French Connection

Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Wedding Party
Wedding Party
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Blake Hall
Blake Hall
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
Bride In Bardot Neck Gown By Charlotte Balbier | Rustic Pastel Wedding At Blake Hall | Images By Matt Ethan Photography
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Nicola & Steve

We’ve got a gorgeous pastel infused, rustic barn wedding for you this afternoon, courtesy of the lovely Matt Ethan photography. Bride Nicola is rocking a bardot neckline Charlotte Balbier number – make sure you read her advice about trying on dresses – never have truer words been spoken.

As well as looking like a total babe, Nicola crafted and styled lots of the elements of this pretty wedding day herself. And the final result is simply lovely. I promise you’re going to love it…

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Jaye & Tom

I always have a soft spot for a Sheffield wedding as it’s my university city and where I lived with my boyfriend for the first time, so I’ve loved putting together Jaye and Tom’s big day. I can totally vouch for Tamper Coffee too, in fact, I’m tempted to jump in the car and head back up North to visit the warehouse space they’ve just taken over in addition to their coffee shops, Jaye and Tom’s wedding reception just looks so cool, the styling is spot on.

Funnily enough I’m also a huge fan of Kate Halfpenny’s designs, and Jaye looks simply beautiful in her Halfpenny London gown. Kate’s gowns are always an absolute feast for the eyes and this one is no exception. The pretty lace crop top over the silky slip dress has got my heart all of a flutter – Kate knows how to design dresses that fit beautifully.

Enjoy this wedding lovely ones, it’s the perfect blend of romantic meets industrial styling…

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Amy & Ben

The beautiful backdrops for gorgeous couple shots at Moreves Barn just seem to be never ending! Amy and Ben just have romantic image after romantic image – I mean forehead kisses underneath a bower of roses?! Swoon. And I suppose lovely photographer Laura Debourde has a large part to play in it all too 😉 These images will be treasured forever.

There’s lots of wedding decor for you to pour over too, wild blooms in vintage milk jugs, a cute polaroid display of Amy and Ben as little ones and the most yummy looking naked cake, covered in fresh berries. If you like your weddings rustic and filled with pastel pretty, then you’ll love this…

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Jessica & Pierre-Michel

This wedding is quite possibly one of my favourite weddings EVER to grace these pages. I know, that’s a big statement, but there is literally nothing that I don’t love about it. Jessica’s gorgeous Delphine Manivet dress, the Bridesmaids in navy, the gin table centrepieces, the incredible architecture of their Italian venue, La Domus – every single detail is beautiful. The photography and videography are also stunning, Studio A+Q and Happy Wedding Films have done an amazing job and I would highly recommend settling down with a cup of tea and savouring this wedding properly.

I loved reading Jessica’s write up too and it’s full of great tips for those of you planning a destination wedding. And she has written one of the loveliest pieces of advice I’ve ever read for a wedding day – ‘Pierre and I resolved to stick by each other’s side all day, and as such all of my memories of the wedding itself have him in them – which is exactly as it should be.’

And it always make us feel really happy when we read that you lovely lot have found suppliers via Rock My Wedding and Jessica and Pinch found Studio A+Q via a wedding featured right here. Right, are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin…

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Laura & Paul

Laura and Paul’s truly unique and beautiful big day was a mishmash of colours, themes and the amazing talents of their family and friends. They wanted their wedding to be a true celebration and that it was – I say this often I know but, I really would have loved to have been a guest.

The stylish couple (The Cymbeline dress! I die!) even managed to incorporate their dog Olive into the proceedings, as well as beer pong, a whole host of handmade crafts as decor and Laura’s Granddad’s home grown sweet peas even made an appearance in her stunning bouquet.

You lot are going to LOVE this. Promise.

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Becky & Ollie

Isn’t it ruddy fabulous when a brides parents have a big enough garden for her to hold her wedding there? Could there be anything more personal? Becky’s Mum planted ALL of the flowers used in the wedding when she and Ollie got engaged. Yes, all of them. And she (along with a little bit of help) put together all the bouquets too. Immense. I’m actually a little lost for words at this wedding. Wait until you see the aisle. I’m pretty sure it’s a certified wedding venue, not a back garden.

The dress, the hair, those gorgeous freckles, the DIY elements… it is all perfect. Oh, and the dog. Don’t even get me started. Let’s not forget Ollie who looks super dapper in his classic morning suit.

