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Sunset Wedding at Euridge Manor (The Lost Orangery ) with Minimalist Pronovias Wedding Dress & Burgundy Bridesmaids by Joab Smith Photography Pin Image

Sunset Wedding at Euridge Manor with Minimalist Pronovias Wedding Dress

Holly and Jack met at Wake Forest University in the USA 5 years ago and wanted their wedding to be a huge celebration, colliding their two worlds. Euridge Manor set amongst the roaring hills was the most beautiful venue for their blend of American bravado and English tradition, with American guests getting dress inspiration from Peaky Blinders. The images by Joab Smith capture light and love in equal measures making this sunset wedding off the chart adorable.

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Summer & Robin: The Distracting Yet Useful Uncle.

The past month and a half has been crazy busy. Sadly not with wedding planning but with a whole bunch of other stuff. Most of which was tons of fun just not incredibly productive!

My uncle Duane came to visit, all the way from Mississippi and we thoroughly wore ourselves out playing tourist…he promised that him and his wife (hi Paige!) would be coming back next summer for our wedding, yay!)

They own a catering business and actually make all those crazy delicious looking American style wedding buffet tables. Oyster bars, fruit platters, incredible candy stations…swoon. They did say ‘if they could’ they would love to cater our wedding. So obviously I’m expecting them to hire a private jet and do their first transatlantic wedding next summer. Haha joking, not joking.