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A Riot of Colour And Love.

That’s the first thing that came to mind when Lauren McGlynn submitted the W-day of David and Morn. It looks like a riot, a beautiful, chaotic, perfectly choreographed riot.

There are fashion magazine-worthy getting ready shots, multi-hued maids, an over-sized white-on-white bouquet in direct contrast to the colour pop hydrangea florals…..And that’s before you get to all of the tartan. And the abundance of balloons. And the actual entire bridal party charging the streets of Inverness following the dulcet tones of the bag pipes.

Oh and then there are the dreamy “Dad” pictures – gets me every time.

I defy any of you to not have yourself a mahoosive grin at the end of this post no matter how gloomy the day may seem.

Please leave Morn and David some love – they really deserve it folks.

Silk And Lace

We were married in Inverness on the 2nd of July 2011, at Ness Bank Church followed by the reception at the Glenmoriston Hotel.

My dress was made by Delphine Manivet. I went to her London shop after seeing an advert in one of the wedding magazines. It was the second dress that I tried on – the Long Calais lace Raphaelo dress. The material of Delphine’s dresses far surpassed any other dresses. The lace was gorgeous and the silk felt wonderful, this dress allowed me to take off the lace overlay for the evening and just wear the silk shift accessorised with a black grosgrain ribbon.

The simplicity, cut and use of incredible material meant that when I put the dress on, I knew it was the one. The customer service was superb (thank you Jo and Helene!), David and I also loved the idea that one day we will show our grandchildren the beautiful dress that was made in Paris and shipped over to the UK for fittings and made just for me!

Fresh Florals

I wore a pearl bracelet and put fresh peonies in my hair, the same that were in my bouquet. I had 3 Peonies with hair pins attached to then so I could refresh the flower throughout the day as they wilt in the heat… I used all 3!!

Satin Choo’s

I chose Jimmy Choo satin wedding shoes. I had planned to get some Jimmy Choo’s which I could wear again, but the wedding range matched my dress (colour) perfectly. Maybe I will have them dyed one day….

A Transformation

My hair, and my bridesmaids hair was transformed by husband and wife team, Susan and Stuart, their salon is Kennedy and Brown in Inverness.

I have a very talented friend, Julia Morgan who owns The Tea Posy. She made up my bouquet with peonies, sweet pea and lily of the valley.

The church was decorated by the church florist and friends, they put a lot of effort into achieving exactly what I was after. The hotel was decorated by Stephen Seedhouse, a fabulous florist based in Nairn and Inverness. I had ‘flower fitting’ at the hotel 2 weeks before our wedding, it was such a good idea (and fun!), I changed my bridesmaids flowers completely at the fitting because Stephen had brought sample bouquets of the flowers and colours that I had asked for to see how everything went together. It was a great thing to do.

Left To Their Own Devices

I left the men to organise themselves… most already owning a kilt. I wanted everything to go but not to match. My flower girls (my daughters), had dresses made for them, the same colour as my lace. The 4 bridesmaids wore the same dress but each chose a different colour. I selected the bridesmaid dresses from Boden.

Bespoke Tartan

The groom, my groom, had everything made for him at Campbells of Beauly. We both went and selected the tartan and check for the kilt and the jacket. I was permitted to attend one fitting… then wasn’t allowed to see the final ensemble until I walked down the aisle! David looked amazing, completely unique in his own design and selection of checks.

A Fly On The Wall

Our Photographer was just incredible, Lauren McGlynn based in Aberdeen. A friend of the family recommended Lauren and I knew straight away with one look at her website that Lauren’s style was just what we were after. I met Lauren as I was getting my makeup done on the morning of the wedding, immediately I knew we were going to have fun and she really was just like a fly on the wall constantly taking unobtrusive photographs though out the day, capturing every moment. We hardly knew she was there… We were never jostled into line ups and false poses! Everything was natural and easy. I recommend Lauren on every level; we were absolutely delighted with all her photographs…

A Home Made Look

Our ‘family wedding cake’ was made by the Storehouse of Foulis. David and I, and our two daughters, each chose our favourite flavour of sponge and we had a four layered cake that went like this: Prize sponge on the top, then carrot cake, then coffee cake, and a large layer of chocolate cake for the base! It looked home-made, which we wanted, and it tasted fantastic! The only problem was that everyone wanted a taste of each layer!