Becky found the wonderful Lola Rose Photography on our List which makes us super happy indeed. Enjoy my lovelies, it’s a good one.

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Backgarden Beauty


Phil married Francesca at her Grandmother’s beautiful 19th century house in Chiddingfold Surrey. With a ceremony in the walled garden and reception on the front lawn this is a simply stunning back garden wedding by any standard. Boys out there will probably appreciate the wedding car… An Aston Martin DB4 (007 alert) that belongs to Francesca’s Uncle and any girls will no doubt swoon at Francesca’s gorgeous Justin Alexander dress, skilfully altered by Sam at the now sadly closed Mamfii bridal.

Actually, I’m being terribly sexist here… Every one of you will appreciate every single detail of this mornings wedding… Because it is simply beautiful.
A Beautiful English backgarden Wedding with Justin Alexander dress and lots of DIY home made elements. Bridesmaids in French Connection and Photography by David Long_0001

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Heaven Isn’t Far Away.


In the past we have been a little bit slated (One Jolly Girl – You know who you are!) for not showing enough kiltage on the blog… Well, today we turn the tartan table around. Not only are there kilts, but we will also be revealing what a Scotsman keeps in his sporran…

Kate and Gordon married in August 2012 at the intimate boutique hotel Sanctum on the Green in Berkshire.


Summer Sun

We were married in the school holidays as I am a teacher, Gordon is a policeman and had to have a full on meeting with a top bloke in the met to get the time off as it was the closing ceremony of the Olympics! I have to say, considering it was the wettest summer in 100 years we were incredibly lucky with the 30 degree summers day we had!! God knows what we would have done if it had been raining!?

The food at Sanctum on the Green was amazing and was cooked by a very talented 18 year old called Luke.

In fact, I heard someone say they were the nicest canapés they’d ever had… I just wish I had tried the deep fried quails egg with truffled hollandaise with edible spoon!!! So annoyed 😉 There was always a cocktail and flavoured fizz for me and the girls, it was too much fun!!! In fact, I hear that the mango cosmopolitan was a hit! So very sanctum!!!


Shopping Around

Well this is a bit of a long winded one…. In all honesty, I always knew what I wanted my wedding dress to be like, even before we were engaged! Tight fitting, fishtale, lace with a sweetheart neckline. However, as my friends know and would undoubtedly take the P.I.S.S out of me, I NEVER go shopping and buy the first nice garment I see. I have my own, very unique and probably very annoying technique to clothes shopping which involves shopping around and not feeling like I can buy something until I have seen all the alternatives!

So, I pretty much did the same with wedding dress shopping. I also made the mistake of trying dresses on before we had chosen the date and venue, which I wouldn’t recommend! After stupidly trying on all sorts of styles (which I pretty much knew before I took them off the hanger that they wouldn’t look right on me), in different countries (my mum lives in Spain!) AND in very different price brackets… A year after getting engaged I had it down to a Rosa Clara dress and a Lusan Mandongus dress. Both exactly how I had imagined my dress to look like but both rather pricey. However, on a visit to the national wedding show in Earls Court in September 2011, I found an even nice dress and at a better price. I totally knew it was the one (which was helped by more gushing BM’s! in toe..) and was the first one I tried on on the day (but of course I continued to try on others throughout the day). When I went back to the store I just knew… It was tight fitting and quite sexy but still had that pretty girly feel with all the tulle netting underneath and also had a big train which I was surprised with such a tight fitting dress.

The designer was Benjamin Roberts, which I knew a local store in my town stocked. So, one of my BM’s made a quick call to the store who luckily said they would match the price! So, that was the start of a lovely relationship with my wedding shop,

I tried on over 80 dresses… NOT recommended… But secretly I loved it all… Wedding planning is the BEST! X


The Puffed Look

I knew I wanted a veil which would sit high on my head, I was inspired by the 80’s puffed look! I also knew quite quickly that I didn’t want the veil to be full length as I thought it would take away from the train of the dress. So I went for a 72 inch (I think) fingertip length ala Kate Middleton! I thought it was a perfect length as it stopped just where my dress started to flair out and I just loved the way it fell down in a waterfall effect! It was from Rainbow Club.

