Hengrave Hall

Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
BOuquet Toss
BOuquet Toss
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
Hengrave Hall
Hengrave Hall
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
Geometric Details & Hanging Foliage For Hengrave Hall Wedding With Outdoor Reception With Images From Sam And Louise Photography
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Gemma & James

All of this glorious weather has gone to my head. I totally thought Gemma and James’ wedding was a destination feature, with their stunning al fresco courtyard dinner. But NO – it’s the UK! The lovely Hengrave Hall in fact. It’s not often that we get to enjoy guaranteed sunshine here in Britain, so it’s such a pleasure to see you beautiful people making the most of it!

Gemma and James’ are clearly a couple with style, as the decor for their big day is just perfect, tonnes of foliage, hanging geometric details and beautiful blousy pink toned blooms. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes and I just know you’re going to love it…

Jenny & Matthew by Katherine Ashdown Photography Pin Image

Jenny & Matthew

There are some weddings that are just so adorable you can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and this Spring wedding at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk with its pretty details, lawn games, beautiful golden hour portraits and incredibly smiley bride is definitely one of those weddings.

Jenny looks an absolute vision in her Fleur Naomi Neoh wedding dress, one of RMW’s all time favourite gowns, and yours too judging by the amount of social media likes and engagement we receive across our channels whenever we share a real bride in this timeless gown.

Katherine Ashdown Photography tells the story of this fairytale wedding beautifully, make sure you look out for the blooms too (not that you can miss them), and table plan, as they too will set your pulses racing.

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Tammy & Steve

Tammy & Steve’s wedding day is just such a joyful affair – we love Tammy’s bold red hair (I’ve always wished I could pull off such a strong look, but I just can’t), it looks so striking against a Bridal gown. She is also one the smiliest Bride’s we’ve seen, literally beaming for the whole day.

It’s also really touching that she left the celebrations to put her adorable little girl to bed – those of you with children out there will appreciate that no matter what the occasion, your responsibility to the little people comes first! And it looks like her daughter had a wonderful day, just like her Mama.

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Celine and Pete married on 8th September this year at The Church of St John Lateran with a reception held at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk.

It rarely happens but I am at a bit of a loss for words when I look at this wedding and read the wonderfully detailed story told by Celine. It is simply beautiful. There is a traditional English house, 2 dresses, a fabulous veil, a floral arch, a fully hand stitched suit (I KNOW!!), the most beautiful cake and a string quartet… and that’s just a handful of the amazing elements that made this day truly spectacular.

Celine tells her story so beautifully so get yourself a cuppa, sit back and get ready to take in the stunning images captured by Lisa Devlin.

O, did I mention the air display?

A Venue We Could Make Our Own

When we set out to find a venue, we had very specific things in mind: a traditional English house in the countryside with great indoor and outdoor space, overnight accommodation, accessible for all our guests and, most importantly, an old Catholic Church nearby to hold the ceremony in. Thanks to a man called Henry VIII, these were few and far between. We racked up the mileage looking at all the venues with potential but it was only Hengrave Hall that stacked up and we both felt that it was perfect for us – it was a venue we could make our own.

The date as well was quite significant for me as it is what we celebrate as the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday in the Roman Catholic calendar – and we were truly blessed to have our wedding on one of the hottest days of the year!

The Dream Dress

My dress is by Veluz, a designer in the Philippines where I am originally from. I had seen her work online through a good friend of mine who was also a Veluz bride and I just fell in love with all the intricate details that she put into every dress – each custom-made for every bride.

I had decided on a lace dress very early on in the process but when I walked into her shop in Manila and looked at the samples of the different fabrics, lace went out the window and I couldn’t have anything else but Piña Silk. Piña (which is Spanish for pineapple) is a fibre made from pineapple leaves and is a traditional specialty of the Philippines. My dress was fully embroidered with callado (an intricate process in order to create patterns within the fabric itself) and accentuated with beadwork which was all done by hand. For the ceremony, it was topped with a matching shrug, also fully embroidered and beaded.

The design of the pattern on the dress took inspiration from symbols related to both our families which included sampaguita (or jasmine, in English) – the national flower of the Philippines and one that holds special memories of my childhood. The smell always reminds me of my grandmother who would pick them from the tree in our garden.