Singing And Dancing

We had a band that could play covers and a little bit (really only a little bit!) of ceilidh. They were called The Blue Notes and they played for several hours. We also had a friend of ours play the guitar (and the father of the bride on the drums!)….this was great fun and made it very personal and everybody but everybody was up singing and dancing.

The first dance wasn’t a big thing for either of us… so we left it up to the band to select a song of their choice to play – I have no idea what it was…is that terrible?!

A Selection Of Malts

Instead of favours we opted to give everyone an after-dinner drink while the speeches were taking place. We didn’t want to do champagne, as by that stage people are after something more like a digestive or a whisky, though any drink was on offer so those still on the bubbles could remain so. It was a nice personal touch and the guys were particularly pleased to get a good selection of malts.

A Heart Theme

I made special paper hearts for several months before July, these were hung at the end of the pews and continued the heart theme from our invitations. Candles were a main want of ours. We had to persuade the Minister to let us cover her communion table with church candles, and candles ran as a theme on our table pieces. It was very beautiful, the light mixed with the heady scent of the flowers.

Photography And Flowers

As the cost of things rise, inevitably they will – my advice is don’t scrimp on the photographer or the flowers. It may seem very expensive at the time but I assure you it is well worth it. Think of little personal touches: we sat the children separately with s few childminders sitting with them over the meal time; this allowed the adults to relax and enjoy the wedding meal. David and I love good food. That is what led us to our venue of the Glenmoriston.

We wanted our guests to have fabulous food and wine, in the end we fed 90 adults and a dozen children a 5 course meal that is still being talked about! I got hold of wedding photographs of everyone who was coming to the wedding and made up little cards as name plate, if they had not been married then I selected funny picture or baby pictures. It was a great talking point when everyone sat down and many photographs resulted in tears of laughter…it was very time consuming to do but worth it – I had the cards printed at Moo.com.

Venue Glenmoriston Hotel

Dress Delphine Manivet

Groom Campbells of Beauly

Shoes Jimmy Choo

Flowers Stephen Seedhouse

Photography Lauren McGlynn

Hair Kennedy and Brown

Cake Storehouse of Foulis

Are you smiling? A huge cheshire cat type beam?

Me too.

I vote we all do a big old RMW type jig (this entails possibly wearing peach and waving a big bunch of gypsophila in the air)…. down the nearest street at the earliest opportunity.

Big RMW Riot Love

Charlotte xxx

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Three Years Later…..Part 2.

I think I might hero worship RMW bride Nora a little bit. Because not only did she definitely do W-day her way, she also does amazing things in the kitchen (an area where I am sadly lacking apart from the innate ability to seek out the chocolate biscuits). The reason I know this is because she has her very own cook-lovely-stuff blog called Nora The Kitchen Explorer ….(Yup. Super cute)

Oh, and she also seems to be able to do the whole knitwear-with-bridal-gown thing with aplomb.

And the second dress? It was green, it was swishy, it was perfect.

Enjoy lovelies.

The Right Decision

My friend Rosalie (the one who found my green dress!) also spotted a special offer from Lauren McGlynn, who wanted to build up a portfolio of UK weddings. We hadn’t really been sure about having a professional photographer and even with the special offer it felt like quite a lot of money to pay for photos of our little family party. But her photos were so lovely and the idea of not having to worry about whether people would take good enough photos was very enticing. And we were so delighted with the photos – we know that we’re going to be enjoying those pictures for decades to come. Worth every single penny.

Heart-Shaped Treats

My grandmother made a traditional fruit cake and had it professionally iced with a rose and a guaria morada (the Costa Rican national flower). But as we knew it wasn’t going to be big enough to feed everyone, I also made a heart shaped sponge (any excuse to buy a heart-shaped cake tin!) filled with strawberries and elderflower buttercream. I guess not every bride takes time out in the afternoon to ice a cake, but I’m glad I did. The cake turned out really well and I loved being involved in feeding everyone.

We were worried that the fruit cake wouldn’t be as popular. But actually that worked out really well, as it meant that Luis’ parents could take some back for the rest of his family.

