Ed Peers Photography

Photography by Ed Peers
Blue thistle buttonholes and Charlie Brear wedding dress
Outdoor ceremony under an oak tree in England by Ed Peers Photography
Dress by Charlie Brear at an outside wedding in Wiltshire
Charlie Brear wedding dress with matching bride and groom pink accessories
Black Whistles Bridesmaids dresses and a Charlie Brear wedding dress
Made by hand by the groom himself. Photography by Ed Peers
Bespoke blackboard sign at a wiltshire wedding
Photography by Ed Peers
Photography by Ed Peers
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Zoe & Matthew

I can safely say that I have yet to attend a wedding where the Haka is performed as part of the evening entertainment; equally I’ve never had the chance to sample ‘Chute Hooch’ and as a result I’m experiencing a case of the green-eyed monster this morning.

Because both sound flipping amazing and you can see from the delighted faces of Zoe and Matthew’s guests that they revelled in the chance to enjoy both.

I’m also lusting after the rambling lawns of the private house where this gorgeous pair married under a Mulberry tree on Persian rugs – I mean it really doesn’t get better than that! Check out the gallery below to see all the delicious details on offer.

Oh and I couldn’t go without mentioning Matthew’s mad culinary skills. Ok ok so it helps that he’s a professional chef but making food for all of your guests from scratch at your own wedding elevates him to hero status in my eyes. Total genius.

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Disco Cages And Peach Flavoured Delights In Wiltshire.


For once I’m lost for words with the opening to this morning’s wedding – that of Nina and Daniel who said ‘I do’ by the riverside in Wiltshire.

Why might you ask? Well it’s because this big day is flipping AWESOME, that’s why. There are so many gorgeously creative details that it’s hard to know where to begin. But begin I must, so I’ll start with Nina’s oh so chic and simple bridal gown from Jenny Packham. If there’s one thing I have a bit of a soft spot for lovelies then it’s those brides who choose and are able to carry off the merest slip of a gown for their wedding day and Nina does this with aplomb!

And then there’s ALL the decorative details; I don’t want to give away too much at this point but I will say that there are mirror balls and peach coloured lampshades and disco cages and stars and giant letters and an ACTUAL LOVE TENT.

Yes an actual Love Tent. Cor blimey, it’s enough to make this wedding blog editor hyperventilate!

So whilst I take myself off in an attempt to calm down from the sheer epicness of this big day I urge you to read on dear readers and experience the joy for yourselves.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

An Epic DIY Bohemian Wedding At Ratfyn Farm With A Jenny Packham Dress And A Humanist Ceremony And A Peach Colour Scheme Photographed By Ed Peers._0001

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Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher.

East London Wedding In A Converted Power Station

It’s always a treat to blog a wedding by photographer extraordinaire Mr Ed Peers but when you add an converted power station, a mirror ball, bespoke CD wedding favours and deck chairs into the mix as Sally and Adam did then I can pretty much say that it was if the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa’s elves had all come bearing gifts at once.

Oh and then there’s the amazing short 3D film of Sally and Adam floating in space together.Yes an actual 3D film where you have to wear the funny glasses and everything. Honestly the images of the guests staring at the ceiling (where it was projected onto) in their red and blue specs are some of the best wedding evening photos I’ve seen.

Just wait until you see the four poster bed!

I should also warn you folks that there is a smidgen of nudity in this post. Just a smidgen mind and there’s a funny story behind it too which Sally reveals below.

I for one found it hilarious so I think you folks will too.

Let’s power on then…

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0002

Take One Hydroelectric Power Station

Sally The Bride:We’ve always loved our venue, a restaurant and art gallery in East London, housed in a converted hydroelectric power station. I used to live nearby with friends, and we’d been to a number of exhibitions there, so having it as our reception was a dream! It’s an amazing space; the tables in the restaurant are dotted among the original machinery.

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0003

We held the evening party in the gallery space – a huge, dramatic, cavern. We knew that the party would have to fit around whatever installation was in place, but we were really fortunate that the exhibit was a video installation – we had a huge screen on the ceiling to play with! The venue has so much style and personality there just wasn’t any point creating a theme or adding lots of décor – the building looks amazing just as it is!