Incidentally, the flowers were a recurring theme in our wedding as Pete and my parents ordered custom-made jewellery for me to wear on the day, designed with flowers that complemented my dress perfectly. The bracelet was Pete’s idea and my parents ordered the earrings to match. Did I mention how lucky I am as my parents also paid for my dream dress?!

Veluz provides brides with a full package – so that includes all accessories from veil to shoes and even the coin bearer’s pillow and other bits for the ceremony.

I had a cathedral length veil (I filled up the tiny church with my wedding dress!) with embroidered ends to match the pattern on my dress and had asked for the shoes and purse to be the same.

Given the volume and length of my dress, I needed some very tall shoes! Thankfully, my shoes had quite a bit of a platform so I wasn’t in too much pain given that I stood during the entire ceremony as there wasn’t enough room for me and my dress to sit down in the church.

In my wedding research, I found out that the old adage of “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” continued on to say “…and a sixpence for luck in her shoe”! I was able to find a sixpence from the year of my mom’s birth and this was placed just underneath the label.

Me – Only Better

I don’t wear a lot of make-up but wanted to look my best for the big day and Katy Messer was just amazing! She knew exactly what I wanted, the make-up was fresh and light and it lasted the whole day. She made me feel like me – only better!

Cassandra Rizzuto also did wonders with my hair which is stubbornly straight. I wasn’t going to be comfortable in a sleek and tidy up-do but needed to keep my hair in check for the whole day and Cassandra gave me soft, romantic curls in a half-up to keep the hair out of my face.

My family loved their hair and make-up from Katy and Cassandra so much that they wanted to take them home – and they’re a hard bunch to please! They are an amazing duo and also helped us to keep to the schedule while getting ready and Cassandra also helped get me in my dress which I am told was no mean feat given all the pearl buttons on the back!

September Flowers

Our flowers were by Claire Cowling of Thrive Floristry. We had seen work that she had done previously for Hengrave and felt that she could deliver on what we had envisioned for the day without too much “foliage”. Of all the floral decorations, our one non-negotiable was the floral arch for the church entrance as it was the first thing we and our guests would see, setting up the tone for the rest of the day.

We wanted lots of roses and hydrangeas and left the rest to Claire and she did an amazing job. She paired our selected flowers with September flower, gypsophilia, lisianthus, matricaria, delphinium and a whole host of other flowers whose names I hadn’t even heard of before! They all came together and were as delicate and romantic as we’d hoped for.

Blush and Champagne

My bridesmaids were my cousins and as they live in Las Vegas and wouldn’t be in London until a week before the wedding I feared that their outfits would be a logistical nightmare! In the end, we found the Lela Rose dresses which I was able to view here in London and they could then fit and order them in Las Vegas. We chose dresses in carnation and I was also able to order matching cravats and pocket squares for the groomsmen.

The groomsmen wore grey single-breasted suits hired from Moss. My nephew, our coin and ring bearer, wore the same suit in a mini version with a matching bow tie – sooo adorable! The flowergirl’s dress is from Nicki Macfarlane which she loved twirling around in.

We didn’t really have a specific theme for the wedding but had decided on soft colours like blush and champagne and everything fit around it perfectly on the day.

A Worthy Investment

Now there’s a little Imelda in all of us and that includes my husband! He was equally as specific on his shoes and I was so happy when he found “the one” – a pair of black leather lace-ups from Barker’s Creative Collection. Funnily enough, we later discovered that his dad was wearing the exact same pair in brown!

When it came to his suit, Pete was equally specific about the look and fit that he wanted! The colour and even the weaving on the material had to be just right. There was no real option but to have a bespoke suit made and on the day he wore a grey fully hand stitched three-piece suit from Cad and The Dandy. He too had his own details added to his outfit with pink lining and a ticket-pocket for that truly British touch. He felt amazing in his suit and we knew it was a worthy investment for the day. It was matched with a classic white shirt and cravat and pocket square in blush.

He looked so handsome standing by the altar and I could see his eyes brimming with tears as I walked down the aisle. Everything just felt so right and I’d never felt such happiness and calm knowing that soon we would be husband and wife.

