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Love Is Brewing.


Today’s wedding is basically the realisation of Emma’s childhood wedding dreams. Pink dresses, check. Gorgeous pink peonies, check. Church bells chiming, check. Being showered in confetti, check. And most importantly, her very own Prince Charming, check…

It is a very pretty wedding indeed and as you’ll see from Emma’s write up – the day and the whole wedding managed to out-do all of those childhood dreams, even when things didn’t go as planned, like her epic dress hunt for example.

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0001

Love At First Word

Emma The Bride: It was a crisp winters evening in 2010 when Ben and I first exchanged words in the centre of the aisle of a church we attended. It was love at first word! Understandably when Ben proposed (on a sand dune, with the sun setting and his guitar in hand) the first and only thing we knew was: We are going to get married at the church where we met. Walking towards Ben, down the same aisle we met would have been the dream…

However tight finances meant a weekday wedding was the ideal and the dream church was ruled out.

Instead, a beautiful rural village church on the River Cam was decided upon and the rather tantalizing Anstey Hall was booked for 30th May 2013. A beautiful family home, exclusively ours for the day and with a marquee I could get my creative hands on.

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0002

Mum To The Rescue

I have never been a ‘hair up’ girl and wanted to look as much like ‘me’ as possible on my Wedding Day…however I knew I wanted to feel special and so I was after something a little different to my usual ‘long and straight’ style. After a bewildering hunt through every hairstyle image I could find my mum came to the rescue.

My mum was a complete superstar throughout the wedding planning. I would mention an idea and before I knew it she would have sourced how to make it at the cheapest cost, contacted the relevant the businesses/suppliers and it would be on our kitchen table the next day – no exaggeration!

Therefore in the blink of an eye (maybe not literally!) a number of hair tongs arrived through the post and early morning hair style trials became our weekly girl time together. We quickly settled on American hair crimpers (they are amaaaazing!) and Mum became my Wedding Hair Dresser just like that. It was a Taylor Swift-esque look (Ben’s second choice of wife :P) and I finished the look off with my dream gypsophila flower crown.

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0003

Fake It Until You Make It

I have always feared ‘fake tan’ but after seeing a photo of myself a month before the wedding looking like a ghost, I decided it was time to face the fear! I did lots of research and discovered a tanning brand called Sienna X which apparently did not streak and looked natural, not orange and without the digestive biscuit smell (not ideal for your wedding perfume!) It really is an amazing tan. After trialing it for my Hen Do, I was hooked!

I also decided to get fake lashes…I knew I would worry about mascara running if I shed a tear (or three!) Mink Lashes are a girls dream – they look and feel very real (and coming from a girl who usually wears very little make up, I think I might be addicted!). Magui is the best make up artist a Bride could wish for. Fact!

I wore the same nail polish as Catherine Middleton did on her wedding day – Allure by Essie. I decided that it would be nice to have a ‘bridal party scent’ so my mum, bridesmaids and I all spritzed ourselves with Christian Dior’s – Miss Dior. Delicious!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0004

A Long Search For ‘The One’

I remember reading in a wedding magazine that the average bride shall go into 4 wedding dress shops and try on a total of 20 dresses before finding ‘the one’…I feel rather ashamed to say that it took a total of 13 dress shops (and I couldn’t tell you how many dresses!) to find ‘MY one’. BUT golly gosh was it worth it!

I discovered pretty early on that different fabrics looked better on some people than others. Satin for example drowns me. Heavy lace drowns me. ‘Light’ lace, tulle and chiffon became my hunting ground. Quite quickly I decided I wanted a high waisted, strapless dress with a heart shaped neckline (not specific or anything!)

I found my ‘dream dress’ in Cambridge, however it had straps. Mum did her predictable, yet amazing internet hunt and found the same designer did the exact same dress, minus straps…however said dress was only available in one shop a couple of hours away.

We drove to Chobham Bride in Surrey to try said dress and the first dress I saw as I walked into the shop (different to said one) was THE ONE!! I fell in love. It is called Toscana by White One.