A Little Bit Grecian

My dress was from Cymbeline and had with a cowl neck and low back. It felt a bit Grecian but also glamorous in an old-Hollywood way. I’d tried lots of different styles but was completely sold on this dress when the lovely people in Mirror Mirror suggested I pair it with a dramatic silver beaded belt. I had been quite hesitant to go for anything too sparkly, but with the belt, the dress suddenly felt very ‘me’!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0004

A Talented Make-up Artist

I didn’t have an overall look in mind for hair and make-up. Fortunately I found Elbie Van Eeden who was the perfect person to spend your wedding morning with – wonderfully calm and sweet. I showed her lots of pictures of loose, textured, hairstyles and she perfectly translated it into an asymmetric mass of pinned curls, which complemented the 1930s-ish style of my dress without looking like I was dressed for a themed party. I wanted quite natural make-up, and Elbie achieved the near-impossible by making sure it lasted through to the evening on one of the hottest days of the year!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0005

Flame Shoes

The shoes were one (two?) of my favourite things! I was looking for something with a tougher edge than classic satin shoes, and I was so happy when I found the amazing flame-shoes by designer Minna Parikka! It’s a good job we weren’t too strict a particular theme – one of my bridesmaids commented that they were like something out of the movie ‘Grease’ than matching my ‘Grecian’ dress!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0006

My hair accessories were made from the spare ends of my belt – Dolcheka made a beautiful comb and pins from the offcuts. The veil was a piece of net, which Elbie pinned in to my hair.

For jewellery I wore earrings that my parents had bought for my 21st birthday and a diamante cuff that was my Grandma’s – something old for sure!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0007

A Little Black Dress

When Adam picked his suit everything fell into place! I’d dragged my mum and bridesmaids to see so many dresses, but Adam chose and bought his teal Ozwald Boateng suit in about 20 minutes flat! We’d already decided we weren’t aiming for a traditional look, but at that point I knew the bridesmaids would look awesome in the rock’n’roll black dresses we’d all fallen in love with in All Saints. The girls wore colour pop turquoise shoes from Debenhams and (miraculously matching!) belts from Oasis. The boys rented grey suits with teal ties from Burton.

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0008

White Roses

Our flowers were done by Kilburn Flowers, who were fantastically helpful and gave me lots of advice on what colour to put with turquoise! We all had round bouquets of tightly packed roses. Mine was made from three different types of white rose – it smelt gorgeous. We chose a mixture of soft pink and hot pink for the bridesmaids – if they’re wearing black dresses – you may as well go for drama! We also had an arrangement for the church, and one for the back window of the car.

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0009

Sunshine And Strings

We had a string quartet, recommended to us by the Church, comprising of local music students from Trinity Laban. They were fantastic and took requests for the exact music we wanted. I walked down the aisle to the end of the 5th Region of Musique a Grande Vitesse by Michael Nyman. It’s a beautiful, powerful and uplifting piece of music (even if it is about a train journey!) and will remain very personal to us.

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0010

We were lucky enough to have picked the hottest day of the year to get married, so having the sun streaming through the glass back of the church and being surrounded by all of our family and friends was magical. Having them all answer the question about promising to uphold us in our lives together by bellowing out “We will!” was a wonderful way of reminding us how much support there is behind the day and our relationship. I think we spent most of the ceremony just grinning at each other!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0011

Big Girls Blues Band

We really wanted to have a live band and music that would get people dancing. With that in mind, we booked the Big Girls Blues Band who were absolutely wonderful. We met before to discuss how to best handle the acoustics of the venue and on the evening they managed to get pretty much everyone up and dancing, which is no mean feat given how hot it was! For our first dance we went for (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher by Jackie Wilson. We wanted something that would be fun to dance to so we could minimise the risk of awkward swaying!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0012

It was a very hot evening, so people drifted between dancing and sitting outside in the fresh air. There were also cushions and deckchairs scattered around the edge of the dancefloor so people could sit and chat when they needed to! We had a tray service for drinks, which was brilliant because it stopped people congregating at the bar and kept them in the middle of the party!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0013

Cheese And Cocktails

The venue has a wonderful restaurant, so we were very lucky that they took care of all of the delicious food and drink. Guests were greeted with selection of cocktails and canapés. The cocktails certainly went down very quickly on such a hot day, and we think this contributed to how enthusiastically everyone danced later!
For the meal we had big platters of food to share – a rack of lamb with loads of different vegetables for the main. It made the whole atmosphere a bit more convivial with people sharing food and talking to everyone around the table.

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0014

After the main course, the evening guests arrived and we had speeches in the restaurant. It was lovely and informal with people sat on the old machinery to get a better view! We headed downstairs post-speeches and everyone helped themselves to dessert. It meant that the evening guests felt part of the party straight away. Our ‘cake’ was a stack of cheeses decorated with grapes. Later in the evening these cheeses were carved up and served with chutneys and fruit as our evening snack.

