Gold Wedding Dress

Asian wedding in traditional country house garden in Sussex, combining the colours and splendour of the Indian outfits with seasonal flowers by Faye Green Pin Image

Asian Wedding in Traditional Country House Garden with Seasonal Flowers


A fusion of gold, bright pink florals and a traditional country house made for a truly unique Asian wedding day. A celebration of two cultures becoming entwined through the wedding of Neha & Olli, with the Groom’s family home providing the perfect backdrop for the couple’s big day (or one of their big day’s anyway, there was actually two!). The detailing on both the Bride’s dress and Grooms suit is exquisite, the opulent gold beading and lace looks elegant against the vivid pink flowers. Merging an Asian wedding with a traditional country house garden venue created the most perfect combination for the families to unite, relax and enjoy the day.

Gold Wedding Dress Pin Image

Gold Wedding Dress for an Outdoor Australian Wedding with Literacy Decor

Beck and Tim married outdoors in Australia’s incredible Kangaroo Valley. In a beautiful ceremony inspired by nature, natural materials were aplenty, even down to Tim’s charming wooden bow tie! The couple incorporated personal and eco-conscious elements such as the recycled literary pages which adorned their tables, and vintage suitcases propped open with fans to keep guests cool. All this AND a shimmering gold wedding dress which proves you most definitely don’t have to wear white on your big day. Let’s dive in shall we?

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Fran & Matt

A ‘double bill’ wedding certainly sounds like the best way to ensure you get to spend time with your nearest and dearest and have a celebration your day your way.

With the help of Lauren Wyllie from Delicious London, oh so stylish Fran & Matt went about planning their urban cool humanist ceremony at The Worx in London. The industrial lighting there is fab and really set the tone for the rest of the contemporary wedding. There were geometric terrariums, a hand drawn portrait machine as well as fabulous favours drawn by Fran.

I have to say I’m utterly in love with all the autumnal hues too. From the sumptuous forest green satin Ghost Bridesmaid dresses to the burnt orange blooms, it’s almost enough to make me long for darker nights and rich tones already. Almost. Plus Fran’s bespoke gold dress, what can I say accept for simply stunning. Thank-you Story + Colour for smashing it out of the park and capturing both of these days to perfection.