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From The Heart.


Mary and Eddie’s wedding is a truly handcrafted affair. The creative couple beavered away on several projects to create their charming rustic Tipi wedding.

The gold covered jam jar vases, the fortune teller wedding favours, the bunting, the cake…almost everything you see was created by Mary, Eddie, or one of their talented family members.

A loose blue and gold colour theme seemed to develop – and it works beautifully with the hessian table runners and fairy lights.

We’ve come across several Brides on RMW who have taken on the challenge of folding 1000 origami cranes before their wedding day for luck…but I think today’s wedding is the first where the Groom has taken on the challenge.

But that’s not all Eddie did lovelies. Oh no.

He also created the elegant perspex cake topper. I haven’t seen anything that beautiful and unusual on top of a cake for a long time.

A Rustic DIY Wedding In Hitchin Hertfordshire With Bride In Paloma Blanca Gown And Groom In Royal Blue Bespoke Suit From Jack Bunneys With Images From Claudia Rose Carter 1

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One Constant Sunny Moment.

You may remember the ridiculously beautiful E-shoot of Anna and Tony that we featured a few months back, all sand dunes, salty waves and perfect light…

I literally couldn’t wait for the wedding, I just knew it would be equally as dreamy…. And I wasn’t wrong. From the preparation images to the ceremony to the couples portraits and everything in-between, Jon at S6 photography has managed to capture it all to perfection, even that sought after full length back-of-the-dress shot (and I’m going to warn you in advance – the frock is a killer)

Apparently the weather was some what changeable for Anna and Tony’s big day but you’d never know, to me it just seems like one constant sunny moment.

Casual Cool

I am most certainly not a tidy or should I say sophisticated person when it comes to hair styles. I look and feel better with a more relaxed style, so it was easy to decide what to go for on the day. I had a wonderful lady called Julia Jeckell from Chic Brides do my hair and make-up on the morning. I didn’t want anything fussy or over the top and she knew exactly what I wanted when I said “messy but nice”!

My hair accessories reflected this simple hairstyle and were from a great website called Glitzy secrets for those who like the look but not the price of vintage accessories. I finished my look by wearing my sister’s cathedral veil which she wore at her own wedding 2 years ago.

Jewellery wise I also kept it simple wearing only small diamond drop stud earrings and a pearl bracelet from one of my bridesmaids as my something borrowed.

The Perfect Fit

I loved the final bridesmaids outfit! As we all live all over the place it was really hard to go off and do a lot of dress hunting together. So when I got invited to Emily bridal wear for a special bridesmaid event we all went along to get some ideas. We then all stumbled across one dress we all loved it and that was that! I decided to buy the bridesmaids dresses purely so we could alter them to fit everyone perfectly.

Made For Me

My dress was from Emily Bridal Wear in Sheffield and was by Mikaella at Paloma Blanca. It was amazing! I had a clear idea of what I was looking for when I started out however struggled to find it. I had been to a lot of weddings over the past 2 years so wanted something that would stand out yet still be me! My dress was the last one I tried after what felt like hundreds and it was my Mum and Aunty who spotted it.

After an initial question mark on my part I tried it and loved it! Even though I really liked the dress there were a few bits missing that I really wanted, I was so pleased when Emily said we can do anything you like! I added the sheer straps which I absolutely loved, the brooch on the back of the dress and loosened the fishtail fit so it had a softer affect. I’m not overly picky when it comes to clothes but when I get something in my head I find it hard to let the idea go, so I was really pleased I was able to encompass all my ideas in one dress.

Classic Stripes

The groomsmen outfits were my husband’s domain, he was very involved in what he and the groomsmen wore and had clear ideas on what he did and didn’t want. After a lot of searching we finally hired the suits from Moss Bros and had a family friend make all the cravats to Tonys specification, the final look was an old fashioned style grey tail coat, with matching trousers and waistcoat and a black and white ascot style cravat.

Tony wanted his suit to match the other groomsmen however he also wore an antique pearl and diamond tie pin and mother of pearl cuff links a gift from his mum and Dad on the day. Tony didn’t want a standard wedding suit with lots of colours and swirls and the final outfit was amazing, very classic and they all looked fantastic.

Fresh Florals

A family friend and neighbour organised and arranged all the stunning flowers and table centres. Joanne had helped my sister at her wedding and being my parents neighbour and friend was happy to help for our wedding as well which was a massive bonus. I am not green fingered by any stretch, however I love flowers so it was lovely to have someone who we could trust and help us make the right decisions. As we married in July we decided to go for quite fresh, country garden style flowers keeping things simple yet using different flowers and colours to create something beautiful and interesting to look at.