Family Entertainment

Our entertainment was a live band made up of my brother and two of our friends, called The Syndics. We hadn’t seen them play beforehand, but we had heard great things from friends. And they were so fantastic – playing 60s covers, plus a little ‘Teenage Dirtbag’. It was wonderful seeing all the generations dancing along together. And my great aunt and grandmother were both delighted to have the opportunity to pounce on Luis’s three younger brothers as dancing partners.

Flashing The Polka Dots

Our first dance was a salsa song. We’ve been going to salsa classes, so we were told that we had to show off what we’d been learning! As we didn’t have particular favourite salsa tune, we decided to choose the song that we practise to in class, just to make it a bit easier. It was quite nerve-wracking but we enjoyed it in the end. Oh, and I found out afterwards that I been showing off my knickers every time I did a twirl – luckily I was wearing lovely spotty knickers!!!

A Community Effort

We made bunting as a hen party activity with Make, Do, Mend . You’ve never seen a group of 10 modern, professional women so engrossed for two hours! And it was lovely because it meant all the girls were really keen to see the decoration and it felt like a real community effort.

The rest of the decorations (and the invitations) were made by my little sister, Lucy (with some help/hindrance from me and Luis). She is very talented and made beautiful paper roses, menu board, and loads of other little details (and is now selling her roses and cards on Etsy.

A friend of ours also produced a fantastic firework show at the end of the night, which did a great job of distracting everyone from the fact that it was a cold, windy and wet Welsh evening.

Making It Yours

One of the things that made our wedding feel really special was the community atmosphere. It feels very rare to have a day that so many loved ones contribute their talents and work together to make a great party. Whether it was seeing friends testing out their rusty Spanish to keep Luis’ family included, having our tiny goddaughter bringing us the rings (with a little help from her mother), or my grandmother showing my baby photos to my friends from work, there was a wonderful sense of people of coming together.

Words Of Wisdom

Do not underestimate what your friends and family are capable of. I never in a million years would have thought that they could produce such perfect invitations, decorations, live music, food, wedding cake or fireworks. And having so much help made us feel so loved and supported. So ask them, trust them, and rely on them.

As you might have gathered, I love Etsy! For me the wedding was an excellent opportunity to get my hands on lots of handmade prettiness – and support some very talented people from all around the world. And even just browsing things gave me a few ideas for things to make myself. (I didn’t even know that vow cards existed beforehand, but that was a great thing I could make myself without too much trouble.)

If you’re only going to hire one external supplier on the day (as we did), I would definitely make it the photographer. I was a bit worried that our wedding wasn’t going to be big or exciting enough for a ‘real’ photographer. But Lauren really captured the atmosphere of the day and just looking at her photos makes us happy.

Photography – Lauren McGlynn

Entertainment – The Syndics.

Stationery – Moll and Mostin at Etsy

Bunting – Handmade via Make, Do, Mend

I know that Nora and Luis waited 3 years to celebrate their marriage with all of their family and friends and I think it was completely worth it.

Looks like one of the greatest parties ever.

And Nora if you’re reading this, that strawberry heart-shaped cake is immense.

Big Welsh Love

Charlotte xxx

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Three Years Later……Part 1

When photographer and Love Lust List member Lauren McGlynn sent Rock My Wedding the W-day of Nora and Luis she said ” Nora had the Spring Time Beauty Queen make-up tutorial open on the morning so she could copy the look!”

Whaaaaaat? How cool is that?!

And my, didn’t she look beautiful lovelies. Relaxed, sophisticated and uber chic. This Big Day makes me happy in so many ways I can’t even begin to tell you, for starters it’s in WALES, Nora is a true RMW bride and in particular I am swooning over the bouquet – two giant bold blooms tied together and voila! one of the most striking arrangements I’ve ever seen. And definitely one of the prettiest.

Three Years Later

Our wedding was a little bit different because we were actually already married. Luis is Costa Rican, and we needed to get married as soon as he came over here (in 2008) so he could get a visa. But we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have a cool party with loads of friends and family. It actually seems to be quite a common situation these days, but it did take a bit of explaining to the older generations!

