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Building A Magical Atmosphere.

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Friday is finally here, and with it we have a visual feast of a wedding for you.

Lindsay and Daryl married at the height of summer in a beautiful 17th Century House in the Brecon Beacons – it truly does look like a magical occasion.

With Martin Ellard’s images and Lindsay’s words, the sense of building anticipation that surrounds a wedding has been captured beautifully.

So please – get yourselves comfy and indulge in this sumptuous Welsh wedding.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0001

Spectacular But Not Fussy

Lindsay The Bride: The venue was perfect from the first time we saw it. We wanted an outdoor and relaxed wedding, nothing too formal or traditional – and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Penpont had a touch of the spectacular without the usual fuss, and just getting married on a porch was so easy and natural. The porch just happened to be that of a 17th Century House set in a 2000 acre rural estate within the Brecon Beacons.

It’s tough to find a place outdoors to get legally married, and the fact that the porch was a licensed area of the venue meant that we could stand outside and read our vows, with our guests sitting outside too. All we needed now was the good weather. You can’t guarantee good weather, but we had picked the hottest day of the year – statistically speaking – so we gave ourselves the best possible chance.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0002

We setup a giant tipi on the front lawn, ready for dinner and the reception. We also had games and bales of straw.

The surroundings were vast and open, yet seemed so intimate. We also loved that guests could camp if they chose, it added to the relaxed feeling surrounding the wedding. When the band arrived the day before and started practicing it all started to click into place and the atmosphere began to build.

Guests that were staying, either in the courtyard wing or camping, started to arrive and the night before the wedding ended up being a magical event of it’s own – sat on straw bales with the band playing, singing around the camp fire until the morning sun arrived.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0003

A Classic Bride

I wanted classic vintage style with finger waves and a red lip. I also wanted to continue the relaxed feel with the bridesmaids having loose curls and flowers in their hair. My daughter Skye had something slightly different as loose curls wouldn’t have lasted long when she was doing kartwheels! She had a plait at the top of her head in a shape of a heart, also with flowers.

The make up was done by Farhana Ali, she did a beautiful job, I looked like the vintage bride I hoped for, with a bright red lip and black eyeliner. She also did henna on my feet, I always wanted it done and the wedding was the perfect opportunity. She free hand drew it and it looked stunning, a lovely addition and perfect for the honeymoon.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0004

The Last Shop

I hunted high and low for my dress, I loved dress shopping, maybe thats why it took so long to find… Ironically I found it in the last shop, the dress by Mori Lee, was ivory fishtail with lots of lace and quite a lot of sparkle. I’m never one for a lot of sparkle, so it surprised me the most that this was the perfect dress.

I loved it, especially the back and lace cup selves. The dress had quite a long trail but easily clipped up with the bridesmaids help!

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0005

A Touch Of Tweed

Daryl wanted to wear something that combined country, vintage and a sense of occasion. His initial idea to tackle this was to wear a tweed suit. But tweed suits are a little hard to come by. Tweed jackets, sure, but the whole suit – no. Not unless you had one made – An expense which we didn’t think was worth it, especially given that suits would also be needed for The Father of the Bride and Best Man.

After looking online, Daryl found a forum talking about suits in London and someone suggested Suit Supply as a good value option, with a unique range. After checking out the website and loving the style, we went to London to visit the shop. Daryl walked in looking for a tweed suit but left with something entirely different – A blue cloth Italian style suit, which although not tweed, was ‘different’ enough to tick the right boxes.

He found tweed waistcoats online that worked perfectly, and I found ties in Topman that helped the navy and brown colour scheme go together along with a white shirt and brown shoes.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0006

Simple And Elegant Jewellery

I decided against a veil as I found it took it away from the dress. So I went with a ‘very sparkly’ diamond head brooch. Jewellery was kept quite simple as there was enough going on. I went for simple diamond studs and very thin necklace. Shoes were a similar colour to the bridesmaids dresses, a light blush colour – not that you see your shoes!

