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Blooming Lovely

One of my enduring memories from when I was a wee one was catching one of the most beautiful bouquets I had EVER seen from the hands of a stunning bride who I believed was a princess.

Granted I was stood about 3 feet away from her and she more or less handed it to me rather than tossing it over her shoulder. I should mention here that there was also an absence of overexcited females jostling for prime catching position in case you’re picturing me as a miniature Vinnie Jones having elbowed my way to the front.

Nonetheless for the rest of that day I felt special, like I’d been given access to an exclusive club because I’d caught the bouquet. Not even going home in my M&S vest and pants, having been divested of my bridesmaid dress because it was rented could tarnish my little glow of glory.

That was the best day.

I’ve always believed that my triumphant catch was the catalyst for my life-long obsession with beautiful blooms and especially with wedding day bouquets.

So allow me to indulge this weakness of mine and let me show you lovelies some of the best arrangements out there in wedding land (in my humble opinion).

I want to hear about which ones are your favourites.

Which style pulls at your heartstrings?

What colour scheme have you selected for your big W-Day?

I’m all ears…

Carte Blanche

There’s something beautifully exquisite about white blooms. Elegant in their simplicity, they possess a sophistication that is hard to surpass. Milky-white flowers are usually heavily fragranced too providing you with a double whammy sensory experience.

White bouquets are wonderfully versatile in several ways. Not only can you guarantee that they will perfectly complement your gorgeous gown – chalky-white flowers are also more or less available any time of the year which means that you should nearly always be able to find a blossom to suit your purposes.

Choosing alabaster-toned garlands also gives you the freedom to play with texture and composition safe in the knowledge that no two flowers will clash nor will it appear like you’ve gone overboard in the floral department.

If you do want to inject a bit of colour into your neutral palette, green is perfect accent tone because it allows the blooms to shine without overpowering them.

That Mother Nature… she knows a thing or two.

Berry Fest

Berry Fest is a contemporary interpretation of the more classic Rose bouquet. It is utterly romantic without being saccharine sweet therefore perfect for those brides who want something edgier without losing sight of more traditional wedding themes and flavours.

This type of bouquet is perfect for weddings between June to September because of the availability of local materials. Queen Anne’s Lace, Dahlias, Clematis, Black Basil, Stocks, Snapdragons, Amaranth, Peonies and Delphiniums are fantastically versatile blooms and can be paired together in all number of combinations.

There’s nothing quite as sublime as an Autumn berry rich bouquet bespeckled with seedheads and the last hurrrah of summer. If you’re going for this type of feel with your own posies then I’d recommend pairing lighter shades with darker ones as the contrast makes each colour pop.

Lastly try echoing the trailing tendrils of the bouquet with some velvet ribbon around the stems in a similar colour scheme for extra drama.


I ADORE this trend with a great big dollop of LOVE on top because it’s just one of the many signs of how modern brides are becoming more and more creative with their big day.

‘Handpicked’ bouquets have an ethereal, just picked from the hedgerows quality about them. Wild and overgrown, these posies feel wholesome and organic and are especially beautiful when paired with a soft simple gown and bare feet.

Not that I’m saying you should all go barefoot or anything.

Any decent florist can recreate this concept easily for you; equally choosing this more relaxed style is perfect for the artistic bride as well as for those on a budget who want to take up those horticultural reins and produce their own floral arrangements.

My personal preference is to keep the hues in an handpicked bouquet within the same colour spectrum but using as many as six or seven different colours is just as effective. Secondly remember to include a little bit of everything so that you capture that unruly essence and prevent your posy from appearing too ‘done’.

It’s A Wrap

When we think about bouquets, we tend to think about the profusion of blooms and the colours of the delicate tendrils rather than the twiggy base. But, whilst I was writing this post, I found it hard to pass up the opportunity to show you lovelies how beautifully your floral accessory can be finished.

Hessian, lace, wool, twine and even brown paper and string can be artfully wrapped around your bouquets for the pièce de résistance. I especially love the idea of a bride wrapping a piece of material that her gown is made from around her posy. Talk about matching your outfit to your accessories!

