Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Tinakilly House Wedding in Ireland with Bride in Houghton NYC Wedding Dress, Bridesmaids in Burgundy Dresses & Groom in Check Suit by Louise Scott Pin Image

Tinakilly House Wedding in Ireland with Bride in Houghton NYC Wedding Dress

We don’t get to feature many Ireland weddings but when we do they are always stunning. This Tinakilly House wedding, in particular, has it all. Fabulous fashion – check. (Hello, Chloe shoes and Houghton NYC wedding dress of dreams.) Stunning florals in delicious baby pink and raspberry shades – check. And dreamy portraits capturing all the love and fun by Louise Scott Photography – check. Now, are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin…

Leigh & Luca by Irene Yap Photography Pin Image

Leigh & Luca

There’s so much inspiration to take from this London wedding, probably the most relevant is how much fun you can have moving to different locations during your wedding day and the different dynamics you’ll gain from each venue.

Leigh & Luca had their heart set on a gondola ride from their ceremony at York House in Twickenham to their botanical reception at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, resulting in some fabulous photo ops and memories captured by Irene Yap along the way.

Then you arrive at said botanical reception and your jaw hits the floor with all the beautiful blooms and decor. It’s literally a flower lovers heaven, so of course we feel right at home and will be enjoying this wedding over and over again.

Before I leave you to enjoy every last detail, I’d just like to say the brides immense gown… she made it. I know bloomin’ talented as well as bloomin’ beautiful.