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0007

Light Blush

My Bridesmaid, my sister Rebecca and Maid of honour Kelly, wore dresses from Debenhams.

We were in there one day not looking for bridesmaids outfits and came across them, they were perfect, the light blush colour, really floaty and slight ruffles at the bottom. They matched them up with coral strapped shoes. My daughter Skye wore a dress similar to the girls but was from Monsoon UK, it had a little sparkle detail which suited her perfectly.

Groomsmen wore a blue cloth Italian style suit with tweed waistcoats and brown shoes. My son wore a tweed suit from Marks and Spencer, I paired it up with braces and it looked delightful – not that he stayed in it for long!

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0008

Vintage China

Rustic and relaxed was the theme with a splash of fine china. I didn’t really have a colour, I really liked the colour blush and the bridesmaids were that, but as for the rest I had lots of colours.

We had lots of different colour vintage china and the table decorations were created by My Vintage Flower, they were perfect for our theme, fine china and wooden trunks engraved with our initials just like our wedding invitations. The centerpieces displayed beautiful flowers with lots of green and pink set in vintage tea cups and glasses.

Organic And Relaxed

The flowers from Blush were perfect, natural, just picked out of a field look. With moss, daises, mint and ponies taking center stage. My bouquet had the same flowers loosely tied with a little lace, very organic and relaxed.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0009

Cloudy With Sunny Spells

Remember that we picked the date because it was (statistically) most likely to be the hottest day of the year? Well, I think that might have been the day before! It was sweltering, and left a lot of our guests considering their outfit for the next day. Many men even considering wearing Tshirt and shorts to the reception!

On the day of the wedding, however, I woke to find dark clouds covering the sky. Fortunately, the clouds broke and, while not as hot or as clear as the previous day, it didn’t rain and was in fact probably the most perfect weather we could imagine – I guess they’d say cloudy with sunny spells. It was dry and comfortable – and that was gorgeous!

The weather meant that we could get married on the porch and our 40-50 guests could sit outside. With a week to go before the wedding, we decided to get a harpist to play while we waited for the bride to arrive, and of course to ‘walk down the aisle’. It was a good decision looking back, as we only had live music the whole time.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0010

Fashionably Late

I was 30 minutes late for the ceremony, which was quite a while seeing as I had been getting ready just upstairs in the bridal suite of the house! But no one had told me I was that late and so I was unaware. Apparently Daryl had a few comments about it as everyone waited for me to arrive!!

After the ceremony we had drinks on the lawn, peach bellini’s and canapes. We disappeared for a few photos before sitting down for dinner, drinks and speeches in the tipi. Dinner was delicious and everyone’s speeches were both touching and funny, exactly what you hope for I guess.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0011

An Explosive Party

The evening reception was also held in the tipi where we had a band, a bar and a dance floor! It had been the perfect day but I really think we saved some of the best til last – our band, Hermitage Green, were incredible and really helped top the day. Everyone joined in dancing, singing and having the time of their life.

It all started with our first dance – ‘I Will Wait’ by Mumford & Sons, the perfect choice. I think it surprised everyone when we started swinging around in circles! I remember feeling dizzy and my hairpiece falling out but most of all I remember everyone smiling and singing along.

Even the generator catching on fire couldn’t ruin the day. The power cut off for a little while and the band played a song or two acoustically while Daryl’s brother in law (also a fireman) and friend (that lent us the generator) got to work putting the fire out and getting the generator back up and running! Much to the band (and caterer’s) relief.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0012

A Dessert Tower

Prickly Pear did the food and it was delicious, we had pate for starter – Daryl’s favourite. For our main course we had Beef with sweet potato mash, greens and red wine jus. I LOVE dessert and couldn’t decide on one, so we went for them all! We had a dessert tower with lots of mini delights, it was perfect and went down a storm.

The wedding cake followed the natural theme with a vanilla and chocolate sponge covered in fruit and flowers and topped off with a little mini bunting with the words ‘Hitched’ made by My Vintage Flower.