The Perfect Style

Pete and I both love and appreciate photos so choosing the right photographer for us was something we just had to get spot on. Lisa Devlin’s portfolio was full of photos that were warm, animated and conveyed all the love and emotions of the day. Her style was a perfect match for us and we knew we could trust her completely.

We had an engagement shoot which prepared us for the big day and helped us be comfortable with the camera and Lisa’s shooting style which was so unobstructive and natural that it was like having a really good friend take our photos.

Since we had a lot of family and friends who couldn’t come to the wedding, we also hired Reel Vision as our videographers. We had watched samples available on their site and just fell in love with their style – we felt like we were actually part of those wedding days we had a little sneak peek at. Mike and Adam were genuinely really nice people who worked so hard – we can’t wait to receive the video so we can relive the day!

Having It All

I love cake and it not only had to be gorgeous but also delicious.

I had seen Zoe Clark’s work through WeddingTV ‘s The Great Cake Bake (I love cake so much that yes, I watch most programs related to baking) which was so helpfully running on marathon on my early weekends of wedding planning.

Pete and I originally agreed on a more rustic wedding cake but he had kindly agreed to accompany me to meet Zoe Clark at The Cake Parlour in Wimbledon for a cake consultation. He was wowed by the cakes on display and we both fell in love with a massive Hydrangea Cascade Wedding Cake in the window. The flavours on offer were so moist and tasty that I couldn’t stop picking at the tasters at our meeting. There was no debating it now – Pete had been won over and I was going to get a stunning and delectable cake! We chose a white base for the cake and scattered flowers in various shades of pink to complement the colour scheme.

We opted for four flavours – traditional fruit cake, chocolate cake (the only option for Pete!), lemon and classic vanilla & raspberry. It was so hard to decide (they were all so yummy!) and in the end, we decided to have it all and cater to various tastes.


We had a string quartet play during cocktails in the garden and our guests made use of the garden games which were available.

To get our guests attention, they were gathered to a corner of the garden for the group photo and were then surprised by an aerobatic flight display. Pete always says that he wished he could be a fighter-pilot and we have treated him to the odd flying experience (including dog-fighting!) so it was great way to show that part of him to our guests. At one point, his Nan did actually think he was flying the plane!

We also brought our guests back out to the garden when the sun had truly gone and when they had counted down from 10, Pete and I set off the fireworks which was another surprise. It was a great way to cap off an amazing day and we were glad to share that moment together – we couldn’t believe that everything we’d planned for had gone well and it was nearly over.

Making The Most Of Time

For our first dance, I changed into a dress which is a gift from one of my best friends, Isabel Celdran, who is a designer with her own shop in the Philippines. It felt so light and breezy after wearing my wedding dress all day which was great for the first dance as we surprised our guests with a box rumba routine. Pete has no background in dance was really sweet to put in the effort for dance lessons – in fact he was the one making sure we practised leading up to the big day! It was worth all the effort.

We chose Everything by Michael Bublé which is a song which would play on the radio on each car journey we’d make on weekends away early on in our relationship (we were long-distance for 2 years from the start until I moved to London) and one that we’d sing along too. The words summed up how we felt and still reminds us of those early days when we had to make the most of the time we were together to make up for all the times we were apart.

Bringing The Philippines To The English Countryside

We wanted to bring a bit of the Philippines to English countryside wedding guests and also give them favours that they could use regularly to remember our wedding by. For the men, it was small leather card wallets and for the women we had Philippine freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet sets.

Some of our guests wore their pearls as soon as they received them and we have seen some of the guys use the wallets so we know they are appreciated and haven’t gone to waste!

The Little Touches

We set up a little area in the church with candles, flowers and photos of our family members who are no longer with us as we wanted to make sure they were present at an important day of our lives.

For cocktails, Hengrave and Talbooth kindly put up the paper pompoms in the garden. My cousins, aunt and I had actually prepared them that morning while getting ready – they didn’t know why I’d left them till that morning but to be honest, I was glad to have something to do to take my mind off what was coming! I was so nervous that folding all that paper was practically therapeutic.

