Preston Court Wedding | Katya Katya Shehurina Gown | Vintage Details | ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses | Miki Photography
Preston Court Wedding | Katya Katya Shehurina Gown | Vintage Details | ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses | Miki Photography
Preston Court Wedding | Katya Katya Shehurina Gown | Vintage Details | ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses | Miki Photography
Preston Court Wedding | Katya Katya Shehurina Gown | Vintage Details | ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses | Miki Photography
Flower Girls
Flower Girls
Preston Court Wedding | Katya Katya Shehurina Gown | Vintage Details | ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses | Miki Photography
Preston Court Wedding | Katya Katya Shehurina Gown | Vintage Details | ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses | Miki Photography
Preston Court Wedding | Katya Katya Shehurina Gown | Vintage Details | ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses | Miki Photography
Preston Court Wedding | Katya Katya Shehurina Gown | Vintage Details | ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses | Miki Photography
Preston Court Wedding | Katya Katya Shehurina Gown | Vintage Details | ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses | Miki Photography
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Becky & James

I’ve been looking forward to blogging Becky & James’ big day for a while for lots of reasons – there are cardboard cat cutouts (!) an animal print wedding cake, it’s at Preston Court (epic wedding venue) AND Becky is wearing a gorgeous polka dot gown by one of our favourite designers, Katya Katya Shehurina. Then there’s the coral Bridesmaids dresses, the colourful lanterns adorning the ceiling of their dining room, the carousel and Groom James’ dapper outfit! Honestly, every image by Miki Photography seems to have captured another fabulous detail.

The whole day is full of fun and frolics and it looks like everyone had a lovely time. The couple held a BBQ the following day too, which is a great way to spend some more time with family and friends in a less formal way. Plus, as every Bride will tell you, the day flies past and you never get to spend as much time with people as you’d like. If only wedding days had extra hours…

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Emily & Yi-han

I have literally struggled to keep my chin off the floor whilst putting this together for you lovely lot. This wedding just oozes SO much style & grace! I’m even conscious about using the word oozes as I don’t feel it gives it enough justice.

Louise Blouin Foundation at 3 Olaf Street is literally THE most chic converted warehouse in London’s West End and is home to none other than the Stella McCartney brand. It was the perfect blank canvas for architect Yi-han and oriental arts specialist Emily to host their super super sophisticated day and with the help of The Bijou Bride wedding planner they made their vision into a reality, and oh my what a reality it is!

There is so much to look at and to take it, including the the adorable Bride & Groom who look absolutely gorgeous in their attire and totally smitten with each other. There is also their cleverly crafted wedding rings and wonderfully designed wedding stationery. Is there no end to their talents!

M & J Photography have captured each and every moment and detail to sheer perfection. This is definitely one to be bookmarked so you can enjoy swooning over it time and time again. I know I will be!

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True Love Ways At The Marlborough.


You can tell from the way that Lexi and Matt approached the planning and styling of their big day that they’re a fun-loving laid-back couple.

You can see it in their cute interpretation of their illustrated order of service, in Lexi’s insistence that Bacon and Scampi Fries feature in their canapés menu, in their decision to incorporate a pub quiz into their wedding breakfast and in their oh-so-pretty styling of The Marlborough pub where they had their reception.

I really love this wedding for so many reasons, the beautiful wildflowers, Lexi’s short and pretty frock complete with matching headpiece, Matt’s dapper sartorial choices and of course the dreamy, luminous portrait shots of the pair of them in the meadow at the end of a blissful day.

I think you’ll love it too…

A Fun And Rustic Wildflower Wedding With A Minna Wedding Dress And Headdress With The Wedding Ceremony At Orleans House Gallery In London And The Reception At The Marlborough Pub In Richmond Photographed By Tara Coonan_0001

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Just the Way You Are.


Ian is an interior designer from San Diego, California and Benjamin is a Criminal Barrister, originally from the West Country. They met in London, in an amateur production of “Zanna, Don’t!” with Centre Stage London.

It was love at first sight.

Today’s double groom w-day focuses on Ian’s heart felt words…


Cosy & Intimate

Ian: Our ceremony was in the Council Chamber of Islington Town Hall which was chosen for its beautiful architecture and classical details. We both have always loved the building. The Chamber is simply stunning, especially when the light pours through the stained glass. It still feels very cosy and intimate too the way the seats are designed. The horse-shoe shaped seating meant we felt like all of our friends and family were part of the ceremony rather than simply spectators, literally surrounding us with their love and support.


