Kate Spade

Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Place Setting
Place Setting
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
Coast Wedding Dress For A Stylish East London Wedding At The Pickle Factory With Bouquets by That Flower Shop And Images by Emily & Steve
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Katie & Ryan

How beautiful is Katie?! The relaxed fit of her dress is just gorgeous and you’d never know it was in fact a bargainous purchase from Coast. It just goes to show that YOU know your style best, so whether your dress is £10,000 or £100, if it feels right – then go for it.

That was pretty much the whole ethos of Katie and Ryan’s East London shindig anyway, they chose a venue that celebrated their love of music, allowed them to have a pizza van and just generally turn the blank canvas space into a cosy, rustic wedding heaven. Enjoy this one lovelies, it’s laid back and stylish, with a big dose of East End charm.

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Carly & Nelly

We’re so excited to share this morning’s wedding with you because it’s the wedding of one of our Love Lust List recommended suppliers Milly & Her. Carly caught the wedding bug when planning her own big day (although when you read her report, I think you’ll agree that she already had the wedding bug…) and wanted to set up a company that offered the kind of decor she longed for, but just couldn’t find in the UK. It’s a little treasure trove of delights – if you’re searching for finishing touches for your big day, do check it out. (Oh and the company is named after Carly’s gorgeous dog Milly, who you can see in the slider above).

Carly’s wedding, as you’ll read, ended up being a little different from the day she had dreamt of as a little girl. But as far as we’re concerned – it’s pretty much perfect – she looked absolutely beautiful, and married the love of her life, in front of all of her friends and family, on a sunny day, by the sea. When a couple faces a truly life changing event together, it makes their bond practically indestructible, and I can only imagine how special it was for Carly and Nelly to exchange their vows and become a married couple, and when all is said and done, it’s only the love that matters.

I think it’s impossible for any of us to understand what life would be like if we had an accident like Carly and I’m overwhelmed by how strong and honest she is – if you want to read a little bit more about Carly’s wedding day, check out her personal blog Carly Taylor Fights Back. And I’m pleased to announce that she is blogging for fabulous boutique, The Mews, so you can keep up with her there too!

Now to enjoy the images & film from her & Nelly’s big day…

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Rachel & Matthew

Classic elegance is the perfect way to sum up this morning’s wedding for it possesses these two qualities in abundance. Rachel and Matthew tied the knot at Farbridge near Chichester amongst a backdrop of cute flower girls, ruffled wedding cakes, adoring guests and glamorous neutral decor.

Can we just take a moment to feast our eyes on Rachel’s Jesus Peiro dress complete with THAT bow. Immense. Oh and appreciation needs to be shown for the bridesmaids’ ensemble – composed of a skirt and top rather than the traditional dress. We think they look ruddy gorgeous!

I’ll let Rachel tell you all about the handmade flower walls which are hands down the best backdrop I’ve ever seen. I’m also green with envy over her DIY skills. And the flower girls? How FLIPPING cute are they!!

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Emily & Luke

Gosh there are SO many reasons I love this sunny, rustic barn wedding, but I have to start with Emily’s stunning Fashion Pack member Ian Stuart gown, it literally fits her like a glove and the image of her sitting on the floor kissing Luke is immense! Such a dreamy portrait.

In fact ALL the fashion at this wedding is amazing, and most of it was cleverly crafted by the Mother of The Bride! She hand stitched the vibrant cobalt blue Bridesmaid dresses and used the same fabric to make the Groomsmen matching ties as well as embroidering Luke’s tie with the date of the wedding, Hats off to such a clever lady.

But how can I not mention Emily’s rainbow sparkly Kate Spade peep toe shoes, loving brought for her by her friend, I think I’m in shoe heaven….

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Rosie & Tom

I’m feeling very happy indeed this morning, because Rosie and Tom’s wedding is such a gorgeous one to be blogging on a Friday morning.

The cute couple married at Pickwell Manor in Devon – a place that is close to their hearts as they both holidayed there as children.

They wanted their wedding to be like a mini break for their friends and families…and it was just that – swimming in the sea, cricket on the beach, delicious food and glorious sunsets.

Throw in a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, pretty pink details and Suzanne Neville’s elegant Lucia gown – and I think you’ve pretty much got the perfect weekend away!!