In addition to the floral centrepieces, I had asked my mom to find some tea-light holders and she exceeded all my expectations when she showed me bone china ones shaped like tulips from a manufacturer in the Philippines that my parents had ordered from before. I was really pleased with them and was looking through their brochure to show Pete – at which point I saw that they also made napkin ring holders! A happy accident as they turned out really well and they were also able to make us matching  place card holders after my original idea didn’t work out as planned.

My Dream Wedding

We really wanted to bring a little bit of each of us, our histories and our countries into our wedding.

As part of the marriage rite, we had little symbolical ceremonies which are traditional in the Philippines. Our grandmothers each lit a nuptial candles, signifying our separate lives, families and their lighting our path together in marriage. The priest blessed a bible for us to keep in our marital home and coins were blessed and given to me from Pete as a promise of his dedication to our family and its welfare which I accepted, showing my trust in his pledge and my own promise to build a home for us. A veil was also draped over both of us as a sign of Pete’s protection and my husband and of our new life together. Over this, a cord was placed, symbolising our infinite bond and that we must work together.

The coins and cord were the same ones used at my parents wedding and I look forward to continuing the tradition.

We also had a sweets table with our favourites from our childhood – some very different from the other! It was great for our guests to have some old favourites and to try something new.

My advice would be to involve willing family members as much as possible (though do hold a few things back to surprise them as well!) and not to absorb all the stress that goes into planning the happiest day of your life.

I was very lucky to have had lots of help from Pete and my family leading up to and on the day itself. My family arrived with less than a week to go before the wedding so it was all a little hectic but I am so thankful to them for helping me put together little finishing touches. From wrapping up all the favours, stamping monograms, making handmade confetti cones and filling up the sweets jars (there may have been a few less sweets afterwards) – I couldn’t have done it without them and it was great to have all that family around just putting your vision together.

Pete was always a very involved groom-to-be and on our wedding day, he was the one who went all around the venue making sure everything was set-up just as we wanted and spoke to each and every supplier. At the end of the day, he worked hard and gave me my dream wedding day and I couldn’t ask for any more than that.

Cake: The Cake Parlour

Flowers: Thrive Floristry

Photographer: Lisa Devlin Photography

Venue: Hengrave Hall

Dress and Shoes: Veluz Bride

Hair: Cassandra Rizzuto

Make-up: Katie Messer

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lela Rose

Groom’s Suit: Cad and The Dandy

Videography: Reel Vision

Airshow: Yak 52 Aerobatic Display

So there you have it folks. How utterly gorgeous. From the dress to the suit and the adorable flower girl.

The details in Celine and Pete’s day leave me breathless. So much thought went into every aspect of their day and I could just feel Celine brimming with love and happiness as she retold her story for all of us to enjoy and a husband who is as into shoes as you are?! Win!

Celine gave us such a wonderful insight into customs from the Philippines and what a brilliant job they did of fusing their two cultures to create such an amazing and emotional day.


What were your favourite bits?






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An English Country House.

Amy and Simon married at Hengrave Hall in Bury St Edmunds.

They wanted an English country house-party feel for their wedding with lots of accommodation for guests. They also wanted a venue they could book out and take over in its entirety. Hengrave Hall ticked all of the boxes

The chapel on site was just big enough for 100 guests and small enough so that Amy didn’t find walking down the aisle too daunting!

All of today’s images are by Dottie Photography.

The Dress That Wasn’t A Dress

My ‘dress’ was actually a lace skirt with a camisole top and lace tee shirt, designed by Kate Halfpenny. I wore a pale pink sash during the daytime and swapped it for a handmade embellished belt for the evening, both of these were from Kate Halfpenny too.

Kate, her incredible designs and fabulous studio, made wedding dress shopping a really special and exciting experience. I loved so many of Kate’s exquisite dresses that the only slightly tricky part was narrowing down a favourite. The idea of a skirt and top really appealed to me though, particularly as it means I can wear the camisole and tee shirt again and I’m also planning on having the skirt taken up so that I can wear that again too. Kate’s designs are so beautiful, and I felt so happy wearing them, that I think it would be a waste not to wear them again.

Let It Shine

I wore a short veil, with lace detail, in my hair, which was also from Kate Halfpenny.

