Bohemian wedding inspiration

Bohemian Wedding Inspiration with Vintage Dresser Dessert Table Pin Image

Bohemian Wedding Inspiration in the Woodland with Dessert Table

It may only be Spring, but we’re skipping ahead to Autumn this afternoon for all the delights of this bohemian wedding inspiration. There are meringue tower cakes, Persian rug altars and a tablescape of dreams. All of this is dressed in the most beautiful florals and foliage and take place in the wonderful woodland of Patrick’s barn. After you’ve reached for your pin button we apologise in advance to all kitchen cupboards who find them self raided as a result of mouths watering whilst savouring the delights of the dessert table. Enjoy!

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Bohemian Rhapsody.



I think someone needs to have a word with whoever controls the weather around here.

This afternoon however we’re bringing you sunshine – LOTS of it. And a slightly different real wedding feature in that we are focussing on the film of the beautifully bohemian W-day of Love Lust List member Binky Nixon created by RMW Sponsor Ben at Kissing Gate.

Binky’s super pretty affair has already featured in various publications but in light of Becky’s recent (and uber popular) “Regrets” post we thought we’d share with you the full moving action as it were….

Plus there is the most immense Matthew Williamson frockage going on, and who doesn’t need some glitter on a cold and blustery Friday?

Of course if you do want to see more of the stunning stills you can pop on over to photographer Marianne Taylor’s blog.


Binky Nixon:Obviously when planning my own wedding I was pretty well connected to source some amazing peeps. Being in the industry and being a photographer, stills and film were obviously very important to me. I lost my Dad nearly 10 years ago and I have no moving footage of him. I know what weddings involve, the rare gathering of all the people you love the most.


For me a film was a must as I know in years to come some of those people sadly won’t be here anymore. On film you get to see the expressions, the way someone holds them self, they way they walk and if they throw their head back when they laugh.


I still remember the first time Ben text me to say he posted a film on facebook and wanted my opinion. I had no idea it was ours! Off I trundled to have a look and had total goosebumps when i saw the title frame. I don’t even know how to write this next sentence, how to sum up how that film makes me feel. I watch it and smile, I feel like i am there all over again. I can smell the flowers, feel the sun on my face and feel the love from everyone in that barn. Ben was given a gift when he arrived on earth and that was to capture all of this. To tell peoples stories in the most magical way possible. He didn’t miss a single thing, what we ate, what we drunk, the people we love, our gorgeous pooch but most of all how we feel about one another.


Every time I watch the film I smile and cry all at the same time, it brings back amazing memories of what is by far the best day of my life. Ben will never know how grateful we both are for our film, for getting us, what is important to us and putting it all together in the most beautiful way.

Iv just watched it again whilst writing this and I am off, teary but oh so happy, its beautiful and I love it so much! Thanks Ben x

Photography – Marianne Taylor
Videography – Kissing Gate
Stationery – Something Kinda Cute

Have you ever seen such a perfect car?!

Or such a perfect flower crown?!

I die.

And if you want to see more rustic and romantic wedding-y stuff then come and meet Team RMW at Avenue restaurant in London on Sunday from 12pm until 4pm, we’ll be there with our boutique and many of our stylish industry collaborators.

oh…and there will be cocktails.


Big Binky Love

Charlotte xxx