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All Around The World.

Holly and Tom had such an incredible day at Upwaltham Barns that it has left me feeling somewhat alliterative. Divine dress, fabulous florals, beautiful blossom, delicious details and scores of smiles, that pretty much sums it up perfectly!

Tom & Holly live in Australia so their wedding allowed them to catch up with lots of friends and family from back home, it was a fun celebration with a cool laid back vibe.

A contemporary with rustic details, gown by BHLDN and bridesmaids in anthropologie, wild flowers, a rural setting at Upwaltham Barnsand Photography by Helen Cawte_0001

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Give Thanks.

Wedding Gift Inspiration Post

I’m guessing that a fairly large proportion of you reading this are well into the final preparations for your big day. Perhaps your wedding day has already been lived and loved and you’re reading this from your honeymoon sunlounger…it has been known folks!

Given the popularity of the nail inspiration post a couple of weeks back we figured that what most of you are hankering after is some help with the last minute details rather than the bigger decisions that tend to be made at the beginning of the planning journey. However do correct me if I’m wrong folks.

With this in mind, it seemed fitting to focus my efforts on bringing some gift inspiration to your screen. For all the mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, maids, ushers, best men and other halves out there. Blimey!

Let’s take a look…

For The Mister

Out of all the presents I bought for my nearest and dearest for their help with our wedding, it was the boy’s that I bought first. I’d spotted it glistening away in Grays Antique Market and knew that he’d love it so I bought it on the spot. I hadn’t anticipated that this decision would be so easy – is this what you lovelies have found too? If not then perhaps this round of inspiration can help you with your present buying for hubbies,dads, brothers and ushers.

I know for lots of you a beautiful watch is the way to go when it comes to selecting a present for your boy. But if this doesn’t float your boat then there’s so many other options to choose from instead.

Groom Gift Inspiration Personalised Presents Cocktail Shaker Braces Duffle Bag Art Print Cufflinks

Is he a sporting chap with a creative streak? This Merchant and Mills duffle bag comes recommended by my very own boy perfect for all those trips to the gym. Except… he’ll have to make it first. Yes you heard it right folks this little beauty is actually a DIY kit so he’ll have hours of fun piecing it together…or you could make it instead…

And then there’s those groomsmen to buy for too. Let me let you in on a little secret…we bought our boys …erm …socks. We would have loved to have splashed out on them all but our budget was stretched to bursting at that point and when we saw the woolly spotty socks it seemed like the perfect yet affordable gift. And there’s no reason why you couldn’t buy your ushers something fashion related too..be it a pair of braces, the perfect pocket square or even some swanky cufflinks like our designs in the boutique.

And whilst this watercolour lips print might be a little on the pricey side there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t DIY it yourself. For as little as a tenner your beau could be the very proud owner of a one-off art installation commissioned solely for him.

Talk about the personal touch…


I think I found purchasing a present for both my mum and the boy’s mum one of the hardest decisions to make when it came to wedding gifts. We wanted to buy something that they could treasure and keep forever but nothing so precious that they’d be afraid to use it. And we really wanted our gift to show just how grateful we were to them for all their help too.

If money hadn’t been an object I think we would have gone a bit mental on the present agenda but as it happened we weren’t wallowing in pots of gold. Instead I hope that this little collection below might inspire some of you that are feeling lost on the path to the perfect gift for your mums.

Mother Of The Bride Gift Inspiration Chanel Lipstick Mohair Blanket Kate Spade Bracelet Jo Malone Candle

Perhaps your mama is house proud, why not treat her to the softest of mohair or cashmere blankets for cold Winter nights or opt for a gold dipped porcelain bowl for her most treasured trinkets. If you really want to splash out then why not choose one of these super elegant quartz platters at the top here from Rablabs dipped in 24K gold. Whilst they are on the pricey side I think they’d make for the most perfect paperweight!

Is your mother a beauty queen? Why, Chanel darlings is most definitely your best friend. A pink lippy suits most complexions and adds a youthful glow to distinguished faces. If you’re looking to spend a little more why not pop some beauty goodies into her very own monogrammed suede make-up bag.

I think I ‘need’ one of these myself now that I’m thinking about it….

