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It’s International Week!


If you caught up with the blog this morning or checked into our Facebook page then you’ll be aware that this week is International Week on RMW. Hello and welcome!!

International week you ask? What’s that? Is it where we all dress up as parodies of countrymen from various nations (think berets and necklaces of garlic for the French, lederhosen for the Germans) and eat their national dish by the bucketload? (Did you ever do that at school?!)

No folks. It’s much, MUCH better than that!

International week is all about treating you folk to the most sublime, awe-inspiring and fun weddings from around the world. Yep that’s right, we’ve gone GLOBAL.

And why have we decided to do that then? Well I’m glad you asked…

It’s all because our Love Lust List, our handpicked directory of wedding suppliers, has gone international!

If you haven’t already found our Love Lust List – then where have you been?! It’s THE place to go to source suppliers who have the official Rock My Wedding seal of approval – lovely people who we know will help you create the wedding of your dreams.

And now, we’re proud to announce that regardless of where you might be marrying we can now help you find great suppliers from all over the world!


We thought we’d help kick the week off by sharing the RMW Team’s favourite past destination weddings…the ones that made our hearts flutter and our eyes get a bit wet.

I guarantee you’ll love them all!

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RMW Rates – Nick Tucker Photography

Nick Tucker Photography

We are really pleased to welcome Nick Tucker Photography to The Love Lust List. The Rock My Wedding directory with a difference.

Rock My Wedding hand select and verify each of our suppliers, we know for a fact that every member of our directory has the ability to make your wedding day rock!

You can find Nick Tucker Photography in our East London Photographers category.

Check Nick Tucker Photography out and remember if you are looking for vendors and suppliers with the RMW seal of approval, the Love Lust List is only one click away via the ‘Find A Supplier’ tab in the header section.

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Lighthouse Love.

Nick Tucker Photography

Erica and Matthew had originally envisaged having a rural barn type wedding. But I have to be honest with you for a moment, I’m really glad they didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good rustic affair, but I love it even more when I’m introduced to a new venue, in a new part of town, one that I’ve never heard of before.

That’s exactly what Trinity Buoy Wharf is to me. It is a compete blank canvas. Essentially an old warehouse with nothing but a lighting rig, electricity and water supply. That’s right folks, not even a toilet!

The ceremony took place at Islington Town Hall and they hired a couple of Routemasters to carriage their guests from there to Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Here is the rest of their story…

Lighthouse love

A BLank Canvas

Erica The Bride: Though we were both probably naturally drawn to a rural barn type wedding, finding The Chainstore at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London changed all that. Not only is it an amazing space and situation but having it in London, not too far from where we live and a place where there are plenty of options for accommodation seemed to make a lot of sense. The Chainstore is basically a big empty Victorian industrial building with London’s only lighthouse on the end, right on the side of the Thames, looking across the river to the dome. It’s used mainly as a general arts space for exhibitions and performances but it gave us the completely blank canvas we were looking for, plus the bonus of a 2am kicking out time. No toilets, no furniture – just a big rectangular space with electricity, water supply and a very nice lighting rig. We knew from the moment we first saw it that it would make an amazing location for our party. It’s a really attractive place and the other buildings on site are amazing – an American diner, ‘Container City’ and other lovely old wharf buildings – great for photos!

We hired a couple of old Routemasters to take us from here down to The Chainstore from Islington Town Hall. The journey was a nice breather from all the action and really was the best way to ship a load of people across London.

Lighthouse love

A Tomboy Bride

I was lucky enough to be able to call on the talents of two very special people to transform me from a bit of a tomboy into a bride. My sister Amy runs a beauty salon up home in Yorkshire so I was in safe hands in terms of make-up. Amy obligingly kept things quite simple and natural, and luckily the eyeliner and mascara even stayed in place through my tears during the ceremony – well done Estee-Lauder Doublewear! My good friend Naomi did my hair. It’s naturally quite curly so I wanted to make the most of this. Naomi simply pinned it up, tackled my wayward fringe and popped in a few sprigs of fresh waxflower.