My Dad treated me to my beautiful Jenny Packham haircomb and my Mum treated me to my art deco style earrings, also by Jenny Packham. I knew I wanted something in my hair but not a skull cap (think that’s what they’re called?), something more subtle, my hairdresser and I both agreed it was nice to have it sitting under my veil. As for my earrings, having looked at hundreds of looks, I knew I wanted quite big ones, I am a big earrings girl on a night out, so why settle for anything else on your wedding day!? I felt they completed the whole vintage glam look that was slowly coming into fruition and I was always saving the bling for my accessories, so why not a bit of Jenny Packham!? They can also both be worn again which I have already making the most of!!! My beautiful bangle was a present from G which was given to me on the morning of the wedding; it is from Swarovski and complimented my other bits perfectly! I was a very lucky girl!!


Muted Pink

I knew I didn’t want white shoes as I wouldn’t ever wear them again. My colour theme was muted pinks/nudes with bling!! So when I saw these Kurt Geiger heels I knew they would be perfect with everything else. I wore them loads on honeymoon and I know they’ll go fab with a pair of skinny jeans, so all in all a good buy! By the way, I kept them, along with a tonne of secret new clothes for our honeymoon under the bed in our spare bedroom. I thought I had been clever telling G they were wedding things he couldn’t look at… but little did I know, he knows me too well, that when it came to subtly getting out another bikini and saying it was old… He knew it had come from the bags of goodness under the bed!!! I so know I am not the only woman who says that! My mum does that all the time for a start…!!!


Relaxed And Personal

I discovered the business card of my hairdresser Jo Basten from Innovation Hair in amongst a wedding file from a visit to a wedding show at the Sanctum the year before. I had my first trial with her and really liked her relaxed but personal approach. I ended up having two proper trials as the first one I had gone for was a 1940’s look, which although was amazing, it was too formal. I deliberated having my hair down, but as I wear my hair down all the time, I wanted something different. In the end I went for an informal side look with plaits going into it, little ones in the bun, and then lots of lose bits down. I’ll never forget the conversations about the option of tendrels or no tendrels!!?!? I never knew so much thought could go into them! The things you discuss when planning you wedding!!!

My make up was done by a very talented friend Eve Coles who is a professional make up artists in London. It was all about the dark eyes, who says go demure and understated on your wedding day??


Garden Of Eden

Our florist extraordinaire was Anna from Eden. The only time on the morning of the wedding that I felt emotional was when I saw our bouquets! They were so beautiful and more than I had ever imagined! We had met Anna a couple of times before the day itself to talk through our ideas. When I first met Anna, I knew instantly that she was the florist for us and that she would do an amazing job.r outfits but also so they were all unique for the mummy!!!

For the ceremony she scattered roses around the lanterns down the carpet and on the table where we stood and on our top table.

We had a bit of mix n match of gypsophilia/crystal and candles for centre pieces. I was going for the whole vintage glamorous look but trying to keep it all elegant. The centre pieces were a mixture of table which had the tall vintage candelabra which then had three votives of gypsophilia and then on half the tables we had a ball of gypsophilia which were in a glass vase which had crystals and a rose head in with then 3 votive candles. I must say Anna is an awesome lady. She really went that extra mile for us and got really involved with the whole ‘themeing’ of our day. She is also a very cool, down to earth and funky person, I really would recommend her over and over again. x


Black Tartan

We had 4 Ushers and one Best man and two Dads who mostly wore the same as G who I’ll get on to in a bit. Some guys hired a black watch tartan kilt and they all looked soooo smart!

I knew from the start what colour I wanted the girls to be in. Something muted, nudey and not in your face. As with all my planning, I went around the houses…as you can tell, that’s just the way I rock! At first I had my heart set on a long coast silky number in pebbly colour. It went in the sale but in my attempt to get 4 I called Maceys in New York and even Dubai. At some point I had to let it go!!! And I am SO glad I did! This was defo FATE!

I knew when I saw the French Connection summer collection out that one of them would be perfect. They had lots of these blush/intimate pink/coraly colours and a couple of them were in lace… Amazing! I just loved the idea of all of us being in lace, it’s not every day you get to wear it and I wasn’t going to be the only one in it, I wanted to treat them too!

I bought them all a Swarovski bangle, they deserved a bit of bling walking down the aisle in those puppies! I also treated them to some diamante studs, got creative with blinged up personalised hangers and a picture of us on my hen do in Ibiza.


Gordon wore a Braemar grey tweed jacket, a grey braemar tweed 5 button waistcoat, a black Hugo Boss shirt, an ivory cravat, a Maclaren kilt (this is his family tartan) from Houston, highland dress shoes/sporran/socks and sock flashes and Sgian Dhubha which is the dagger in the sock! G kept the most important things close to his chest (or groin area more like), he had 20 marlborough lights in his sporran and the speech! He looked fab and really made an effort when planning his outfit to tie it in with the theme we had created.