Wee Ones

One of my earliest memories is of my mum fastening a black ‘big girls’ swatch watch onto my chubby wrist when I was two years old. In fact it was her wedding gift to me for being the tiniest flower girl at her wedding to my dad and I’ve kept it to this very day.

With Etsy filled to bursting with the most talented craftsmen, you’ll literally be spoilt for choice for gifts for the little ones. Depending on what’s most important to you, you can buy your flower girls and page boys presents that entertain or gorgeous keepsakes that they can treasure forever.

Wedding gift inspiration for pageboys and flowergirls fancy dress soft toys bubble machine mask silhouette

Every kid (even the biggest ones!) love to play dress up so this is often a good route to go down. I adore this cat mask at the top here so much that I’m tempted to throw a cat inspired fancy dress for my 30th! The paper monster costume is also brilliant fun and will keep kids and adults entertained all day! Don’t be surprised if it pops up in your photobooth pics later….

Alternatively cater to their cuddly side by presenting them with quirky soft toys that they can snuggle with when they get tired later in the day. I like this moustached stripy chap and this raincloud but there’s so many options to choose from talented suppliers if you look on the interweb.

If your budget is able to stretch a little further, why not think about commissioning a silhouette of your smallest helpers. Pleasing to parents and little ones alike, I guarantee that they’ll still love your gift in years to come.

Bridesmaid Booty

And then there’s your girls.

Your besties.

The faithful companions who have sat through numerous dress fittings, the week long deliberations about whether you should have gone for the mirrored centrepieces or the bud vases and who have spent hours covered in glue helping you DIY your complicated table plan.

I particularly love the fact that there are so many wonderful gifts to choose from now and which suit all budgets too – so you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to show your girls just how much they mean to you.

If they’re a creative lot why not invest in some art prints or illustration that they can display in the home and think of you whenever they look at them. You can pick up some gorgeous prints for under twenty pounds now, hell we even have some in the Rock My Boutique shop. I love the gold leaf adorned creme de la creme print – the perfect addition to the pad of a girl about town.

Bridesmaid gift present inspiration hair accessories art print jewellery stacking rings necklaces glassware

Perhaps they’re jewellery fanatics (like my girls were!). Why not give them the grown-up version of the old friendship necklaces of yore (remember them?) and gift them delicate battered rose gold stacking rings or a personalised necklace with their name or initial.

It’s worth thinking about packaging too – the sweetest card and boxes inscribed with a special heartfelt note is guaranteed to put a smile on your girls’ faces….or cause some happy tears too.

So have these inspiration boards given you food for thought?

What have you purchased for your nearest and dearest? Can you share?

What’s been the most treasured gift you’ve received as a bridesmaid and how long have you kept it for?

And when exactly will you be dishing these goodies out – at the beginning of the day or during the speeches?

I want to hear all about it.

All my love Lolly xxx

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Holiday Pop!

This year feels different.

I’m not sure why but for the first time in a long time I’m feeling the smallest butterfly stirrings of excitement about Christmas.

You know what I mean, those emotions you experienced as kids when the run up to Christmas seemed to take forever and you could barely contain your excitement as you asked your mum every single morning – ‘Is it Christmas yet?

For the past few years this festive glee has been curiously absent. Perhaps it’s been tempered by the worry about the size of January’s credit card bill or the stress of family politics. Maybe it’s a bit of everything.

But as I said this year is different. This year has been the best year of my entire life.

I landed the job of my dreams courtesy of the lovely Adam and the gorgeous Charlotte, my boy proposed and then to top it all off I went and got married too.

So right now I’m feeling enormously grateful.

And colourful. Like a rainbow kaleidoscope and somehow this seems to have spilled out into this Christmas inspiration post this week.

Rather than opting for my usually sophisticated palette of greens, whites and silvers with a dash of mauve, I seem to have chosen a rather brash colour scheme.

We’re talking pinks, reds and golds. Neon and pearlescents, rich greens and baby blues all topped off with a healthy dose of glittery kitsch.

And it looks amazing!

Proof that you don’t have to choose a traditional colour scheme for a winter wedding if you don’t want to.

Right shall we hop to it…

Peppermint And Pink

Whilst researching this post I found myself drawn time and time again to pinks and golds with a smattering of green.

