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DIY Paper Backdrops For Weddings {Paper Parties by Berin Made}

The lovely Erin from Berin Made has been a wedding stationer whose work we’ve championed for a really long time. Erin is really professional, super talented and consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to design, while always staying true to her signature style. When she told us she had a book coming out we knew it was going to be gorgeous and when Paper Parties arrived on our doorstep last week we weren’t disappointed, in fact we swooned, ohhhed and ahhhed.

Paper Parties is a beautiful book, filled with SO many fun projects, many of which would be ideal for your wedding day. The tutorials are all really easy to follow, each one has a photograph so you can see exactly what you’re trying to create and the templates come printed in the back of the book too. I haven’t been able to stop pouring over it and have a date at hobbycraft this weekend to pick up crafting supplies…

Here are five ideas taken from Paper Parties that will help you to create an incredible paper backdrop to your wedding aisle, top table or accent wall.

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What Robyn Did… Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

By the time you read this it is T-6 weeks until THE DAY. What the *bleep!* Where the *bleep* has the past year gone?! As you lovely lot saw from my last post we are pretty much on schedule with all the big stuff that needs to be done (I type this while knocking on wood!). We have finally built our garden area in the center of the courtyard and the plants are growing like wildfire. Great you say? Well yes and no. All the flowers are blooming. 2 months early! hmmmmm not quite sure how this one is going to pan out.

We made the beds by lining up our lavender boxes (made over a year ago now) in a large square. We then lined the inside and dumped loads of sand inside. This is best illustrated in the pictures below. Thank goodness for Dads tractor and trailer. Wheel-borrowing in this amount of sand would have been back breaking.

After the beds settled we started planting all the flowers that we grew from seed. My mom and dad went to the garden center to get 2 trees for the far beds. When Dad came over to ask what we thought he was gleaming, ‘They’re called Red Robin’s’ he said with excitement. These gorgeous plants are Red Robin bushes that are cut into the shape of a little tree.. and it appears they were mean to be! (haha, sorry so corny). The center bed was designed and lovingly planted by my mom and family friend Jane, complete with a water feature. How snazzy is that.

The next big job was cleaning up the woods for our ceremony area. We hacked at brambles, got stung by dreaded nettles and picked up what felt like millions of twigs. We now need to maintain the area every couple of weeks so it doesn’t get overgrown again. I won’t share too much about how we are going to arrange seating and decorate it… You shall have to wait and see.

DIY Wedding Signs

With most of the hard work done we have been able to start on the fun crafty stuff. We started by making the wedding signs with arrows pointing to parking, the ceremony, the loos, the list goes on. Below I have outlined how we made them in case you fancy doing it yourselves.

You will need:
Wood/ A jigsaw/ Pencil/ Paints/ Sandpaper and a Ruler or Square

1. Draw the arrow. We copied one from a wedding catalogue. Use a ruler to get the proportions even and lines straight
2. Cut out the arrows with a jigsaw
3. Sandpaper the rough edges until smooth
4. Paint the signs back and front with white paint (or any other colour you like)
5. Paint on the lettering

We tried to copy the font used on our invitations. Speaking of which here are our invites that our amazingly talented friend Zoe More O’Ferrall did for us. Thank you Moffy! We LOVE them and were so exited to send them out. We made separate ‘Details of the day’, ‘Accomodation’ and RSVP cards to go with the invites. I work in a marketing department and part of my job is Design so I had all the software to do this. Zoe sent me a few more of her illustrations to add to these to carry on the theme.

The past month has been a bit of an uphill struggle due to pure exhaustion. Working every weekend (for the past year) on the farm plus working everyday, doing the horses, going to the gym, trying to see friends and have time for each other hasn’t been easy. My sister has been there every single weekend with me, my parents and Rob and I don’t know what we would do without her. She has been my rock and I couldn’t survive without her. She dragged me away for a day to her house and we ate yummy food, drank wine and watched DVD’s all day. IT WAS AMAZING. So if any of you are feeling pooped from planning then have a day of relaxation. One day off may be all you need to re-charge your batteries. I feel exited again and motivated to get things done.