I have decided to have an annual ‘wedding dress tea party’ with my girlfriends just so it can be worn again and again and again!!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0005

Sheer With A Touch Of Sparkle

Richard Designs veil are stunning. He uses the finest of lace so that it is completely sheer and with a touch of sparkle it was perfect! I didn’t realize until the wedding day itself how much I loved wearing a veil and so I kept it on for as long as was realistically possible (barn dancing in a long veil may have been a bit too much?)

My favourite two accessories were my Gypsophila Crown (made by mum) and my great great grandmother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. It had been passed down the family over the years and was lent to me for the day: my something blue, borrowed and old – all in one!!

I have difficult feet, and although I love shoes, comfort was my key for the day. Amazon, I am surprised to say, was amazing for buying and returning shoes without any extra cost (free delivery and returns are ace!) 40+ shoe trials later I found Van Dal Origa… little heel, slightly wider, pretty and squishy = happy toes!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0006

Pink Is For Girls

I am a pink girl at heart and I think everyone knew I would go for ‘pink’ dresses…but sage green was on the agenda for a good while, I’ll have you know! The Bridesmaid dresses were from Girls of Elegance and the suits were from Moss Bros.

Bringing The Outdoors In

We didn’t want our wedding to be ‘matchy matchy’ in regard to colour. Although I love the colour pink, the idea of having pink favours, pink chair cover bows, pink pew ends etc etc made me feel a little sick.

Instead the natural look was decided upon. I would often say I wanted to ‘bring the outdoors in’. I liked the idea of ivy, gypsophilla, hessian, wood and lace featuring heavily and that is what we did.

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0007

Pretty Pink Peonies

My bouquet blew me away. It was the bouquet of my dreams – my mum’s best friend created it for me after I showed her a photo online. I explained to her that I would like it to look ‘picked from a field’ rather than ‘set and bridal’ and told her my favourite flowers were gypsophila, lavender and pink peonies.

She did an incredible job, not just on my bouquet but the entire venue. She and my mum did all the flowers themselves: from the church pedestals (that looked like a soft cloud of gypsophila, the gypsophila pew ends tied with raffia and lace, the ivy and hearts hung around the marquee, to the hessian and lace jars filled with more gypsophila and lavender for the tables. I think they should team up and create a wedding florist business!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0008

Full Of Love, Joy And Praise

For us this was the most important part of the day. Vowing to love Ben with every ounce of my body in front of God and all our family and friends… just wow!

I’ll always remember locking eyes with Ben as I headed down the aisle… I’ll also unfortunately remember getting the giggles with my Dad as I stopped to pick my dress up from under my feet – remember to practice walking in your dresses girls!!

Our service was full of love, joy, praise and emotion and was made extra special as my Grandfather married us! We wanted to have as many friends involved in the service as possible; one of my bridesmaids husband is the worship leader at our church, so he was Mister Amazing at converting the village church with traditional organ into a place where our worship band could rock the rather special building! Drums, bass and all!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0009

Our Groomsman’s wife sang Beyonce’s ‘Ave Maria’ and Dave Barnes ‘God Gave me You’ whilst we signed the register, a friend of the family gave our talk and my Godfather played us out of the church on the organ whilst the church bells rang triumphantly!

Doesn’t every girl dream of that day confetti is thrown over her and the love of her life?? It certainly was a perfect moment as we walked through a scented rainstorm of petals to the cheers and applause of all our family and friends. We bought our confetti from Shropshire Petals – they smelt so good!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0010

A Barnstorming Barn dance

We had a homemade photobooth, paper aeroplane competition and lawn games throughout the day.

As a 5 year old bridesmaid I attended my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding reception; a barn dance in my Grandparents garden. I decided at that moment that when I got married I would do the same! It may not have been in my Grandparent’s garden, or outside… but boy did we have a barn dance!! Mindset Ceiligh Band and their Caller were amazing and we could not recommend them enough!

