Cake Topper pom DIY tutorial

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Mini Pom Poms – The How To.

A simple DIY tutorial for you all that might give you some warm fuzzy memories of childhood – I know I’d spend rainy weekends making these as a kid.

The pom pom is a very versatile creature and very simple to make, you can use them for a cake topper or even displayed in vases….we have at RM HQ! All you need to do is follow these few simple steps.

What You Will Need:

Wool (essential), card cut into polo mint like circles (you can get templates for your card circles HERE), scissors and/or craft knife.

The first step is to cut your card into circles with a hole in the middle. (Top Tip: the smaller your hole in comparison to the total circle diameter, the longer your pom pom strands will be so think about how dense you want your pom pom to appear).

Cut yourself a length of wool and with one end tie the two pieces of card together. Then all you need to do is start wrapping your card in wool.

(Top Tip: Where you have a large pom pom, cut a few lengths of wool and wrap them at the same time…this will save you a lot of time).

When you feel like your card is sufficiently wrapped (a good indicator of this is when your hole is at least 50% smaller than when you originally started) you need to start cutting around the edge of your wrapped card. It might take you a few snips to find the card again but keep at it.

(Top Tip: When you find the card again, a quicker way to cut around it is to use in between the 2 pieces of card as a guide to help you cut neatly around the edge)

Take a length of wool, feed it between the 2 pieces of card, pull it tight and you will notice your pom pom starting to take shape. Tie it tightly as this will be what holds all your lengths of wool together.

Remove the card (Top Tip: for ease, you can cut down the card to remove it, but if you want to re-use it for another pom pom, it should just slide off.)

Now all that is left to do is to fluff you pom pom out, trim off any straggly bits and start using your imagination and find ways to use them in your big day. Why not get a bit adventurous and make multi coloured poms for your day, simply mix wools when you wrap it around the card.

Happy pom pomming!

Becky x