A softer, more lighthearted version of the more conventional red and green palette associated with this season, this colour scheme suggests a playfulness that translates so easily to the wedding reception.

Opting for coloured table linen or golden flatware and patterned chargers are all ways of introducing colour into your decor. Alternatively embellishing tables with baubles, painted pinecones and even sweet treats keeps guests entertained whilst looking pretty too.

Finish off the look by adding tealights and dinner candles for a soft luminous glow.

Party Girls

I love shopping for clothes at this time of year. If you’re lucky then some shops will have already have started their sales but it’s the lightheartedness of clothing design that I really adore.

From Christmas jumpers to sparkly party dresses, extravagant accessories and over the top make-up looks, everything is so fun.

Perfect then for Christmastide bridesmaids.

If you’re keen to integrate holly berry reds into your colour scheme why not choose vampy dresses for your girls complete with smouldering crimson pouts. Alternatively reflect all of the colours of Christmas in sequined dresses of the same design but different colourways.

Lastly how amazing is that bauble bouquet.

I want one…

Kitsch Kit

It was the image of the miniature car with the tiny Christmas tree secured to its roof that had me clutching my sides with glee earlier this year.

Little did I know that it would result in an outpouring of gloriously clashing colours and plasticy goodness. Trust me folks, I didn’t know where to stop.

This board really is to show you lovely lot some of the colour schemes that you can use should you decide to go down this route. From your flowers through to your reception decor and even your bridesmaid dresses too.

What I will point out is that more is always more – if you’re opting for this type of theme then you have to go hell for leather and go all out. This look takes no prisoners.

If in doubt add a bit more and finish off with a generous helping of gold.

A DIY Christmas

There’s something about this time of year that awakens the DIY bug in me – I’m not sure why but you can guarantee that by mid-December there is glue on most of the surfaces in my house and an exasperated boy staring at me from the other side of the sofa.

But I digress.

There are so many wonderful DIY tutorials floating around at this time of year that a winter wedding just calls out for the home made touch.

Invoke the party season by creating a glitterific photobooth background for your wedding complete with huge gold metal sequins and party hats. I’m considering mocking one up for our New Year’s Eve house party. Plus it would look epic framed after the big event.

I’m also a particular fan of this DIY advent calendar at the bottom here. Why not use this idea as a subtle twist on the traditional table plan. Try gluing model trees onto brown boxes and placing a guest’s name in each one. Inscribe the relevant table name or number onto paper pennants and secure to each tree.

Bob’s your uncle – you’ve got a cracking table plan and festive decor all in one!

Lastly I love the idea of a reindeer inspired guestbook inspired by the more traditional tree prints that you see at weddings. Ask your nearest and dearest to create a floral fingerprinted wreath around his neck and antlers or even give him a furry coat. How sweet will he look!

So are you a sophisticated Winter Ice Queen or a childlike kitsch convert?

I can’t quite decide which theme to go for this year – but I’ve yet to be converted to the joys of tinsel. I know, I’m sorry! I’m well aware that most of you love it.

Perhaps you can convince me…

Are you a Christmas bride? What colourways have you or did you opt for?

And has anyone indulged in a bit of DIY Christmas goodness?

We want to hear all about it…

All my love Lolly xxx

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Clutch Me Close.

As I sit here writing this post for you gorgeous lot I realise I have run away with myself.


You see this post was meant to be more of a discussion piece; instead it seems to have turned into a shopping list for the millions of bags that I’m currently coveting.


But I’ve taken the liberty of assuming that you won’t really mind feasting your eyes on the profusion of pretty that I’ve laid out for you below. Plus looking at a host of scrummy pictures might help to get your debating juices going – it’s a thought anyway.

And so to business.


Jewel-encrusted clutches, big-day purses, oversized pocketbooks and glittery miniature totes. You name it, I probably want it. Whilst shoes, for many of you, are your downfall, bags are my kryptonite.

They make me go weak at the knees and I break out into a little pony-stamping dance if I see a piece of leathery goodness and I can’t have it. I am such a drama queen.

But….somewhat surprisingly, I went bag-less on my actual wedding day. I just couldn’t be doing with holding the bouquet and then a bag on top. Instead I left my essential valuables in my room and gave my lipgloss to my bridesmaids to hold.

