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The Future of the Wedding Cake

Cake; the ultimate people pleaser and the tradition which in an age of kicking them to the curb still floats everyones’ boat. Everyone loves cake. But how can you make it work for all of your guests, regardless of their food allergies? It’s a very real issue right now, with more and more people experiencing adverse reactions to many of the core ingredients used in creating wedding cakes, and in our eyes, no one should miss out, but where do you even begin?! Thankfully, we’ve managed to call in an expert to offer you all of the advice you need. Bee’s Bakery has taken the baking world by storm thanks to epic, delicious creations, and Bee is an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to plant based cakes. I’m going to guess that her microbiology and medical science pre-cakey experience has a part to play in her championing of the alternative bake, so there’s not a more perfect lady for the job of chief advice giver!

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Wedding Cake Ideas – A Guide to Tiers, Portions, Icing and Transport

I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like cake and in a wedding world where people are leaving more and more traditions behind, the wedding cake is still going strong. In fact, wedding cakes are getting bigger, bolder and more extravagant than ever. Whether you ask family and friends to contribute to a ‘Bake Off’ table or commission a fabulously creative baker to create the cake of your dreams – serving people cake on the wedding day is a tradition that isn’t going anywhere. So we’re serving up not only a gallery of wedding cake ideas in this post, but also some expert advice to help you get the cake (and the transporting of the cake) right. 

If you are having your cake made by a pro, we recommend having a look at The List, our directory of wedding suppliers hand-picked by team RMW, for their creativity, artistic flair and affinity for a cake covered in flowers. Oh and they bake things that taste good too.

Because only on your wedding day can you have your cake and eat it too!

Read on for lots of gorgeous wedding cake ideas and advice from the best bakers in the business, and apologies in advance for how hungry this feature will make you…