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0015

Musical Favours

We used a series of photos taken from our holidays as table centres. We framed them and stuck the name of the place at the top in scrabble tiles ordered from eBay. Even though it’s been done quite a lot of times as a plan for table names, the photos add a nice personal touch, and the act of making them together was a fun part of the preparation.

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0016

We were very lucky in having a lot of talented friends who helped out with anything creative and artistic to make up for our own lack of skill! For our invitations, a friend of ours who is a keen photographer took the photos, which were then turned into our gorgeous invitation by another friend who is a graphic designer. The printing of the invitations and orders of service was then done by another one of our friends, Tim at South Bucks Business Products. Our favours were a series of CDs with our favourite music on them, printed by my dad. One of our bridesmaids designed a stamp, which we used to decorate plain CD cases. We wrote the guests’ names on the cases, and they doubled up as place cards.

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0017

Surprise Surprise

We didn’t want to do anything too contrived, but still wanted to have the odd surprise up our sleeve. We were fortunate to be introduced to a 3D artist by the venue. He put together an amazing short 3D film of us floating in space together. It was great to see everyone’s bemusement on being handed 3D glasses turn into gasps and smiles when the film played and it looked like our heads popped out of the ceiling!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0018

We also wanted a dramatic exit to the day rather than having a long series of goodbyes. Everyone was gathered upstairs under the pretext of a ‘survivors’ photo only to see our wedding car, a beautiful old Jaguar-Daimler hired with lovely chauffeur from the Classic Car Club in Old Street (http://www.classiccarclub.co.uk/home.asp), reverse through a giant cargo door into the middle of the room. We quickly jumped inside and waved our goodbyes out the window!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0019

Aside from what we had planned, a few other surprises just happened along the course of the day! Perhaps the most amusing was when we were having photos taken with the wedding party just by the Thames – a topless swimmer, complete with inflatable dolphin, jumped out of the river and photobombed one of our pictures! She then shouted out “congratulations!” and ran back to the river. The photo still shocks people looking through the wedding album!

It’s a massive cliché, but the day really does go by remarkably quickly. It’s worth trying to take a bit of time out together just to relax and chat. We found it impossible to speak to everyone that came, but were just so happy that all our friends and family are there and having a good time!

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0020

The Talented Mr Peers

We were incredibly lucky to have the fantastically talented Ed Peers as our photographer. Ed has incredible vision, managing to unobtrusively document key moments as well as being extremely friendly and fun to have around. He immediately understood what we wanted – minimum fuss with the official photos and lots of pics of our guests enjoying the day – and he managed to capture everything, including a few things we missed! Having Ed there from the morning preparations all the way through until when we left was fantastic, and he caught all the special moments of the day from start to finish.

A hip city wedding held at an power station art gallery in East London with a Cymbeline 1930s inspired dress and a white rose bouquet with photography by Ed Peers._0021

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Boutique – Mirror Mirror
Dress – Cymbeline
Make-up and Hair – Elbie van Eeden
Florist – Kilburn Flowers
Band – Big Girls Blues Band
Car Classic Car Club
Photography – Ed Peers Photography

So how many of you are sitting with your mouths agape at the sheer blinking coolness of this wedding. Hang on, is ‘coolness’ even a word?

Hell who cares.

All I know is that I want my very own 3D film, Sally’s gorgeous Rose bouquet and a vintage Jaguar-Daimler in my possession.

Like now already.

Congratulations you two – you most definitely rocked it!

All my love Lolly xxx

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Harpers And Hays.

Ed Peers Wedding Photography

When I knew I’d be blogging this beauty of a wedding by the lovely Ed Peers I whooped, hollered and clapped my hands with glee…I may also have done a little prance and a jig around RMW HQ.

In the depths of the Cotswolds countryside at the rustically chic venue that is Cripps Barn, the Harpers and the Hays convened together to celebrate one of the most exquisitely themed weddings I have ever come across.

I don’t say that lightly folks.


This wedding is a dream.

Using a achingly hip and sophisticated colour palette of black, off-white, gold and nude, Liz and Jordan pulled off one of the most gorgeously designed weddings I’ve ever seen. There are brilliant pieces of signage, bespoke stickers (why don’t more weddings have stickers??!!), wonderful table settings, superb stationery and a choreographed dance to one of my favourite songs.

And frankly any bride that wears a dark nail as part of her beauty look scores serious style points in my book.