On that note, as the time draws nearer stress levels are starting to rise among us. When we sit down and write the ‘To-Do’ list it seems to go on forever. It’s so easy to want everything to be perfect and go exactly to plan but in reality it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes you gotta go with the flow and when I think about it we really aren’t striving for perfection so what’s the point of all the stress. The quote below kind of sums it up perfectly.

‘To be free of destructive stress, don’t sweat the small stuff and by realising that, all stuff is small.’

I am marrying the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. This is what’s important and nothing else really matters. Baaaah, just got a stomach full of butterflies.

Big ‘trying not to stress’ love,

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DIY Devotee

I hope you’re all sitting down? This weeks DIY Devotee is somewhat of a big-kahuna-burger, (to coin a phrase of Laura’s!)

Sometimes, I look for really easy DIY projects, so everyone can get themselves some DIY style. But then sometimes I see some totally outrageous projects that I just cannot resist posting. And when I say outrageous, I don’t mean outrageously difficult, just outrageously, holy-$h*t-balls fabulous.*

*And may require a teeny bit more effort than other projects! 😉

There are several parts to this particular DIY extravaganza, BUT the main event is this breathtaking ceremony backdrop that is first clocked over on 100 Layer Cake, courtesy of Maddy at The Inspired Bride. A very big thank you to Maddy for allowing us to re-post this and share with you all!

Seriously. How gorgeous is this? And I can see it in so many different colours for so many different situations… behind your top table, to make a great photo booth back drop, to jazz up a civil ceremony… The full how to tutorial can be found over on Inspired Bride where there is also a ton of other inspiration.

The whole shoot is just beautiful, but there was one more thing I needed to share with you all… The DIY applique sequin stir sticks. How glittery pretty are these?

Find the DIY how-to post here!

Head on over to check out the whole shoot on The Inspired Bride, make sure you click both parts! Seriously, I cannot tell you how good it is – and there are so many steal-able ideas!

For a full list of supplier credits for those involved in the shoot, please visit here and see the bottom of post.

Yours DIY-Daydreaming Truly,


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Dolly DIY Devotee

So after all the Dolly excitement, we’ve barely had time to squeeze everything in! And the same went for the shoot itself. Whilst we’re super happy with the way things turned out, like many brides I think, we’d have given our right arm for a little bit more time to add some extra DIY details, mainly for you guys!

So instead, I’m going to share those bits and pieces of paper pretty with you and maybe you’d like to use them for your own DIY plans.

Martha’s Ranunculas Downloadables

From who other than Martha can you trust to find everything you need?

This DIY stationery template set fitted perfectly with our ranunculas bouquet and (bonus) the colour scheme too. They also come in tulip and rose designs FYI. I only wish we had had time to print ’em out!

DIY Post It Notes

From another of my favourite blogs, Eat Drink Chic, I thought these fitted well with the Pop theme, given their bright colours and cool font of the stamps, but as with everything DIY, they’re totally customisable. Originally created as a valentines surprise for your beloved, I imagined them as cute little table cards, like the ones Charlotte had at her Wedding for guests to pass around. Conjure up your own phrases and don’t be responsible for the outcome!

I’m thinking ‘The Best Man is Hot’, ‘I’m wearing my best Pants’, ‘Mark your Dance Card’ and ‘Will you Marry Me’…

See the whole post here.

So that’s it.

We still love DIY Devotee and so please do send in any projects you would like to share with the RMW commmunity that you have whipped up and as always, if you have any requests jot them down in the comments box and we’ll have a think about what we can do. 🙂

Yours Truly,


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Easter DIY and Inspiration shoot

I don’t know about everyone else around here but I’m just about beside myself at the prospect of the four day weekend. I’m planning some celebrations as some of my friends visit from the South and lots of birthdays coincide, along with a well deserved break. With all this in mind, the glorious weather and plans afoot for spring time festivities, when we got an email from the very lovely Lou over at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings asking if we would like to share some of her recent DIY projects, I was bouncing around like a mad march hare!

Last week Lou celebrated her blogs 1 year birthday and instead of sitting back and counting her successes, she went all out and completely DIY’d her own little Spring inspiration shoot. Flowers, Favours, table runners, cake display, the lot.

And boy is it Pretty with a capital P.