Our first dance was performed by my bridesmaid (Emily) and her husband (Ed) on acoustic guitar. We asked them to sing ‘Everything has Changed’ by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, a song that resignated a lot with how we thought we would feel on our wedding day. I was a ball of nerves, however, as soon as I heard Emily’s voice and stepped into Ben’s arms, it felt like a moment in a Disney movie where everything else melted away and just Ben and I were left. A moment I’ll remember forever.

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0011

Fresh Homemade Scones

I love tea and I love scones! “Who needs Champagne and canapés when you can have tea and scones?” I would say… and that is what we did! A family friend made 100s of fresh scones for us that morning and a few weeks before the wedding I decided to make personalised tea bag labels… probably not the most useful way to spend my days in the run up to the wedding, but so worth it on the day!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0012

We hired a Hog Roast from Charlie at This Little Piggy Hog Roast – she was AMAZING. The quality of the food was immense and even on our nervous stomachs we managed to go for seconds! Even better, Ben had mentioned to her his love for Rice Pudding, and despite this not being our wedding desert (which was a choice of apple and blackberry crumble or Summer Fruit Pavlova) she had remembered and on the day produced a personal portion for Ben and his dad – a highlight of their day I am sure! I cannot recommend her more highly as a caterer.

In the evening we had prepared a luxury buffet full of cheeses, grapes, crackers, fresh bread and my uncle’s home made pate!
We also had a sweetie booth – I always like to celebrate by eating pick’n’mix, so why not continue the tradition for the biggest celebration of our lives!

My Great Aunt made our wedding cake as a wedding gift and what a beauty it was! We saw a cake we loved whilst window-shopping in Oxford, we took a snap and she created an even more amazing version of it – she is a superstar!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0013

Made With Love

Ben and I designed and made our own wedding invitations (which featured a hand drawn map of how to get from A to B, but also our favourite locations around Cambridge and even our first kiss destination!). We also designed our order of service and my Mother-in-law painted everyone’s names onto brown luggage labels for table places – (Etsy and Ebay were a dream for ordering everything we needed).

We covered handmade soap in floral material and tied with raffia for favours. I had the girls over to help decorate the 100s of jars I had painstakingly cleaned the labels off (I NEVER WANT TO CLEAN ANOTHER JAR IN MY LIFE!) We ate homemade shortbread, drank tea and covered jars in hessian and lace – I do love girl time!

Ben found a lumberyard where we bought our table centerpieces of wood and I designed a table plan around Bens parent’s old wooden ladder that Ben painted white. Ben was a star and made wooden signs and blackboards that we used around the venue.

Aeroplanes had to feature at our wedding reception. Ben works as an aerospace design engineer and his main passion (after me of course!) is aircraft. Table names were therefore an easy decision and featured British aircraft from across the decades! Using chalk we wrote the titles of the legendary aircraft onto slate coasters.

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0014

Take Time Out

If I could go back I would recommend taking time out together as a couple weekly where you make it a rule not to talk or do anything wedding related – no matter how hard!

If you are a hands-on bride that finds delegating difficult like myself…delegate anyway – I wish I had earlier on in the planning.

On the big day itself, take time out to just be the two of you throughout the day, as little and often as possible! It is those little moments where we could just jump with excitement, kiss or just stare into each other’s eyes without anyone else around that really stand out for us. It has helped us to remember the rest of the day clearly, as it meant we had time to process as we went along!

If you can get hold of 100s of sparklers, do it!!! It was a magical end to our day seeing all the people we loved line the path leading to our ‘getaway car’ whilst forming a tunnel of soft sparkling light as we walked to our future as Mr and Mrs!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0015

Falling In Love With Albert

Our photographer, Albert suggested that we took time out with him throughout the day for ‘couple shots’ and this was the main reason we did have time together little and often…HE IS AMAAAAAZING and we cannot recommend him more. He is so discrete that one guest even asked us after the wedding “did you have a photographer?”, yet he takes the most amazing natural photos that we shall treasure forever.

