Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

Stunning Aisle Decor Wedding complete with Homemade Flower Arch, Boho Lace Bride Dress and Floral Bridesmaid Dresses in Dorset By Steph Newton Photography Pin Image

Stunning Aisle Decor Wedding with Homemade Flower Arch & Yolan Cris Wedding Dress

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this stunning aisle decor wedding for the equally breathtaking Annie & Duncan?! With homemade touches, thanks to a little help from her mother, the bride saw her floral vision come to life. A DIY flower arch and flower crowns, a homemade wedding cake and those floral bridesmaid dresses, everything just worked so well together! And do we need to mention the aisle flowers again?! Simply stunning!

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses Pin Image

Blue Floral Bridesmaid Dresses for a Marquee Wedding with Wildflowers

BUDGET £32.5 – 35K

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the bridal party’s floral bridesmaid dresses match the cheery atmosphere of this marquee wedding perfectly. As do the immense wildflower hanging installation and milk churn arrangements which I’m sure will make their way onto your Pinterest board as you swoon over this stunning Summer wedding.

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Zee & Alex

Preparations for this DIY bohemian wedding started by clearing out the cow sheds at Bride Zee’s parents home for the fabulously creative barn reception.
The styling, decor and details were all carried out by the couple or their super talented family and friends. The wild flower arrangements were all courtesy of Zee’s grandmothers amazing floristry skills, and lovely friends stepped up and made the dream catchers hanging in the tress at the outdoor ceremony.

The gloriously heartfelt ceremony took place in the garden under a foliage arbour with the guests seated on haystacks. Zee looked a picture amongst the natural setting in a flower crown and boho lace gown by Spell and the Gypsy, as did her maids in floral dresses by Auguste.

Can we also talk about the breathtaking couples portraits by Nigel John, the one of Zee’s billowing veil literally made me gasp it was so beautiful. Plus there are pineapples, festoon lights and pure joy every where you look.

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Freya & Nick

The love, fun, laughter and sentimental nature of this ‘at home’ tipi wedding literally fills your soul it is so beautifully captured by Barney Walters Photography.

There’s homemade cakes, stunning floristry from the bride and her mum, and some truly amazing outdoor sets ups, including hanging gin bottles, grand pianos and wooden dressers.

The evening culminates in the bride and groom challenging one another on the dance floor to beer pong and the bridal party taking to the neighbouring fields for some serious squad goal snaps.

You ready to have your mind blown? Thought so.

Rachael & Mark by Chris Barber Photography Pin Image

Rachael & Mark

One thing you won’t be able to stop doing whilst looking through this lovely collection of images by Chris Barber Photography is smile. Rachael & Mark are the most adorable couple and are literally beaming from ear to ear the whole time, as are their guests.

The bright colour scheme and laid back vibes will bring you pure joy, as will the fabulous fashion and florals. I love that Rachael had her gown tailor made, the ankle length hem is perfect for showing off her beautiful shoes, and the bridesmaid floral frocks are delicious.

Now who’s ready to delve into this city wedding…?

Sian & Robin by Irene Yap Weddings Pin Image

Sian & Robin

Irene Yap Weddings I applaud you, because the image of groom Robin standing at the altar waiting for his bride Sian literally speaks a thousand words. I swear I can feel the exact same butterflies, love and anticipation as him, and as soon as I saw that image I couldn’t wait to see more.

Not only will you go on an emotional journey at this fabulous city wedding, but you will also be mesmerised by the stunning St Stephen’s Trust, deconsecrated church venue. It screams elegance, history and looks like it was the perfect place to celebrate such a lovely union.

Now on to bride Sian’s exquisite Inbal Raviv gown, which I thought was not only elegant, but incredibly stylish with its cutaway midriff, almost giving the illusion of bridal separates. Her maids look just as beautiful in floral gowns and matching them perfectly are the sumptuous red blooms by Panache Flowers.

Emily & Sam by Lush Imaging & Mrs Mash Up Films Pin Image

Emily & Sam

There’s nothing like a gorgeous sunny day to put a smile on your face, and this spectacular destination wedding has had me beaming from ear to ear.

First up an intimate ceremony at San Galgano Abbey, which used to be a monastery in the 15th century before the roof collapsed in the 17th century leaving it as it is today, a totally mesmerising place to get married. Next up was the dreamy outdoor reception in the Tuscan hills at Villa Podernovo with festoons lighting up the dance floor and highlighting the reception as well as all their guests happy faces.

Both Lush Imaging and Mrs Mashup films are members of our hand picked wedding supplier directory The Love Lust List, so you know you’re in for a treat.

Laura & Carl by Paolo Ceritano Pin Image

Laura & Carl

We love hearing our real brides find their photographers on our very pages, especially when the results are as stunning as this outdoor Italian wedding by Paolo Ceritano. It’s the perfect mix of countryside, emotion and pretty and I can’t wait for you to see it.

The outdoor ceremony is simply breathtaking with its floral arch altar and achingly beautiful backdrop, not to mention taking centre stage bride Laura and groom Carl in their fabulous wedding attire. Then there’s the intimate reception of dreams adorned with festoon lights and laughter. You ready to take a peek and fall in love? Thought so.

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Sarah & Richard

These two are just a bit gorgeous. Married in their local village church & then congregating in a tipi in the stunning Warwickshire countryside for a massive party.

Undoubtably stealing the show is bride Sarah and her fairytale Mori Lee bridal gown (wow!!!). And how can I forget her fabulous Manolo Blahnik blue shoes. The floral print bridesmaid dresses and the bride & groom’s beautiful baby girl, Autumn also bringing the adorable factor to the rustic proceedings.

With sausages on sticks, three giant French Fancy wedding cakes and Sarah’s peony bouquet of dreams, you’ll be hard pressed not to be beaming from ear to ear whilst viewing this family wedding. Enjoy.