Every single item you see here is budget beautiful and lovingly crafted by Lou’s own fair hand. Even better Lou has been kind enough to give you all instructions on how to re-create some of the elements she slaved over. Obviously this is perfect Wedding Inspiration, but you know what… I am totally planning on re-creating some of these bits and pieces for my Easter table and celebrations! (I’ll send you the pics Lou!)

I’m particularly in love with that little cake topper and her ideas for RMW – customising the egg cups 🙂


So without further ado, I’m going to hand you over to Lou and her DIY tutorials… please make her very welcome ladies!

Hi Rock My Wedding readers!! I’m Lou from {www} and I’m so very excited to be guest posting for you today.

Cake Topper DIY Tutorial

There is a trend at the moment for simple, rustic, homemade-style cakes in the wedding industry and cake toppers are BIG news right now. It’s an easy, cute and quirky way to personalise your day.

There are so many toppers out there to choose from, but this one is very easy, you can completely personalise and adapt it to your taste and wedding theme.

What you need:

Assorted coloured paper

Two paper straws




Scissors/Craft Knife

Print off your selected words in your preferred font, preferably on card.

Draw around your letters onto the paper and cut out using scissors or a sharp craft knife.

Tie one end of your twine or thread to one straw, and start threading your letters onto the thread. Be sure to choose the same height to thread and thread through twice in each letter to ensure the letter lays flat. Be careful, the paper is delicate. You can use card if you wish but it may be harder to make the holes for the thread.

Once the row of letters is in place tie the other end of the thread onto the second straw.

When you start on the next rows of lettering, make sure the thread is shorter; you want the straws to be closer at the bottom and wider at the top for full affect. Also find out the diameter of your cake to make sure it is in proportion.

Now insert the straws into your cake. {Make sure you store the topper safely until your wedding day, a box is best, as it’s very delicate.}

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, it all adds to the ‘look’.

DIY Tin Can Centre Piece Tutorial

I thought for ages about what inexpensive way I could present my flowers in for the shoot. In the end I came up with tin cans, which given a lick of paint are given a whole new lease of life. They are the ultimate eco-friendly, budget and gorgeous centrepiece concept.

What you need:

Assorted Tin Cans

Paint {gloss}



Collect tin cans, different sized cans together look best.

Remove the labels and give them a good wash.

Start painting the cans in your chosen colours or patterns. Warning: I used acrylics and the cans started to rust, we ended up using some gloss paint we had.

Tie around mismatched pretty ribbons and fill them with gorgeous seasonal blooms.

DIY Egg Cup Favours Tutorial

Choosing original and fun favours that your guests will treasure is tricky, but I have the perfect solution for those Spring and Easter weddings…. Egg cups of course!

What you need:

Wooden Egg Cups

Paint {I used acrylics}

Paint Brush



Felt or Fabric




Lightly sand your egg cups, so that the paint sticks well to the cup.
Choose your colours and get painting; a contrasting colour on the inside makes it look really vibrant. You could even paint patterns such as the RMW polka dots!

For the name tags, get some felt or fabric and mark the initial lightly in pencil. Using your needle and thread, create a running stich along the initial. Cut to size. I like the little flag effect at the end, or choose another shape.

Get your twine and fold in two, thread it through the top of the tag and pull the ends through the loop.

Tie around your egg cup. For an extra cute finish why not put a flower head or some sweets in the egg cup?

I put my egg cups on mismatched fabric napkins with doilies on top of my plates to finish, for an extra touch tie some pretty ribbon around the cutlery. Layering really adds to the effect.
And voila, your guests will remember your big day each time they tuck into their boiled egg.

Top {www} Tip: Grab your egg cups cheap from eBay or craft shops.

Have fun and get crafting… your wedding day will have a personal touch, you will save money and of course it will look just divine 😉

Much love

Lou xoxo

Erm, supper pretty no? And are you not impressed by Lou’s dedication to the crafty cause with all this hard work! I hope you’re getting to put your feet up over Easter!

You can head over to {www} and see the whole post Lou did on her DIY inspiration shoot here, but do drop her a comment in the box below too and let us know if you will be using any of these little ideas for your Easter table or indeed big day! 🙂

Yours, Truly Inspired,


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Planning Inspiration from Tigerlily Weddings… Lace Decadence


That is almost all I can say about this afternoon’s post I am so blown away. We have been super lucky and snaffled Penny from Tigerlily Weddings to give us the piece de resistance of the planning posts we started last week with her inimitable, original and fresh wedding inspiration. And let me tell you guys, she blew the brief out of the water.