I spent the first 2 months searching through magazines and Rock My Wedding, looking at every photographer’s website (yes – everyone’s!!) and we both fell in love with Albert’s work. Asking Albert to take our wedding photos was the best decision I made since I said ‘yes’ to marrying Ben!

Church Wedding In Cambridge, Reception at Anstey Hall, Bride in Toscana by White One, With Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Gowns And Pink Peony Bouquet, Images by Albert Palmer Photography_0016

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Bride’s Gown – White One at Chobham Bride
Veil – Richard Designs
Make Up Artist – Magui
Bridesmaid Dresses – Girls Of Elegance
Groomsmen Suits – Moss
Confetti – Shropshire Petals
Ceiligh Band – Mindset Music
Catering – This Little Piggy Hog Roast
Venue – Anstey Hall
Photography – Albert Palmer

You’d never guess Emma had fake tan on and the lashes look very natural too.

Sparklers make for some gorgeous photos don’t they? In fact, amazing photography all round from Albert Palmer. Love the bouquet throwing ones 🙂

Lots of love,

Fern x

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A Vintage Tea Party


Today’s wedding is so pretty and delicate – all fluffy bouquets of gypsophila, china tea cups and pastel tones.

But the vintage tea party theme didn’t mean that they didn’t have a massive knees- up in the evening, the Groom re-formed his band for the occasion, Granny Norm baked a massive naked Victoria sponge and the guests got to munch on Pie and Mash!

Also, in true British style, the lack of sunshine didn’t stop the day from exceeding all of Charlotte’s expectations – just don a pair of wellies, grab a massive brolly and you’re good to go.

The day was captured perfectly by Claire Penn and Shutterbox films.


The First One

Our venue was the first one we looked at! My sister found it online and we went to see it and fell in love with it! We knew we wanted something relaxed and in a nice setting and the Ashes was just everything we wanted! The two beautiful barns provide everything you need and are in such a lovely pretty setting come rain or shine (rain in our case!)


Simple and Sophisticated

As my dress was quite simple I wanted my make up to be simple too. I was extremely lucky as my friend is a trained make-up artist so she worked her magic on the day! It was lovely to have Michelle do it for me, as she knows me already I trusted she would do exactly what I had in mind. We did have a little trial a few weeks before which I would recommend as it just makes the day much easier and run more smoothly.


My old hair dresser from home did my hair which again was so lovely! We did also have a trial which I would definitely do as what you say and think doesn’t always mean the hairdresser fully understands and once your hair is done it’s tricky to take out and do it again. I knew as with my make-up – I just wanted something natural and simple that still looked like me.

When You Know, You Know

Again as with our venue it was the first and only shop I went to! I knew I wanted something a bit different and simple; the one thing I wanted was to feel comfortable and be able to dance easily.


The minute I stepped into the Vintage Wedding Dress company I loved everything about it, the lovely ladies working there, the beautiful shop interior and then I saw the DRESSES! They are all so beautiful I loved that they offered both original vintage and inspired vintage. It turned out every dress I picked to try was original vintage, I loved that they were all so unique. My dress was 70’s and the second I put it on I loved it!

Vintage Accessories

I got most of my accessories from the Vintage Wedding Dress Company as they had such gorgeous things. I love headbands and really wanted something vintage in my hair. I loved the simple delicate flower headband and felt it just finished off my look perfectly.


My veil was also from the Vintage Wedding Dress Company. At first I didn’t think I would have a veil but when the lady in the shop popped one on me I loved it and thought it gave my dress a more bridal look. My shoes were also from there – I loved the simplicity of them and thought they went so well with my dress. Plus I wanted to dance all night and these meant I could do that!


Relaxed Vintage Feel

We didn’t have a strict colour scheme but wanted something relaxed with a vintage feel. The Bridesmaid’s dresses were from Warehouse, I loved the colour and style and they fitted really well next to my dress. I also had a little maid – Rob’s niece, and as she is 11, she wore a slightly different dress from ASOS but we still kept it within our vintage look and feel.

