Picture Editor and looking at hundreds of portfolios and photographers’s websites during my career meant that photography was really important to me and something that I wanted to get completely right. Both myself and Chris knew this was an aspect of our wedding that we wouldn’t scrimp on and we both wanted to spend a good deal of time on our wedding day getting beautiful pictures.

The pictures were exactly what we hoped for and we still get so many comments about them one year on. Escaping into the woodland of Richmond Park was exactly what we had planned before the wedding and jodie captured some beautiful moments of us both…and for the record the rainbow was real not Photoshopped!

(The wedding car in some of the shots was previously owned by Abba! We didn’t pick it for this reason though, we just liked the style – honest!)

What I don’t like…

I must admit flowers did come later in our wedding planning, we were more excited about things such as photography, the food, the music…

However I had a couple of ideas of what I didn’t like in terms of flowers and styles and I liked the idea of red poppies but that was all! Although I would say knowing what you don’t like is really useful and helped our florist to present some different options to us.

The florist we used was Dawn Jennings. Dawn was great at bringing our ideas to life and everything seems so smooth and easy.

We settled for red anemones for my bouquet and cream anemones for the bridesmaids with ranunculus for button holes.

The flowers on our tables were of the same variety with some additional Spring varieties. We knew we didn’t want to go for formal displays on the tables and wanted to go for a more homemade and mis-matched feel. So prior to the wedding we started collecting glass jars – large, small, interesting shapes and bottles…plus tins…I think we went through a lot of baked beans in the last few weeks before our wedding! But the result was fantastic. I particularly liked the arrangement on the top table which was a long row of flowers in different jars and glasses that ran along the front of the table – a perfect organised mis-match!

Taking to the Stage

We decided to ask one of Chris’s oldest friends if he would play at our wedding as a gift, Chris Macaree.

After he performed a couple of songs we took to the stage to sing our own song! A rendition of the Moldy Peaches ‘Anyone Else But You’ which we had written our own lyrics to.

Also as entertainment we continued the toy theme (from Chris’s job) and had retro games for everyone to play after we had finished dinner…Pop up Pirate, Buckaroo, Screwball Scramble – they were a big hit! : )

Photography – Jodie Chapman

Florist – Dawn Jennings

Entertainment – Chris Macaree.

Three words. Bright, Fresh, Clean.

And totally and utterly no-fuss-because-this-wedding-doesn’t-even-need-it gorgeous.

Yours Truly,


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Vintage by Verity, a DIY Wedding… Part 1

Today we have a very special wedding from a Rock My Wedding reader, Verity. Verity told us how much she loved RMW and used it in her planning and we just had to share all the fabulous details she packed into their day that she found on these very pages – makes us feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂

Dean and I got married on Saturday 25th September 2010. The ceremony took place at 2.30pm at our local village church St. Marys and All Saints, Whalley. This was followed by a wedding reception for 100 guests at Bashall Barn, where we also had an evening party for 130 guests.

Fancy not Fussy

My dress was by Benjamin Roberts, design 1033 from his vintage collection. Before I went dress shopping I’d looked for styles online and kept coming back to Benjamin Roberts as I just thought the design were different, without being overly fancy (I’m not big on fuss!).

I found trying on wedding dresses a very weird experience indeed! My dress sense in general is usually fairly quirky, and I had every intention of doing something different, either in colour or shape or fabric, but as soon as I started trying them on, all I could think of was “What will Dean want to see me in?” It was then that I knew it would have to be something fairly traditional (for Dean) and something stylish and unfussy (for me).

I bought the dress from Emma Hartley Bridal in Colne, Lancashire. I loved it for the stylishness, the wonderfully simple and luxurious soft taffeta, the gorgeous detailing of the crystals and pearls, and last but not least the internal corset which gave me the most amazing shape on the day!

