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How To Have A Stylish High Street Wedding

At RMW, we are ALL about helping you to create the wedding of your dreams, whatever your budget may be. There will be people reading this post who don’t want to buy anything from the high street for their wedding day and that’s absolutely fine. (Ahem, I’ll take this moment to direct you to our handpicked supplier directory – The Love Lust List. If you want to invest in gorgeous flowers, a beautiful cake, an amazing stylist or stunning photography then that should be your first port of call).

There will also be people reading who want their big day to be beautiful but just don’t want to go bespoke due to the cost. And then there will be people reading who want to spend their budget on certain items – like the dress and flowers for example – but are looking to save money elsewhere.

Hopefully this post can help. We’ve rounded up our favourite places on the high street to find items that will help to make your big day look beautiful…

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Natalie & Martin

Natalie and Martin’s rustic, sunshine filled day is proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a beautiful wedding. With a little bit of careful planning, saving and compromise, you can create the day of your dreams without causing yourselves unnecessary stress. Natalie sounds like a lady with her head firmly screwed on and it’s clear that the most important thing to her was just to marry Martin.

The pair were lucky with the weather and had the most incredible blue skies and sunshine, making their venue, Ridge Farm, look even more beautiful. There’s a lot of gorgeous lace action going on, with Natalie’s Lusan Mandongus dress and those stunning cornflower blue Bridesmaids dresses – a total bargain from Kailko at House of Fraser.

We hope you enjoy this relaxed, rustic but oh-so-happy big day!

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Hannah & Dan

This morning’s lovely wedding really warms the heart because it was such a team effort from family and friends – almost every element was borrowed or crafted, which meant that Hannah and Dan’s wedding had an understated and laid back vibe – but it was still ever so beautiful! The gorgeous rustic floral arrangements were created by one of the couples friends, which meant that Hannah got to enjoy trips to the flower market and could be involved every step of the way. And the couple gave guests home made honey as favours, what a delicious treat.

Hannah’s gown was a great find in Monsoon, whose gorgeous Bridal collection you can see right here on Rock My Wedding. A fabulous option for those who don’t want to fork out thousands of pounds on a dress, but still want unusual design, stunning details and craftmanship you can trust – I mean just look at Hannah’s dress…it’s one of the loveliest I’ve ever seen and suits her down to the ground.

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Freya & Harry

At home weddings are so special on so many levels. Not only do you get to celebrate in the place that you are probably most at ease, but you also get do things your way.

Freya & Harry’s intimate marquee reception in her parents garden was inspired by their wedding two years previous. Shying away from a larger scale venue and being the centre of attention and opting for a budget friendly, low key and down to earth approach full of fun, family, friends and DIY.

I love that every last detail was crafted and put together by the Bride & Groom themselves. Even handpicking flowers for the collected jam jars as table centrepieces and cleverly sourcing a sample Mori Lee wedding dress off eBay, which Freya looks utterly divine wearing.

Although some very clever money saving decisions were made in the run up to this wedding, the out come is simply priceless…..

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Emma & Tom

I literally ooh-ed and ahh-ed my way through these adorable pictures captured by Mike & Tom of Emma & Toms wedding.

Each one displays SO much love, affection and utter delight as they tenderly hold hands, embrace and enjoy every single minute of their wedding day surrounded by their loved ones.

The marquee reception was held at their local cricket club (as the Groom is a major cricket fan) looked absolutely beautiful. Family & friends all helped to collect jam jars and vintage china so a wonderful afternoon tea wedding breakfast could be served, surrounded by the vases and jam jars filled with flowers as centrepieces.

This certainly is a fine example of a beautiful wedding on a budget with priceless moments.

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Emily & Jack

What an elegant and sophisticated affair – but then the Groom wore his military uniform and the bride wore “Gracie” by Suzanne Neville so as far as the fashion is concerned, you’re on to a sure fire timeless winner.

I love the soft colour palette, pretty blooms and the abundance of lights in the marquee. And you can’t get more personal than having your reception in your parents back garden can you? Make sure you have a read of Emily and Jack’s choice of menu, I guarantee you’ll be reaching for the nearest available biscuit/cake/kitkat (delete as appropriate) afterwards.


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Joanna & Nick

Imagine having the love of your life writing and performing an original song just for you on your wedding day? Well that’s exactly what Groom Nick did for his gorgeous Bride Joanna on their wedding day; oh how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that performance, I bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the house *swoon*

That’s not the only romantic musical reference at this fabulous rustic wedding. Joanna and Nick also included the most adorable song lyrics as table names, all loving crafted by their Bridesmaid. Which leads me onto Joanna’s talented Mum who hand sewed all the Bridesmaids gowns! Honestly everybody is SO clever and couldn’t do enough for this fabulous couple. Joanna even turned her hand to a spot of baking and made a delicious cupcake tower!

Full to bursting with love, family, close friends and SO many personal and homemade touches, you’re going to LOVE it!

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The RMW Real Bride Search… Budget/DIY No. 4

For the final contender for our Budget/DIY Real Bride Blogger role, we have Abi and Mike…

Voting is now open – please think about the entry who’s writing you most enjoyed and who’s wedding you would most like to see after all the planning then cast your vote!