Big Day Barnets

Everyone did their own hair. Ian and Benjamin used Shu Uemura hair spray and shape paste.


Suits You Sir

I wore a navy pinstripe suit and bow tie from Hackett, shirt from Richard Taylor, shoes from Poste. I wanted a classic look but modern details. After many attempts, Hackett was the perfect fit. Their suits are beautifully tailored and the blue pinstripe was playful yet sophisticated. Being an American tying the knot with a Brit, I was also very proud to wear such an iconic British label.


Benjamin wore a French navy bespoke suit tailored by Tom James with a dove white waistcoat from Hackett. Tie, pocket square and shoes all from Reiss. He loves the classic tailoring of a three-piece suit and wears them for work. He wanted to play with the colors of the waistcoat and accessories to keep the look young and modern.

We both wore ‘Happy Socks‘ to add some playful details to our outfits.

Guests were given a dress code of chic, with hats being encouraged. Everyone stepped up to the mark with full force giving a real elegance to the whole day. The time of year also naturally allowed for spring colors and light, airy fabrics.


Sentimental Touches

We both wore our grandfather’s wrist‐watches on the day and Benjamin wore his dad’s cufflinks as, unfortunately he couldn’t be there due to ill health. The sentimental attachment of our accessories was important to us both, being so close to our families.


Girl Friday

Neither of us wanted a formal wedding party so instead we each had our best friend to help us. Both were girls and because we got married on a Friday, they became our ‘Girl Fridays’. We wanted them to wear whatever they wanted, to reflect their own style, but they knew what we would be wearing and tied in to be equally chic.

Elizabeth wore a blue dress and fascinator Purchased from Oliver Bonas. Dulcinea wore a nude-colored dress by Lanvin, black Chanel jacket, and bespoke headpiece from Dark Room London, a designer in San Francisco.


Comfortable & Relaxed

Our wedding didn’t really have a theme. It was a mixture of classic and contemporary elements that reflect our personal styles and taste. If anything, the theme was all about the atmosphere. It was a day for our guests just as much as it was for us. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed without feeling the structure of a conventional wedding. The historic council chamber, quirky pub, industrial private dining room and, of course, the classic red routemaster bus… Each element being so different helped create an event that was truly our own and reflected our life together.

This “theme” of the right atmosphere also influenced our choice of photographer, Maria De Faci. She has a soft and beautifully classical aesthetic that captures a dream-like mood. Combined with her impeccable eye for detail, we knew she was the right person for our photography.


Surreal Succulents

Rather than flowers, we chose succulents sourced from Surreal Succulents in Cornwall. They were a nod to Ian’s Southern California roots and also became a favour for the guests. Each plant was potted in a jam jar (sourced from Philip Morris) and decorated to become guest place settings for the dinner. As the guests sat down for the meal, they moved the plants into the centre of the table to create the decoration. The plants mixed in with tea lights along the length of the two dining tables created a casual, indoor-outdoor mood that glittered all through the night.

The Flowers in the council chamber were supplied locally from Tom Flowers, an Islington florist.


The Art Of Marriage

We each chose a friend to give a reading. The first friend read ‘The Art of Marriage’ by Wilferd Peterson. The second read a poem she had written herself. We also wrote our own vows, which were very special and emotional. The whole wedding was emotional, really, from the moment we could feel the squeeze of our mum’s hands walking into the council chamber, to the tears shared by everyone during the reading of our vows and exchanging of rings.


Watching Benjamin’s mum hold my mum’s hand when she signed the register to steady her nerves was also a special moment. We had beautiful classical Italian music and arias through the service including the beautiful ‘Pur ti Miro’ but chose the utterly joyous Smash cast version of ‘Brighter than the Sun’ for our exit.



The reception was at Bistrotheque, a restaurant we both love. It has its own clean, industrial private dining room which was ours for the night. The event began with cocktails and canapés followed by dinner and champagne toasts. The perfect accompaniment to the reception was courtesy of Bistrotheque’s amazing in‐house pianist, Xavior, who played a mixture of 80’s pop, Beyonce, Bond themes and showtunes in his own quirky style.

