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Martha Stewart Fancy At The Dorchester.

Due to day job work commitments Adam and I rarely get to attend many industry events, which means we don’t get to network as much as we should. That’s all changing now though as we manage our diaries better (she says… fingers firmly crossed) and make sure we are as many places as we can be, representing Rock My Wedding with bells on.

(And no this isn’t just another excuse to buy new outfits*….)

Last week Adam attended the Reverie on-line magazine launch at Browns Brown (if you haven’t seen this gorgeous glossy yet then you need too folks) and I was invited by Mark Niemierko to the Dorchester for an afternoon with Darcey Miller, Martha Stewart Wedding Magazines’ Editor, to celebrate the best of British in the industry.

I’ve never been to the Dorchester before and I have always been a huge fan of Martha Stewart both as a super successful business woman and of course in particular, her contribution to the evolution of W-day styling and design so nothing was going stop me attending… not even the fact that I had woken up that morning with a face like Simba the Lion King due to an allergic reaction to…. fabric softener.

(Don’t ask)

The Dorchester is fancy. Very fancy indeed. As I walked through the door hair firmly windswept and stuck to my lipgloss (why does it do that?!) I immediately felt under-dressed, so should have put a swanky dress on…. Epic fail number one.

Posh frock or not the decor was beautiful, the penthouse suite (yes I know, for a minute there I felt all a bit Julia Roberts and the bathroom was actually bigger than the blue banana…) was filled with an abundance of tulips, roses and general floral greatness courtesy of Rob Van Helden.

And then there were the designers, David Fielden, Philippa Lepley, Caroline Castigliano and Sassi Holford were all there enjoying afternoon tea and admiring the bespoke Peggy Porchen cake…. yes I was completely star struck (probably stood there grinning manically like a loon)… but they were all really lovely and keen to discuss the increasing popularity of W-day blogging in the UK.

As aesthetically pleasing as the surroundings were nothing was quite as easy on the eye as the waiters. Like actual Disney Prince Charmings but in REAL LIFE. Turns out Mark Niemierko employed some male models to serve the canapés…. Never has a crostini looked so pretty.


And without a doubt epic fail number two was when Mark introduced me to his friend and Hairdresser Ian Carmichael, so awestruck was I by his amazing do (seriously, you have never seen shine and swishiness like it) I didn’t even say Hello, I just came out with some rambling along the lines of OhMyGodDoYouUsePurpleShampooToGetYourHairSoAshyBlonde ?!.

I later found out he is the Queen’s hairdresser.

Yes the actual Queen. Her Majesty has recently given Mr Carmichael a royal warrant due to his 15 years of service….

And I asked him if he used… purple shampoo.

Excellent work O’Shea.

Here’s a highlights video of the event so you can see even more of the fancy – and just how awesome Mr Carmichael’s barnet actually was.

All photography courtesy of Jeremy Enness.

You can see more pictures and details over on Rock N Roll Bride, Anna And The Ring and OMG I’m Getting Married.

Big Feeling All A Bit “I Helped Him Carry A Watermelon?!” Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S Adam is loving the fact Mark Niemerkio is doing the whole double breasted jacket thing, makes him feel like he knows what he’s talking about in the fashion stakes.

* This is clearly a lie.