For wedding favours we went with scratch cards, we asked everyone to wait until we finish the speeches so everyone could scratch them together. It was a great finish to all the formalities and we had a few winners, nothing big though!

We decided to do a bring-your-own with drinks and also had a free bar and two cocktail drinks dispensers with Daryl and I’s favourite cocktails. We labeled them up and we wanted to see who’s would win, but to be fair they both went by the end of the night but I was drinking his too!

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0013

Our wedding invites were designed and printed by Colourbox. They captured the feel to the wedding exactly, it set the tone for what was to come. They were hand tied with ribbon like a little parcel, stuffed with note book confetti and sealed with a seal.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0014

Engraved Forever

My advice would be don’t buy expensive shoes as you don’t see them! Also, choose an amazing photographer as they will capture every special moment for you to relive again and again.

For me one of the special moments was just dancing on the dance floor and looking around and seeing everyone we love have an amazing time dancing and laughing – wicked! Da’s favourite moment was the first dance, because it was funny and special as we got the band to play our song.

Also the day after the wedding we engraved our initials into a tree at Penpont, just like out wedding invites and table decorations, hopefully it will be there years to come.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0015

Everything And More

Our photographer Martin Ellard from My Big Day Photos was outstanding. He captured every single detail and special moment. He was dedicated and stayed until there was nothing else to shoot. The final photos are magical, they are everything and more we’d hoped for.

The styling from My Vintage Flower looked wonderful – from the kids fun suitcase to the vintage bunting. Such a personal touch, it represented us totally.

Each centerpiece was original and unique for us, every piece of china was sourced to suit our relaxed and organic feel. The table looked magical with our personalised rustic tree trunks and old worldly books. We were really pleased with it all.

A Vintage Inspired Wedding At Penpont House Brecon With Bride In Lace Fishtail Gown By Mori Lee And Groom In Navy Suit From Suit Supply With Tweed Waistcoat And Images From Martin Ellard At My Big Day Photos_0016

Click here & view all images from this wedding

Bride’s Gown – Mori Lee
Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Debenhams
Flower Girl – Monsoon UK
Groom’s Suit – Suit Supply
Hair – Lyndsey Jerman at Boho Hair
Make Up – Farhana
Florist – Blush
Catering – Prickly Pear
Invitations – Colourbox
Band – Hermitage Green
Venue – Penpont
Styling – My Vintage Flower
Photography – Martin Ellard at My Big Day Photos

The images make you wish you were there don’t they?

Martin Ellard really has captured both the hazy warmth of a summers day AND the overwhelming sense of love that only a wedding can bring.

And don’t worry, it’s ok to have cake for breakfast on a Friday…

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Lots of love,
Fern x

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All Decked Out.

When I landed upon the image of these neon beaded beauties below, I was instantly transported back to my earliest days at school sitting with my playmates stringing simple wooden beads onto coarse woollen strands to make what can be best described as a ‘dog’s dinner’ (read tragic mess).

Obviously the epic bangles and necklaces below are of a far higher quality than my juvenile attempts – I would so rock one of these neon bracelets.

Anyone else care to join me?

The point is however, and I think I speak for most of us when I say that, it’s clear, even from an early age, that we like to adorn ourselves with decorative paraphernalia. Heck, we’ve been tattooing, crowning, encircling, festooning and garlanding our bodies since time began and it’s not likely to stop any time soon either.

It’s not surprising then that there’s a plethora of beautiful bridal jewellery out there. If there’s a day when a woman feels most inclined to bedeck herself with charming adornments then it’s her wedding day.

And whilst there is an abundance of style in traditional pieces, I love how the parameters of what constitutes bridal ‘jewellery’ are now far more relaxed meaning that there really is something for everyone.

My own bridal jewellery journey began when my future mother-in-law handed me her late mother’s prized diamond earrings when the boy and I were first engaged.

They are beautiful. Utterly exquisite. I even got quite emotional when she handed them to me.

You see, it meant the world to me that she decided to share something that clearly means so much to her. And whilst my boy’s grandma can’t be with us on the day, she’ll certainly be there in (twinkling) spirit.