Lighthouse love


I found my dress in Morgan Davies in Islington. It is the ‘Zambra’ dress made by Novia D’Art with a few simple alterations. I had spotted it in their window before my appointment and thought that the lace bodice and the deep V in the back were beautiful but I wasn’t as keen on the skirt. The brilliantly helpful Annalize reassured me that we could get it simplified, which sealed the deal. I’d been to quite a few places before I found ‘the one’ and enjoyed trying on lots of different styles but it always felt a bit like I was dressing up in someone else’s clothes. As soon as I put my chosen dress on it instantly felt right and I suppose the fact that it made my mum cry was a pretty good sign! The whole experience at Morgan Davies was great – their lovely staff made it very special not only for me but for my mum and sister too.

My shoes were a real treat and something that I will definitely wear again. They were handmade by Emmy Shoes in Islington and were easily the most comfortable I have ever worn. I’m normally much more at home in flats but I thought that heels would work better with the length of my dress. Before I even looked for the dress I knew that I wanted to wear coloured shoes and when Emmy suggested the Poppy style in watermelon I was smitten. I don’t really wear much jewellery so I kept things simple with a bracelet made of tiny pearls and a few fresh flowers in my hair.

Lighthouse love

Rich And Vibrant

We had such fun putting together all the different decorations for the reception and it was a really lovely way to include the talents of some special people. We didn’t have a strict colour scheme – we just wanted the decorations to be rich and vibrant to create maximum impact against the lovely white brickwork and exposed beams inside the Chainstore. Initially it was quite daunting trying to think of a way to make such a large, industrial space feel warm and intimate but a few fairy lights, hundreds of metres of home-sewn bunting, and a hundred or so large paper pompoms soon did the trick! A particular highlight was the knitted bunting that my yarn-bombing Granny made for us…something vey special that we will keep forever.

On a chance visit to Libertys I came across a small display of origami cranes in the haberdashery department and loved them. Several months and some sore fingers later we had ourselves seven hundred birds to hang around the room. It’s fair to say they were a bit of a labour of love but the results were well worth all the hours spent folding and hanging. With so much space to fill we wanted to create a comfortable lounge area. With the cost of hiring furniture being prohibitively expensive, we decided to hire a storage unit near the venue and then collect second hand sofas and chairs from eBay. We had initially planned to sell it all on after the wedding but we loved several of the pieces so much that they are now proudly sitting in our living room – a lasting reminder of a wonderful day! To give the caterers a space to store all the ugly, functional stuff that they needed, we made enormous folding fabric screens using handmade wooden frames, hinges and some cheapo fabric from Walthamstow market. Even though we were the ones who had imagined and created the look, it still took our breath away when we walked into the space after the ceremony.

Lighthouse love

Brilliant Flowers

My bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquet were made up by the brilliant Flowers N16 on Church Street, Stoke Newington. I wanted them to look relaxed and informal so I chose a mixture of favourites including anemones, ranunculus, dahlias, English roses, astilbe and nerines. They also made up the button holes using a mixture of Billy Balls and waxflower.

My mum was responsible for all the reception flowers and we were so thrilled with what she did. We enlisted the help of family and friends in collecting hundreds of glass jars for the table centres and mum filled them with a colourful mix of more of my favourite flowers. She used big, scruffy garden roses from David Austin and colourful anemones, ranunculus, clematis and Billy Balls. She even made a stop off on her drive down to London to collect buckets full of dahlias, snapdragons, hydrangeas and herbs fresh from the beautiful cutting garden at Catkin, Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire.

Lighthouse love

Intimate And Intense

One of the loveliest things about the Council Chamber at Islington Town Hall is that it is circular so all our family and friends were surrounding us as we said ‘I do’. We kind of struggled to find the right reading. We didn’t want anything too mushy nor anything that could sound overly pretentious and obviously it was important that we both liked and understood it! We settled on Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Hour’ and asked my oldest friend to read it. It was short but lovely and it felt really special not just because of the poem itself but to have included a very good friend in the ceremony. We didn’t have any live music in the ceremony but I came in to a piece called ‘The Gallant Weaver’ by James MacMillan, we had M Ward’s version of ‘Let’s Dance’ during the signing of the register and left to Vetiver’s version of ‘The Swimming Song’. I’m not sure how much people actually listened to the music during the ceremony but we were really happy with our choices and it was nice to share them with our nearest and dearest.