Rob knew he wanted something relaxed and fun so we decided waistcoats and bow ties would be good for the Best Men and Ushers! The waistcoats and bow ties were all from Topman. Rob’s suit was Topman and brogues from Ben Sherman.


Pastel Tones

As we didn’t really have a strict colour scheme as we wanted everything to be relaxed and a bit mix and match. Our invites we’re really simple, we used bunting which we then translated into the venue decor. We spent months collecting jars and pots and bunting to decorate the venue. We tried to use vintage pastel colours throughout the outfits and venue decor.


Thrown Together Flowers

The flowers were really important but I knew I wanted something simple and thrown together. I decided I would have gypsophila for my bouquet and for the 5 bridesmaids. I loved the vintage look of gyp and how pretty and simple it is. The button holes were all gypsophila too.
We were really lucky and had a friend of a friend do our flowers which was amazing as I totally trusted her to do an amazing job which she did! We collected jars and hampers for months to display the ceremony room flowers and table arrangements. I loved them – they were exactly what I’d hoped they would be and more.


Dancing Queen

Our ceremony was very simple, we chose our own vows and my Granny Norm did a reading – ‘Us Two’ from Winnie the Pooh. It was really lovely and exactly what we wanted.

Our biggest wish for the reception was that it was fun fun fun! We just wanted everyone to dance drink and have a good time. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to have a band as I just love how a band makes people get up and dance. My sister found our band as she had seen them at a friend’s wedding and they were ace.


Rob also used to be in a band and they reformed for a quick showing which was so much fun – he even got his Dad up on stage! After the band had finished we played a selection of our favourite songs from over the years – both old school and new.

The Perfect Photographer

I searched and searched for a photographer that offered the vintage relaxed style we wanted and when I came across Claire Penn I was so thrilled. She is so amazing and completely captured our day in the most wonderful fun happy way. From the moment we met Claire she was so much fun and totally understood what we wanted. It was an absolute joy to have Claire as part of our day and we are so happy with all the photos!


Capture Every Moment

After seeing Shutterbox on Rock My Wedding I knew we had to have them! We hadn’t thought about having a film but when I saw what they could do we booked them straight away. Lee and Dawn are so lovely and so talented I am so pleased we decided to get a film. It’s amazing to watch it back and remember the day. Together with Claire Penn they have an incredible ability to absolutely capture every little moment of the day without you ever realising that they are there.


Guess Your Pie

Food was a big part of our day as we both love food – especially me! As we got married in March we wanted to have something warm and tasty. We decided to have pie and mash and were thrilled when we found out that Pieminister could provide the delicious pies. As it was National Pie week it also fitted in very well.

We had a selection of 4 pies on the day and you just got what was popped in front of you so it was a surprise. Pieminister provided us with loads of info on the pies which we displayed on the tables so people could guess what pie they had. We also had pie badges and tattoos which were extremely popular.


Vintage Tea Party

I wanted to do favours that tied in with our whole day so decided that I would hunt down vintage tea cups for all the girls and make marmalade for the boys. Along with our lovely family we hunted around charity shops and flea markets for tea cups. I also searched for some fabric for the tops of the marmalade jars that tied in with the Groomsmen’s outfits.

My Granny Norm is a fabulous cake maker – I was so pleased when she said she would make our wedding cake and it was fantastic. As it wasn’t a huge cake Rob’s mum also made some extra cakes to ensure there was enough for everyone and I loved how the cake table looked like a vintage tea party.


Bottle Collecting

We didn’t use a huge amount of stationery but decided we would use a vintage type writer with the table plan on. We searched the internet to find one and were so pleased when we found it! For the table names we just did numbers as we felt there was already enough detail on the tables with all the pie information and tattoos.