An Easy Choice

Choosing Kelly at Lola Rose to photograph our day was such an easy choice to make. We met her at her home where she showed us some of her work which was beautiful; really quirky, fresh and romantic. Admittedly though, we are not experts in photography or wedding photography for that matter, so we didn’t really know what we were looking for. So it was really Kelly’s kind nature and informal approach that we liked. She was so easy to talk to and put us at ease about the insecurities we had at being photographed in front of people all day! We are in awe of the way she made our traditional photos fun and that little bit different.

Kelly is a such a fun and funky lady. She has continued to be in contact us through her blog and FB and I feel I have met a friend in Kelly. She is so unobtrusive but so professional, she made all our guests feel that they were at some sort of chilled out party rather than a highly organised and traditional day, and I guess so much of the way people felt could have been down to what Kelly was doing. I cannot recommend her enough, she is very talented and has those special people skills which is so important for a wedding day!


Not A Dry Eye In The House

Bagpiper-Graham was piping away when our guests were beginning to arrive at the sanctum and he played them to their seats. He then piped me down the aisle to Highland Cathedral. I hear that when it was first being played there wasn’t a dry eye in the house… Apart from mine, I was just kiddy with excitement! He then piped us out to Cock O the North and then played sporadically throughout the canapés. He also piped us into the marquee for our wedding breakfast where Gordon had to do a shot of whiskey from a Scottish Quaich! Tradition I here! Graham was amazing, especially as he was sweltering in his amazing traditional Scottish outfit.

I had always wanted Ibiza chiil out music playing during our canapés. I thought it would suit the venue, but also would be a nod to the chilled out abroad theme we wanted and nearly flew thousands of miles away to, but had it right here in the UK! However, G was having none of it. He thought it would be too much. However, on the day before as we could see it was going to be a hot weekend, I thought it would be such a shame if we didn’t have them. And the only way we would have been able to have them was through the venues speakers, which G wanted for his speech. In the end, the BMs were telling me to make an executive decision! And the manager was getting ready to tell a white lie to Gordon and say that the speakers could be wired up to the marquee, however all I mentioned were the words chill out music and he admitted, his nearly wife was right! In the end, my brother just put on what he had on his I-pod, literally an Ibiza chill out album and it played throughout the afternoon whilst there was canapés, cocktails, champers and confetti. I have to say, just taking that all in was probably my second favourite part of the day…just one of those moments. Second to marrying G of course!

It also had happy memories of our Ibiza henny! X


Rock On

My Dad and step mum helped us with the band and they also suggested a band through their rock choir teacher Glenn! They were absolutely brilliant! They totally rocked! They played so many good tunes, we wanted a real mix of party classics to suit different tastes. There were a couple of funny moments with my inebriated BM. One of them grabbed the microphone and helped Glenn with a couple of the songs and another sat on the drummers knee and grabbed his drum stick and started rocking out!! One of the band members also DJ’d inbetween their sets so I think there was a hardcore few who never left the dancefloor!


Nothing Soppy

We knew we wouldn’t have a soppy number and definitely wanted something to get our guests involved rather than all eyes being on us. So, after dancing around our kitchen to Everywhere by Fleetwood mac (my fav song ever) and Sally Cinnamon by the stone roses (his fav band and G’s first and only nickname for me), we thought we’d surprise people and go a bit left field. So we had an interlude song from the Killers album Sams Town first, the lyrics ‘ we hope you enjoy your stay, it’s good to have you with us, even if it’s just for one day, outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven isn’t far away’…seemed very apt on the day iself…it was really beautiful. We couldn’t resist an 80’s love ballad, so afterwards in kicked in Fergal Sharkey, A good heart!!! Seeing everyone sing the chorus in rapture and slamming their fists in the air simultaneously was one of the most memorable parts of the day for us! Such fun. 

13) Favours – did you have any and what made you decide?
The simple things in life make us happy…so alcohol was always going to make up part of our favours! We went for bottles of Sambuca on every table and bought everyone a shot glass and put a ribbon around it. When we have been away for weekends with some of our friends, Sambuca shots always get a look in, usually in some sort of rusting old kettle found in the house we’re staying in!! So it was awesome to see all our guests loving the ritual. This made up another of those really memorable moments, once when everyone stood up together and toasted the day with a shot of ‘sambo’! And another when the tables started singing infamous lines from their band’s songs…I quite liked it when the Groove Armada table started it off with a rendition of ‘I see you baby, shaking that arse….’!