Lighthouse love

Music Everywhere

Music was always going to be a fairly big part of the day (as a couple of musicians) and we were sure from the off that we could cobble together a band from family and friends for later on at the reception. But for the afternoon we hired the Gold Diggers – a New Orleans-style brass band who play popular covers – and our opera singer friend Katie sang a beautiful song by Faure just before dinner. We had spent a long time putting together playlists for throughout the different parts of the day so there was always something on in the background between the live music.

After dinner the band made up of Matthew, his best man/brother and a few friends provided the backing for several people to get up and have a go at singing, including my sister, Matthew’s sister, and of course, there was me! It was such good fun and some of the best pictures and nicest memories come from this part. Unusually I suppose, we didn’t have a first dance – Matthew was playing in the band and I was leaping around with friends so that avoided the potential awkwardness and we were both happy with that (Matthew was particularly relieved). Later on in the night two friends DJ’d taking the party into the wee small hours.

Lighthouse love

Striking Gold

We found our caterers Handmade Food by doing a google map search for outside catering within a few miles of Trinity Buoy Wharf. As soon as we walked into their relaxed Blackheath Deli we knew we’d struck gold and a couple of homemade sausage rolls and bacon sarnies sealed the deal! The team at Handmade Food were brilliantly helpful and friendly from our very first email. With so much delicious seasonal British fare on offer it was tricky for us to come to a decision about exactly what we wanted to serve our guests but we eventually decided on what they described as a ‘rolling feast’ – a seemingly never-ending parade of big dishes to share, from salads and homemade breads to terrines and wild mushroom risotto cakes, finishing with the most delicious beef stifado (plus a cheeky tiramisu for pud!).

It was potentially disastrous but one of the culinary highlights of the day was an 80 pint batch of homebrew that Matthew and friends had concocted in our cellar two months before the big day. In keeping with the homemade feel of the wedding, we hand stamped small luggage labels for each of the beer bottles. Needless to say, the free beer didn’t last long, and those brave enough to try it even lived to tell the tale!

Lighthouse love


Our invitations and tableplan were designed by the lovely Anja at Anja Jane and Coffee at Wood Street indoor market in Walthamstow. Anja was a real pleasure to work with. We went to her with a few vague ideas about how we would like our invitations to feature some bunting, flowers and some element of Trinity Buoy Wharf. All we had to do was email her a photo of the venue and she came up with the lovely design, which also featured on our tableplan. We loved the results so much that we ordered a larger print of the image from the invitation to frame as a keepsake. We hand stamped all the place names and I made little flags using scraps of patterned paper and fabric for the table numbers.

Lighthouse love

So Satisfying

• Take a few minutes away as a couple during the party to take in what’s actually happening. Having all your favourite people in one space isn’t something that happens very often.
• We know it’s not always for everyone but we absolutely loved having lots of small children at our wedding. Watching them bust some moves on the dancefloor was a real highlight!
• Get a great photographer. We struck gold with Nick Tucker who not only took amazing photos but was a real treat to have around on the day.
• Even if you don’t fancy doing everything DIY, have a go at making some part of it yourself. We found it amazingly satisfying!

Lighthouse love

Click here & view all images from this wedding

Venue – Emma Trinity Buoy Wharf
Boutique – Morgan Davies London
Shoes – Emmy Shoes
Band – Gold Diggers
Caterer – Handmade Food
Photographer – Nick Tucker Photography
Stationery – Anja Jane

Did you actually see the flowers on the tables?

And what an epic party.

The attention to detail in this wedding is completely awesome. Did you also actually see the seating area Erica and Matthew created? A few sofas and some plants and you’re transported to a comfortable living room. This is why I LOVE a blank canvas. They thoroughly made the space their very own. So unique and so…them.

Absolutely epic* day and I hope it has filled you with inspiration and the courage to perhaps seek out a similar blank canvas for your day.

I’m off to master the art of Origami Crane making.

*I am aware that I have used the word epic twice in this very short space. But it’s true. Totally epic.


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Mrs and Mrs Sunshine… Part 2

Welcome back, we couldn’t keep you dangling too long for Part 2 of this super cool Friday feeling affair.