I’ve spent a few phone calls discussing the post today with Penny working through her ideas, (which were spot on) and I have been so impressed with the amount of work she has put into this for you all. The buzz words we were passing back and forth were the same… fresh, new, interesting, unique, different. So if you’re wondering where Vintage is going… this is the lady to tell you and she’s right here. Give her a warm welcome ladies and get commenting 🙂

New year, new trends yippee, so you can imagine my delight when the fabulous ladies over at Rock my wedding contacted me to predict some 2011 wedding trends for you all I was thrilled.
I have covered two immerging wedding trends that I think will pop this year, I have also added in an “ I love it list” with a few extra little original ideas that you can inject that I could not squeeze on the design boards that will make your weddings look innovative, fun and basically spectacular.
You may not admire my candid approach on this subject but its time for us to shake it up a bit, design is so inspirational and exciting so let’s get creating and make 2011 amazing.

Biscuit Bars

Candy bars have been hugely fashionable over the last few years, but this trend has been exhausted. It’s time for change and for us to move on and embrace the biscuit bar.
I have designed one of one my client’s weddings this year, I have had so much fun working on the design and creating my very own top 10 biscuit chart.

This idea is all about clever biscuit choice and display, you can have so much fun creating your own fabulous designs and it can double up also as a cute sugary favor for your guests if you are being budget conscious.
If you want to add a fun activity in to your wedding why not have an icing station?

Guests can ice their own biscuits which can then be bagged later for them to take home as their very own piece of art.

Another fun dimension to accompany this is to add a flavoured milk shot or milkshake bar to complement your biscuit choices, this is also lots of fun for younger guests.

Vintage Tables

I totally adored the vintage mixed china and country led wedding trend that has been with us over the last few weddings seasons. The vintage look will still be strongly featured this season however I feel this look has evolved with a glamorous edge.

Vintage glam is my prediction for this season which is an exciting mix of old and new. You only need a few select vintage pieces to create this look. The allure of time-worn objects and the appeal of simple are a perfect blend, vintage silver cutlery, vintage china not heavily pattered with a neutral colour and old and new cut glass with soft vintage styled blooms will create an elegant but stylish look.

I also love lose pearls and pearl necklaces strewn within your table design, take a peek at the mood board to see an example of this. So get thrifting to find your hidden treasures that will get your guests gushing about your wedding styling.

Lace Touches

Lace is so versatile and lush to work within your wedding design whether it is lace ribbon being used to tie vintage cutlery or sections of lace fashioned as table runner or hand made napkins. I feel it is a crucial part of constructing this look, it injects such softness and vintage feel to a wedding design which only lace can.

Another simple idea to inject a fun lace detail to the garden environment is lace covering and draping of tress I anticipate this will be big this year.

Photo Booths

The photo booth is still very in vogue, update this by crafting your very own back drop with paper and lace garlands to create this soft photo booth backdrop with texture and personality.

Also this season take a leap and let your booth be about fun and your guests self expression not props. Please tell me you can not look at all these pictures and fall in love?!

I rest my case…

Be a poet… Go on! You know you want to!

Whilst I love pictures of couples holding hearts, the words “Love” & “Mr & Mrs” this is another trend that has been really heavily featured in the wedding press. I feel it makes wedding images look a little unoriginal and blend together when you look at shoots.

What I love about weddings now is the creative freedom couples have to craft and design and push their own beautiful style and personality. I love this charming idea of expressing yourself with your own words or favourite poet or song lyric within your photos, adding another touch of unique and you.

Fabric flowers

Fabric flowers in soft dusky fabrics work so well and blend beautifully with lace and fresh flowers as part of your wedding design and for your personal look.

I will be doing a DIY blog on Rock My Wedding for you all to show you how to fashion your very own, so stay tuned!

Have fun, enjoy and embrace your wedding design with a fresh eye.


Do you Love?

We do, and the good news is that there’s another slice of Tigerlily Heaven coming your way tomorrow… stay tuned for the best yet.