The ‘dress’ and belt are so beautiful and intricate that I decided to keep my jewellery simple and let the dress really shine. The only jewellery I wore (except for my wedding and engagement rings) was my grandma’s engagement ring that I had inherited. I wore it on my right hand as my ‘something old’.

Left At The Platform Shoes

I wore cream snakeskin effect heels by Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley… Although I very nearly didn’t after leaving them on the platform at Bishops Stortford train station on the way to a dress fitting!

The Best Version Of Myself

Ferdia at The Lounge, Soho perfected my hair cut a couple of days before the big day. With short hair, all I needed was a good blow dry on the morning of the wedding. Tori from Finn Jordan in Cambridge did a great job and also styled my bridesmaids’ hair beautifully.

Katy of was my fantastic make up artist and a very calming influence on the morning of the wedding. I don’t tend to wear a lot of make up usually, and was worried about looking too heavily made up, but Katy was wonderful at making me look like the best version of myself. My mum, Simon’s mum and my bridesmaids also had their make up done by Katy and we all spent a lovely day before the wedding having make up trials and eating cake!

English Country Garden

Violets and Velvet created the beautiful bouquets, buttonholes, pew ends and flower arrangements for us, including the stunning arch at the church entrance. We asked for an ‘English country garden’ look, using local, seasonal flowers. The only flowers we specifically asked for were white roses to represent our Yorkshire heritage and the guys all had white rose buttonholes. We also wanted herbs to be part of the flowers and it was lovely to keep catching a scent of mint, rosemary and thyme during the day.

It was important to us that the flowers were reused as far as possible and not wasted. Following the church ceremony, the church arch was dismantled and arranged into pretty posies for our guests to take home.

Fluid And Unstructured

My bridesmaids, Tracy, Navneet and Ayesha, looked absolutely stunning in navy dresses from Maids to Measure in London.

Simon’s two best men, James and Rob, wore navy suits, white shirts and polka dot cockney chokers, all bought from Mr Start in Shoreditch, London. The chokers gave the suits a pretty fluid, unstructured look so the guys didn’t feel so confined and smart as you sometimes can in a tie. The dads weren’t so keen on the cockney choker and wanted to go for a more traditional look, so they had skinny ties in the same material. We used to live around the corner from Mr Start and Simon has been buying clothes from there for the last 8 years, so it made sense to have them involved. Chris and his team were fantastically helpful in sorting out all the details and making the boys all look very dapper.

We didn’t have any intention of having a navy colour scheme, but it just ended up like that!

All Stars

My gorgeous groom, Simon wore a bespoke navy tux with black satin trim from Mr Start in Shoreditch, London. He teemed it with brown patent Oxfords from Mr Hare via Mr Porter for the day and swapped them in the evening for his trusty black Converse All Stars. This wasn’t really intended but Simon is well known for wearing Converse with every outfit and all the guests kept asking him why he wasn’t wearing his All Stars so he felt it was only right to give them what they asked for!

The look was inspired by a picture of Ryan Gosling at the premiere of Drive; Simon just took it into Mr Start and they did the rest for him. A crisp white shirt finished the look off; the tux was so beautiful that it didn’t need any accessorising really.

As Simon’s grandparents aren’t with us anymore, he carried their wedding rings in his inside pocket as a tribute to them, which was a beautiful if slightly emotional touch.

Conga Time

Mandy and Julie of Dottie Photography were our fabulous photographers. We felt at home with them from the first time we met and they were great fun throughout the day. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better! Although when they told us all to assemble in front of Hengrave Hall to do the conga, we did think this was too crazy even by their standards! The final shot is fantastic though and a great twist on the standard group shot!

We’d already had an engagement shoot with Mandy, which I’d really recommend as it definitely helped us to relax in front of the camera.

Sponge And Buttercream

Our cake was designed by Laura of Love Little Cakes. We had three tiers of sponge and buttercream, and each tier had a different flavour – cherry bakewell on the base, lemon for the middle tier and a rose and violet top layer which was specially created for Simon. Apparently it took a lot of attempts by Laura to perfect the recipe but the end result was fantastic.

