Iceland Elopement Wedding With Bride In Sequin Suzanne Harward Dress Pin Image

Iceland Elopement Wedding With Bride In Sequinned Suzanne Harward Dress

Continuing with this morning’s Christmas vibes, we have this magical elopement wedding from Iceland giving us all the festive feels this afternoon. Jess wears a sequinned Suzanne Harward dress, which fits her like a glove and looks luminous against the dramatic Icelandic scenery.

James Frost has an incredible skill for capturing light and dark, the contrast in his work is always beautiful. All done using his amazing eye and editing skills, no lighting or trickery. Some of these images really did take my breath away! Jess and Lucas must be utterly thrilled with them…

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Jemima & Justin

Sometimes stripping it all back and turning your wedding into a proper adventure is the best thing to do. The gorgeous Jemima & Justin flew to Iceland to celebrate their union and brought close family over from Australia. The couple love to travel and so this was an excuse to tick lots more countries off their list.

Jemima looks gorgeous in an cold-shoulder dress by Pearls and Roses, proving that it’s absolutely fine for brides to be as sexy as hell for their wedding day. Ultimately, it’s about wearing your style and Jemima most definitely looks true to her beautiful self.

James Frost has captured all of the magic – the stunning Icelandic scenery and the sizzling chemistry between this loved up pair of adventurers. Without sounding insanely cheesy, these really are memories of a lifetime. (Ok so that was a little cheesy, but I don’t even care – it’s just all so beautiful).

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Nichola & Marcus

I first saw this wedding when Mister Phill shared a sneak peak on Facebook and happened to mention that his young daughter had essentially second shot for him. I mean WHAT?!??! That girl has some serious skills. Several of the images you see in this feature were captured by her. And sorry Mister Phill, but we can’t tell which ones 😉

Nichola and Marcus had two weddings so we have double the fun for you this afternoon – the chilly but spectacular Iceland elopement and the good old London knees up in a warehouse. It’s an absolute riot from start to finish and I love how the fun just pours from the images. We’ve also included the video filmed and edited by Bride Nichola (and friends), which is such a special way to record the day. Nichola also happens to be the lady behind Lemonade Pictures, whose own work we have featured many, many times on RMW – so it’s a real pleasure to share these images with you all.

Oh and before I let you enjoy this feature, make sure you read all about the couple’s money saving tricks when it came to the food…very clever indeed.

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Mahsa & Marcel

I must admit that until I clapped eyes on this atmospheric elopement, I didn’t really get it. Eloping I mean. I’ve seen SO many elopement shots on Instagram with all sorts of stunning scenery behind the couple, but for me the question remained – why on earth would you want to give up the opportunity for a massive party, an abundance of blooms and a killer dress? Well it turns out it’s simply for the romance. It’s for those quiet moments between the two of you. It’s for celebrating your love, without any fuss or frills attached. It’s for escaping the stress. It’s for having the trip of a lifetime. It’s for making memories that will live with the two of you until you’re grey and old.

Clearly, I just needed to understand the story behind the couple, I needed to read about Masha & Marcel and see their story as captured by Millie Benbow.

And actually, it turns out that you still can have a killer dress.

I honestly don’t know why more of us don’t do it…

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Iceland Elopement Inspiration

Iceland seems to be a place that’s just everywhere at the moment, it’s become one of those artist’s must-go destinations as it just seems to conjure up a new level of creativity in people. It’s not hard to understand why, when you see the incredible scenery and sunlight, not to mention the Northern Lights! The combination of the elements is amazing too – snow, sunshine, sea and mountains
all meet and the results are mind blowing.

We love the idea of eloping there, it would feel like a magical adventure with the universe blessing your marriage. This inspiration shoot has made me want to visit Iceland just as much as it has made me want to elope! Enjoy the incredible images from Rebecca Douglas, and apologies in advance for any wanderlust they may evoke…