Yours Truly,


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An Ice Cream Dream… Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of this gorgeous London wedding where we get to really share the ice cream dream of a reception complete with paper poms, donuts for a cake and, um, is that a Kylie and Jason Duet?!

Yes folks, it is. Guilty Pleasures coming right up. 🙂

Family Flowers

My mother in law dealt with the flowers and did a brilliant job. She put bay trees wrapped with ribbon on the church steps and made beautiful arrangements for the reception venue.

We also collected vintage tin tea caddies and filled them with flowers for the centerpieces on the tables. The buttonholes were a combination of roses and thistles, because Sam is English and I am Scottish.

We also had a little flower wand for our flowergirl, which she loved!

Mirrorbox Moments

We found out about Mirrorbox Photography because they were recommended to us by my sister. Once we saw their style of photography in their portfolio we knew they were the right choice for us.

We liked the mixture of photojournalism with quirky posed shots and also that they kept posed group shots to a minimum. We also loved the albums they create as part of their package.

Donut Designs

Cake was one of the things I couldn’t care less about, so did nothing about choosing one! Neither of us really like traditional wedding cake.

Sam had the bright idea of doughnuts instead, so the day before the wedding, he and the best man went to a wholesale bakery and collected 120 fresh doughnuts of all flavours. They looked and tasted gorgeous and cost almost nothing.

Also, one of my favourite things was our ice-cream machine! Instead of a dessert, we had a Mister Whippy machine, complete with sprinkles, flakes and three different kinds of sauce.

Everyone could go and help themselves as many times as they liked. I made labels for the different toppings, downloaded from Eat Drink Chic, which is great!

Favour Fantastic

We decided to make donations to two charities, and gave guests pin badges attached to their place cards with an explanation of why we had chosen them. We donated to Macmillan Cancer Support in honour of my mum Dianne who died of kidney cancer two years ago. We found the support of the Macmillan nurses invaluable when she was very ill, and think they provide a wonderful service. We also wanted to remember my mum in as many ways as possible throughout the wedding.

We also donated to Yorkhill Children’s Foundation. Josh, the son of close friends of ours, became very ill when he was only a week old, with blood clots in his kidneys, brain and stomach. He was rushed to Glasgow Yorkhill hospital where they gave him incredible, expert care, and saved his life. Josh is now a cheeky 10 month old who has just had his eight operation, but is still smiling.

Paper and Cotton

We were able to decorate the venue and the marquee ourselves the day before the wedding. We hung bunting (from ebay) and homemade tissue paper pom poms all round the marquee.

The venue provided little tea lights for all the tables, and as already mentioned, we made our own place cards, and used vintage tea tins for the table arrangements.

Piper, Ceilidh and Kylie

We had a piper called Willie to pipe outside the church and at the reception before the meal. He also piped us in to dinner and had a traditional dram of whisky. In the evening we had a mixture of disco and Scottish ceilidh dancing. A friend of mine, Alison taught everyone the dances, and the English people didn’t manage too badly!

Um, well…we don’t have a song. We racked our brains for something romantic, but just couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t wrist-slittingly melancholy or just too cheesy.

So we decided to recreate Kylie and Jason’s ‘Especially for You’ routine from Christmas 1989 Top of the Pops. Yep. We even did the lift…

Advice from a Bride

What made our wedding special was the fact we were joining two families together from two very different parts of the UK and we managed to include traditions from both England and Scotland in the day. What also made it special was actually spending time together. I know that sounds strange but a lot of couples are so busy they barely see each other after the ceremony! We had a half hour drive from the church to the reception – just the two of us in a white London taxi with a bottle of champagne Sam had arranged. Perfect. We also didn’t have a top table, but instead had a table for two, so that we spent the meal talking to each other and letting it sink in that we were hitched at last.

My advice is – don’t put loads of pressure on yourself. All those little details you’re sweating over? Pretty much only you will notice them! Everyone thinks ‘this has to be the best day of my LIFE’ – that’s just too much stress. It’ll be a lovely, fun day, you’ll be married at the end of it, and that’s really all that matters. Also, don’t make your own bunting, you’ll go demented.

Photography – Mirrorbox

Ice Cream Printables – Eat Drink Chic

Favours – be.macillan

Bunting – Funkylicious Parties on Ebay

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m seriously hoping that the Sweetie Bar trend is replaced by an Ice Cream bar trend in 2011! I just love ice Cream. (In fact Charlotte and I were stuffing our faces with it the night before NYE!)