I so would have loved to have been a guest at this wedding…

Cripps Barn Wedding Venue Cotswolds UK Miu Miu Nude Wedding Shoes

Common Ground

Liz The Bride:Our wedding, both the ceremony and reception, was held at Cripps Barn in the Cotswold countryside. Despite growing up some 8,000 miles apart on different continents, both of us have grandparents who loved the area and we wanted to get married somewhere peaceful (away from the hustle and bustle of London life), so it felt like good common ground for both Harpers and Hays.

The venue itself is a lovely old barn with a small glade in the grounds that can hold ceremonies and it really felt right as soon as we saw it, which was lucky as Jordan saw it for the first time after the deposit had been paid.

We wanted somewhere that felt relaxed and informal – and that people could enjoy being outdoors but that wouldn’t be a complete disaster if the weather didn’t hold out (we actually set up to have the ceremony indoors as well as outdoors, only making the final decision half an hour before we were due to start).

Simple And Elegant

I wanted to keep my overall look simple and elegant – I had really good advice that your wedding day should be an extension of yourself and your style so I avoided going for a whole new look.
I did however spend a small fortune on beauty treatments but it meant that on that day I felt really good – it was really well worth it.

Amanda Wakeley Chic Wedding Gown Contemporary Birdcage Veil

I found a local make-up artist and was due to have my trial the day before. We were really short on time and ended up cancelling the trial – so I was a little nervous on the day that I hadn’t had the chance to test my make-up look. Luckily Justine was so experienced and calm – and got it perfect on the day.

A friend very kindly helped me with my hair – as the wedding was in the countryside I wanted it natural and loose.

Dress Stresses

I had quite a journey trying to find the perfect wedding dress. From trying on dresses in NYC, Stockholm, Paris and just about every boutique in London to spending days searching on-line to no avail. Eventually I spotted a couture dress that matched my idea and decided to have it made – which was disastrous and a very expensive exercise, leaving me dress-less, tearful and very stressed three weeks before the wedding!

Cue: Amanda Wakeley. Who I swear not only saved the day but the wedding itself!

I called them up in tears – they let me come over immediately, popped a glass of prosecco in my hand to calm the nerves and pulled out a range of beautiful dresses they had in stock. I picked the one that fitted best. At this point I was just desperate to have anything to wear. I was by no means a fussy bridezilla but I spent so long looking for something that I would feel like a bride in and that also suited me. I really believe that at the end of the day the dress chose me – it was absolutely perfect! I am still so grateful to the team at A.W.

Cotswolds Wedding Inspiration Amanda Wakeley Wedding Dress Modern Contemporary Simple Cripps Barn Wedding

The very first thing I bought was the veil, spotted on Etsy, then I treated myself to a pair of Miu Miu’s– luckily they worked with the dress!

I wore my grandmothers’ rings – in remembrance of them – and earrings from my mother that were given to her on the day I was born.

Sartorial Sophistication

The groom had it easy (thanks to some good planning he says) and wore a blue grey suit from Reiss personal tailoring (a really great, quality service), a white shirt by Hentsch Man, tan brogues from Grenson and a knitted silk tie and pocket square, both by Lanvin.

We wanted to avoid the tradition of bridesmaids and instead recruited a number of close friends to support us on the day. We didn’t want to put them all in the same dress as we wanted each to wear something that was their own style. They chose brilliantly and (I’m sure not by luck) looked fantastic as a group.

A Strong Brand

Having a bride who also happens to be a creative director certainly had its benefits. On the day it was noted that our wedding was more heavily branded than the Olympics (I think it was the customised black pencils (produced by Steve at Grove Promotions) with a gold foil stamped HarperHay logo that prompted that remark).
The colour scheme was black, off-white, gold and nude and all decorations were assembled over the course of several months, piece by piece. From my aunt Sue hand-sewing the runners from her house in Pretoria, to my mom spending far too many early mornings down at Covent Garden flower market buying vases, candles and twigs (with some flowers thrown in for good measure).

Cripps Barn Wedding Venue Cotswold Countryside Wedding Inspiration

I dread to think how much time we spent planning, making mood boards, buying big cardboard letters and then gilding them at home and ordering coloured straws and string from the internet… it was all worth it though as we couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.

Guru Guidance

I had a moodboard for every aspect of the wedding – this really helped giving guidance to suppliers. Katie was absolutely brilliant in translating what I wanted and worked tirelessly for two days to get the arrangements and bouquets done. My mother and aunt got stuck in too and the end result was fantastic. I went for a simple bouquet of white tulips. My mother is also a guru with decorations, designing and hand-making the wreaths that hung in the barn – it was the perfect finishing touch.