Sanctum were lovely to us and ordered us an ivory carpet as I wasn’t too keen on the red one they have! Once I arrived at the sanctum, having stayed away the night before, I had a little sneak peek through the conservatory when I was having my meeting with our registrar. And OMG it looked beautiful, more than I had imagined. This was thanks to G’s mum, our sisters, my step mum and other guests staying at sanctum (you should have seen the list I had left for them!!), the staff at the sanctum were amazing, but particularly Mrs Lawson, the owners mother who really pulled out the stops for us when things had become a little stressful a few weeks before the wedding (to say the least)…. She even arranged two massive pots of flowers at the entry to the marquee and 5 lovely bay trees, just for us. So good of them.

Basically the garden looked so pretty and chilled out, it was like being abroad in an idyllic sanctum!! I guess the look they are going for hence the name!
-Lanterns – I saw Shannen Doherty’s wedding in one of the mags and loved the outdoor vibe. She had a long aisle which she lined with different sizes of lanterns, so I nabbed that idea for ours and got 6 lush lanterns from confetti. Roses were then scattered around them-adore

We hired 6 beautiful crystal vintage candelabra and a selection of votives from Wedding Day Hire. Deborah’s company is one of the only I could find that had such wide variety of décor to choose from of a high quality and standard. I was like a magpie in her showroom, magical!

Our stationery was designed by Sarah Zammit of Elvis and Marilyn. She was amazing! I just contacted her via e-mail and she was happy to do anything we wanted even though she was only just starting out doing weddings!

Gordon made the amazing table plan! He really wanted to get involved and get creative. So he put together a table plan of our favourite bands all of which we have been to and have fond and happy memories from. This is now hung up in our kitchen and looks fab! He also thought of the CD covers for the table centres.

I made my two nephews mini official photographer signs and gave them polaroids. I then had heart black boards which guests could write ‘words of wisdom’ on which they held up for a photo which the boys then took. I just thought it was a nice way of getting something memorable from the guests which wouldn’t keep them away from the fizz for long, but also of keeping the boys busy. The boys then attached the polaroids to a black board with ribbons on so we could see what people had written. We now have lovely memories to look back at and will put this up somewhere in our house.


Click here & view all images from this wedding

Venue: Sanctum on the Green
Dress: Benjamin Roberts
Hair: Innovation Hair
Blooms: Eden
Veil: Rainbow Club
Maids: French Connection
Photography: Lola Rose Photography

I love the idea of mini official photographers… What a great way to keep the little ones entertained (whilst also providing entertainment for the adults too) and at the end of it you get a snazzy piece of decor that you can treasure forever.


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Just Like Honey.

Sophie and Jon’s wedding took place in May at the beautiful Grittenham Barn in Petworth, Sussex.

Photography is by Joanna Brown Photography.

Sophie and Jon live in Brighton and wanted to get married somewhere they could have the ceremony and reception with free reign to create a fun and relaxing wedding. I’ll let Sophie pick up the story from here…

Carry On Camping

Grittenham Barn was just the place. Sally and Katherine from the barn were just fantastic.

An added bonus was that you can camp in the field behind the barn. Jon and I love camping as do many of our friends so that sealed the deal for us! We stayed in a camper van for our wedding night which we arranged through the barn and Sally and Katherine got a roaring camp fire ready for us and loaded a wheel barrow with beers from the bar for our own campsite bar!

A Bespoke Design

The dress was designed and made by Joanne Fleming design.

When I started the process of looking for a dress I originally fell in love with Jenny Packham’s Eden – just gorgeous – but it was way out of my budget. So of course I tried it on at the first wedding shop and, it just didn’t suit me – an absolutely stunning dress – but just didn’t look quite right on me. After trying on a few more beautiful dresses, I discovered that I didn’t suit lace and ivory suited my colouring but still no actually dress!

So back to square one I went to visit Fur Coat No Knickers and had the most wonderful time with the FCNK girls – and almost bought a beautiful white cotton prom dress but it just wasn’t the one. So still no dress and no closer to knowing what I wanted. My sister then suggested looking at getting one made and then I remembered I had had a look at Joanne’s website just after I had got engaged; she is local to me, so I booked an appointment.