But ribbons are my vice – yes girls I actually have a ribbon box and have also been known to filch ribbons from other people’s presents (once opened of course!) to keep it fully stocked up.

So for me a beribboned garland steals the day and frankly the more the better.

Why have one glitzy strand when you can look like a haberdashery shop and have three or even five.

Big And Blousey

If these blooms were a woman, they’d be a medieval buxom wench winking saucily at any hot-blooded male from the other side of the bar. These sultry beauties vie for your attention flaunting their silky soft petals and their heavy aroma unrelentingly at you.

I just want to bury my head into them.

Peonies and large garden roses are most commonly used in these types of bouquets and are frequently supplemented by soft green foliage and succulents of late. Because of the sheer size of the flowers there really is no need for anything extra.

Trust me, adding too much to a ‘big and blowsy’ bouquet would result in a serious case of ‘over-egging the pudding’ and ladies I say that as a self-confessed flower addict.

For the modern bride, who wants both drama and simplicity, a single huge bloom is your answer; it is unbeatably chic. And that bloom that the bride and groom are hiding behind is made of…wait for it…paper.

How wonderful is that?!

One last thing worth mentioning is that these types of arrangements are often really heavy – it’s just something to be conscious of when posing for your photographs in case you get arm ache (is that even a condition?).

So what do you think?

Are fresh flowers the order of the day or have you set your heart on something with a little more longevity like those bouquets made from antique brooches for example.

And I NEED to hear your thoughts on tossing the bouquet. Is this a tradition that you can’t pass up or can you not bear to throw your blooms into a gaggle of hopeful ladies in case it gets damaged?

More and more florists claim that they are creating additional ‘tossing’ bouquets for precisely this purpose. Is this something that interests you girls or does it defeat the whole point?

Let us know below…

Love Lolly xxx

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Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Yep, she may just have the poshest name in history… And the eyelashes you see in this post are REAL.

Hi, It’s Adam here. Although I am not the author of this post. I am in fact butting in on the very first post of our (*add fanfare here) very first Rock My Wedding full time employee.

Lauren joins team RMW today and you are going to be seeing quite a bit of her. In fact you have already seen quite a bit of Lauren’s work – you may just not have realised it.

Back To The Start

I first met Lauren a little over a year ago and I knew straight away that she was made of the blue polka dotted stuff. We featured a shoot that she masterminded in December called A Vintage Winters Tale which was hugely popular, she subsequently provided some inspirational mood boards as a finale for our retro week, you can see her vision for the 1950s right up to the 1980s in her post Retro Week – The Inspiration and lastly she helped us style our lomography love shoot. You can see her in action in A Typical Friday At RMW HQ Check her out at the end of the video sporting one of the most alternative Chinese accents I have ever heard 😉

Anyway, enough from me. I am sure from this growing legacy that you can now plainly see why Lauren is such a perfect addition to the Rock My Wedding team. I am now going to hand you over to the lady herself…

I never thought I’d hear myself say the following words, but wait for it… I’m a Rock My Wedding girl.

Cue HUGE squeal. When Adam and Charlotte asked me to join Rock My Wedding, my heart stopped beating and I forgot to breathe. Looking back, the pair of them probably thought from my response that I wasn’t very impressed. In reality I was overwhelmed. Thoughts tripped over and over each other as I struggled to process what they were saying to me. They wanted… me, to join their team, to be a part of their blue polka dotted future, to grace the walls of RMW and to share my ramblings with their lovely readers.


I’ve known Adam and Charlotte for a while, both in a social capacity and having collaborated with them on a couple of things for the blog. And RMW-ettes trust me when I say that they are two of the loveliest people you could know. But to be offered an opportunity like this, to work with them every single day and to be a part of RMW’s future is a privilege. I confess I shed a few happy tears, skipped on the spot and pirouetted with the cat before frantically checking that they had actually signed off Skype and couldn’t see me acting like a loon. Not cool.

But enough of the gushing – Charlotte suggested that you might want to know something about me, so I suppose I ought to start at the beginning.

