Bohemian Wedding Inspiration with Vintage Dresser Dessert Table Pin Image

Bohemian Wedding Inspiration in the Woodland with Dessert Table

It may only be Spring, but we’re skipping ahead to Autumn this afternoon for all the delights of this bohemian wedding inspiration. There are meringue tower cakes, Persian rug altars and a tablescape of dreams. All of this is dressed in the most beautiful florals and foliage and take place in the wonderful woodland of Patrick’s barn. After you’ve reached for your pin button we apologise in advance to all kitchen cupboards who find them self raided as a result of mouths watering whilst savouring the delights of the dessert table. Enjoy!

Boho meets French Rustic at Northbrook Park in Surrey | Bride wears Made With Love | Tumbling Foliage and Big White Blooms | Images by Charlotte Bryer-Ash Pin Image

Boho meets French Rustic at Northbrook Park

Amy here. This is my last real wedding for you as I step away into the shadows to solely focus on The List, our exclusive directory {members Alive Network, provided the entertainment for this wedding no less} and frankly, it’s a corker to leave on. French Rustic with Tumbling foliage, big white blooms and a touch of Boho in the form of dress perfection, Ella from Made with Love

Firstly, the engagement, after a six-year courtship that started at university, this groom secretly flew out to Orange County, CA, gatecrashing his loves family holiday to propose as a surprise, on a beach with candles. 

Secondly, if you’re not growing your hair for your wedding this will have you booking in for extensions to mimic the total boho chic vibe this bride pulls off sensationally. 

Finally, this couple demonstrates perfectly how you can create your theme together, bond over DIY and how by hitting markets, antique shops and reaching for the hammer you can create the props of your dreams. 

An absolutely divine day captured by natural, romantic photographer Charlotte Bryer Ash making this her Rock my Wedding Debut.

Snowdonia National Park Boho Wedding | Carla Blain Photography | Exclusive Hire of Plas Gwynfryn | Up Marquees | AlexVeil Bridal Gown Pin Image

Snowdonia National Park Boho Wedding

The exclusive use of Plas Gwynfryn in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales sets the scene for this deliciously layered boho wedding. Carla Blain’s signature dark and moody, tonal teasing delights are well suited to the natural boho vibes of this special day…complete with a photo shoot on the very beach the proposal was made!

Carla Blain Photography from RMW The List; “I live for windy adventures, gritty textures, and devilishly romantic love stories.”

From the beginning, with stationery from Fig + Fern, another RMW The List member, to the face painting photobooth and jazz musicians at the end, the day was a glittery feast for the couple and their guests.

Pin Image

Boho on the Farm

If you’re looking for some escapism from all this rain, then this truly gorgeous boho inspiration captured by Kelsie Low Photography at The Barns at Lodge Farm is for you.

Full to bursting with love and emotion from real life couple the Two Bohemians, and immense styling, decor and florals from Rock the Day Styling, Anthology Vintage Hire and Velvet Rose Flower Studio. Adding the finishing touches was the sweet wedding stationery from Wonderland Invites, and fabulous macrame hangings.

And how can I forget the grazing barrel by Grape and Fig. Apologies in advance if you’re yet to have lunch. Not only does it look immense, it is full of treats to enjoy. Pinning fingers at the ready!

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A Wild Bride

Calling all free spirited boho brides, this gorgeous inspiration planned and styled by Antonia Luzi at The Majella National Park (Abruzzo, Italy) is for you.

We’ve fallen head over heals for the immense moon gate and Persian rug focal point. Adorned with the most beautiful peach flowers, dried grasses and foliage, and sitting very pretty amongst the natural location. Plus the brides dirty boots and messy hair wild look, really encompasses what being free is all about.

There’s plenty more to swoon over and pin too, thanks to the gorgeous captures by Federico Lanuto Photography, including an intimate tablescape and simple, but decadent single tier wedding cakes. Not to mention some gorgeous uses of hoops as menus, table plans and dream catchers. All the heart eyes.

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Laura & David

Laura & David live in rainy & cloudy Amsterdam so took full advantage of the warm Spanish weather and picturesque countryside and enjoyed a relaxed outdoor ceremony with loved ones sharing readings and heart felt personal messages; everybody also danced the night away under festoon lights and ate al fresco; my idea of heaven and the perfect destination wedding!

Each image captured by the talented Marcos Sánchez has a stunning golden aura surrounding it making them extra dreamy. I loved SO many of the portraits of Laura & David that I couldn’t resist sharing nearly all of them!

One) because Laura & David are SO so beautiful and fabulously dressed! You wait until you see Laura’s backless Laure De Sagazan gown and floral headpiece, if you’re anything like me, your chin will drop to the floor and your be swooning for days! David is ever bit the handsome bearded Groom too in his bow tie and dapper Lander Urquijo suit.

And two) because they are so evidently in love! They are literally beaming from ear to ear, and giggling and just having the time of their lives. Simply adorable!

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Suitably Coiffed.

I couldn’t quite tear myself away from reading all your comments in response to Naomi’s post yesterday. In fact, I found myself emphatically nodding my head in agreement with many of you about each of the issues that Naomi addressed.

I’m sure that Adam and Charlotte must have thought that I was nuts as they watched me from their desks.

But it was the age-old ‘wedding day hair’ quagmire that particularly struck a chord with me and the anxiety/qualms that nearly all of you are/were experiencing in the run up to your nuptials.

I too have succumbed to the ‘must grow my hair for the big day’ phenomenon except with me it’s not so much about the overall length of my barnet but about the ‘Fringe’. Yes folks I decided to grow out my fringe the day after the boy proposed so that I would have more ‘options’ on the day itself.