On the first appointment we talked through ideas, and I tried on some samples to refine the ideas and as we talked, she sketched and, although I thought I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted, she managed to design the dress exactly as I wanted! The process then began of trying and refining the toile fitting before the dress is made in the real fabric. I loved every bit of the process and absolutely adore the dress she created for me. It is ivory silk, very simple, with a real old Hollywood feel to it – I felt just fantastic wearing it. Also her studio in Brighton is beautiful and a lovely place to visit!

Blush Pink

I got a little blush pink angora cardie from French Connection to wear when it got a bit chilly in the evening.
(In the campsite later I wore wellies from Millets, leggings from Topshop, T-shirt from GAP and my dad’s old moth eaten jumper but you probably don’t need to know that bit!)


I didn’t want a full veil so I opted for a birdcage one from Lily Bella (a bargain at £15!). I added a brooch I found in Accessorize over the comb. In the evening I replaced the veil with a simple ivory flower.

My earrings were a gift when I was bridesmaid at my good friend and bridesmaid Cherry’s wedding 3 years ago in Adelaide, Australia. They are by Aussie brand Mimco. I also wore a rose gold bracelet that had belonged to my Momma (my dad’s mum) and pinned a Cameo brooch that had belonged to my Nana (mum’s mum) to my bouquet.

Our wedding rings were made in Cornwall from recycled silver but only arrived the day before the wedding.

Hollywood Glamour

I got my shoes from Rachel Simpson. I had looked everywhere on the high street determined I didn’t want ‘bridal shoes’ but then saw ‘Mimi’ by Rachel Simpson. As well as having the old Hollywood glamour to go with my dress they were actually really comfortable. I didn’t take them off all day (apart from to change into wellies when Joanna led us into the nearest field!).

A Natural Look

I decided fairly early on that I wanted to do my own make up so I treated myself to a lesson from MAC and some lovely new makeup – which gave me a good excuse to chuck out all the old powders and pastes I’d been hoarding for years. I went for a very natural look and just switched the lipstick to red for the evening.

My hair was done by Lucy from Pin Ups Hair Salon, Newport. Lucy is one of my oldest friends and also happens to be an amazing hair stylist. I gave her a picture of the initial dress design Joanne drew and went for a trial a few weeks before the wedding and she just came up with a gorgeous low, side chignon. It was just wonderful having her there getting ready with me on the day – and meant the whole getting ready process was really relaxing and intimate. Just me, my family and closest friends.

Mint And Sage

Flowers! I love flowers – flowers wild & colourful just as nature intended. Angel, from Angel Like Flowers works a lot with the Barn and has her own cutting garden in the barn gardens. For the bouquets and table centres, flowers were combined with herbs. Angel had managed to get some cornflowers to bloom by feeding them lemonade to put in my bouquet together with love-in-a-mist, roses, daisies and other English country garden beauties together with mint and sage which meant the bouquet smelt divine as well as looking beautiful.

She also created beautiful garlands on the beams either side of the registrar table with roses, dahlias and sweet peas and trailing ivy around the iron ring chandelier with gorgeous wired roses hanging down. And yet more flowers above the barn doors and on the outside tables.

We did a few flowers ourselves – the bottles and jars above the fire place and dotted around other nooks in the barn. For those we just got stocks, roses and hyacinths from Tesco!

Best Lady

We didn’t have groomsmen but Jon did have the bestest lady-man ever – Emma! She wore a navy dress with cream piping made by Dig for Victory in Brighton with a matching little bolero jacket – she looked fabulous.

The Maids

My lovely maids, Katie, Cherry and Saffron, wore dresses from Kaliko. There was no theme or scheme to our wedding so the choice of dress for the bridesmaids evolved over time and eventually found these gorgeous blush pleated dresses in House of Fraser. Cherry lives in Australia so couldn’t come on our shopping trips, but thankfully we have the internet and she is the same size as my sister! They accessorised the dress however they liked.

Katie teamed her dress with a peep toe blush shoe with glittered heel from Topshop, accessorised with pearls and different bracelets and red flower in her hair. Cherry wore a beautiful pair of coral suede peep toe pumps with pale pink flower in her hair and Saffron opted for raspberry suede court shoe from Office with shoe clips she made herself and a fawn velvet ribbon from VV Rouleux and red felt and net hair accessory. They looked so gorgeous and were the most amazing maids any bride could wish for.