This wasn’t my best move…but that’s another story.

So I want to hear what you think.

Have you purchased a wedding day clutch or will you relying on an old favourite? Perhaps, like me you’re choosing to opt out of the big day bag scenario because the thought of it is too much to bear.

Either way I’d love to hear your arguments – both for and against.

And whilst we’re discussing the finer points, here’s some delectable clutches to have a look at.

Metallic Maidens

I know. I know. I’m a broken record.

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the fact that I love all things golden so I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to mix my bag lust with my favourite colour palette.

In my defense there’s something about glittery, sparkly hues that scream PARTY!

Be it an oversized clutch, a sequin encrusted pouch or a miniature boxed case complete with jewels there’s pretty much something for everyone here.

Which brings me onto my second question…

For those of who will be appropriating a bag on your big day…how big do you go? How big is too big? How small can you go before it all seems a bit pointless because you can’t actually fit anything in apart from your lippy?

FYI my favourite golden clutch here is the Bottega Veneta although I’d probably have to remortgage my house to buy it.

Berry Burst

Admittedly you’d have to be a brave bride to opt for a huge bag in bright orange like this girlie at the top here. That said, I love a bride that makes a bold fashion statement on her big day.

I confess that this concoction of images is inspired by my current obsession with viburnum berries which take on an amazing metallically, petrol blue colour – hence the feathered teal clutch at the bottom. And then I just generally felt berry inspired (sorry I couldn’t resist!).

In all seriousness though there are so many evening bags in this colour spectrum that are available to purchase right now. I’m not sure whether it’s this time of year but it seems that all of my regular haunts are stocking clutches in reds, corals, oranges, yellows and pinks.

The world is your oyster my friends.

Don’t you just love the book inspired bag with the ‘once upon a time…’ inscription on the front. Perfect for the start of your new chapter together.

Feathers And Frills

….and studs and appliqué and mother of pearl and fur and tassels and pearls.

You name it, this board has it!

But when does so much become too much?

I’m in awe of the spiky number at the top here but I wouldn’t quite know how to hold it. For example, popping it under your arm is a definite no-no unless you want to spear yourself in the process.

I do love the frilly number in the middle too – perfect for a bride with a ruffled frock, it just oozes romance and could very easily be reused after the big day for other nights out.

Perhaps my favourite however is the circular tasseled bag and the feathered clutch which would suit girls wearing a 1920’s inspired frock on their big day. You can just imagine a fringed bride shimmying her way around the dancefloor to The Charleston whilst grasping one of these numbers.

Internal Workings

This last moodboard is not so much concerned with the bag itself but rather your perfect recipe for its contents.

What would you pack?

Having learnt from experience I strongly recommend that any bride keep a pack of tissues as close to her person as possible. If you’re anything like me then you’ll blubber your way down the aisle all the way to the speeches and then some more if you’re lucky.

Take it from me it’s best to keep some tissues on hand.

If you want to stay ahead in the style stakes then investing in some pretty paper for this purpose is the way to go. I wished that I’d come across these equestrian inspired tissues for my own big day; aren’t they gorgeous?

Any girl worth her salt knows that a perfectly applied lip is the keystone to a glamorous look. It makes sense then to not only include your favourite lippy and blusher but also a cutesy pocket mirror too – I’m in love with this mirror from Depeapa.

Hairgrips are handy too if you’re planning to go all out on the dancefloor. Make them glittery and fun or kitschy cute to ensure you look your very best.

And lastly, a girl can never have enough pocket mints – you want to make sure that you’re minty fresh for your new spouse don’t you?!

So will you be clutching a glitzy number on your wedding day or is this another bit of paraphernalia that you can really do without?

Who will be looking after your prized possessions instead?

Your chief bridesmaid or your mum?

I should also note at this stage that I am in no way responsible for any damage that may be inflicted upon your bank balance after viewing these clutches, purses and miniature totes.

Alternatively it might be worth leaving the laptop open at this page for ‘passers by’ in order to give them some inspiration for your Christmas presents.

Failing that there’s always Santa…but then that depends if you’ve been a good girl this year.

Have you?

All my love Lolly xxx