I’m still not convinced it’s the right idea. Will it actually give me more choice? Or will it mean that I don’t look so much like me? What will I think in five years time when I look back at the photos?

Despite this frantic pondering there was never a question about whether I’d have my hair done by a professional or not. I am not exactly blessed in the hair department.

Do you remember that ping-pong playing episode of Friends where Monica’s hair frizzes up? Yes? That is me without straighteners. It’s so not a good look. So you see folks, I NEED a professional to sort out my mane on my big day.

Ultimately this post is all about providing inspiration for you and your maids about how to wear your luscious locks, short or long, in the hope of soothing away some of your hirsute worries.

Let’s take a look shall we…

The Only Way Is Up

Sophisticated glamour at its very best, I adore any bride that sweeps her hair off her face in a modern chignon.

I’d like to really emphasise the word ‘modern’ here because I want to show you girls that you don’t have to fall into the ‘princess bride’ trap if you’re considering wearing your hair up.

Today’s up-dos are flawlessly stylish bestowing a subtle elegance upon the wearer. In fact, there is almost architectural treatment of the hair in the detailed pleating and threading in some of these images.

Perfect for disciplining unruly messes (like mine!), these are statement coiffures that don’t need any extra embellishments. They are truly beautiful in their own right and that’s the way it should be.

This trend is great for those of you with shorter hairstyles too. A couple of strategically placed kirby grips and a curl in the right place and bob’s your uncle you’ve got yourself a sleek up-do without the hassle of growing it for months.

Waves and Braids

I know that not all of you are fans of shimmering loose curls but I wanted to show you how rad they can look with a stylish braid woven through them.

This is a trend that can be interpreted in a myriad of ways and it’s just so darn easy to achieve too.

Want a fishtail plait on one side, or is a horizontal weave across the back of your head more to your liking? What about a braid, milkmaid style or even a double knit?

Ladies, it’s all going on here.

For those brides and bridesmaids who are in the midst of growing their hair out, choosing a intricate braid can draw attention away from ratty ends. In fact, it looks so much more effective if the hair isn’t in tip-top condition. Ultimately this type of do is so very forgiving – it’s about taming your tresses with finesse.

Perfect for the more relaxed bride and/or bridesmaids, this tousled look is sexy and just screams 70s siren to me and that can only be a good thing. If in doubt, team this look with an epic pair of sunglasses and you’re onto a winner.

Tied In Knots

This clutch of gorgeous beauties is aptly named given your responses yesterday. However, despite its moniker this is probably the least complex of all of the styles within this post.

We’re talking chic and messy topknots, side chignons and entangled coiffures.

I’m a little bit in love.

This look is the perfect solution for those of you who are taking the DIY approach on your big day and are fretting your cotton socks about it. This style is fuss-free and won’t consume precious time as you tease it into shape. Plus it suits everybody.

Beautifully relaxed and modern, I love how the loops and folds of hair in all of these images catch and play with the light. It doesn’t matter if a wisp of hair is out of place – this is the charm of such a relaxed style.

Whilst tousled topknots are the most popular, other knotted varieties are becoming more prevalent too. I’m currently infatuated with the idea of bridesmaids sporting nautical knots in their hair at a seaside wedding. Please can someone fulfill my fantasy, oh pretty please…anyone?

If you adore the ‘topknot’ but you’re still after something a little bit different why not try braiding sections of hair first or accessorising your barnet with fresh flowers.

Gild My Head With Gold

…..and flowers and feathers and brooches and ribbons.

When I was younger I used to drape my grandma’s dainty necklaces over my head like Moroccan crowns and pretend to be an exotic princess in a foreign land. Unfortunately my gran has passed away but part of me wants to resurrect my five year old self and thread gold chains through my locks in memory of her on my wedding day.

And this is only the start of the plethora of goodies that you girls can lace through your hair. Luxurious twine, antique haircombs, real blooms and silk flowers – the list is endless. I’ve deliberately steered away from veils in this bundle of inspiration and instead focused on some of the other options out there because lovelies there are SO many.

What’s so fantastic about this trend is that you can easily apply this to your maids’ bouffants too and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration in unusual places either. Have you got a favourite brooch that you want to incorporate into your wedding ensemble but it doesn’t quite work? Why not clasp it to your chignon for a unique twist. And secondly, it’s worth experimenting with where and how you wear your headpieces. They don’t just have to perch atop your crown but can encircle your forehead or sit jauntily to one side too.

Chic and Sleek

Of all the clutches of inspiration here, this is my favourite.

Who says that lustrous styling needs to be restricted to your wedding day – none of these barnets would look out of place on a night out or hell even down the supermarket aisles. What? Who said you couldn’t look this good doing your weekly shop?

This is big day hair without the fluff and nonsense. Clean, fashion-focused and modern, this concept is often accompanied by a strong beauty aesthetic – think powerful eyes and lips.

Oh I love a red lip.

You’ll notice that all of these ‘do’s’ are completely different to one another – short or long, curly or straight, pinned up or left loose. What unites them is an understated simplicity which works with the hair’s natural state rather than against it. And ultimately girls this is what we’re trying to achieve on our wedding day – something that still looks like us, right?

The key to ‘sleek and chic’ is glossy hair in good condition styled in harmony with your face. Don’t force the look, cultivate what you’ve already got and work it.

There’s so many different looks I adore here that I wish I had unlimited funds so that I could sport a different do for the evening as well as the day.

Umm.. I hear you say…aren’t you being a little bit greedy? Yes I am folks and I’m the first to admit it.

How many of you are seduced by more than one of the trends here?

Which of these styles takes your fancy?

Happiness is….totally rocking your barnet your way.

Love Lolly xxx