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The New Wedding Gift List Etiquette

It used to be simple. You get engaged, you plan your wedding and somewhere along the line you decide to make it easier for yourself and your guests by setting up a wedding gift list. Regardless of whether you’d like gifts, cash, honeymoon, charity contributions (or a little bit of all of the above), having a dedicated gift list service has always been a good idea. So what happens now that your wedding plans may have become more complex or in some cases, more simplified? What exactly are the expectations surrounding wedding gifts? We’ve taken all of the most asked questions on this topic to give you everything you need to know about the new wedding gift etiquette.

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Association of British Wedding Businesses – ABWB’s Roadmap To Bring Weddings Back

UPDATED: 17/07/20

A slight departure from the norm here on Rock My Wedding today. We’ve continued to share both wedding related COVID resources and general wedding inspiration throughout the last 4 months. However, we’ve also been keeping our ear to the ground in terms of industry knowledge and Governmental change surrounding weddings at this time. Finding clarity has been tough. From our chats with you as planning couples, we know how difficult the uncertainty has been. This, coupled with the need to provide guidance and stability to small businesses across the wedding industry evolved into the formation of the Association of British Wedding Businesses

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How To Have A Socially Distanced Wedding

I mean, it’s not a title anyone wants to write is it? But since we know that having a socially distanced wedding is a reality that our couples may face in the coming months… We want to help prepare you.

So, is it possible to have a wedding with restrictions still in place? Is it possible for your guests to adhere to the distancing rules? It is. Be prepared to approach it with an open mind and be willing to make some changes. But rest assured that although your vision for your day may change, that it will still be full of love, magic and cake. Or cheese, if that’s more your thing.

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How To Have A Virtual Hen Do

Do not let lockdown hinder your celebrations. I repeat, do NOT let lockdown hinder your celebrations. Who is up for being virtually reunited with their best girls, playing some hilarious games and dancing until they fall asleep on their sofa? I see your hands up. Here we go…

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Wedding Gifts – How to Protect Them

Recently we’ve been sharing COVID related resources with you and the response we’ve received has been incredible. Overwhelmingly, couples are choosing to remain positive and tackle the situation head-on with innovation and grace. Some of you have had to go to Plan B as it’s become clear that lockdown will impact your day. Many of you are still in the unknown when it comes to wedding planning and whether or not your date will go ahead as planned, go ahead with smaller numbers or require a postponement.

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Postponed Wedding: 31 Ways To Acknowledge Your Original Wedding Date

Ending up with a postponed wedding is never in anyone’s wedding plans. But sometimes life throws you a major curveball and the best you can do as a couple is to navigate it together. In the time of COVID-19, in the wake of a close one’s diagnosis or encountering financial hardship, there are a number of reasons that couples can find themselves having to change the date of their wedding day.

Whilst all manner of emotions and grief are completely normal in making this decision, just know that a postponement is just that, a postponement. Your wedding day will arrive. And it will be all the more joyous and sweet because of what you and your partner have been through. 

So what do you do when the day your wedding should have been on finally rolls around? Cancel the world and stay under your duvet? Maybe. Or use it as a way to extend the celebration of your love and commitment to each other? We think so. Even if that does mean cancelling everything and staying under your duvet together. But if you want to get creative and make it even more memorable, here are some of our ideas (feel free to choose as many as you like)…

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How To Make Your Spring Wedding Work In Winter

You may have caught our Instagram Live where Charlotte and I talked through all the things we love about winter weddings. We also have a post on the same subject if you wanted to check that out. We know a lot of weddings have been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and that a lot of you are now planning an unexpected winter wedding. You were so close to your wedding date (be it an April or a July date) that you will have had almost everything sorted. Now that your spring or summer wedding has been postponed to autumn or winter we thought it would be really helpful for us to give you some tips on how you can make your spring wedding work in winter. Because it can work. Promise.

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Wedding Ideas & Prep To Try During Lockdown

You may not be able to go cake tasting or dress shopping during the current lockdown. But if planning your wedding is still on your mind (and you’re not too concerned about how COVID-19 impacts your wedding), then we’ve rounded up some fun wedding ideas that you can try from the comfort of your own home. Obviously, some of us are juggling working from home, possibly kids and/or are incredibly busy keyworkers. But there’s no denying that with the lack of entertainment, shopping and socialising on our calendars, we’ll all have at least a bit of time to kill at home. So why not make it productive and either learn a new skill or complete some of your wedding checklists with a few of our wedding prep ideas.

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Lake District Elopement with Boho Bride in Crochet Wedding Dress

Social distancing is forcing a lot of couples to rethink their wedding plans (if you need help rescheduling your wedding, check out our step by step guide to postponing, which we’re constantly updating.) We’re currently on day 4 of our 21 day lockdown, and we have not received confirmation as to when we will be able to host large celebrations. Once the lockdown has been lifted an intimate wedding such as an elopement could be the answer followed by a huge celebration at a later date. Your Event Co. and her wonderful team of suppliers have shown us how to have an intimate Lake District elopement, bringing all your personality with you. Hey there crochet wedding dress and dusky pink jacket.