We wanted real old school milk bottles with wooden numbered spoons inside and we finally found some from Rob’s lovely Nanna and Grandpa who kept some from their milk delivery.
We wanted to have something more than a guest book that we could keep forever so we decided to have a bike picture which people then put their thumb print on that acted as a balloon tied to the bike! It has made such a great picture and will always remind us of our day!


Everything We Dreamed It Would Be

As all Brides say the best advice I can say is enjoy EVERY second as it goes so quickly! Also make sure you don’t get too tied up with planning and actually try and enjoy the planning stage and getting excited. Don’t be afraid to ask people to help and get involved, it was so special to have home-made cakes and marmalade! The best thing Rob and I did was make sure it was exactly what we wanted and it was, it was our day and everything we had dreamed it would be.

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Venue – The Ashes
Dress and Brides Accessories – The Vintage Wedding Dress Company
Bridesmaid Dresses – Warehouse, ASOS
Groom and Best Men – Topman, Ben Sherman
Invites – Wedding Chicks
Guestbook – Wedding Chicks
Food – Pie Minister
Videographer – Shutterbox Films
Photographer – Claire Penn

Doesn’t Charlotte look radiant in the wedding video as she and Rob walk through the confetti?!?

Lots of love,

Fern x

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Giving You Gyp.

As in Gypsophila. As in those tiny delicate white flowers that seem to last an age and never fail to make a significant impact whether used in small dainty doses or huge frothy bundles.

I love it. And so it seems does the world of W-day. So much so in fact I wrote all about different ways to use the bloom in my Wedding Flowers Magazine column and thought it was high time I shared some Gyp inspiration on RMW.

For Your Bouquet

I guess there are two obvious options here – 100% gyp (think pretty floral “cloud”) or mixed with other often more colourful varieties to add an ethereal edge.

The former looks particularly effective for a vintage-inspired wedding such as Diana and Harry’s 1950’s-esque “Mad Men” themed day.

And if you fancy something a little more sumptuous than simple for yourself then a pouff of the white stuff looks equally as lovely for your best girls. Oh and did I mention Gyp is also uber cost effective?

On the mix-it-up front you can’t beat a pop of pink for the ultimate in femininity, my favourite is a combination of roses and Gyp thrown together in a haphazard fashion and tied with a strip of raffia or brown string. James and Kelly’s country garden W-day rocks my world in so many ways – especially the florals….. obviously.

That’s not to say you can’t pair your gyp with something pale and interesting such as the understated posies in Sam and Pete’s Autumnal celebration that feature white Freesia and luscious green Eucalyptus:

And for the ultimate in a whimsical fairytale? accessorise your flower girls with a daisy and gyp crown and wand – you can see the rest of Kim and Chris’s folk affair here.

For Your Decor

Ceremony wise I am loving a simple bunch of gyp as pew ends, tied with lace, colour-scheme ribbon or hung over the back of a chair in a glass bottle or jam jar:

For your reception pretty much anything goes, especially if you are going for something relaxed and informal. In keeping with their bouquets Sam and Pete displayed a selection of gyp and carnations in various bottles and patterned china:

And if you want to go uber pretty heap some gyp into a teacup and decorate with a paper bird or butterfly, you can see the rest Frank and Amanda’s delicious day here.

For a rustic styled marquee/outdoorsy affair then perhaps consider displaying gyp mixed with ivy and other greenery in retro tins (there are loads of suppliers on Etsy or you can pick them up in local flea markets for as little as a quid each). Also a sprinkling of gyp works wonders to pretty up your cake – just remember not to actually eat it.

For Contrast

My absolute favourite ways of using gyp, unexpectedly ultra glam by displaying tightly packed in frosted silver bud vases (find similar at Cox and Cox) or paired with deep purple Lithianthus in cut crystal or as bouquets set against brightly coloured floral dresses – loves.

So then lovelies, are you incorporating gypsophila into your W-day? And is it me or does it remind you a little bit of your Mum flower arranging in the 80’s?

Do tell.

Big Frothy Love

Charlotte xxx