Despite my renowned magpie-like behaviour towards anything shiny, I don’t really go all out on the jewellery front. Granted there’s my engagement ring, a couple of gold bangles and my dainty golden feather necklace but that’s about it. I reckon therefore I can push the boat out on my wedding day, what do you think?

So what are you lovely lot wearing on your big day?

Will you be appropriating some family heirlooms or sporting something more contemporary?

Or are you blinded by the dazzling array available to you? Can I help?

Walk this way…

All That Glistens Is…Gold

I’ve been a fan of yellow gold jewellery ever since I was young but I’ve always been aware that it isn’t everyones’ top choice.

Some of my friends for instance find it a little gaudy.

So, I’m thrilled to see that yellow gold is making a comeback both in the bridal universe and on the fashion runways along with golden semi-precious stones such as Beryl.

The glitzy stuff is back with a vengeance, folks.

I love the versatility that gold gives to the wearer, be it delicate and pretty or gritty and proud. It’s also incredibly flattering on all skintones, offering up a warmth that only improves with age. There’s nothing better than popping to an antique jewellers and holding patinated pieces rich with memories.

Stacking golden rings and bracelets is one way of bringing this metal up to date if you’re worried it’s a little old-fashioned for you. The contrasts in the different pieces will make the metals both interesting and edgy.

Alternatively if this is a little intense then choosing a filigree piece is not only romantic but subtle enough so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Plus your nan would be proud.

Exotic Beauties

This concoction of images is a mixture of pieces that have their origins in or are influenced by tribal jewellery, nature and Eastern designs.

Like the moodboard above, many of these beautiful items possess a golden hue but it’s the shapes, patterns and the positioning of them on the body that really do the talking.

Looking at this bevvy of beauties, I can almost imagine myself on African Plains or in a Moroccan Souk which make these pieces perfect for those brides choosing to get married abroad.

More angular pieces look amazing with column bridal gowns and chainmail and leather accents are reminiscent of tribal dress. This look is all about impact!

We’ve also noticed jewellery taking inspiration from natural themes such as florals and botanics. No longer the preserve of bouquets and gorgeous centrepieces, sprawling flower-esque jewellery is popping up time and time again and is set to gain more momentum next year.

Innate Elegance

This look is all about taking the ‘best bits’ from bygone eras and combining it into a glorious mishmash of ultimate luxury.

Whilst vintage wedding styles have been leading the way sartorially, we’ve noticed this look is now also translating across to jewellery choices too.

Think of the geometric patterns of costume jewellery and the long strings of lustrous pearls of the Art Deco era together with the subtle 1950‘s elegance of Grace Kelly’s classic style and the glamour of old Hollywood movie stars.

For some reason I always envisage brides who opt for this kind of jewellery in swishing gowns of lace….but it doesn’t mean that you have to go down this route. Pearls and diamonds do tend predominate here though.

This look is feminine and subtle. Less is more and wearing more than two pieces is often too much. A beautifully crafted necklace, or a single brooch of sparkling round cut diamonds is what this look is all about.

Granted, choosing this ‘look’ can be less budget-friendly than some of the other styles pictured here but investing in key pieces of valuable jewellery means that you have something to treasure forever and pass on to your children and perhaps theirs too.

Colour Pop

I think I first fell in love with colourful bridal jewellery when I saw Emily’s beautiful sapphire-coloured blue earrings earlier this year.

In fact, I was more than a little bit smitten with them.

They framed her gorgeous face perfectly whilst bringing her whole bridal look smack bang up to date to the 21st century. It was at this point that I was determined to give coloured jewels a chance and I haven’t looked back.

And I’m not the only one.

From opals to tourmalines and from amethysts to moukite, semi-precious stones are gracing the necks, ears and fingers of huge numbers of brides this year. THE hot colour of the moment, the current hue to be seen in though, is…wait for it…coral.