The Storyteller

We chose Jon at S6 Photography, having looked at Jons previous work we loved his style of photography and after chatting with him about how he works we knew this was definitely what we wanted. Even though we had to have some family shots we wanted to remember the day as it happened and Jon’s photos definitely tell that story.

An Enviable Take-Away

The room at the Maynard is quite neutral with wood panelled walls and wooden flooring. We covered the chairs in white to match the table linen and used a mixture of lavender pots, candelabras and vintage birdcages for the centre pieces. I had also found a few pictures/signs which we scattered around the room which we felt captured parts of us and the atmosphere we wanted. We decided to buy all the table centres, signs and decorations as I wanted our guests to feel free to take what they wanted or liked home to enjoy and remember the day.

Homemade Treats

Our cake was homemade and consisted of 3 layers one fruit for tradition, one sponge (My favourite) and the final layer banana (Tonys favourite) My aunties baked the fruit and sponge layer and my cousin Dennis created the final Banana layer.

My mum then iced the whole thing and used little iced flowers and a sprig of lavender for decoration. I didn’t want to go crazy with the cake as it was never a massive part for either of us, so having it homemade was perfect.

A Family Affair

The wedding itself was a real hands on family affair, we had so much help from everyone with the whole day, from our home made wedding cake crafted by my Mum, Aunties and Cousin to all our handmade save the dates, invites, place settings, guest favours, table plan, cravats and even homemade sloe gin. We really wanted our wedding to be relaxed, family orientated and most of all about us. We wanted to focus on having a good time and enjoying ourselves, letting the day flow naturally rather than being pushed and pulled in all directions.

I loved all the personal touches it made such a difference knowing friends and family had worked so hard to help us create our perfect day.

An Eclectic Mix

The evening reception was important to me as my family and I love to dance, as we have such eclectic music taste we struggled to find a band that offered all the music we liked, so we decided to have a DJ to keep the party going and incorporate all our favourite songs. They played a mix of your traditional disco floor fillers to traditional Irish music for Tonys Irish roots.

An Inside Seaside

As we live in Scarborough we wanted to bring a little bit of the seaside to the day. I found a seaside inspired fat lady cut out online and thought it would be nice to stand outside the ballroom so our guests could create pictures in-between courses.

We also hired a caricaturist to entertain our guests during our welcome drinks and canapés. It was something that we decided on last minute but our guests really enjoyed it and it was something they were able to take home at the end of the day. It also added a fun mood to the day and got everyone talking.

Thoughtful Keepsakes

For our female guest favours we made lavender hearts from floral print material as a keep sake and for the guys we made Wilson’s sloe gin one of my favourite little drinks brewed from home. Finally for the children we made gingerbread brides and grooms with matching veil and cravats. We wanted to make favours that people could use and or take home, which went down really well with everyone especially the gin!

An Important Moto

I think what made our wedding so special was that we made everything we possibly could ourselves we worked by the moto “handmade not readymade”. Making everything was a lot of fun and allowed us to get everything we wanted and in some places saved money. It made everything a little more personal and represented who we are and how we are as a family.

I would definitely recommend to other brides to utilise friends and family, if you know someone with good skills whether it be baking or flower arranging. It was so nice to thank everyone genuinely for their support and help and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it half as much without it. Most of all do what you both want to do and don’t stress.
We had an amazing day, it wasn’t over the top but wasn’t too plain and simple, the wine flowed, people laughed and a good time was definitely had by all!

We both wanted a summer wedding so chose July in the hopes we might get the classic summers day. It didn’t quite turn out the way we hoped, however it all turned fine for all the right times and we actually got some lovely sunny moments.

Venue – The Maynard

Bridal Gown – Mikaella at Emily’s Bridal

Photography – Jon at S6 Photography

Groomsmen – Moss Bros

Hair and Make-up – Julia at Chic Brides

Things I love about the W-day of Anna and Tony:

Stripy Cravats
The Gown (with bespoke added pretty)
Lavender Pot table centres (so chic yet so simple)
The portraits (wall-worthy)
The fact that the cake was made by not one, not two but three family members….

Need I go on?

Hope this has brightened up your Monday lovelies, and we have a little bit of a discussion planned for later – do come along and join us.

Big Constantly Sunny Love

Charlotte xxx