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The Love Lust List {Sensation Band}

There is just way too much talent going on in Sensation Band. The first time I watched their videos my normal Tuesday morning turned into an office party. Now putting this post together I’ve found it almost impossible to sit still. If you are planning on an unforgettable party with an on fire dancefloor I think you’re going to be pretty taken with Sensation Band.

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RMW Rates – The Wanderland Band

I can’t lie, when I first read about The Wanderland Band I had to scratch my head a little at their “roaming band” terminology. Despite being a pretty die hard music fan, to say I’m not au fait with roaming bands is an understatement, but heck, I have been missing out! Just in case you have been too, I’m really excited to introduce you to The Wanderland Band, the UK’s leading acoustic roaming band. It really doesn’t take long for The Wanderland Band’s music to get toes tapping and fingers snapping. So that’s the band bit covered, but what about the roaming?! Well, it kind of does what it says on the tin (I think I may have been overthinking it). Whilst performing, the four super talented musicians freely roam around your venue, completely captivating and engaging all of your wedding guests. This isn’t just great music, it’s proper atmosphere, and that, my friends, is the recipe for brilliant wedding entertainment.