Short And Sweet

We very deliberately kept the ceremony short and sweet, with no readings, poems, songs or personalised vows. Our guests assembled in the glade outside while the groom prayed to a god he doesn’t believe in for the dark clouds on the horizon to stay just where they were. The Gloucestershire registrar was really wonderful when explaining and introducing the formal parts of the ceremony and it all seemed to whizz by in a flash.

Blackboard Wedding Table Plan Cripps Barn Cotswolds Antlers

Our favourite moment was almost certainly the sun coming out of nowhere just as we said ‘I do’, kissed and sat down to sign the register, though being surrounded by eager amateur paparazzi as we sat down was more than a little disconcerting.

Top Shelf Jazz

We spent a lot of time trying to decide whether to have a band or not and almost left the decision too late. We went for one in the end as we wanted a focal point once the meal was over to stop everyone drifting for hours and to keep some momentum in the day. There’s nothing worse than a party petering out when everyone has a full stomach.

Not one for traditional wedding bands, we were lucky to hire a slightly risqué outfit who go by the name of Top Shelf Jazz to get everyone moving and shaking. It worked.

Wedding Table Setting Antlers Cloche Modern Rustic Contemporary Pom Pom Installation

After the band, the wonderful Sacha Dieu slaved late into the night playing a mixture of Jazz, blues and a few of our own selections. There was a small hiatus when we got the whole party to mimic Derrick Tuggle’s rather unique moves to The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy (we’d already set everyone the homework of brushing up on the dance in our invites) and once that was done everyone danced late into the night!

Informal Dining

We had an informal dinner…

We wanted the dinner itself to be informal: bench seating with no seating plan (apart from a table reserved for the bride, groom and close family), no ‘courses’ (per se) and no silver service. Luckily for us, the venue’s own catering team specialises in this kind of food so we had huge sharing platters of mediterranean antipasti (from prosciutto and melon to marinated peppers, olives, bread and various other delicious nibbles).

White Tulip Bridal Bouquet Miu Miu Nude Wedding Shoes

For our ‘main’ we had some beautiful local lamb, cooked over the on-site barbeque and served with roast potatoes and salad — each platter came with carving implements so everyone could decide the size of their own portion. Desert came in the form of pavlovas the size of briefcases to be shared amongst the tables. It was a simple and absolutely delicious meal.

Reiss Grey Groom's Suit Tie Pin White Tulip Bouquet

Again avoiding tradition we decided not to have a wedding cake but my parents surprised us with a copy of our wedding logo in the form of a cake! We were so thrilled and enjoyed something a bit unusual. Jordan’s mum kindly made her delicious shortbread biscuits – which are a favourite of ours – served with coffee – those personal touches helped to make the day so special.

Paper Pretty

It was difficult to restrain on stationery but as the day job is time consuming it was a bit of a task getting time to do bits for the wedding. I think we had a good balance of not going overboard while being playful in what we had time to do. I had great fun indulging in designing our invitations. Our pom-pom installation was the highlight and a great centerpiece to the reception room.

Cripps Barn Wedding Venue Cotswolds Countryside

Invest In Your Suppliers

Do make sure you have good suppliers – it’s sometimes worth paying that little bit extra to ensure that you get what you want.

Rustic Wedding Venue Cotswolds Fairy lights Festoon Lighting

Our photographer can’t come with enough recommendations – I normally hate being photographed but Ed made us feel so relaxed and didn’t intrude at all on the day. The photos are our biggest reward from the day and captured just how it was.

We were very lucky to be surrounded by family and friends that helped us achieve our perfect day. Do take the time and effort to make the details personal to you as a couple and do things the way you want to be and not to fit expectations. Everyone commented on how our wedding was so unique to us and a perfect and happy celebration of who we are as a couple and after all that really is what it’s all about – celebrating the union of two people making a life-time promise in front of the people they love and care about.

Wedding Sticker Branding Bespoke Ed Peers Wedding Photography

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Venue – Cripps Barn
Dress – Amanda Wakeley
Make-up – Pink Gloss
Groom Reiss
Florals – katiecochrane7@gmail.com
Cake – Cake Rush
Jazz Band – Top Shelf Jazz
DJ – Sasha Dieu
Photography – Ed Peers Photography

That picture of Jordan carrying Liz off into the sunset…I know, you die too right?

All my love Lolly xxx

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Love Is A Rose.

When Ant and Vicky started searching for their venue for their wedding in July earlier this year they had three specifications.

Firstly that the venue ooze a laid-back atmosphere.

