Easter Wedding Inspiration

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An Easter Parade.


Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like writing everything in capitals? Not because you’re angry or because you want to make a point but because you’re EXCITED.

Today is one of those days. Don’t ask me why…

Perhaps it’s because I’m relishing the bright mornings and the longer evenings (yes even on this grey drizzly Monday). Maybe it’s because the plethora of colour pop and heavily fragranced blooms that stretch as far as the eye can see along country lanes and in green front gardens make me very happy indeed. Or actually (and far more realistically) it’s because the long Easter weekend is on its way with its promise of a chocolate overload or two…

What better then than to share a smidgen of inspiration with you dolls this afternoon inspired by Spring lambs, snuffle-nosed bunnies and Easter chicklets in homage to this frankly awesome time of year. Perhaps it will inspire you in your own wedding decor planning or maybe even provide a few ideas on how to style your Easter lunch…

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La Primavera.


That’s it.

I’ve had it.

I mean enough with the snow already.

I want to see blossom on the trees, waving daffodils in the breeze and feel the sun’s warmth on my face. I mean this time last year the boy actually got sunburnt. We should be experiencing the joys of Spring folks not wallowing in the depths of Winter.

And have you felt that Arctic wind lately? Honestly it chills you to the bone.

And so I feel it is my duty to bring Spring to you gorgeous lot whilst you’re waiting for the Easter bunny to visit you later this week. Because frankly you can’t beat a dollop of love, some pretty pictures and a mountain of chocolate can you*.

In Bloom

Spring is one of my favourite seasons.

In fact I’m as excitable as a three day old lamb waiting for this season’s blooms to hit the flower markets…all those colours…that scent.


I’m of the opinion that Spring actually has the best flowers out of all the seasons – hyacinths, ranunculus, tulips, lily-of-the-valley, lilacs, viburnum, freesias, some of the early roses and peonies to boot. And somehow all those ice-cream shades work perfectly in harmony with one another.

If you’re looking to channel a contemporary Spring wedding vibe then I’d suggest staying with the white and green colour palette with the briefest dash of yellow to add warmth. For the romantic girly types pinks, lilacs and peaches will make your eyes shine.

In Bloom Spring Wedding Floral Flower Inspiration

I’ve yet to attend a wedding where they’ve used blossom or young branches of foliage as their table centrepieces but these images here just show that it so works. It’s worth paying real attention to the vessels of your table arrangements as well as to the blooms to ensure that one doesn’t necessarily outshine the other. For example cut or textured glass provides the perfect backdrop for green branches whereas these blue mason jars really help to make this cherry blossom pop.

Lastly stay loose. No I’m serious. Spring is all about wild bursts of growth so arrangements using Spring blooms always look more beautiful if you opt for a freer, more relaxed style.

The Pastel Pantry

Romantic yet playful colour palettes using peach and green hues are big for weddings this spring. It’s all about having a bit of fun now these dark Winter days are over.

Whereas Mason jars and rambling wild flowers ruled the roost last year, we’re beginning to see the emergence of a more structured approach to this season’s table set-ups. Long runs of wooden tables, such as this arrangement at the top here, are becoming more popular for the wedding breakfast.

Adding fabric runners in floral designs in the place of tablecloths and multiple clusters of seasonal flowers in matching jars is the perfect way to capture that Springtime vibe too.

A Pastel Pantry Spring Table Setting Wedding

Simplicity is key to a successful ‘primavera’ theme. Try utilising softer colour palettes and pairing them up with with lots of texture like weathered wood, broidery anglais fabrics as opposed to lace and natural elements such as trailing branches. It’s all about finding the perfect contrast of the rustic with the pretty.

If you are keen to add more colour, why not add a softly watercoloured table napkin to each table setting or swop plain table chargers for those with a floral pattern.

A Sartorial Springfest

Is anyone else sick of jeans, woolly jumpers and lots and lots of layers right now?

Hmmmm…thought so.

Let this smörgåsbord of sorbet delights be the perfect antidote.

Layers of soft tulle, sheer fabrics and drapery are perfect for Spring brides looking for romantic elegance. I particularly love brides who choose to echo the details of their frock in the way they wear their hair; loose chignons for floaty dresses or more intricate braids for appliqued sequin gowns.

If you’re worried about going overboard in the ‘fairytale princess’ department balance the look by accessorising with a statement necklace in springtime ice-cream shades or chunky golden bracelets.

Sartorial Springfest

We’re also seeing more and more brides opting for coloured gowns a la Jessica Biel. Blush pinks, dove greys and barely there yellows all scream spring-time luxe whilst allowing you to stand out from the crowd too. If you’re not feeling quite that bold why not try something subtler in a silver or golden hue and introduce primavera tones through your accessories instead.

For maids and grooms, minty greens and the softest of blues are popular right now. Keep things light on the male agenda by opting for fitted open shirts rather than sporting the more traditional tie – perfect for the first game of cricket on the lawn. Equally groomsmen in coloured blazers always look particularly dashing too but if they’re a little timid opt for neutral suits with colour-pop pocket squares and bowties instead.

We all know that Spring nights aren’t exactly warm so why not dress your bridesmaids for the occasion in cashmere – soft cable knits with tulle skirts. Who says you can’t be style savvy and dress for the elements too…?

Delicious Decor

Much like ‘The Pastel Pantry’, Spring-time wedding decor is all about tapping into your youthful girly nature. It’s about learning to let go and indulge in your inner child. I mean who doesn’t want to kiss their new husband on their childhood swing…if only mine had looked that pretty.

I’m a particular sucker for paper and foil tassels in candy shades. Whether you use them for your photobooth backdrop, as a canopy over your dessert table or string them from the rafters of your wedding venue you can be sure that they’ll lift your guests’ spirits.

This particular moodboard could so easily be used as inspiration for hen do styling too. Encouraging your best girls to indulge in a bit of piñata action shouldn’t be hard when they look this good and I love the idea of having your maids pose for some snaps with these giant balloons before your big day.

Delicious Decor Wedding Spring Inspiration

Lastly, whilst neon and foiled wedding stationery trends are still going strong we’re also beginning to see a return to a more traditional style albeit with a 21st century twist. This particular invitation suite by Mae Mae Paperie encapsulates the primavera vibe perfectly.

Just look at those gorgeous patterns and swirling fonts.

I die.

So which of you lovely lot are getting married this Spring or perhaps next?

Which colour scheme will you be using in your wedding decor – full on sorbet shades or perhaps the more sophisticated green and white palette?

And what’s your favourite Spring flower? Mine is lily-of-the-valley although I’m looking at a very cheery bunch of daffs as I write and they’re not half bad.

All my love Lolly xxx

*well some Louboutins wouldn’t go amiss…