A Welsh Wonder

The fact that it wasn’t ‘official’ meant that we felt we could easily get rid of any wedding traditions we didn’t really want – so out the window went veils, favours, colour schemes, long speeches, table plans and formal flower arrangements. With all of Luis’ closest friends thousands of miles away, we also dispensed with groomsmen and bridesmaids, though I had some ‘non-bridesmaids’ who had each had important jobs to do.

The wedding was at my parents’ house in the Welsh Borders. I lived there from the age of 13, but they’d been renting it out for a few years, so I was really excited to be able to go back and celebrate there. Plus it is a lovely big house with amazing views of Welsh hills and a local castle. (Oh, and they’re renting it out for holidays!)

Not one but TWO dresses

I actually had two dresses. I happened upon a wedding dress sale in Monsoon while shopping for (pretty but ‘normal’) dress to wear to the register office wedding. I’m not a massive fan of shopping, so I probably only tried on about three dresses. Once I’d found one that I loved (and was a massive bargain at £50!), that was it. And it sat patiently waiting in our wardrobe for over two years.

And because that dress was such a bargain (and there was no way I could dance in it), I decided to treat myself to another one….! A friend of mine found Dig for Victory on Etsy. They had a beautiful dress that was just the green I was looking for, but didn’t have the swirly skirt I was after. Luckily, as this was Etsy, it was incredibly easy to email Eleanor and ask for a swirly skirt. She understood exactly what I meant and made me a dress to my precise measurements.

Unique Accessories

For my jewellery, I went back to Etsy – such a great excuse to browse all the lovely stuff! And I had to get two of everything to go with the two dresses, obviously. I bought a pair of classic pearl earrings from Lazy Giraffe and some emerald green earrings from Kathco Jewelery. And I must also mention the wedding rings. We got matching sterling silver Celtic bands engraved with our names from Tinahdee. I simply couldn’t wait to wear my ring.

For my hair, I wanted something a bit Grecian, to match the style of the Monsoon dress, but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. So I ended up just sewing two pieces of green ribbon to some bits of elastic to make two very easy headbands. I incorporated a white flower corsage I’d bought for the register office wedding for a bit of extra weddingyness.

Beauty Inspired by RMW

I am really not good with heels, so I decided to get a pair of sparkly Indian slippers in bright green. I spent the weeks before wearing them in at home – and really couldn’t wait to show them off. I also got some ivory shoes with a small heel for dancing. After a lot of searching, Next came up trumps with some very pretty shoes indeed (if only I can get the mud off I’ll be dancing in them again …).

I did my own make-up and curled my own hair (with a little last minute assistance from the girls). I stocked up on lovely Benefit and Mac stuff to recreate the Spring Time Beauty Queen look from Rock My Wedding. I meant to spend the week before practising, but I just didn’t get around to it. (To be honest, I was also too embarrassed to spend the week going around with loads of make-up and curly hair!). But I think it turned out pretty well considering.

Luscious Lilac

Luis wore a suit he’d bought on our holiday in Sicily last year, complete with the lilac shirt that the extremely friendly Italian tailor recommended wearing with it. And he bought himself a waistcoat especially for the occasion from Next. I think he looked fantastic – and the lilac was a perfect way to add some colour to the suit.

Brides Earrings – Lazy Giraffe

Celtic Rings – Tinahdee

Brides Gown – Monsoon

Brides Shoes – Next

Photography – Lauren McGlynn

Make-up – Spring Time Beauty Queen by RMW (!)

I know. Such dreamy images.

Just wait until you see part 2, a whole host of delicious D.I.Y ideas for you to steal.

Big I’m So Doing Spring Time Pretty Tomorrow Love

Charlotte xxx

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Rock My Wedding Sponsor… Lauren McGlynn Photography

Introducing, Lauren McGlynn Photography

I just moved to Scotland from Austin TX back in December, and so far I’ve really enjoyed traveling around the UK and meeting so many lovely couples. I use a candid documentary style to make the best use of natural light, and to capture the moments of genuine emotion that make weddings so moving.

At the same time one of the things that I love most about photographing weddings is that so often I wind up making friends with the happy couple, and it is always such an honor for me to be there to cheer them on while I document their day. I don’t charge travel fees, and I’m happy to offer a 10% discount to RMW readers who book before the end of May, 2011.

Lauren McGlynn is a Rock My Wedding Sponsor.