The cake was decorated with fresh flowers for a ‘country chic’ look.

Must Plays

Our DJ was Darren at Dreamwave Events. We gave him a list of ‘must plays’ and then let him work his magic around them. He did a great job as the dance floor was packed all night!

Bella Donna

We chose Bella Donna by the Avett Brothers for our first dance. It’s a beautiful love song by a brilliant band and the lyrics seemed to fit the occasion perfectly. It was a close call between that and Dean Martin’s “You’re nobody til somebody loves you” which is from Simon’s favourite film (Swingers) but we used that instead for our exit music from the church. It was great to fit in both songs.

Bags Of treats

I love sweets and, right from the beginning, wanted a sweetie table to feature in our wedding. For favours, guests were encouraged to make a treat bag to take home from the sweetie table.

Our sweetie table was styled by Kate Fletcher of Vintage Style Hire, with a cute bunting sign and labels created by Zoe at Dottie Creations.

As well as styling the sweetie table for us, Kate was a brilliant source of information, inspiration and ideas during our wedding planning and we’re very grateful to her for recommending Hengrave Hall, Violets and Velvet and Love Little Cakes. She understood the look we were aiming for perfectly and I really enjoyed our chats over coffee in Saffron Walden.

I have a thing for posh stationery and cards and Zoe was wonderful throughout our wedding planning, creating our Save the Date magnets, invitations, order of service and fabulous table plan.

For The Kids

Simon’s talented dad created our wonderful card hamper for us from scratch. We showed him a picture of one we liked and two weeks later he’d made one that looked even better!

We also arranged presents for all the children at the wedding. We know how stressful it can be for mums/dads to keep kids entertained during dinner/speeches, so we thought that providing a few gifts to open and toys to play with would help take the pressure off them. Simon’s parents kindly arranged the buying and wrapping and it was fantastic to see the children feel involved in everything that was going on.

Enjoy The Preparations

The best part of our wedding was being surrounded by family and friends who mean so much to us, some of whom had travelled across the globe to be there. We were humbled by the effort that everyone made and it was wonderful to see their happy, smiling faces on our wedding day.

My advice to a bride to be? Enjoy the preparations and use the time running up to the wedding as an opportunity to spend time with your nearest and dearest. Whilst there were a few stressful moments along the way, I have so many happy memories of time spent with my favourite people. Also, it’s completely true what they say – the big day flies by so be sure to enjoy every single moment.

Simon’s advice to grooms is: “take 2 shirts along for the big day. I stupidly sliced my chin open shaving on the morning of the wedding and had visions of spending a day next to a bloodsoaked collar! I would definitely throw in a spare white fitted shirt to your bag just in case of any accidents! I would also advise people to make very good friends with the bar manager/wedding manager on the big day. That way if you want to keep the party going after last orders they can provide you with all the necessary drinks for the after party!”

Venue – Hengrave Hall

Dress – Kate Halfpenny

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman

Hair – The Lounge

Make-up – Make-up by Katy

Flowers – Violets and Velvet

Maids – Maids to Measure

Photography – Dottie Photography

Groom – Mr Start

Cake – Love Little Cakes

DJ – Dreamwave Events

I’m not usually one for florals, but the English County Garden created by Violets and Velvet really is an amazing sight. Fresh, vibrant and I’ll bet that the integration of herbs made them smell good enough to eat.

I must also mention the “not” dress… Amy looks stunning and relaxed in her Kate Halfpenny creation. It suits the laid back country garden vibe perfectly.


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The ULTIMATE Fairytale Fantasy.

Imagine some of the most decadent, luxurious and lavish jewellery and accessories on the planet. Then imagine those pieces of pretty being photographed by a world-renowned wedding photographer and styled by some of the most in-demand industry professionals in the business.

The ultimate fantasy right?

Well then lovelies, let us make your fantasy a reality as the uber talented Julia Boggio has sent Rock My Wedding an exclusive on the recent summer photoshoot at Hengrave Hall of the most beautiful Magpie Vintage pieces EVER.

With make-up by Kaz Fernando, styling by Kate Barbour and hair by Severin Hubert from the Hepburn Collection this is the kind of inspirational eye-candy that makes Rebecca and I literally jump up and down with girly excitement and glee…..