Here at RMW HQ we’ve seen everything from coral-coloured necklaces to coral bracelets and rings on both brides and bridesmaids alike. This hue looks fantastic on all skin types, is utterly romantic and often slips seamlessly into most colour schemes.

If you can afford to stretch the budget that little bit further, then can I suggest coloured diamonds. My favourite hue are champagne coloured diamonds – rather apt for a bride on her wedding day, no?

Alternatively, you could leave this blog post open at this point and cough suggestively at your fiancé whilst tilting your head at said computer screen before you leave the room on an ‘errand’.

What? You’re helping him with his wedding present to you aren’t you?

Make A Statement

Bold and chunky jewellery continues to feature strongly in bridal jewellery thus continuing the trend of the last two years.

Hurray! The RMW Team (yes, even Mr Gossip Girl) loves a bit of statement action on modern brides. We are however seeing more of a pared down approach compared to previous years.

Ladies, we’re talking bib necklaces and shoulder-sweeping gemstone earrings, wide cuffs and hefty cocktail rings all crafted from bold materials and striking colours. I love brides who have chosen to travel this adventurous route, it absolutely reeks of confidence and luxury.

A note of caution however. This look tends to work best on those brides that have chosen a simpler dress. Gowns already covered in pearls, sequins or other twinkly bits are statement pieces in their own right. Adding too much jewellery on top can make one look like an overdressed turkey and we wouldn’t want that would we…

Of the pieces shown here, the bib necklace and the cocktail rings are my favourite – particularly big and bold pearls around swanlike necks.

I wouldn’t have imagined that a chunky necklace would ‘work’ with a strapless dress before I actually saw it.

But it so does.

Sparkling gems also top my list too – the bigger and more colourful, the better.

Which of these looks are your favourite, if any?

I’m still toying with the idea of wearing a gold locket with a really long chain. Do you think I should go for it?

Who else is going to rock a statement bib necklace or chandelier earrings on their big day?

All my love Lolly xxx

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A Moroccan Masterpiece.

So, by now you will have feasted your eyes upon the engagement shoot (and if you haven’t – check it out now!)

It is now time for the marriage of Paul Nunn and Sarah Joseph. Sarah is a couture dress designer so prepare yourself for a truly creative fashion festival with a Moroccan twist.

Clearly Sarah has some good connections in the wedding industry, her big day pulls on so much proven talent that you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a fashion shoot!

Photogrpahy is all by My Big Day Photos.


The dress was made by me, I am a couture designer under my own name. It consisted of around 300 meters of fabric, cottons, crochet, chiffons, georgettes, ribbon, lazer cut birds and flowers, guipure lace , tulle and orchids. The fabric was all brilliant white and had a body of guipure lace with a waist embroidery beaded detail of pure turquoise stones that I bought in Morocco whilst travelling. The skirt was 7.5 meters long and was made of ruffles from all of the fabrics named above. I sewed white orchids around the skirt to give it a finishing touch. It was my absolute dream dress and I consider it to be the most magnificent masterpiece I have created to date. Because the dress was mainly white cottons and crochets I teamed the look up with brown leather skyscraper heels which infused the look of a traveller. The veil was a 72 inch bouffant white tulle veil with a crochet edging made by myself.


I had 6 bridesmaids and they were all drenched in couture brilliance. They were all individually designed, and I pulled their personalities and flaunted their body shapes into each dress. The fabrics were all the same but used in different ways and techniques, it was like a new runway collection for me. The fabric was Ivory lace with antique gold sequins with an indian embroidered trimming and an antique gold droplet trimming. On a few of the dresses I also had a beautiful Spanish inspired Ivory bridal lace. They were a real talking point of the day and it set a mood for the wedding, not to mention a great show case of my work. They all had different antique gold jewellery on, from gypsy chandelier over sized earrings to bamboo cuffs and Indian filigree bracelets.


Paul was in a metallic medium grey dinner jacket with black silk lapels and pockets, it had skinny legs and tight tailoring creating a skater/trendy look, he wore a black fitted shirt with a grey and white paisley tie. The groom’s men were all in different shades of grey with light paisley grey ties with the bright coloured exotic button holes. They all looked fantastic and edgy.