On the 8th June 2012 I will marry my best friend. He makes me laugh every single day and I literally cannot imagine my life without him.
Shortly after our 8 year anniversary we were staying in Bath for a long weekend and  when I got engaged I didn’t have any clothes on….not a single shred….. Yes I was nahhhked (Just to set the scene, I was getting ready to go out for dinner, we are not naturists or anything exciting like that ;o) 
So we were getting ready to go out:
Him: Can you get that hat out of the bag for me?
Me: ‘Don’t be stupid you can’t wear that out…’ (a red and white stripey WALES hat)
Him: ‘Its  freezing out…. please’
I was thinking ‘I bloody hate that hat’…   
Him: ‘Put it on…’
Me: (laughing) why? *remember I’m naked with a Wheres Wally hat in hand…..
Wrapped inside the hat is a small white box.
Me: (laughing crying) Is this what I think it is?’
And he proved he could still surprise me, even after 8 years……
The wedding will hopefully be a fully clothed affair. We are getting married and having our reception in a converted barn not far from Bath.
So other than the barn and a photographer… everything else is pretty flexible at the moment. But the key thing for us will be to save money where we can so although I don’t consider myself to be particularly DIY savvy: I’ll have to learn and get help from friends!
Things that might/will/hopefully be  DIY; Invites, Menu, Table Plan, Table and Place names, Favours, Cakes, Centrepieces.
Fortunately, getting married in a Barn means that any shabby looking DIY can be passed off as as rustic!
We hope we can have:
A fantastic barbeque, an unforgettable celebration, vodka jelly shots, a cake table, a variety of music, silliness, having an amazing time with friends and family, dancing until the music stops, funny little details, LOVE letters, rustic details such as jars with wild flowers and wicker hearts, table names to make people smile, speeches that make people laugh, a ceremony that represents us, bright nail varnish, a large plastic daisy ring, flowers in my hair, beer, wine, pimms, Mikes made up cocktails, motown, music from across the decades, everyone dancing and singing along and oh and urm 2 honeymoons….
Dislikes so far:
I really don’t want a dress that’s too tight or that I cannot dance in, I don’t really want too much time spent taking pictures. I don’t want to worry too much about perfection (although easier said than done!) and I hope that I can still be easy going and try and laugh off any minor issues….
I am also very very concerned about Mikes orange suit threats….
If I became a real RMW bride I promise to share the funny stories and situations that arise during planning, I will ask for your advice (probably on more than one occasion) and hopefully as I learn new DIY skills and tips for wedding planning, I will pass it on to other brides to be.
Much Love
Abi  ‘lady harhar’ & Mike

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The RMW Real Bride Search… Budget/DIY No. 3

For our third DIY/Budget entry, we have Laura and Pete and their festival inspired wedding…

Hello there.  I’m Laura and I’d love to write for RMW.  

I’ve been engaged for a grand total of three weeks.   

Pete (The Fiancée) and I live in a high-rise block with a balcony over looking London.  As we’re on the top floor we also have access to the roof.   

On the evening of my birthday I was sitting on the sofa minding my own business, while Pete was making dinner in the kitchen.  Or so I thought.  My phone rang.  It was Pete and he asked me to come up to the roof. My heart was in my mouth as I climbed up – not because it’s dangerous but because I kind of wondered if what I thought was going to happen actually was going to happen.   

I found Pete waiting with a picnic blanket and a bottle of champagne.  He told me that he loves me more than anything in the world and that he wants to grow old with me.  And then he got down on one knee… It was wonderful and perfect and I said YES!  So now I’m engaged, excited and more than a little bit nervous about having a wedding to plan, if the truth be known.  

The type of wedding that Pete and I want is pretty eclectic and non-traditional.  I suppose out of all the categories suggested by RMW, we fit into DIY the best but we’re also aiming for vintage inspired-eco-friendly-festival-fun with bright colours and splash of 50s styling.   

Pete and I go to the Secret Garden Party festival every year so we wanted our wedding to take a bit of inspiration from that.  We’ll do the legal bit the day before and then we’ll have an out doors ceremony, (humanist in origin but conducted by our Wiccan friend) followed by a festival style party in marquee, with bands, power ballads and all of our friends camping on site.  

We’re both photography junkies – I have just started shooting weddings myself, so there’s even more reason for me to be obsessed with RMW – and we’re thinking about doing some of the photography ourselves on Lomography Fisheye cameras.  I’d quite like Pete and I both to take a picture of the look on each other’s faces as I walk up the aisle!  

We want everyone who’s coming to celebrate with us to be involved as much as possible and I’m planning to hold crafting parties where my friends and make bunting,  fabric flowers, tissue paper pom-poms and pinwheels to decorate the venue. 

Most of all we want to the day to be laid back, fun and to reflect our personalities and how much we love each other (I make no apology for the gushing sentiment because I’m very HAPPY). We also want to throw a brilliant party for our friends and family to enjoy.   
It would be great to be able to share our planning experiences on RMW, as well as having a record of the highs and the lows (not too many of those, please!).    

Thanks for reading. 
Laura x 

This is the third of four entries in this category. Voting will not open until all four entries have been posted. Vote by writing VOTE (or commenting) in the comment box of the bride you want to vote for. Please vote only once per category (ie Modern Elegance, DIY etc.) If you wish to vote in secret send the name of your chosen couple to: vote@rockmywedding.co.uk. Voting will close at 12pm on Friday 1st July.