Helaina Storey Wedding Design

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Bespoke Planning and Styling by Helaina Storey Wedding Design

If you’re a long time reader of Rock My Wedding you’ll already know that we encourage every single couple planning their day to stay true to themselves and have the day that they really want. Not the day that your mum wants (controversial!), or the day a glossy magazine is telling you to have because… “trendy”. We want you to do all the things that will make your hearts sing and most importantly, be looked back on knowing it truly was YOUR day, your way. We’re also advocates of seeking out the very best suppliers to help you achieve this dream, and for some of you that will be a bespoke planning and styling support service. Today we’re introducing you to one of our epic, handpicked Planning & Styling suppliers, Helaina Storey, who will literally take your vision and ideas and help bring them to a not only beautiful crescendo of loveliness, but in a seamless yet fun way too. Helaina Storey Wedding Design’s ethos is so perfectly aligned with that of RMW we just know you’ll achieve wonderful things together.