I designed and had my ring made. We were travelling through Thailand and bought an opal, a sapphire and a blue topaz. We then went and lived in Australia for a year and he proposed on the Sydney Harbour bridge with a view of an art show being reflected on the Opera house. Paul proposed with a beautiful temporary ring and then I had mine made. It is a big ring with three lines running through it in white gold and small diamonds, each stone is place on each line symbolising engagement , wedding and eternity. My absolute dream ring. We bought Pauls ring in Hawaii, its a Koa wood which has a meaning of strength, the different coloured woods were separated with titanium bands.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a great photographer to suit your style. I changed the date of my wedding as Martin Ellard from My Big Day Photos was not available for my first date. He gave me a list of dates and I booked the wedding around that. I have used Martin for all of my couture shoots and I couldn’t have had anyone else shoot my wedding. His style and personality suited my wedding down to the ground and I never had a feeling of worry after the wedding of how they would look.

Martin gave us an engagement shoot which I strongly recommend to get you relaxed and confident in front of the camera. You don’t have to do the typical romantic shoots; we did a skate boarding and surfing shoot. We are both surfers and love the beach life, so this was important to us and we will always cherish those photos.


The brilliant Gill Clement made me a unique set of individually designed pieces for my special day. Gill had travelled the world over, picking up inspirations from all corners of the globe. This is why I knew she would be perfect. I recommend all of my brides to go to her as her designs are really unique and incredibly different. I had Arabic designed matt gold chandeliers with Moroccan turquoise embedded in the design. She also made me a thick bracelet to go with the stunning earrings as well. It was made for my dress and I will never forget the feeling I had when she showed me them in the box for the first time. Details like that can individualise your wedding from anyone elses.


I made my bouquet and it was stunning. It was made from bright coloured butterflies, dragon flies, bumble bees, white doves, orchids, roses and other exotic flowers. I had a white horse shoe dangling down from the explosion of details and had vibrant coloured ribbon flowing down, it really was a statement and I am thrilled that I went the extra mile with it. The bridesmaid’s carried cream wind chimes with a few scatters of butterflies, orchids and bumble bees on them, the same cluster that was on the groom and the groom’s men. My mother Sheila Joseph is a brilliant florist and artist so I grew up with designs all around me, she helped me along with the bouquets which made it really lovely process.


I am lucky enough to know Farhana Ali, the most incredible makeup artist I have ever seen. I have been working with her on my couture shoots and I always hoped that she would do my wedding. We went for a heavy Egyptian style to set off the grand dress and hair. She really created a stunning look and I was getting comments all day how unusual it was. My bridesmaids had slightly lighter makeup than me but it was all still a statement, it certainly carried through the Moroccan theme to my wedding.


The hair was created by the fabulous Secrets hair and beauty. They read my mind with the design and it looked like a waterfall of creativity. It had a fishtail plait across my forehead which flowed around the waterfall of beachy waves. We finished the look off with some delicate white orchids and hair dazzle which completed the couture look I was going for. They are fashion forward hairdressers which I needed for my day, and I was overwhelmed by how incredible the end result was.


Clyne chapel situated in the beautiful botanical gardens in Clyne, Swansea. It was a small and intimate ceremony and we sang Amazing Grace, Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley and Happy days, we read a poem written by the groom and also a Pam Ayres poem called I do I do I do. It was a very modern ceremony and we had the fabulous Ellie Higgs singing chasing cars by snow patrol as we walked down the aisle. She has a voice like an angel and I am thrilled we had her sing at our wedding before she becomes famous and too busy to do such things.


The reception was held in South Gower rugby club near the beautiful Pwlldu beach. We had a beautiful Bedouin marquee that was filled with Moroccan spiced colours, from the vibrant drapes and Moroccan chandeliers to the palm trees and coin tables it set the mood for my dream wedding. The club were fantastic and really helped us create our special day, the staff really went out of their way with everything and we cannot thank South Gower Rugby club enough.