Dancing in the evening kicked off with our own playlist created on an iPod. We asked some of the guests to contribute track requests the weeks before so it felt like a giant party in our living room. We also snuck in a slow dance to Diana Krall’s ‘Just the Way You Are’, which played on our first date.


Food For Thought

We chose the private dining room at Bistrotheque because we wanted the dinner to be a special focus of the day and be food to be restaurant quality, rather than catered. We also wanted guests to be able to have a choice of menu. Again, this contributed to a fantastic atmosphere of the day. The cocktails, canapés, and menus were all designed by the chefs at Bistrotheque. They had various food and drink packages which we were able to select from and were very accommodating with a few special changes.

Cocktails included Elderflower Gin Fizz and Polish Martinis. Dinner included choices of perfectly cooked cod and roast pork belly and a fabulous bread and butter pudding for dessert. Later in the night, we had party food of miniature hamburgers and fish and chip cones as a nod to our American and British union.


Hand Made

Wedding invites were designed at Minted.com and we styled our own email save the date and thank‐you notices in a similar style. The table plan and place setting were all hand made by us. We opted not to have an order of service printed to make the ceremony feel more casual.


Plan It Like A Party

Relax and enjoy the planning. The day goes by really fast but well organised planning and short chains of communication end up doing all the work on the day. Also, make the day as much about your guests as it is about yourselves. Lots of personal touches meant the wedding was totally ‘us’ and they also helped our guests feel like they were experiencing everything with us, rather than watching us experiencing it by ourselves.

Finally, don’t plan it like a wedding, plan it like a party!


Ceremony venue: Islington Town Hall.
Reception venue: Bistrotheque.
Suits: Hackett and Tom James.
Socks: Happy Socks.
Photography: Maria De Faci.
Succulents: Surreal Succulents.
Flowers: Tom Flowers.
Stationery: Minted.com.

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Aaaarrgh… Ian and Benjamnin totally stole all my ideas. I have always thought the perfect reception would take place in a restaurant… Somewhere that you can totally take over, spoil your guests with fine wine and food and then kick off the party properly.

Bistrotheque looks amazing, next time I’m heading for the big smoke I’m there. Ian and Benjamin have also got the fashion spot on too. Their individual fashion and style flourishes compliment each other perfectly and how nice is that anecdote about mothers of the grooms holding hands… I’ve got a little terar in my wedding bloggers eye this morning.


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Just For Us.

Rachel Hudson Photography

India and Mark had it all…rain, sunshine, hail, thunder and even lightening. They also had glorious flowers, fields, ducks and dogs!

They got married in the same church as Marks parents did 30 years previous. They memorised their vows and their beloved Katie (the Dalmation) watched on lovingly from the front row.

And India rocked the most enormous bouquet and the story of her dress is a first for RMW. It melted my heart a little.

Just For Us

India The Bride: Our reception was held at the fabulously rustic Cold Harbour Barn in Ginge, Oxfordshire. We loved it from the moment we clapped eyes on it. We wanted a completely do-it-yourself venue, somewhere down to earth that we could really put our own stamp on. And we got it. Mark even had to make the bar out of a couple of old railway sleepers and some big wooden barrels. The owners, Steph and Richard, were wonderful, they let us have free-range on the barn for a full 5 days, and nothing was too much trouble. After the wedding, they bought the bar from us! It’s still there, with our initials and wedding date scratched into the wood!

I never thought I’d say this, but despite checking the forecasts obsessively during the week running up to the wedding, I would not swap the weather we had for anything. Watching the rain and the lightening from the big doors at the front of the barn, surrounded by our friends and family was really fun – like an alternative fireworks display just for us.

Just For Us

From One RMW Bride To Another

I had originally planned to make my wedding dress. Everyone I know thought I was insane, and about a month or two into my project, I realised they were right. Maybe I gave up too soon but the mock up made from an old bed sheet and covered in measurements and scribbles wasn’t inspiring me. It just wasn’t right.

This is where Rock My Wedding literally saved the day. I was browsing the day’s posts one morning and came across the gorgeous Laura wearing ‘Marnie’ by Stephanie Allin. There it was – the dress I had been trying to create! And, would you believe it… Laura was selling her dress on Undress. We emailed each other frantically for a week, and I decided I really, really wanted to give Laura’s dress another day out.