Secondly that it convey a ‘country feel’ for their guests.

And lastly, that it be on a farm or in a barn.

When they finally found Upwaltham Barns, they immediately fell in love and didn’t look back.

And lovelies, when you see this delicious array of images below, all captured by the wonderful Ed Peers, you’ll completely understand why.

We have a bride swathed in cappuccino coloured lace, a dapper groom complete with pipe, clouds of gyp and an adorable breakdancing youngster.

What’s not to love?

Cappuccino Lace

I’ve never been a really girly girl and originally was determined not to be a bride who spent huge amounts on a dress. I bought one online and when it arrived it was beautiful, but I never really felt comfortable in it and it didn’t make my mum cry (she cries at everything).

I reluctantly booked a few appointments at wedding dress shops and stumbled upon the gem that is Bridal Rogue Gallery in central London. The minute I walked in they made me feel comfortable and it was much more fun than I expected.

I had always liked lace and when I tried on their ‘Simone’ dress in cappuccino I loved it. Return trips with more bridesmaids and a suitably teary mum confirmed my choice and I joined the legions of brides who overspent on the dress, but didn’t regret it for a second.

A Most Prized Possession

My most prized piece of jewellery was a ring that belonged to my grandmother. It had particular sentimental value as a year before my parents had been burgled and all of the jewellery my mum had inherited from my grandmother was stolen, apart from this one ring which, thankfully, she had with her at the time. It meant a lot to me to be able to wear it.

For my headpiece the ladies at Bridal Rogue Gallery helped me out by taking the appliqué from a Filippa Scott ribbon bracelet I liked and putting it onto a band for me.

When it came to shoes I didn’t want anything too high. Ant and I are roughly the same height so I didn’t want to tower over him and am rubbish at walking in skyscrapers anyway. I got a pair of ‘Anya’ from Rachel Simpson in mink suede with gold detail that went really well with the dress.

They were so comfortable I wore them all night long.

The bridesmaid’s dresses were much harder to find then I ever imagined. Although we didn’t have a set colour scheme for the day I decided I wanted them to match the colour of the flowers, so we were looking for a pale pink. A few options were tried and swiftly returned and thankfully my lovely maids were very patient with me.

On one, slightly panicked, shopping trip just a few weeks before the day I did my best impression of Supermarket Sweep and tore round a department store grabbing anything in the correct hue. One of these was from Almost Famous and it looked stunning on all of them. It was such a relief, and they matched the flowers perfectly. They teamed them with nude shoes and did their own hair and make up.

A Family Affair

I decided to have quite natural make up in pinks and browns which went nicely with my dress and flowers. My make up was done by Arabella Hewitt who did a fantastic job of keeping me calm in the morning and was great fun to be around. I discovered Arabella when talking to her mum Meera who runs Full Bloom and did our flowers, so we kept it as a real family affair.

When we had discussed flowers Ant and I both liked the idea of keeping them fairly informal and having a country style element to them. We met Meera from Full Bloom at an open day at the barns and she had an example of a Memory Lane Rose buttonhole with her.

We loved the slightly vintage look to it and felt it would fit the style of our day, it was combined with some Gypsophila and Rosemary for my bouquet, the bridesmaids just had Gypsophila. They did such an amazing job, the flowers were absolutely stunning.

Winklepickers And Polka Dots

Ant wanted to get the best man, ushers and my dad a suit to keep, so from the outset we were looking to buy rather than hire. With 5 suits to find it wasn’t easy and Ant spent a lot of time pouring over various websites. In the end he managed to do an amazing job and got them all three piece suits in the Austin Reed sale.

They teamed them with winklepickers and polka dot cravats in different colours with Ant tying it together with a multi coloured number. He looked incredibly handsome, which made walking down the aisle much easier!

A True Classic

One of my favourite things about the day was my gorgeous car. My dad has always had a thing for Jaguars so when I found a vintage E-type for hire from Vanilla Classics I just had to get it. It was nice to just have the two of us in the car going to the venue and, even though it was only a short journey, he loved driving it.

A Self-Confessed Camera Geek

Photography was always very important to us, it’s the one thing you keep forever and we wanted to get it right, plus I am a bit of a camera geek. Neither of us are fans of staged photos and when we found Ed Peers we thought he would understand what we wanted. Meeting him confirmed all that and really put us at ease.

A number of guests have commented that they hardly noticed he was there, he blended in so well. The pictures he took of people laughing and enjoying themselves are exactly how we wanted to remember the day. I cannot thank him enough!