Are you doing something individual on the food front like this or the Donut cake idea? We’d love to hear about it!

Yours Truly,


Mirrorbox Photography are Rock My Wedding Sponsors, however all real weddings are selected on individual merit and no part of this feature is sponsored.

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DIY Devotee… A Verity Special

So this week we have a very special (as requested by lots of you in our impromptu Saturday Survey a few weeks back) Real Bride DIY Devotee. We would love to feature more like this, so I hope this encourages those of you hanging back to send us something in!

Without further ado… the how-to for Verity’s luscious lip and moustach props 🙂

What you need:

Fimo modelling clay – we used black, brown and grey for the moustaches and a sparkly pink for the lips. One pack will usually make two props.

Wooden chopsticks or kebab sticks

Some templates of different shapes

A smooth surface to work on

A knife or other implement with a sharp edge

A bit of creativity and lot of patience!
Get creative!

I used to be obsessed with Fimo when I was a kid. I’d make badges and ornaments for everyone I knew! During our wedding planning, Dean and I came across a few wedding shoots where moustaches had been used (to great effect) and I instantly thought of Fimo. You can actually buy readymade props like this on Etsy, but they cost a fortune compared to making your own and it’s heaps of fun, trust me! Fimo is so easy to work with, we even had Dean’s little boy Chester helping us – he did mini versions for the kids, which were so cute!

I downloaded a template from the Martha Stewart website just to give me an idea of the different shapes we could make. You could also draw your own, or use these photos to base yours on. It does help to have a guide next to you as you work.

For an Imperial style moustache:

Break each Fimo square into two pieces and then warm up one half by kneading it with your hands. You will get some residue on your hands so make sure you don’t have to stop halfway through or you could end up with black marks all over your house!

Once the Fimo is soft enough to model with, start by rolling it on your smooth surface into a sausage shape that’s fat in the middle.

Now lay it down on the surface and make a pinch the middle of the sausage, then turn the edges upwards. The depth of the curve will depend on the style you want to create. Use the back of a knife to smooth and enhance the ‘dip’ in the centre of the sausage. Use the tips of your finger to mould the edges into your desired shape. It might take a few attempts to get the shape right – if you go wrong just squish it back into a ball and start again.

There are a number of ways you can finish the look. Dean made one where he created a ‘hairy’ feel to the moustache using a sharp pin to create lots of hair lines down the sides. I liked using the back of a knife to create wide indents on straight moustaches to create a ‘curtain’ effect. And on the lips, once the shape was complete, I rubbed my finger across the whole surface to create a shiny look, and then used a knife to create vertical lines on the inside edge of the lips. Quite realistic looking I think you’ll agree!

Once you are happy with the shapes, use a chopstick to create a hole in each prop where the chopstick will be inserted. Again, it’s up to you where you put this. On some designs, like the lips, it works better to have the whole in the middle, on others you can put it on the side.

Lay your finished props in an ovenproof dish and bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They will become hard and may change colour slightly upon baking.

Once cooled, attach the chopsticks to the props, using superglue to secure them if required.

Get out a mirror and try them out. If you wind up laughing, job done!

One last tip: be prepared for these wonderful props to go ‘missing’ on the night of your wedding. Many of our friends sent us guilty texts a few days after the wedding saying they’d taken them home, they’d loved them so much. And I know for a fact that our props have been used for at least one hen night and one photo shoot since our wedding. Maybe we should take a few with us on honeymoon…!

Thanks so much to Verity and Dean for the amazing effort they put into this while they were packing for their honeymoon!

Will you be trying this one at home?!

Yours Truly,


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DIY Devotee… A Christmas Special!!!!

So, while you lovely ladies were giving us your Saturday Survey Feedback a couple of weekends ago, I was spending a (slightly prematurely) Christmassy morning with Becky Hay from Blossom. All in the name of improving DIY Devotee for you all, Becky made some fabulous arrangements, starting off with a DIY table center for a Christmas Rustic Wedding. Of course, the best bit is that these translate beautifully to your Christmas Table and we’ll be showing you exactly how-to!