In the afternoon we snacked on some beautiful canapés sweet and savoury as we heard the speeches and then in the evening we had a Moroccan banquet of falafel, tajines, vine leaves, Egyptian cous cous, hummus, tachiki, chicken skewers, tubule and baklava for desert. The company was called Everything Egyptian and they also put up a shisha tent for us which created an atmosphere of being in the souks of Marrakesh.


Jenny’s Amazing Cakes made this for me, it was a work of art and a real focus of what our wedding was all about. Cake tables are ever so popular now and she decorated ours with macaroons, meringues, millionaire short bread, chocolate brownies, cake pops, cup cakes and a giant Victoria sponge.

It was such a spectacle and the colours were vibrant and exciting, not to mention how delicious it all was. Jenny really pulled out all the stops and I cannot recommend her enough, she really loves her job and it shone through her work. All of my couture brides have their wedding cake made by Jenny and they are all unique and simply stunning.


We had three speeches, the father of the bride Michael Joseph, the best man Mikey Mc Mahon, and the groom Paul Nunn, they were all hilarious and the whole bridal party were laughing from start to finish. My father’s speech was very animated and we were crying and laughing. It all set the mood for the evening and everyone was relaxed and thoroughly enjoying themselves.


Our first dance was to ACDC Back In Black, this was so much fun to dance to and was a real twist on the typical traditional first dance.


We had two singers from the X factor, Lee Vaughn and John Adams. They rocked the show, practically everyone was on the dance floor from start to finish and it was a real party. These singers cannot come more strongly recommended. We had an array of belting songs and had plenty of beat-boxing and rapping.

Their voices blew me away, the music was a very important part for me, and I wanted my wedding to be like a night club full of friends and family. These singers certainly created that mood for us and Paul and I were so so happy all day and night. We then had a DJ from a local hip hop night club called Jared Percival who belted out some old classic hip hop tunes, he rocked the joint.

We ended the night with a grand fireworks display.

Venue – South Gower RFC

Dress – Sarah Joseph

Jewellery – Gill Clement

Fabrics – Lee Mill Fabrics

Photography – My Big Day Photos

Make-up – Farhana Ali

Cake – Jenny’s Amazing Cakes

Canapés – By Word Of Mouth Catering

Catering – Everything Egyptian

Entertainment – Lee Vaughn and John Adams

I love all the Moroccan touches – the vibrant colours and bling really suit this lavish celebration.

It sounds like even though meticulously planned and executed Paul and Sarah still managed to throw a really laid back and chilled party.


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He Was A Skater Boy.

I guess that when a dress designer gets married there is always going to be an amount of pressure to push the fashion boat out a bit.

Well, when Sarah Joseph decided to tie the knot the dress designing started early. Sarah envisaged a bespoke creation just days before her engagement shoot, photographed by good friend and amazing photographer Martin from My Big Day Photos.

You may remember Sarah’s work from a feature we ran a few months ago called “Cariad.” It’s Welsh for “Love” and yep, you guessed it – Sarah is a Welsh girl, although she is about to start a new adventure and a new chapter in her dress designer life when she moves to Australia. If you missed our feature on her last range it you simply must check it out, it’s all kinds of awesome.

Martin from My Big Day Photos gave me an insight into the engagement shoot:

I have worked with Sarah for the last couple of years, we have become good friends and her moving to Australia is going to be a great loss to me as well as her great many friends here in Wales.

Sarah designed a new dress a few days before the engagement photoshoot, we didn’t have time to find a model and she wanted to wear it herself, I wanted to give Sarah a big send off before moving to Australia and this picture seems apt for her. Her career is going to take off in Australia.

Dress – Sarah Joseph

Photographer – My Big Day Photos

Sarah and Paul are the nicest couple you could ever meet, they are passionate about life, the ocean and enjoying each other’s company. The wedding was miraculous to say the least.

thanks Martin… and guess what people? If you pop back at 2pm today you can feast your eyes on the miraculous day its self.

See you soon!