The weekend starts here, the party is in full swing so let’s head straight back across the Balearic Sea to Catch up with Jenny and Kelly. Nick Tucker is the man responsible for all the stunning imagery.

Curly Whirly.

One of our favourite bakeries in London is Konditor and Cook, but with the wedding being in Ibiza, getting a cake from them wasn’t a reasonable option! So we found a recipe online for their gorgeous curly whirly cake and asked my mum to bake it for us. She did a brilliant job, so good in fact, that Kelly and I didn’t even get to try the cake as everyone else found it so yummy! Kelly made the topper for the cake, by painting and modifying a mini Robert Indiana LOVE sign decoration that we got from Heals that was so cute and original. We also got our vintage style cake stand from Heals, although it was a nightmare to transport to Ibiza, it was worth it on the day.

All About the Love.

We walked down the aisle to ‘Make you Feel my love’ by Adele. The song really set the mood for the ceremony, it was all about the love and there was a whole lot of emotion. Once the ceremony was over and we’d sealed our vows with a kiss, we walked out to ‘Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap, who we saw at our first festival together, so it was special to us. It made us think of happiness and togetherness and the words are amazing. Our first dance was ‘There it is’ by Shalamar. We wanted something we could dance to and not slowly, and the words fitted us and our love perfectly.

Make A Wish.

We made our own favours, which were little wishes for our guests to make. They were tiny glass bottles, filled with sand from the beach below, and sealed with little corks. We tied fairground ‘WISH’ tickets to the neck of the bottles with candy striped bakers twine, which we’d used on our stationary too. I’m not sure if anyone tossed theirs into the ocean and made a wish, but we loved the thought of the bottle sailing away and washing up on another shore somewhere, and of course the wish coming true!

Perfect Poms

Before we flew out to Ibiza, my mum and I made table runners and cotton napkins. I’m so glad we made the effort as it really brought the simple white table linen alive. Although effective, Kelly and I knew we didn’t want to keep the white palette that the venue offered, we wanted to bring something different and bright that reflected our personalities. I also made a back drop using strips of coloured fabric in a ribboned effect, that hung behind us off a beach pagoda as we said our vows.

My favourite decorative item had to be the tissue paper pom poms. I bought all the components back home, and cut and prepped the pom poms before we left. On the day before the wedding we gathered a few close friends and family members around at our villa, and sat by the pool puffing out pom poms. It was such fun sharing the crafty task with people close to us, especially some who wouldn’t usually be seen dead near a pom pom (brother in-law)! Some pom poms weren’t as perfect as others, but that was the joy of it and knowing that we’d all made them together, and bonded in doing so! They looked so effective on the day.

The Best Day Of Our Lives

We love to travel, and Kelly always dreamed of getting married on a beach. When we found Amante, and went to see it, it took our breath away and we knew we’d found the perfect spot. Having a destination wedding had it’s hurdles, especially with transporting all our bits abroad, and of course the language barrier with suppliers etc. But with a bit of optimism and alot of patience and a clear vision of what we wanted our day to be, we made it happen. This wasn’t without compromise or a massive amount of help from those around us, but that is what weddings are about. Planning every little detail before the day and hardly noticing them on the day as I was so over whelmed with love and attention, suited me just fine…those details were for others to enjoy anyway! It was the best day of our lives and if we did it again we wouldn’t change a single thing!

Photographer – Nick Tucker

Venue – Amante Beach Club

Cake – Konditor and Cook

Cake stand – Heals

Flowers – Ramo de Flores

It’s a beautiful Rock My Wedding Love story with a twist.

Love the favours ‘wish’ idea, a beautiful gesture that was made even more so by a personal hand-made touch.

It’s been a pleasure bringing this one to you peeps. Nick Tucker, thanks for being a genius behind the camera and Jenny and Kelly (aka Mrs & Mrs Sunshine) thank you both for sharing your big day with RMW.