Just For Us

Laura and I live miles from each other (I in Winchester and she in Birmingham), and trying on the dress was difficult. So we both took a leap of faith and she posted the dress out to me. She also kindly gifted her veil to me as well, as she forgot to wear it on her wedding day and wanted it to be worn at least once. The fact that my dress was worn before is one of my favourite things about it and I would say to anyone thinking of going second hand – do it! It was one of the best decisions I made and Laura and I still keep in touch from time to time.

I accessorised with a lace top I made myself from a very see-through, knee length nightie I found in Topshop. I bought two of them in the largest size they had and got to work with the scissors. It saved me a fortune – the designer one I had seen in a bridal shop and fallen in love with was way, way out of our budget.

Bare Foot Bride

I used to run my own (small) handmade tiara company for a living, so I think many of our friends and family were expecting me to don the Mother Of All Tiaras. However… if I’m honest, I don’t really like them. I wanted to keep things simple, so I wore two small, bronze leaf hairpins from dreamsbythesea on Etsy. My necklace, a piece of rough quartz wrapped in gold wire, was also an Etsy find from WrennJewelry. I wanted items I could wear again after the wedding. My something borrowed was Mark’s mum’s wedding band, that I wore on my index finger for the ceremony.

I’ve never really been a shoe girl, but I still ended up buying 3 pairs! I just couldn’t decide what I actually wanted – colourful and funky? Blingy fabulous? Safe, ivory and very bridal? The shoes I wore in the end were a sparkly, beaded pair from Dune. Even after buying three pairs, I still wouldn’t say I was in love with them. I also quickly realised that wet grass + heels = sinking bride syndrome, and so I did spend a lot of the reception bare foot!

Just For Us

Less Of The Bridal Please

My hair was done by the very lovely Michelle at Segais in Didcot. I’m not known for my organisational skills (it’s amazing the wedding happened at all in fact) and I left sorting out my hair to the very last minute. Michelle was a star – doing my hair trial two days before the wedding, and rearranging her appointments to do my hair at my sister-in-law’s house on the morning of the wedding. I wasn’t a very secretive bride and told a few people that I wanted a side swept fishtail plait – nearly everyone I spoke to told me not too, that it was far too casual, and that I needed something ‘bridal’. I stuck with my guns and I’m so pleased I did – I loved my fishtail!

I also opted to do my own make-up which I’m so glad I did as it gave me the opportunity to have an hour to myself in the morning, and to get away from all the hustle and bustle downstairs. I went for a slightly heavier version of my daytime make-up, but added a bit of winged eye-liner. I also had semi-permanent eyelashes applied a few days before…amazing!!

Just For Us

Look At My Flowers!

Our florist was the incredibly talented Samantha Swift of Little Buds in Oxfordshire. I gave her some of my vague ideas; I knew I wanted multi-coloured hydrangea for my bridesmaids to hold, a la Mrs O’Shea, and an ivory puff including some double headed carnations for me, but pretty much the rest was just a jumbled picture in my head. Sam, her husband Rich, Mark and I piled into her car at 3am, 3 days before the wedding, and visited Covent Garden’s flower market together. We pointed to what we liked, and Sam did the rest! Just before the ceremony, when I was waiting outside the Church with my Dad and bridesmaids, all I kept saying was “Have you seen my flowers? Look at my flowers!”. They completely blew me away and Sam did such a wonderful job.

Just For Us


After seeing Charlotte’s wedding, I became a bit obsessed with the ivory dresses and I searched high and low for the right dresses. I think they looked fab, although I can’t take any of the credit for them… thank you Charlotte! In the end, I found the perfect ones in TKMaxx – an total bargain at £30 each. I think my bridesmaids were a little… apprehensive about my choice of dress. I had forgotten to remind them about the colour, and all except one tried them on the night before the wedding. Let’s just say not everyone had realised they would need nude coloured underwear! As everyone had a pair of nude heels at home, we decided to go nude on the shoe front – is there anything they don’t go with?! (PS. Patent is brilliant for weddings on a lawn – practically wipe clean!)

Just For Us

Polka Dots And Stripes

The boys wore beige linen suits, and we mixed and matched with different coloured ties in sherbert shades. They all wore pale blue shirts, which matched Mark’s.

