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What Tabitha Did… Became On First Name Terms With Hobbycraft Staff… Oh And Found A Frock!

Afternoon lovelies 🙂

Since writing my last post we have now gone past our ‘one year to go’ anniversary and it’s now months and days rather than years until I become Mrs Hardie.

Dressing Up

Last time I spoke to you guys I was a few days away from my first wedding dress appointment. As I mentioned then, I was a little apprehensive to say the least. I’d heard so many horror stories, and had left it so long under the pretence of not wanting to start too soon (although this is also true) that I had worked it up into this massive deal. Not good! So with a little help and a few gentle shoves from the other lovely Real Brides (thanks girls!) I stopped being a wuss and booked my first appointment!

My main worries, when I think back, were completely insane! The irrational part of my brain said ‘but I’m so short (5ft dead on, but Kylie I am not!) no wedding dress will ever look good on me. Plus I have the eternal baby face and look about 12 and will be laughed out of the shop’. Whilst the rational part of my brain thought ‘Who the heck cares what they think anyway?’ I’m sure we all have those irrational worries and fears that when we try and explain them to others they just don’t get it, well those are mine.

So after some lunch and shopping, my mum, sister/maid of honour and I made our way to The Lace Market Bridal Boutique in Nottingham, home to designer Kula Tsurdiu and her stunning dresses!

The boutique is absolutely beautiful, full of gorgeous gowns and vintage inspired accessories. Kula’s designs are all inspired by different iconic eras and I seriously can’t recommend them enough. Kula and Laura (the boutique manager) made my dress shopping experience so special, they are the most fantastic people and I’m so glad I found them; I can’t wait to go back for my fittings! And that’s the other news I suppose, because I FOUND MY DRESS and not only that but it was THE FIRST ONE I TRIED ON! I’d heard of this happening to people as though it was some kind of myth, but it actually happened… TO ME. According to my mum, I visibly relaxed the moment I put the dress on, it felt so comfortable, it hugged me in all the right places and I even felt quite pretty in it (all my family and friends reading this will have just fallen off their chairs in shock at this statement).

The dress was not one that I had originally picked out; it wasn’t even on display but in Kula’s studio above the boutique, but it was one Kula wanted me to try on. She is just amazing, she knew instantly which dress was for me, and she was so right! But that’s the other news, because the dress I tried on is not how my final dress will look, the general shape of the dress will act as a template and the final product will be a bespoke dress made just for me. Kula created a mock up using samples of how will it look and I am quite literally giddy with anticipation to see my final dress… only about 11ish months to wait! I can’t wait for Chris to see it! The fabrics have been ordered and I have some samples to take to my florist, my first fitting will be around October time.

So to all you ladies worrying about going dress shopping, please don’t worry! Do your research, find places with good recommendations, take your best girls along, and have a fabulous day! Oh and if you’re in the Nottingham area go to The Lace Market Bridal Boutique, I promise you will have the best experience ever!

Pinwheels, Pinwheels, As Far As The Eye Can See!

So, I started my first wedding DIY project in the last few weeks. Yes that’s right, I’ve been making pinwheels! The inspiration came from a picture I found on Pinterest (bottom left corner image – the one with the awesome chair) and I decided to create a ‘Pinwheel backdrop’ to go behind the top table in our marquee. I haven’t quite decided whether it will be a full wall yet or a wave of pinwheels (see top left image), it really depends how many I can make. I might have to rope Chris in to helping but he’s all fingers and thumbs. Here are some examples of pinwheel backdrops:

So, here’s some of my first attempts, it’s quite easy once you’ve got the hang of it, although there were a fair few duff ones before I got it right. If you’re going to make them yourself I’d really recommend practising on plain paper first! You basically measure some pretty paper to the correct size (most of these are 3” x 24”, but I’ve found a ratio of 1:8 works if you want bigger sizes) and fold it concertina style. Then fold it around (or faff around it with a bit until the silly things go into the right shape as I generally do) and attach the two ends with double sided tape. I then usually glue and secure a button to the centre and weigh it down with something heavy, they tend to pop open if you don’t! Then ta-dah, you have pinwheels!!

A Spot Of Colour

So you can probably tell from these pictures that our colour scheme is mostly being PEACH! I know this is probably one of the only places I can say that without people wondering if I’ve gone mad and somehow forgotten it’s not the eighties anymore. However, after months of searching for peach bridesmaids’ dresses that everyone liked, and coming up blank, I decided to introduce another colour, that being dusky duck egg blue! After seeing these pinwheels together, I’m soooo glad I did, I think they look great together and will add a lot more colour to our day.

So you gorgeous lot, anyone else have the fear of all things bridal gown? What about those irrational fears that no one else gets? Share please; it’s only fair if I’ve shared mine!!

Love and hugs

Tabitha xxx

P.S. I’d just like to apologise for the over-use of the word ‘pinwheels’ and for all the shouty capitals in this post (I was just very excited and I like pinwheels! x)