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Mrs and Mrs Sunshine… Part 1

We have some core values here at Rock My Wedding, and for those of you less familar with our ethos, (where have you been!) let me spell it out for you:

  • We are all about having Your Day Your Way.
  • We are all about love – Family, friends and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.
  • We are all about the pretty

That’s it really, you’ll find these basic Rock My Wedding elements threaded through every single picture and paragraph on these pages, and today is no exception. We have classic RMW, but with a significant difference. There is no groom.

Jenny and Kelly got married at Amante Beach Club in Ibiza in May 2011. Today we are all in for a treat, it’s a summer holiday, an exclusive party, and a celebration of love all rolled in to one neat destination wedding bundle.

Nick Tucker has taken some amazing shots that perfectly illustrate Jenny’s tale of her big day with Kelly…

Bespoke Playsuit.

I knew that I didn’t want to wear a dress, as I don’t in my day to day life, but I wanted something feminine and a bit different. After months of searching for the perfect outfit, I gave up looking and designed my own playsuit. I was recommended a great seamstress and took my design to her and she turned it into a reality. I went out and chose the fabric myself from Broadwick Silks, and bought some pretty vintage pearl buttons for the sleeves from Etsy.
Kelly wore a Grecian/Bohemian style dress. She never wears dresses either and knew she wanted to surprise people with what she wore and she sure did, she looked drop dead gorgeous on the day!

Top Shop Deconstruction.

We both wanted to keep it pretty simple and relaxed with the accessories. I had actually made myself a gorgeous headpiece out of lots of little fresh water pearls, but it ended up being a bit too much for me so sadly I didn’t wear it on the day. But I made use of it the following day at our after party so it didn’t go to waste!
On the day I ended up deconstructing an oversized flower headband from Topshop and attaching it to a hair clip. I loved the simplicity of the design and the drama of the size, and it tied in nicely with the flowers on the strap on Kelly’s dress.

Super High.

As my legs were on show, I wanted to elongate them as much as possible so I opted for super high ivory satin heels from Kurt Geiger. Kelly also wanted some extra height on the day, especially standing next to me in those heels! She was marginally more sensible than me and chose some gorgeous Pewter summery wedges by Carvela, also from Kurt Geiger. The straps were encrusted with diamantes for that extra bit of glamour.

Bohemian Braid.

Having hair as short as mine, there weren’t many options available to me so I just curled it myself on the day for a softer look. However Kelly, who has long hair, knew that she wanted an up-do especially because of the heat. In keeping with the beach vibe, she wanted to incorporate a bohemian braid into the style. We were recommended Zest Ibiza who came to our villa on the day and did Kelly’s hair, and gave us both manicures and pedicures. We wanted quite natural make up and had to consider the heat too. Our friend Sara Vaughan is an amazing make-up artist, so after a few trial runs back home in London, she came and worked her magic on Kelly for the day!

Pretty And Vibrant.

We both love fresh flowers and knew exactly which ones we wanted. Having found a florist local to the venue online, Ramo de Flores who spoke fairly good English, we contacted them and emailed them the names and pictures of the flowers we wanted. Peonies are one of our favourites so we knew we had to have them, along with Ranunculus, Craspedia, feathery Astible and some tropical Pincushion Protea. We were worried about getting hold of certain flowers in Ibiza, but the florist did wonderfully in getting the exact flowers that we requested. We then had the flowers delivered to the venue, and a friend of ours who is a florist in London, came and arranged them for us. The flowers sat beautifully in glass blue mason jars that we bought on Etsy and somehow managed to bring over to Ibiza in our hand luggage! The colours were so pretty and so vibrant, and were were super pleased with the end result!

Fun, Love And Emotion.

We had chosen our photographer before we’d even booked our venue! Nick Tucker is a personal friend, and we are both huge followers and fans of his work. We were delighted when he agreed to come out to Ibiza and shoot our big day. He captured the essence of fun and the love and emotion of the day beautifully and we are thrilled with the pictures.

Photographer – Nick Tucker

Venue – Amante Beach Club

Hair – Zest Ibiza

shoes – Kurt Geiger

Headpiece – Topshop

Flowers – Ramo de Flores

If this isn’t a great big massive advert for “Destination Weddings” then frankly, I don’t know what is. All the white walls, blue skies and colour pop poms are making me want to reach for the Biz Buin and jump the next flight to somewhere sunny.