Mark wore a gorgeous brown linen suit from Hackett. He decided that he wanted to avoid the whole shiny waistcoat/cravat thing quite early on. We decided on brown linen from the start to remain in keeping with the casual feel of the day, but quickly realised brown suits are really hard to find! He also wore a pale blue shirt with a subtle stripe, a tan belt from Ted Baker and pale brown polka dotted tie from Paul Smith. His tan shoes were from Jones the Bootmaker.

Just For Us

Lost for Words

We found our completely amazing photographer, Rachel Hudson, on – again – Rock My Wedding. I searched for weeks online, and saw a post featuring Rachel’s work and was blown away. We arranged to meet her in London, and we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to find someone so lovely and so on our wavelength. Neither of us are very comfortable in front of a camera, so it was really important to us that we had someone who we were able to relax with and have a laugh. Having Rachel and her second shooter, Vikki photograph us was like having old friends around. I just can’t find the words to say how excellent they were.

In the afternoon, we wanted to do something fun and memorable that suited the country feel to the day. I got the crazy notion that Duck Herding would be fun, after finding The Quack Pack online. It took me a few days to convince Mark, but once he came round to the idea it became one of our favourite parts of the day. It was hilarious watching our guests chasing ducks and trying to speak ‘farmer’ with the Border Collies around a field in their welly boots! Rachel captured it brilliantly.

Just For Us

A Trio Of Pies

I decided early on in the planning that I really wanted to make my wedding cake. Mark wanted traditional wedding cake, I wanted chocolate cake… so we avoided both and went for our joint second favourite, a Victoria Sponge covered in cream and strawberries. We sat it on a couple of old apple crates we found at a country show.

Our caterer Talia, from Cotswold Cooks, was another gem we found online. We wanted a caterer who could take our slightly vague ideas and create something that would work with the rustic theme of the day. Talia and her lovely team arrived in the most fabulous baking pinnies, and crafted us a feast of Samphire (my favourite as a child), followed by a trio of pies to suit all, and roasted veg. They served dinky little cream tea scones from vintage china mugs in the afternoon to those who didn’t fancy getting muddy herding ducks!

Just For Us

Paper Poms And Lights

My mum spent months growing 100 lemon thyme plants in her garden, which she potted up for us. We presented them in hessian, tied with an ivory bow. My mum also made little round place names from black card and kebab sticks, which we stuck into the plant pots to make place names for the tables.

A few days before the wedding, Mark and the men in his family spent the day putting up hundreds of colourful paper poms in the rafters of the barn and a string of festoon lights. We also found a grimy old sash window in a local reclamation yard that became our table plan with a chalk marker pen. Mark also made the most fabulous lemonade stand which we set up on the grass outside the barn where our guests could help themselves to homemade lemonade while we were having our photos taken.

My advice to others would be to stick to your guns during the planning – don’t let anyone tell you what you SHOULD have. If you think it’s awesome – then go for it. When it all comes together, it’ll make sense, even if not everything matches.

Just For Us

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Reception Venue: Cold Harbour Barn
Photographer: Rachel Hudson Photography
Brides Dress: Stephanie Allin
Shoes: Dune
Flowers: Little Buds
Maids: TKMaxx
Groom: Hackett

Duck herding?! Is this wedding serious…I LOVE it! What a brilliant idea and a great way to keep your guests entertained.

And did you love the bouquet? Epic or what!

The thing I love most about India’s story is the wedding dress part. We’re so glad we are here connecting brides and making dreams come true. And how clever is she making the lacey overlay? Talented bridey right there.

I want to know if anyone else is making their own bar for their big day? Serious props to Mark!


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Love In The School Yard.

There’s not many of us that can say that they’ve got married and have held their wedding reception in a headmaster’s garden at a real life school. But Alice and George did just that in July earlier this year.

Their beautiful ceremony took place in the Charterhouse School’s chapel – an exquisite building that is most definitely a far cry from the scrappy hall that I used to have assembly in when I was a young lass.

The newlyweds then headed over to the house of George’s father who happens to be the Headmaster of Charterhouse School to continue the celebrations.

All the gorgeous images below come courtesy of our Love Lust List supplier Weddings Vintage.