If Music Be The Food Of Love…

Music is a big thing for both of us, but more so Ant who is usually found with a guitar in hand.

Even our reading, read brilliantly by Ant’s sister Laura, was the lyrics from Bob Dylan’s ‘Wedding Song’. For the first dance Ant let me have one of my all time favourites – The Traveling Wilbury’s ‘Handle With Care’.

Ant wanted to make sure that we had the right music on the day and a band that could keep everyone dancing.

He found The Tumbling Dice and they had just the sort of set list we were looking for with a mixture of old and newer rock n roll, something for everyone but no cheese! They were perfect and had the dance floor packed all night long.

We also had a brilliant blues player called Lou Glandfield, again found by Ant, who played in the courtyard after our ceremony. Everyone loved him.

Music very quickly became the theme of our day and once it did everything seemed to fall into place. We made our own invites which were made to look like CD covers with a picture of us at Glastonbury on the front. I made table confetti from old music paper and we had different flavour cider’s to drink after the ceremony which gave it a festival vibe.

Continuing the music theme we named our tables after all our favourite artists with the top table being Neil Young. I also walked down the aisle to his song ‘Love is a Rose’. Neil Young is an obsession Ant inherited from his dad, who passed away last year. It was really hard not to have him there but good to know he would have loved those choices.

For our favours we decided to do CD’s with songs from the day so our guests had memories to take away with them. We found a brilliant company online called Band CDs who make CD’s to look like mini vinyl. We created two CD’s, A sides, chosen by Ant and V sides by me, which we burnt at home one (very long) evening.

Without doubt our biggest stroke of genius came when we were trying to think of ideas for a photo booth in the evening. We really wanted one but didn’t have the budget to stretch to another photographer. So we decided to make a DIY version. Ant made a screen that we set up in the garden of the venue and I collected a number of different film cameras from Ebay. The light bulb moment came when we decided to tie it into the music theme and ‘The Beatles Booth’ was born.

A few Sgt Pepper costumes and inflatable guitars later you couldn’t drag people away from it and the pictures are brilliant.

All The Colours Of The Rainbow

We weren’t sure what to have for a cake but wanted to make it a bit different. I saw a picture of a rainbow cake and thought they were a really fun alternative and Ant agreed. A friend of ours, Lauren Prater, made us a two tier cake with cupcakes as well. She really surpassed herself and not only did it look stunning but it was delicious!

I loved the fact that with a plain exterior everyone got a surprise when we cut it open to reveal the colours! I had also seen examples homemade cake toppers and thought it would be a nice touch so bought a kit from Goose Grease on Etsy and spent a fun Saturday sat in the garden painting them to look like us and making miniature bunting.

When Life Hands You Lemons

The one slight disaster we experienced happened two days before the big day. Ant’s mum had booked coaches for the return journey to our hotel and out of the blue received an email to say the company had gone bust.

Thankfully our lovely friends and Ant’s mum hit the phones and internet and found an environmentally friendly bus company that runs its vehicles on waste cooking oil. And so we ended the night on ‘The Big Lemon’ bright yellow bus and wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Boutique – Bridal Rogue Gallery

Make-Up – Arabella Hewitt

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Bridesmaid Dresses – Almost Famous

Ushers Suits – Austin Reed

Photographer – Ed Peers

Blues Singer – Lou Glandfield

Live Music – The Tumbling Dice

Venue – Upwaltham Barns

Florist – Full Bloom

Car – Vanilla Classics

Favours – BandCDs

Cake Toppers – Goose Grease

Guest Transport – The Big Lemon

So folks, what do you think?

I, for one, am completely in love with Vicky’s beautiful coffee-coloured frock; it is exquisite and the back detail is to die for. I’m also secretly lusting after Ant’s three-piece suit especially the polka-dotted cravat – it would make the most awesome hairband.

And I also adore how both Vicky and Ant almost carried their Beatles photo booth theme all the way through to their guests’ transport…a yellow bus. Well it’s impossible to get a yellow submarine these days…

Proof that even if things don’t work out according to plan at the last minute, it doesn’t mean that everything is lost.

As my grandma used to say, things have a funny way of working themselves out.

All my love Lolly xxx

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The Belles Of London.

City Weddings are my thing. So when a London wedding drops our way it’s usually me raving about it and jumping up and down like a little child. Imagine Charlotte at some kind of Louboutin Warehouse half price sale… that’s me and city weddings.