And not only do we get to share the romantic eighteenth century opulence of Marie-Antoinette but also a fresh modern take on incorporating an ice-cream dream of a colour palette into your Big Day with insight from both photographer Julia Boggio and Magpie Vintage’s very own Lisa Harris.

So then folks, may we suggest you take a few moments to sit down, relax, get comfortable and enjoy the show…. who knew Tuesdays could turn out to be such a feast for the eyes?

Lisa Harris – Magpie Vintage: For the Marie Antoinette hair shots we used our Bespoke necklaces which Sev pinned throughout the hair to create a draping soft look. We wanted to show the versatility of our pieces, they can be worn with jeans, a wedding dress and even in the hair!

We teamed with a 1920’s fresh water pearl encrusted ostrich feather for ultimate drama!

Lisa Harris – Magpie Vintage: Our Hollywood collection is a Labyrinth of beautiful rhinestone jewels worked into head bands, necklaces and bracelets. It doesn’t take much to show off the glamour and uniqueness of each piece which can literally be sitting around the studio awaiting complimenting pieces for years until we find the perfect match!

Julia Boggio – The Lowdown. Julia Boggio is well-known for her fun, quirky and colourful wedding photography, as well as her world-famous Vintage Boudoir (TM) photography. She has just been given the You & Your Wedding Bride’s Choice award for 2010 and won Entrepreneur of the Year at the Merton Business Awards.

Julia is also famous for having recreated the dance from Dirty Dancing at her wedding. The resulting You Tube video has had over 8 million views, with Julia and James appearing on Richard & Judy, BBC Breakfast, GMTV, Sunrise TV in Australia and The Oprah Winfrey Show in the US, where Julia danced with Patrick Swayze.

Aside from shooting glamorous weddings, Julia and James run a successful portrait studio in Wimbledon.

Julia Boggio: I leapt at the chance to work at Hengrave Hall when asked by Magpie Vintage to photograph their new range of jewellery. I’d been wanting to do a Marie Antoinette-style shoot for a while, so decided to start the day with this. Of course, I had to ask Severin Hubert to do the hair. I’ve been working with him almost since I started out and knew that he’d be able to handle the complicated updos.

Also, the fabulous Terry Fox is located nearby, so they leant us a wonderful range of dresses that were perfect for the style of shoot.

Julia Boggio: I wanted to get as many images out of the day as possible, so I decided to photograph two completely different sets of models: one as a single model and one as the couple. The blonde model brought her boyfriend along to play groom; he was such a good sport on the day and really got into it, despite me forcing him to play with a pink guitar!!.

There were a lot of different looks needed for make-up, so Kaz Fernando, who I work with on a regular basis and who does the make-up at many of my weddings, came along to tackle the job.

Kate, our trusty stylist, asked Marc Wallace to lend us the suits. We wanted a very summery outdoorsy sort of look and Marc’s colourful suits were ideal for this style. Last but not least, Magpie Vintage, as always, brought an amazing array of their bespoke antique pieces to the shoot.

Afterwards, the lovely people at Hengrave Hall let us all stay the night in one of their gorgeous cottages. I’m not going to lie to you; there was champagne involved….

Lisa Harris – Magpie Vintage: For the outdoorsy fun shots we focused on our Secret garden necklaces which are a host of original vintage finds. With our love of the soft French colour hues, and inspiration from the country garden the pieces are worked together to create a soft English Rose influence with a dash of quirkiness!

Photography – Julia Boggio

Dresses – Terry Fox

Jewellery – Magpie Vintage

Styling – Kate Barbour

Make-up – Kaz Fernando

Hair – Severin Hubert from the Hepburn Collection

Flowers – Danny Preston at Tudor Rose Florist

Shoes – Emmy Shoes

Men’s Clothing – Marc Wallace

I mean seriously – how gorgeous can you get?

Make sure you go take a peek at the Magpie Vintage website for a “celebration of a past era” and the ultimate in unique vintage pretty.

We love.

And if that wasn’t enough to entertain you all for the afternoon then we also have the behind-the-scenes footage….

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Charlotte xxx