Iceland Elopement

Iceland Elopement Wedding With Bride In Sequin Suzanne Harward Dress Pin Image

Iceland Elopement Wedding With Bride In Sequinned Suzanne Harward Dress

Continuing with this morning’s Christmas vibes, we have this magical elopement wedding from Iceland giving us all the festive feels this afternoon. Jess wears a sequinned Suzanne Harward dress, which fits her like a glove and looks luminous against the dramatic Icelandic scenery.

James Frost has an incredible skill for capturing light and dark, the contrast in his work is always beautiful. All done using his amazing eye and editing skills, no lighting or trickery. Some of these images really did take my breath away! Jess and Lucas must be utterly thrilled with them…

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Black Sand & Magic For An Icelandic Elopement Shoot

Iceland’s beauty never fails to astound me and I can completely understand why it’s such an attractive place for couples to elope to. The dramatic scenery, the atmospheric weather and that sense of being the only people on the planet is incredibly romantic. Today’s Icelandic elopement inspiration showcases a side of Iceland I’ve never seen before, the mysterious black sand beaches of Vik. They make such a dramatic backdrop to couple portrait shots and I love how the Matthew Oliver Weddings team have embraced the wild beauty of their surroundings with a wild spirited couple. The authenticity of this shoot just shines through each image.

As well as being authentic, for me the sign of an excellent styled shoot is that it tells a story – it’s all very well styling something to perfection, but what people want is to really see, really feel, what it would be like to get married there. Photographers Daniel Colvin and Meredith Bacon have most definitely done this, we’re instantly transported to Iceland’s magical shores…and what a place it is!

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Mahsa & Marcel

I must admit that until I clapped eyes on this atmospheric elopement, I didn’t really get it. Eloping I mean. I’ve seen SO many elopement shots on Instagram with all sorts of stunning scenery behind the couple, but for me the question remained – why on earth would you want to give up the opportunity for a massive party, an abundance of blooms and a killer dress? Well it turns out it’s simply for the romance. It’s for those quiet moments between the two of you. It’s for celebrating your love, without any fuss or frills attached. It’s for escaping the stress. It’s for having the trip of a lifetime. It’s for making memories that will live with the two of you until you’re grey and old.

Clearly, I just needed to understand the story behind the couple, I needed to read about Masha & Marcel and see their story as captured by Millie Benbow.

And actually, it turns out that you still can have a killer dress.

I honestly don’t know why more of us don’t do it…