And just wait until you see Alice’s dress, folks…it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Headmaster, Vicar and Toastmaster Too

My now father-in-law is the Headmaster of Charterhouse School, but also happens to be a vicar, so he married us in the chapel and acted as the toast master for the day.

The wedding was on the first day of the Olympics, so the night before with my bridesmaids (and one usher) we watched the opening ceremony in the hotel bar as we ate some food. 

Original French Lace

The wonderfully fabulous Jane Bourvis made my dress (there is no other way to describe her!)

I work in Portobello where her shop is and I was passing one day and popped in not knowing it sold wedding dresses, and before George had even asked me!. When I was in there I saw this amazing dress and thought it I ever get married that would be my perfect dress.

George proposed three weeks later the day after my 30th birthday, on the long walk to Windsor. One lunchtime I thought ‘Oh wow that dress!’, so I went back, tried it on, and that was the dress I purchased.

It was half made and so Jane and I worked together to create my perfect dress. I have a degree in fashion design and so it was a brilliant collaboration of ideas, and lovely to be able to have some input. So many dresses are off the shelf, so it was extra special to see it evolve. The original piece of lace was over 125 years old and came from a French auction house, and was a stunning champagne colour.

Jane did a fantastic job and I still pop in to see her and have a good chat.

A 1920’s Original

I was very lucky girl in that Jane Bourvis lent me this exquisite original 1920 head piece. I had been looking for one for ages and stumbled across hers deep in the piles of beautiful things in her store.

It happened to be one of the few things that were not for sale so she kindly let me wear it; I will be forever grateful!

I had my hair put up by Harrington’s in Guildford. I think I might be rather fussy about my hair as the trial was supposed to take half and hour and I was in there three.. oops, but they were very patient.

Shoes Can Be A Logistical Nightmare

For my shoes I used a company called Rainbow shoes, who dye to match.

Trying to get six bridesmaids into the same pair of shoes is a logistical nightmare!

We got there in the end with some Dune wedges with gold straps. I went with wedges as they are easy to walk on in the grass that had a more country feel.

I realised I had lost a pair of the bridesmaids shoes the night before the wedding. Luckily, one of my bridesmaid’s boyfriends came to the rescue and tracked a pair down on the morning of the day and completed an hour round trip to go and get them. The missing pair haven’t shown up!

Naughty Bridesmaids

I had both my own and the bridesmaids’ hair done by the lovely Louise from Laura Mercier in Guildford. She did a fantastic job and didn’t even mind when she left the room for 5 mins and came back to find my naughty bridesmaids with their fingers in the make-up bag and in the eye shadows!

A Very Talented Mother-In-Law

I am very lucky that my now mother-in-law is a very talented florist so she helped me with everything. I wanted a very loose and country wild feel. We went to Longacres Nursery in Bagshot, which is amazing, huge and full of every flower imaginable whilst being very reasonably priced.

We visited Longacres on the Wednesday and put the arrangements together on the Friday. I collected lots of jam jars and raided my grandpa’s shed for old oil cans which I put flowers in.

Floral Jacquard

As my bridesmaids dresses were a multicoloured floral jacquard design I wanted to keep the flower girl dresses and George/groomsmen’s outfits as plain as possible. The dresses were from Jigsaw, I used to work there as the print designer, so it was a dress I had worked on which made it very special.

I actually got the flower girl dresses made in China using this website. The website is amazing, and the service was so quick. It was a bit of a risk as I didn’t know what champagne colour would look like but as a complete fluke it was exactly the same colour as the slip of my dress! They were a bargain at £30.

The flower girl shoes were little sparkly pumps from Monsoon.

Gold Foulard

George went to Savile Row and the Hackett store to get his waistcoat and tie with his brother (best man) and Father. He got a gold foulard design tie and a plain sand coloured waistcoat.

A Natural Style

I was really struggling to find an affordable photographer who was very natural in their style. I wanted somebody who could take shots as natural as possible so they did not look too contrived. I was recommended Harriet Gill of Weddings Vintage by a friend; she was fantastic and exactly what I was looking for.

She was brilliant on the day and was the perfect choice. She arrived the day before in the middle of my meltdown (every bride has one once!) and was just so lovely!

