Fishley Hall

Grace Loves Lace Edie Fringe Wedding Dress | Darina Stoda Photography Pin Image

Grace Loves Lace Edie Fringe Wedding Dress for an Outdoor Ceremony at Fishley Hall

Well, this is a little slice of wedding wonderfulness to start your week off right. Taking centre stage is RMW favourite designer, Grace Loves Lace, and a stunning Edie fringe wedding dress complete with cut out back. It suits petite bride Christie to perfection and is seriously swoony. Groom Ben and his boys are also on point, in their gorgeous dark suits with bow ties and braces. This wedding has class. This wedding has style. And this wedding has an epic sparkler send off. We love.

Stacey & Carl by Luis Holden Pin Image

Stacey & Carl

Stacey & Carl’s wedding day is a family, foliage and festoon filled day of fun. The couple simply gathered their nearest and dearest, chose a venue they could truly make their own and threw one hell of party. Sounds easy right?! Behind the scenes, the whole family got involved in shaping their special day, and it’s clear that bride Stacey has a fabulous eye for detail. They’ve made the already gorgeous Fishley Hall look even more magical, which is no mean feat.

Images come from Luis Holden, whose relaxed style is perfectly in keeping with Stacey and Carl’s big day. As well as the all important couple shots, he has captured some gorgeous images of guests just hanging out having fun, which is exactly how you want your wedding day to be remembered…

Carly & Leon Pin Image

Carly & Leon

Would you have a surprise wedding? I’ve never even considered it before, but that’s exactly what YouTube fitness vloggers Carly & Leon did…and it looked flippin’ awesome! I definitely think more people should do it. I also think more people should have a Nandos van at their wedding. I mean who doesn’t like Nandos?! I can’t think of a better food to serve hungry dancing guests.

How did the pair manage to pull off such an epic surprise? Well I’ll let them tell you that, but first of all I’ll set the scene. Guests arrived at the stunning Fishley Hall expecting to celebrate the couples joint 30th birthday. Little did they know…