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These Are The Hands.


With a blush pink and gold glitter colour scheme, we were already sold on this wedding.

Then we saw the bespoke Dana Bolton lace sleeved gown…the amazing DIY sweetie bar…the baby pink and white striped straws…the table plan made with ribbons and an individual badge for each guest…and we fell IN LOVE.

Seriously, today’s wedding is full of pretty details which you WILL want to replicate. In fact I’d say it’s the perfect wedding for a bank holiday Monday – you’ll need time to savour this wonderful wedding day.

And by savour, what is mean is cry over Kirsty’s honest and moving wedding report and then pin as many of the details as you possibly can.

We may only be bringing you one wedding today, but trust me, this one is extra special.

Blush Pink And Gold Glitter Themed Wedding At The Rectory Hotel With Bride In Bespoke Gown By Dana Bolton And Groom In Ted Baker Pashion Suit With Elegant Typography Across The Paper Goods And Images By Shell de Mar Photography 1

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Petal Pink… Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of this pretty pink affair in which simplicity reigns and florals are the feature… all captured beautifully by Rebecca Honeywell Photography.

English Garden Style

For flowers we were recommended a lady called Lynda Moss who has a studio based in Harrogate. She was totally brilliant and even though I booked my flowers pretty late by wedding standards – and I wasn’t very specific about what I wanted – she came up with something absolutely beautiful and within my budget. I wanted traditional ‘English Garden’ type flowers – so roses, peonies, etc – in cream and pink to match my bridesmaids. My mum also picked a load of foliage and rosemary from our garden which Lynda was able to use in the bouquets and the button holes for the boys.

Mum and I decided to do our own table centres by buying candelabras from the local garden centre and then making little posies to go in one candle holder on each table. Mum made the posies the day before and then we set them out on the morning of the wedding with little bows and luggage labels to tell people which table was which…

Relaxed Photography

I found Rebecca Honeywell online. I was in London at the time and she was in Yorkshire so I chose her purely on the photos she had on her website which were quite informal and stylish – exactly what I was looking for.

It turned out Rebecca had actually done a good friend of mine’s wedding the year before….

Rebecca did a really lovely job – she was very relaxed in her approach and very unobtrusive on the day and we were so pleased with the results…

Bargain Cake

M&S all the way (staff discount again!) – I just went for a simple 3 tier cake – one layer of fruit, one layer of chocolate and one layer of vanilla.

It arrived on time, it was really fresh and tasted great – and above all it was a bargain! Mum and I stuck some flowers in it and tied a ribbon round it on the morning of the wedding and it looked great.

Delicious Decor

Our venue was quite ornate anyway with big crystal chandeliers etc so it didn’t really need any decoration. I just ordered some flowers for the mantelpiece and then put some lanterns outside on the garden table and little pink lanterns in the trees to brighten up the smoking area!

For Favours, I made some little bags of old school sweets which I tied with name tags to use as place markers – cheap and cheerful – I just ordered the sweets online and made them on our kitchen table at home.

Entertainment Extravaganza

We booked 3 different acts to provide the entertainment – for the ceremony I booked Bianca and Mark from the Acoustic Duo who were amazing! Bianca had such a lovely voice and they learnt to play some songs specifically for our ceremony so it made it feel really special. Then in the evening I booked a DJ from a company called Diskojuice. David and I met up in London to discuss my ideas and on the night he did an absolutely brilliant set – exactly what I was looking for… Both Acoustic Duo and David I found online so I think I was pretty lucky that they turned out to be so good.

We had ‘One Day like This’ by Elbow which is a song we both love – no huge significance other than that…. we don’t really have ‘our’ song … We didn’t want to do a long awkward shuffle so we also booked some breakdancers who I asked to interrupt our first dance. I didn’t tell anyone about it except the staff at the venue so it was a total surprise for everyone when they came on…..

Advice from a Bride

I suppose my advice would be not to panic and not to let people make you feel like you’re not planning ahead enough! Wedding magazines, and lots of the suppliers you speak to, will have you believe that if you haven’t got everything booked at least 6 months in advance it is a disaster! Not true. Loads of people get things organized much more last minute…. Also – if it’s all getting a bit much and you’re wondering (which I did) why you didn’t just forget the whole wedding thing and do something really low key instead, I promise it will all be totally worth it in the end!

Sound advice and a very pretty, understatedly elegant wedding. Perfect.

Yours Truly