In the interests of making the whole thing even simpler, I also made a short video for you all, so please let us know what you think… (it’s even got Christmas music!)

So lets get started!

What you need

Empty jam jars – any sizes work
Double sided tape
Sections of tartan fabric (or your chosen material or even brown paper style wrapping paper would work)
Dried orange slices
Cinnamon sticks
Floristry scissors
Ribbon scissors
Pinking shears
Florist wires
Small pine cones

Selection of wintry foliage (we used: blue spruce, berried ivy, rosemary, holly, red skimmia, eucalyptus, kochia (the silvery grey foliage), Ilex berry (the hybridised holly which is grown just for berries). Absolutely any foliage you can raid from any garden will work.

Red Anemones
Luxor Roses
Black Baccara roses
Again, any flowers would work with this and you only need a few heads per small vase.

The How-To

1. Place a line of double sided tape around the jam jar.
2. Cover the jar with the tartan fabric, making sure it’s stuck to the tape.
3. Tie the ribbon around the fabric for added security and use the orange slice and cinnamon stick for added decoration.
4. Fill the jar with water.

5. Fill the jar with a mixture of foliage. Make sure you remove all foliage from the base of each stem so that the water remains ‘leaf’ free and clean.
6. Add the berries next so that they don’t get lost amongst the foliage and are clearly visible.
7. Place the flowers through the arrangement, again, taking care to remove any leaves that will fall below the water level.

8. Loop a wire around the base of each cone and twist tightly so that the cone can be easily inserted amongst the foliage and flowers..
9. Arrange the jars in a line up the centre of your table, along a mantelpiece, or in a group in the centre of a round table and scatter the surrounding surface with cones.

Decorating your Christmas table

We thought we would take this a little bit further than we have in the past and look at the whole Christmas table – all the ideas here work well for a winter wedding or for your own home and entertaining come Christmas.

It’s the oldest trick in the book but luxe = lots. Whatever you decide to do to decorate (again, this works in weddings and at home) grouping items that are the same/similar or work together gives a luxurious, plentiful feel. For that reason, don’t scrimp on the candles, tea light holders or in this case, pine cones! Layer up your china, table cloths/runners and pile the plates high with festive cheer.

I completely fell in love with the little clove studded and ribbon-wrapped oranges Becky brought with her, reminding me of Cristingle at primary school. Familiar to you or not, these are easily made, days ahead, and make a gorgeous table setting or scattered around your home, fruit bowl, mantelpieces etc for extra home-made charm, not to mention cute place names.

A few DIY notes!

The full DIY how-to for the jars the flowers are in, is on the video (see below).

The Orange slices used here for the jars can be purchased in craft shops relatively cheaply, however they are just as easy to DIY at home. Slice your oranges into half centimeter slices, dry and place on a baking sheet in the oven at a low temperature (around 100 degrees,) to dry them out – this can take several hours. Allow to cool, and as well as looking great in this DIY they have loads of other uses including decorations for your tree, extra decoration on your gifts or I like to hang them from light fittings and under picture frames.

All the extra decor items are my own, and built up over the years, the Feather wreath is Parlane, the tea lights (ceramic) from Cox and Cox and (the red flat ones) from Ikea. Both the table runner and the napkins are John Lewis.

To make your own Clove studded oranges, simply stud the fruit in 2 lines right the way around it, at right angles to each other. You might wnat to miss out a few where they cross to allow the ribbon to sit better. Next tie the orange up like a parcel, at right angles to the lines of cloves. Tie one knot then under your final bow, insert a stick of cinnamon. Voila!

I really hope this has made you feel extra Christmassy and all fired up to create your own ideas for the festive season, or in fact your winter wedding. Enjoy the video and please come back to view it if you are reading at work! Thank you so much to Becky @Blossom for all her hard work putting this together with me and look out for another winter inspiration table coming soon!

DIY table decor with Becky Hay from Blossom for www.rockmywedding.co.uk.

We are always on the look out for extra reader-inspired DIY projects, so if you have a Christmas project you would like to share, or a winter wedding DIY please send them along (rebecca@rockmywedding.co.uk) and we’ll get them up in the coming weeks. (All we need is some text and accompanying images.)

Time for some mulled wine I think!

Yours Truly,