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12 Wedding Confetti Ideas (All Biodegradable)

Wedding confetti!!! There’s a reason that every single confetti image we get is filled with giant smiles from the bride and groom. It’s just SO fun!! Likewise, your friends and family also get heaps of delight out of throwing confetti into the air in celebration.

Most venues now will require that if you’re using confetti that it’s biodegradable (and rightly so), but even then some can be reluctant to allow confetti at all, so always make sure you check with your venue. But once the due diligence is done, it’s down to the fun planning part. What to throw?! Well, we’ve got 12 alternative wedding confetti ideas for you below (as well as a heap of joyous inspiration images!). 

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Confetti Cannon {Make Your Wedding Day Go Off With a Bang!}

There is something so joyous about a confetti picture, no? Whether they are planned or take the couple completely by surprise the results are always epic. Especially when there’s a confetti cannon involved. The clever cylinder of nitrogen allows individuals to launch and spray paper pretty high into the air producing a beautiful canopy of confetti around you, perfect for creating moments of pure magic for your photographer to capture.

Here’s why you need a confetti cannon at your wedding…