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The New Wedding Gift List Etiquette

It used to be simple. You get engaged, you plan your wedding and somewhere along the line you decide to make it easier for yourself and your guests by setting up a wedding gift list. Regardless of whether you’d like gifts, cash, honeymoon, charity contributions (or a little bit of all of the above), having a dedicated gift list service has always been a good idea. So what happens now that your wedding plans may have become more complex or in some cases, more simplified? What exactly are the expectations surrounding wedding gifts? We’ve taken all of the most asked questions on this topic to give you everything you need to know about the new wedding gift etiquette.

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Should I Have A Wedding Gift List? – 9 Myths Busted

You lot are so good at telling us exactly what you need to make your wedding planning life easier. When we asked you if you’re considering a gift list, we had great feedback from not only those who were in the ‘hell yeah’ camp, but also from those who were on the fence. We are and have always been of the opinion that wedding gift lists are a fantastic tool for couples. If you asked anyone in our office if they’d have a gift list, you’d get a resounding YES! In fact, some of us (me then) who get to compile these features spend far too long looking at products wishing they could add them to a gift list (Le Creuset Calm Collection I’m looking at you). 
But as you’ll find out from the myths we’ve busted below, there are a lot of misconceptions about gift lists. No, it’s not rude to point your guests to things you would actually like. And no, you don’t have to just choose crockery. But we’ll deep dive below to give you all the clarity you need to make your own decision. 
Make sure you read to the bottom. We’ve tackled every single wedding gift list myth we’ve come across so chances are, your question is answered below. 

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Wedding Gifts – How to Protect Them

Recently we’ve been sharing COVID related resources with you and the response we’ve received has been incredible. Overwhelmingly, couples are choosing to remain positive and tackle the situation head-on with innovation and grace. Some of you have had to go to Plan B as it’s become clear that lockdown will impact your day. Many of you are still in the unknown when it comes to wedding planning and whether or not your date will go ahead as planned, go ahead with smaller numbers or require a postponement.

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Wedding Gift List – Which One? – We Compare Them All

Let us begin by saying that this comparison (unlike most on the internet) is unbiased and weighs up the leading UK product based wedding gift lists, based on features and benefits alone. Here at RMW, we are big fans of using a wedding gift list. 99% of guests will turn up to a wedding with a gift regardless of whether you have a list or not. So why not take that “Eugh, what do we even buy them?” debacle (we’ve all faced it) off their plate and be your guests saviour by showing them exactly what you would like. Win win wins for everyone all around. But which wedding gift list to choose? That’s the tricky part. Except we’ve made it not-so-tricky by compiling a full wedding gift list review. 

Do you want to finally upgrade or replace tired homewares and start married life off with nicer things? Do you want contributions towards a bigger gift? Do you want to ask for top-ups to your honeymoon fund? Do you want a mix of all of the above? You can have it all. And you can choose from the industry’s best gift list services (that offer the full gamut of options) by having a look at the comparison table below, as well as a write up on each individual one (including a transparent display of all fees involved). So you can make an informed choice of which wedding gift list to use by knowing exactly what you’re getting.

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Looking For a Wedding Gift List Online? We Know The One

The Wedding Shop has always been ahead of the game when it comes to couples compiling their personalised wedding gift list online. Whether you want to build your wedding gift list entirely online or in one of their five showrooms, The Wedding Shop have it all. Choose from hundreds of unique products on their extensive brand list and add them to your gift list from the comfort of your couch. You can also take full advantage of their fabulous app with a built-in barcode scanner, making shopping when you are out and about even easier.

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Wedding Gift List Trends For 2019

Whether you’ve just got engaged over Christmas, or your 2019 wedding is fast approaching, there’s no denying that compiling your wedding gift list is one of the BEST parts of wedding planning. Especially so if you chose to work with our exclusive gift list partner, The Wedding Shop. As well as having an incredibly easy to use website and app, The Wedding Shop also have several beautiful showrooms dotted across the UK and Ireland so you can visit in person with your partner and browse their beautiful selection of products.

One of the many reasons we love working with The Wedding Shop is that they are always ahead of the game when it comes to interior trends. Even if you’re asking for honeymoon contributions, cash for house renovations or for charity (which are all possible via The Wedding Shop), it’s always lovely to have something physical on your list too. Especially something for the home, which you will treasure for years to come. So as a bit of New Year fun, we’ve asked The Wedding Shop team to share their 2019 gifting predictions, along with some of the beautiful homeware items you can add to your wedding gift list. Let’s get started shall we?

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Compiling Your Wedding Gift List Is A Breeze With This App…

When it comes to creating a wedding gift list, the process should be straightforward. No-one wants to add anymore wedding planning stress to their plate. Well I have good news for you – our exclusive gift list partner, The Wedding Shop, have made creating the perfect personalised wedding gift list even easier by being the UK’s first (and only) gift registry to launch an App.

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Four Pretty Ways To Serve Cake & Cocktails

When it comes to shopping for your home, buying gorgeous glasses and serving ware is such fun and nobody makes this more enjoyable than The Wedding Shop. Their selection of stylish glasses, decanters, platters, plates and cutlery is unrivalled, making The Wedding Shop the perfect wedding gift list choice for couples who like to entertain.

To showcase The Wedding Shop’s beautiful and extensive range of products, we teamed up with The List cake maker, Cottonwood Bakery to share our favourite cocktail and cake combinations. Because let’s face it, cocktail and cake are some of life’s most enjoyable pleasures…