Navy Thee Piece

My gorgeous groom Jon wore a navy 3 piece suit from Topman, shirt from Debenhams and tie from Gresham Blake. He wanted a suit that could be worn again, and nothing too formal. He also wore a pocket watch handed down from his Grandad. I was so happy to see him when I entered the barn I had to make sure I didn’t run to meet him.

So Much Life

As soon as we met Joanna Brown in her kitchen for tea and lemon cake we knew she would do a fantastic job. I love her pictures they have so much life to them. She was great on the day – organising my family which can be like herding cats – and managing to get so many shots of everything and everyone, I can’t believe it was just her. I love, love, love the photos she given us – they really capture the fun, the emotion and spirit of the day. They give me goosebumps.

Devil’s Food Cake

My extremely talented little sister (and bridesmaid) Katie made our wedding cake which was a three tiered devil’s food cake with lots of yummy vanilla butter cream icing. She assembled it at the barn on the morning of the wedding and had small icing bag disaster which was quickly dealt with gaffer tape! She took two days off work to do it and it was just amazing – thank you Katie.

Jon is a notorious Lego fan and when we got engaged his aunt baked us a cake with a little Lego bride and groom on top so they became our cake topper, with some mini bunting made by Katie.

In addition to our wedding cake, our friends and family had made other sweet treats for everyone so we had sponge cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cheese cake, shortbread and crispie cakes.

Lots Of Music

Jon is a drummer in the band the Lost Souls Club and we met at a gig so music is very important to both of us.

We set up a little stage outside and The Lost Souls Club , together with Delirium Tremens and The Pushchairs all performed acoustic sets for us all after the ceremony – Jon has drummed with all the bands so they were also all friends and guests at our wedding which was fantastic – they were all amazing.

In the evening Rich Austin and the Maestro’s played – Jon had been to university with Rich so it made the choice easy for us! They kept everyone dancing all night and helped Jon spring a little surprise on me as he joined them on the drums for a rendition of ‘Your my Best Friend’ by Queen, which is one of our favourite tracks. For in-between sets and after the band we had asked all the guests on their RSVPS to tell us the song that would get them on the dance floor so these became the play list for the evening. It was quite an eclectic mix but made for a great night.

A Song That Sums Us Up

We danced to Just Like Honey by the Jesus and Mary Chain. We had quite a job choosing just one song but this one seemed to sum us up really well.

Delicious Favours

We have the most wonderfully generous friends and our friend Laura made us chocolate truffles for our favours as a wedding gift and packaged them up in lovely little boxes with our names and date. Quite a feat to make truffles for 90 people! They were delicious and any that got left unattended for too long on the table were ‘mine swept’ pretty quickly!

Bunting Hatred

We tried to do as much as we could ourselves, Jon and I made all our stationery and we had put up photos of all our friends & family around the barn, with photos of family who are no longer with us on the registrar’s table.

But there were so many people helped make our day so special…

My dear friend and bridesmaid Cherry made 23 metres of bunting that decorated the cake marquee. She also made the ‘Love’ cross stitch for us as a wedding gift which we placed above the fireplace in the barn.

A family friend, Gillian, handwrote all 90 name tags and together with Saffron, forming a place setting production line to get them all done. Emma and Jon’s dad hung all the bunting in campsite in the rain the day before the wedding – Jon’s dad now has a lifelong hatred of bunting!

I also have to quickly mention the wedding car – a 1955 Citroen Traction Avant. This was a little surprise for my dad who used to own a one many years ago and he just loved it. I didn’t really mind how I got there really but the experience of the journey with my dad in such a beautiful car was something I will treasure forever.

Relaxing, Loving And fun

As I said there was no real theme or scheme from the outset but we wanted to make it as inclusive, relaxing, loving and fun as possible and just to reflect who we are and the importance in our lives of all the friends and family we invited to share our day. So many people played a part in the day and it made it extra special.

Venue – Grittenham Barn

Dress – Joanne Fleming

Cardi – French Connection

Veil – Lily Bella

Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Florals – Angel Like Flowers

Photography – Joanna Brown

Entertainment – Rich Austin and the Maestro’s

I went to a festival style camping and music centric wedding recently and looking through Sophie and Jon’s pictures has brought back all of the laughter, love and camping based hi-jinks that went on.

It looks like a really relaxed day full of fun, sunshine and love. Thanks to Sophie and Jon for sharing a piece of that sunshine with us, we most certainly need it!