Of course the photography has to be spot on (in steps Ed Peers… Check!) The venue has to be fan-blimmin-tastic (The Swan @ The Globe anyone?.. Check Check!) And finally the wedding has to have that certain something… That RMW edge. It’s not always an easy quality to quantify… but this big day has it by the bucket load. Check Check Check! And so let us begin…

A Room With A View.

Dan & Jen were married in July 2011 in the Balcony Room at The Swan @ The Globe. They selected the Swan for its wonderful styling and its eclectic collection of old furnishings and modern features which provided exactly the type of intimate space they wanted to marry in.

Polka Dots.

You are probably aware by now that we are just a tiny bit obsessed with dots at RMW. Jen’s dress was made by Lyn Ashworth which was matched with a quirky polka dot veil by Joyce Jackson. Simply Ace
She wore flat ivory peep toes from Rainbow Club.

Jen had an amazing beauty team that she would recommend in a heartbeat. Vicki Lord was on hair duty and Lucy Jayne was the make-up artist.

Fresh Flowers.

The Bridal party flowers were Sarah Bernhardt Peonies and were provided by the Fresh Flower Company in East Dulwich London.

High Street Honey’s.

The Bridesmaid dresses were from Debenhams and the groomsmen wore their own choice of suit in navy blue to tie in with the groom. Dan wore a navy blue suit from Dune.

Avoiding The Traditional.

After looking through a lot of portfolios, Jen and Dan stumbled across Ed Peers Photography. As soon as they saw Ed’s work they knew that he was the only one they wanted. Ed Peers avoids traditional, and overly romantic photographic styles to create unique, editorial style wedding images.

All In The Detail.

Jen and Dan decided upon a 2 tier fruit and chocolate cake and this was created by Jen’s auntie Carol. During dinner the guests were entertained by Jose Albela on acoustic guitar and by dixie land jazz bad Dan Darling Dan and his lovely chaps later in the evening.

A Touch Of Antique.

The venue was decorated with antique style birdcages on the tables with candles alight inside. Silk flowers and butterflies created the modern romantic feeling that Jen set out to achieve. Jen new the look that she was going for and Emma at the Swan did a wonderful job of making it happen on the day.

Venue – The Swan @ The Globe

Photographer – Ed Peers Photography

Dress – Lyn Ashworth

Veil – Joyce Jackson

Shoes – Rainbow Club

Hair – Vicki Lord

Make-up – Lucy Jayne

Groom – Zara

Blooms – Fresh Flower Company

A city lovers delight then, I love all the simple touches like the monotone bouquet, Jen’s simple floral headpiece and that polka dot veil is RMW-tastic!

Ed Peers photography is a joy to behold. His witty style (love the group-shot-interrupted-by-a-runner) really emphasise how much fun everyone is having.

If I had been in that shot though, I would have probably started lashing out at the passers by… the guests at this wedding are clearly all far more patient than I.


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Rock My Wedding Sponsor… Ed Peers Photography

Introducing… Ed Peers.

Hello. My name is Ed, I’m 29, married to my awesome wife Beth and I’m also pretty passionate about documenting life with my camera… I simply love the way a camera can capture a moment, an atmosphere, an emotion, a memory. Weddings are such awesome occasions and I thrive on capturing and telling the story of a couples special day through a series of photographs.

I’m currently located in Surrey on the edge of London – I was raised in the country, but love the city, so for me, the location is perfect! I always loved a good view from my window. I also love to travel, so living 15mins from Heathrow is ace. In terms of my wedding coverage I will travel absolutely anywhere. The World is a beautiful place and I’m determined to explore as much of it as possible. Next year I am traveling to Italy, Costa Rica and Mexico to photograph weddings… I’m living the dream!

I’m not very good at describing my “style”. For the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot and been involved with a lot of awesome projects with good friends, my camera with me at all times, and so I guess I have developed a documentary approach. Hopefully people find my photography authentic and creative. I like to observe and not meddle. I like to do something a little different, find a new angle, challenge my creativity, and I apply this to my wedding photography.

I’ve tried to keep my wedding pricing simple and inclusive. Coverage starts at £1750 and includes unlimited photography on the day – I don’t want to miss a thing and I don’t want my clients to have to worry about time on one of the biggest days of their life. Also included is a disc of hi-resolution edited images and an online gallery to share with friends and family. I also have some killer albums that are optional.

There are so many things that I love about photographing weddings! For one I think marriage is awesome and to photograph a wedding is a privilege. I love working with clients and delivering something of quality that I know is so important to them. I love that every wedding is different. I love seeing new things and meeting new people. I love the challenge of always delivering no matter what. I just love to take good photos…

Ed Peers is a Rock My Wedding Sponsor.