A Bit Of History

First things first, I’m not one of those girls who has been arranging her wedding since she was five. Not that there’s anything wrong with you early planners – I applaud your organisational skills, I really do. I was just a child who always had her head in a book, living in an alternate universe. With hindsight though, the signs were there; for example I recently re-discovered hundreds of torn out magazine pages of exquisite table settings, beautiful couture wedding dresses and the most amazing cakes that I must have been unconsciously collecting since I was about 11. Seriously, I can’t thank those at Pinterest enough for inventing their virtual pinboards, as otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this now, instead drowning in a whole heap of paper loveliness.

I’ve always had a passion for art, interiors, architecture and photography. Ultimately for beauty I suppose. Piles of art books are stacked around my house, I subscribe to all the interior design magazines and I still have folders full of collected ephemera that drive Ste – my fiancé mad. Oh wait, did I mention I’m engaged too? I’ll come back to that in a minute. Ultimately, I think beautiful things nourish the soul and that we should surround ourselves with as much of them as possible.

Studying interior design at university, you’d think that the natural progression would be towards a career in this area. Not so fast – I veered a little off-tangent for a while but life has a funny way of putting you back on your right course. Before long I found myself setting up a wedding planning business and styling photoshoots – some of which you may have seen on this blog – as well as meeting some of the most amazing people in this industry.

Good Design Makes Me Tick

So what’s my style? What I really love is elegance, finesse and good design. The weddings that are the most appealing and inspiring to me are those where a theme has been ‘done well’ – one that is infused with integrity, that is unique and effortless. It almost doesn’t matter what the ‘theme’ is so long as it permeates each and every part of the wedding from the stationery to the cake, to the dress through to decor and flowers.

Matthew Robbins

Matthew Robbins is one of my favourite event designers and is particularly good at embodying this holistic ethos in his own design process.

Sibella Court

Equally, Sibella Court is an interiors genius, magically pulling colour palates together and encouraging you to look for inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. If you’re stuck and looking for ideas, then I’d suggest that you buy both Matthew and Sibella’s books. It’s this collating of ideas and the raw potential that a new photoshoot or event possesses that really drives me and gets my tastebuds tingling. In fact, my favourite part of any new venture is the beginning.

Like A Kid In A Haberdashery Shop

Whilst I say that I’m not drawn to one trend over another, I am a sucker for delicate etched glass and beautiful packaging; ribbons and fabric are my kryptonite. Chiffon, lace and intricate detailing make me go ga ga and I could spend my entire month’s salary on flowers if my finances allowed it. They don’t. I’m currently having a moment with still life paintings by the ‘Old Masters’ – their rich colours just scream luxury.

I also seem to be developing a chair addiction. I simply cannot pass up the opportunity to buy an old chair at a bargain price with a promise to reupholster and restore it. Sadly, I haven’t yet and thus several chairs now inhabit my parent’s hall simply because I haven’t the room at my own house. Oh and glitter, how could I forget that? I love all things (tastefully) shiny. One of my family’s nicknames for me is Sparkle and, well, if that doesn’t give you an idea about my magpie tendencies then I don’t know what will.

An October Wedding

And last but not least, I promised that I’d talk about my engagement to my lovely boy, who proposed to me in April whilst I was wearing my wellies and was half-way up a huge tree. Yes, you heard it people – I was up a tree. I very nearly fell out of it in shock. But there is a romantic aspect to all of this. It was important to Ste to propose somewhere where we could take our future children, where we could continue to build happy family memories year on year. So unless some kind of misfortune befalls our tree, it will remain standing as a testament to our love long after we’ve gone and that thought makes me a very happy (and emotional) girl indeed.

Adam had hoped that I’d be sharing my planning trials and tribulations with you over the course of the next 12 months but I’ve thrown a spanner in the works and decided to get married in October. This year. Long story short, I’ve already found my perfect venue and financially it made more sense to us to get married in 2012.

That gives me five months. FIVE MONTHS. I figure that if anyone can make things happen then a wedding planner can. Watch this space.

Now this post needs to finish somewhere, otherwise I’d be here all night, but this is only the beginning. I can’t wait to share my planning adventures, my favourite places to go looking for the most beautiful treasures and much more with you all.

Signing off for now…