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Mallorca Wedding with Pampas Grass and Acrylic Wedding Decor and Emma Beaumont Bridal Wedding Dress by Chris & Ruth Photography Pin Image

Mallorca Wedding with Pampas Grass and Acrylic Wedding Decor and Emma Beaumont Bridal Wedding Dress

We’ve been SO excited to share the Mallorca wedding of fashion blogger, Loveclothblog ever since she featured on our ‘planning a destination wedding’ Podcast. Then when we saw the dreamy captures by Chris and Ruth released and she was wearing an exquisite Emma Beaumont gown, we did another happy dance. Set in the magical mountains of Mallorca, this wedding is full of delicious details by planner Mille Papillons and moments had by all.

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Preston & Matthew

The first thing you’ll be blown away by is the pampas grass moon gate and aisle flowers. Then allow yourself a moment to let this whole outdoor woodland wedding take over your soul. Because of course the decor and details are going to be epic as they were planned and styled to perfection by Mille Papillons. But paramount is the love and happiness radiating from the two grooms (and their pup) at this Spanish destination wedding. The moment captured by HUMà06 of Preston & Matthew walking up the aisle as Mr & Mr is priceless.

I don’t know about you, but I always fall hard for an epic loooog tablescape illuminated by festoons. We’re lucky enough to see them feature quite regularly on our pages, so if you’ve pinned this one, you’ll probably love Casey & Luke, and Francesca & Marco weddings too. You’re welcome.

Sanam & Sebastian by Pablo Laguia Photography & HUMá06 Film Pin Image

Sanam & Sebastian

Pablo Laguia was our photographer and well just look at the photos!… Every picture I loved had this beautiful feeling which I cannot describe”

I couldn’t agree more with bride Sanam. Just look at those gorgeous captures. Every one encapsulates a beautiful moment and you can’t help feel right there with the gorgeous couple celebrating their destination wedding.

Sanam is from Iran and Sebastian is from Germany so it was really important that both their cultures and heritages were included in the day. Mille Papillons wedding planners ensured this was executed perfectly, incorporating many traditions as well as their love for natural beauty.

Now are you sitting comfortably? Because believe me you’re not going to want to move from this beautiful day for quite a while.