Birdcage Beauty

Even though our wedding didn’t really have a theme, there were lots of vintage elements to the day, and Dean and I are obsessed with art deco furniture and paintings, so I wanted to have a vintage look with my hair and jewellery. Birdcage veils have always appealed to me but there are pretty hard to come by – most dress shops I visited didn’t stock them. In the end I turned to Etsy and found there were loads of lovely handmade veils to choose from. Mine was called Lolita from Velvet Owl and was an ivory net with a silk Gardenia which attached with a pin.

Jewellery-wise, again I wanted something simple and elegant. My dress had some gorgeous pearl and crystal detailing at the top, so I wanted something to match. My pearl and crystal necklace was called Opulent Heirloom by Katzi London. I also wore some pearl studs which were my ‘something borrowed’ from my Auntie Glenys.

Well, how could I resist? As soon as I saw a lovely bride on RMW wearing Ms. Westwood’s Lady Dragon Hearts, there really was no other choice for me – I simply had to have them! I tried some on in the Vivienne Westwood boutique in the Trafford Centre, but unfortunately the colour I wanted was no longer in stock. Luckily, I found a pair on ebay – never worn – I was so excited when they came, that I even showed a few of my girlfriends, despite me wanting to keep everything a secret. The oohs and aahs just confirmed what a great choice they were and everyone on the day commented on them.

The best thing about my shoes is that they are totally wearable after your wedding. They look just as stunning with a pair of jeans as they do with the most important dress of your life! Love them.

Relaxing with the Regulars

I was so lucky when it came to hair and make-up. My regular hairdresser (and good friend) Lois Pickup is also a freelance hair and makeup stylist for magazine shoots so she has an abundance of style, talent and the appropriate equipment to create the perfect look for me. It meant that everything could be done at home, so we had a lovely relaxed morning on the day of the wedding.

We had a few trials and knew the general look we wanted – soft, romantic tones for the face; dramatic eyes, and a forties up-do, but in true girly fashion, we were still making final tweaks to the hairstyle at midnight the night before the wedding!

Lois was busy from 6.30am getting us all looking stunning and then she had literally minutes to do her own hair and make-up before racing to the church to join us as our guest. I can’t thank her enough, though; the final result was truly amazing.

Bridesmaids in Blush

My bridesmaids were my very gorgeous (and oh so skinny!) cousins, Natasha and Olivia. We spent a long and tiring day shopping for their dresses, a task which if I’m honest I thought would take a lot less time than it did. It ended without joy, but then a few days later Olivia tried on a dress in Karen Millen as a potential prom outfit (yes, she is that young!). We went back en masse and the deal was done. The dresses were exquisite and the matching shoes were to die for – all my friends have been asking about them ever since the wedding.

And a Groom in Grey

So, with the bridesmaid dresses sorted, we now had a colour scheme. Our flower girl Eleanor had a dress from Debenhams which matched the bridesmaids perfectly and the boys (who didn’t much fancy anything pink) went for a complementary grey.

Dean had a few suit wobbles in the week leading up to the wedding. I think he wished he had gone for something a bit different from the ushers and best man, but he needn’t have worried. They all looked very handsome in their Lingfield morning suits from Moss Bros and Dean in particular just looked lovely. He accessorised with ultra cool black Chatterbox Brogue from Ask The Missus, Paul Smith heart cufflinks and stripy Paul Smith socks (with secret matching pants). Who said it was just girls who were shoe mad? My man has more pairs than I do!

Vintage style Floral fancies

My future sister-in-law Nicolla Moran used to be a florist and is an über-creative lady so I knew my flowers would be fabulous. She didn’t let me down. They oozed romance and the table decorations had a vintage twist as she’d used teacups and biscuit tins (that we’d all been collecting from charity shops for months) instead of vases. It had a wonderful effect.

I literally cried when she presented me with my bouquet at the wedding rehearsal the night before. It was so stunning and the colours just hit you. We’d decided on a mix of Victorian lilac tea roses and Juliet peach David Austin roses (the lovely papery peach coloured ones which I adore). This was then supplemented with lisianthus and alstroemeria.

Chic eh?

Wait until you see the DIY style in Part 2.

Yours Truly,