A DIY Cake

I really do not think you need to spend too much money on the cake as you can buy brilliant plain ones and be creative. I bought 4 plain tiers from Marks and Spencer and some ribbons and my mother put it together the night before, and finished it of with some wild flowers.

Blue Suede Shoes

We hired a jazz band, the Blue Suede Shoes, from Function Central who played a great 2 hour set of funk and swing set to get everybody dancing! Afterwards a friend, who is a very talent DJ, played for us!

As George’s father is a vicar our first dance was to ‘Son of a Preacher man’; the lyrics in it are very apt!

A Dab Hand In The Kitchen

George made Nigella Lawson’s chilli jam for all of our favours and I made the labels and stuck them on with string tied around a fabric top. We had an old school luggage tag that had everybody’s names on it as their place names on the table.

Alice In Wonderland

The marquee was in my parent’s in-law’s garden which is an old Gertrud Jekyll design, it is already naturally very beautiful, and so I wanted to bring the outside in. We pulled all of the sides of the Marquee up so it was more like a giant gazebo. We bought some giant white balloons and some helium and put them on the tables and on the entrance to the tent.

There is a separate summer house in the garden which we used as the children’s table for when the speeches were taking place, and put up some pink bunting for them.

As my name is Alice, I wanted a slight theme to the day (Alice in Wonderland) and thought it would also compliment the walled garden. I had small touches around like little signs, saying; rabbit hole’ and this way to the party etc.

We didn’t really have a strong colour theme as I think sometimes it can look a bit much with everything all in the same shade, we wanted something that felt a bit looser, which meant I could play with lots of different wild flowers in multicoloured shades.

I made quite a lot of things for the wedding. I designed and made the invitations with George which was a real labour of love…not so much after 100!

I couldn’t find any black and white checked bunting and so I decided to make it myself…150 metres later! I also realised on the day I only needed about 20, hahaha, so if anybody wants some bunting, get in touch!

For the table plan we used an old amazing frame we found on the street and painted it white with a hessian background, then typed out the plan on brown paper. I bought some cardboard numbers and the pinned them on to the board.

Moodboard Focus

My best friend helped me create a mood board at the beginning which was a massive help as it meant I could visualise exactly what I wanted. I had had all these ideas flying around and millions of blog images and felt a bit overwhelmed with everything I could do.

Creating it helped me focus on exactly what I wanted the day to look like, and what I needed to buy, where we could save money with things to make and how to show other people what I wanted, eg with the flowers etc.

It also helped me show George, and he said yes and no to things he definitely didn’t want.

Top Tips

My top tip is…give men specific tasks!
I would get a bit stressed and say why aren’t you helping I have so much to do, and he would say well “how do I know what needs doing when it’s all in your head! I am not a mind reader”. They don’t really care about the visual things to much, just present them with a choice like “blue or green” and they can say yes or no, not “what colour do you think”?

We started with lots of ideas and worked back to what was realistic. It’s impossible to do everything; you need to know when to stop, when to delegate and when to let go. Remember it’s really all about the love not about the napkin shades!

Get the major things sorted first, your venue, dress, food, theme and cars; the rest will follow! 

When I was worrying about family politics and what people would think of various elements of the wedding, somebody said to me if anybody is there that is not wishing you all the best and wanting you to have the perfect day then that’s their problem not yours!

Venue – Charterhouse School

Dress – Jane Bourvis

Shoes – Rainbow

Bridesmaid Dresses – Jigsaw

Bridesmaid Shoes – Dune

Flowergirl Shoes – Monsoon

Hair – Harrington’s

Make up – Laura Mercier

Flowers – Longacres Nursery

Photographer – Weddings Vintage

Cake – Marks and Spencer

Band – Blue Suede Shoes

Right about now I’ve developed a sudden urge to go out purchase some antique lace. Alice’s dress is simply dreamy.

She also has some sound advice too. If any of you are experiencing anxieties about family politics or even worrying about people’s perception of the wedding, then you’re not alone. I certainly had my own fair share of drama.

I absolutely 110% agree with Alice’s philosophy that it’s their problem not yours. If you’re able to, try to let it float over your head – it simply won’t matter on the day anyway because it’s about you two as a couple and the love you have for one another.

She’s a wise girl is Alice.

So come on folks, what do you think? Which part of George and Alice’s day do you love the most?

I’ve got my eye on that jam…

All my love Lolly xxx